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Ever found out yourself puzzled while browsing a specialized discussion board or internet web page, no longer ready to understand the terminology being used? Welcome to the evolving landscape of the internet, where consumers have complex their own unique vocabulary to better explicit themselves. In this data, we’ll decode a couple of of those words for you.

A lot of the ones words originated from gaming communities enjoying multiplayer on-line video games. The ones gamers incessantly use transient phrases and abbreviations to briefly keep up a correspondence throughout intense gameplay, or to precise their geeky personalities. Let’s dive into the meanings of the ones 40+ words.

While you’re in a hurry, you’ll be ready to check out the summary table underneath for a quick reference.

Speedy Reference Table for Internet Jargons

Below is a concise table summarizing all the internet slang and abbreviations discussed earlier.

Time frame / Abbreviation Description
Troll A hater or a joker
Trollolol Troll + LOL
kthxbai Ok, thank you, bye
AFK Away From Keyboard
Imba Imbalanced
Leet To be skilled or very good at something
GG Superb Game
Taunt To provoke or anger any individual
Get on my degree Asking any individual to better their skills to check yours. A taunt.
BM Dangerous Way
RL Precise Lifestyles
Epic Something or an movement that is awesome or cool
BURN! Something that backfires on them is a burn
Hardcore Insanely difficult or over the top and is difficult to succeed in
Noob Someone who’s new to 1 factor
Nerfed Something described as weakened
Buffed Something described as bolstered
Pwned To outperform something or any individual
WP Well Carried out
Lag Something that is super slow
TL;DR Too Long; Didn’t Be told
IKR I Know Correct?
IDK I Don’t Know
GLHF Superb Luck, Have Amusing
RQ Rage Surrender
You Mad? To further troll/anger people
Jelly Jealous
Uber ‘super’ or very
Srs Bsns Serious Trade
LOL Guffawing Out Loud
ROFL Rolling On Flooring Guffawing
LMAO Guffawing My Ass Off
TTYL Keep in touch To You Later
BRB Be Correct Once more
BBL Be Once more Later
IIRC If I Believe Correctly
IINM If I’m Not Incorrect
IMHO In My Humble Opinion
GTG Got To Cross
IDC I Don’t Care
AFAIK As A long way As I Know
BTW By means of The Way
TBH To Be Honest

A ‘Troll’ is any individual who enjoys stirring the pot, each via showing like a know-it-all or a critic. They incessantly pass away provocative or unrelated comments in forums to intentionally disturb others. Then again, now not all trolls are malicious; some is also comedians aiming to entertain moderately than frustrate.

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This period of time is used by people who recognize that trolling is occurring and are amused via it, despite the fact that they will not be taking part themselves.


This shorthand stands for ‘okay, thank you, bye‘ and is most often used when any individual must disengage from a conversation. It’s a quicker way to say ‘I’m completed proper right here’ without the use of many words.


AFK stands for Away From Keyboard, indicating that the person is in short unavailable.


Temporary for Imbalanced, ‘Imba’ is incessantly used to give an explanation for something in a game that is excessively tricky. The time frame can also practice to real-life eventualities, like ‘Skydiving from space is imba.’


Originating from the word ‘elite,’ ‘Leet’ signifies excellence or proficiency in a particular house. For instance, calling yourself a ‘leet gamer’ means you’re extraordinarily skilled. The time frame is from time to time spelled as 1337, the use of numbers and symbols to change letters: H1, |-|0// 4R3 Y0U D01||9?


This abbreviation stands for Superb Game and is frequently used to concede defeat in a internet based totally game. Some avid avid gamers, confident of their coming close to close to victory, would in all probability use it in advance to taunt their opponents.


Taunting is the act of horrifying or irritating any individual in-game, incessantly via labeling them as inexperienced or the use of offensive language. It’s a psychological tactic employed via gamers to unsettle their opponents.

Get on My Stage

This phrase is used to downside an opponent to make stronger their skills to check your individual, effectively serving as one of those taunt.


BM is an acronym for Dangerous Way, most often used to give an explanation for any individual who loses their temper and starts making unrelated, offensive remarks.


RL stands for Precise Lifestyles, with regards to movements or interactions that occur out of doors the digital world. For instance, ‘I introduced it to my RL excellent pal.’


The time frame ‘Epic’ is used to give an explanation for something exceptionally cool or awe-inspiring. It’s essentially every other word for ‘awesome.’


The time frame ‘Burn’ gained popularity from Kelso in That 70’s Display. It’s used when any individual’s observation backfires on them, serving as a further intense type of the old-school ‘ouch.’


‘Hardcore’ describes something that is extremely tricky or intense. For instance, ‘Purchasing a $500 keyboard is so hardcore.’

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The time frame ‘Noob’ is derived from ‘newbie,’ and it describes any individual who’s new to a particular game or procedure.


‘Nerfed’ refers to something that has been weakened or made a lot much less environment friendly. For instance, ‘The new graphic card is a nerfed alternatively further somewhat priced type of an older kind.’


‘Buffed’ is the antonym of ‘nerfed,’ used to give an explanation for something that has been enhanced or bolstered.


‘Pwned’ is a slang time frame for ‘owned,’ used to give an explanation for outperforming or dominating any individual or something. It’s from time to time used as an alternative choice to the word ‘defeat.’


WP is an abbreviation for Well Carried out. It’s a way to explicit admiration for something smartly completed. For instance, ‘WP to [smartphone company] for rising such an vanguard smartphone.’ It’s a modern take on the antique ‘Contacté.’


‘Lag’ is incessantly used to give an explanation for something that is extremely slow. While it’s a standard English word, it’s performed in fairly numerous contexts. For instance, ‘The lag in shipping worth me masses of dollars.’


This stands for Too Long; Didn’t Be told. It’s incessantly used ironically to indicate {{that a}} piece of content material subject material can have been summarized further succinctly.


IKR stands for ‘I Know, Correct?’ and is frequently used in step with statements like ‘How awesome is that!’


IDK is an acronym for ‘I Don’t Know’, incessantly used when rapid verbal exchange is sought after, specifically in gaming contexts.


GLHF represents Superb Luck, Have Amusing. It can be used in fact or ironically, depending on the state of affairs.


RQ is short for Rage Surrender, a time frame originating from gamers who pass out a game in frustration without showing sportsmanship. It is going to most likely moreover describe any individual giving the silent treatment out of anger.

You Mad?

‘You Mad?’ is a phrase incessantly used to provoke any individual further once they’ve already change into disillusioned. It’s derived from web memes.


‘Jelly’ is slang for ‘jealous’ and is used as a substitute for the word ‘jealous’ in fairly numerous contexts.


‘Uber’ is used as a substitute for the words ‘super’ or ‘very’. For instance, ‘That’s uber cool!’

Srs Bsns

‘Srs Bsns’ is shorthand for ‘Serious Trade’. It’s incessantly used to give an explanation for any individual who’s taking something further critically than others is also anticipating.

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While you’re new to the Internet, LOL stands for Guffawing Out Loud. It’s a to hand information a coarse way to explicit amusement.


ROFL is an extension of LOL and stands for Rolling On the Flooring Guffawing. It’s used to indicate something is very funny.


LMAO is every other variant of LOL and ROFL, standing for Guffawing My Ass Off.


TTYL is an acronym for Keep in touch To You Later and is incessantly used as an off-the-cuff way to say goodbye. Then again, from time to time people don’t actually return.


BRB stands for Be Correct Once more. It’s a to hand information a coarse way to let any individual know you’ll return shortly, despite the fact that that’s now not always the case.


BBL is similar to BRB and stands for Be Once more Later. It’s a further indefinite timeframe, somewhere between TTYL and BRB.


IIRC is an acronym for If I Believe Correctly. It’s a frequently used time frame that has been abbreviated for convenience.


IINM stands for If I’m Not Incorrect and is used in a equivalent context to IIRC.


IMHO is an acronym for In My Humble Opinion. Once in a while, it’s simplified to easily IMO, omitting the ‘humble’ section.


GTG is incessantly used right kind previous than signing off and stands for Got To Cross. It’s a to hand information a coarse way to say you’re leaving.


IDC is shorthand for I Don’t Care. It’s a blunt way to explicit indifference.


AFAIK stands for As A long way As I Know. It’s a useful time frame to preface a remark, similar to IIRC or IINM.


BTW is an acronym for By means of The Way, incessantly used to introduce a brand spanking new subject or piece of information.


TBH is widely used online and stands for To Be Honest. It’s a way to preface a remark where you’re about to offer your honest opinion.

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