The Easiest Social Media Platforms for Video Content material in 2022

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As of June 2021, TikTok users on Android devices now spend more time each month gazing content material subject matter than YouTube consumers (moreover on Android devices). In UK international locations, the variation is a lot more drastic than inside the U.S. as TikTok consumers continue to have a look at additional video content material subject matter than on YouTube.

Additionally, HubSpot’s 2021 State of Marketing Report finds that video is the absolute best content material subject matter marketing strategy used by producers while social media is ranked because the absolute best promoting channel.

With knowledge like that — and all the emerging social media video platforms to be had out there — it’s transform evident that social media promoting and video content material subject matter transfer hand in hand.

While rising great social media films to your company will also be a shockingly environment friendly promoting tactic, each social media content material subject matter method will have to now not be a one-size-fits-all manner. To make certain that your films are spotted and spread top of the range style awareness, you’ll be able to wish to remember to’re making the correct films for the correct audiences at the correct platforms.

That can assist you figure out where to put up your video content material subject matter — and which kinds of films to submit — we surveyed 300+ consumers to decide where they most normally watch films on social media.

Underneath, we’re going to reveal the results and a few an expert tips for developing the best social media video-sharing method for 2021 — along with one from a pro at Wistia.

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Where are Consumers Observing Social Media Films?

In recent times, Gen-Z-targeting platforms like TikTok and Instagram were on the upward thrust. Alternatively for individuals who assume that everyone’s necessarily gazing video on the ones platforms, you could be stunned by way of what our poll came upon.

When I asked consumers “On which social media platform do you most normally watch films?”, 35% of respondents said YouTube.

Youtube, Facebook, and TikTok are the go-to social media video platforms for consumers

Data Source

While it isn’t surprising that YouTube or Facebook, some of the the most important international’s biggest online platforms, are the most popular video viewing internet sites, simplest 8% of respondents said they necessarily watch films on Instagram — probably the most pioneers of Stories and live video.

Each different surprising find was once that 20% of respondents — or 1 in 5 people — necessarily use TikTok (the youngest social network on the list) for video viewing. While this doesn’t necessarily suggest you need to shift your whole method to TikTok, it does show that the platform would possibly simply continue to have a promising long term for content material subject matter marketers.

If this data has you anxious that you’re publishing films on the fallacious platforms, take a breath. Take into account that this is just one informal consumer survey. Had we polled a decided on age body of workers, people from a decided on industry, or consumers from different spaces, the results will have swayed to other platforms — like LinkedIn or Twitter.

However, even if this is just one small survey, it does remind us that a mix of older and more moderen platforms, like YouTube and TikTok, are the go-to video platforms for enormous audiences.

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In each different know about, we surveyed 310 social media marketers in the US to decide which social media platforms they leverage, which formats they use, and their plans and expectations going into 2022.

In this know about, we came upon the absolute best structure marketers leverage on social media is video content material subject matter: short-form video (54%) and live films/streaming (47%). Additionally, this structure is known to be one of the best as neatly, as 85% of respondents said short-form films, and 70% said live films/streaming are perfect.

This being said, marketers reported that video content material subject matter has the perfect engagement levels and ROI on each and every Facebook and Instagram.

With this in ideas, it isn’t surprising that 95% of marketers who leverage short-form films plan to increase their investment or continue investing the same amount in 2022. Additionally, 95% of marketers who leverage live films/streaming plan to increase their investment, and 89% of marketers who leverage long-form films plan to increase their investment or continue investing the same amount in 2022.

Now that now we’ve gotten an idea of where consumers are necessarily gazing social media films, we’re going to walk you through a few tips for sharing the best films for quite a lot of social media audiences.

Pointers for Sharing Social Media Films

1. For plenty of platforms, zone in on snackable content material subject matter.

The field is turning into additional fast paced every day. While many people are gazing social media films in their spare time, some are gazing them between meetings, while in line at the store, or on public transit. Even though people do have time to have a look at hours of video, there could also be this sort of lot to be had out there that they’re going to wish to scroll to additional content material subject matter nearly instantly after their video starts.

This is why one social media video method to pay attention to in 2021 is mastering the art work of “snackable” or super short-form content material subject matter.

“Using snackable films on social can in fact drive additional engagement than static photos,” says Meisha Bochicchio, Content material subject matter Promoting Manager at Wistia. “A recent study came upon that 60% of marketers spotted additional clicks with video posts compared to static photos.”

In terms of rising environment friendly snackable content material subject matter, Bochicchio says, “First problems first, remember that most social media platforms will routinely get began collaborating in video content material subject matter as target market scroll. So, be sure that your films are autoplay-friendly. Keep them transient and put your key messaging inside the first few seconds. As an example, take a look at this video from Wistia announcing their State of Video Record.”

“Take into account that most people won’t concentrate your audio, so be sure that your films are also silent-friendly,”Bochicchio advises. “Believe text overlays, or upload captions without delay on platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook.

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Inside the video example beneath, Wistia marks the discharge of their assortment “Show Business” with a captioned video that allows target market to get key wisdom without any sound.

To be informed additional about this method, check out this post on snackable content, or this submit that highlights the latest short-form video trends.

2. Check out different video formats, too.

While snackable content material subject matter is a smart tactic to harness in 2021, you’ll be capable to nevertheless put up longer films, as long as they’re attractive and valuable in your audience.

As an example, while people would possibly not wish to watch a two-hour commercial, they will watch a longer live video Q&A, an interview with a concept leader, or a video that tells a longer, but entertaining story.

While you’ll be capable to for sure check out longer-form video, you’ll be capable to moreover check out out other formats, harking back to live streams, interactive films, and shopping videos on platforms like Instagram and Facebook.

As new video formats emerge, it can be helpful to get to the bottom of if they will artwork to your style and design a check out spherical them.

Remember to decide and practice the correct just right fortune metrics. As an example, if you are trying out a longer video, take a look at its views and dropoff value to appear how long target market stay tuned. Within the period in-between, for individuals who check out a additional interactive manner like a live flow into or Q&A you’ll be capable to moreover be mindful of comments, engagements, and shares on the content material subject matter if you’re live.

3. Meet your video audiences where they’re.

As with every social media method, some content material subject matter will perform upper on some social media platforms somewhat than others. While snackable, consumer-facing content material subject matter would possibly perform neatly with YouTube, Facebook, and TikTok’s large consumer audiences, a B2B promoting video or a Q&A with an organization concept leader would possibly perform upper on a professional-facing group like LinkedIn.

Fortunately, to create a very good marketing strategy, you don’t (and will have to now not need to) place your films on each single social media platform. However, you’ll have to research the demographics of each major network, decide which audiences would possibly have interaction most together with your content material subject matter, and get began publishing films where it makes necessarily essentially the most sense to your style and targets.

Then, continue to control platforms you could have ruled out in case they continue to evolve and provide your style additional audience possible choices someday.

4. Don’t always lean on repurposed content material subject matter.

When I was a startup marketer, I liked to repurpose content material subject matter each and every time it was once possible. And, once more then, when social media platforms were a lot much less complicated, this method would artwork.

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Nowadays, it should smartly nevertheless be in reality useful for producers to repurpose some video content material subject matter for quite a lot of platforms when they’ve an identical audiences and lines. This is a just right approach to test whether or not or now not your content material subject matter method for one platform will artwork with one audience.

However, because of knowing your social media audience is additional necessary than ever, it’s essential to wish to believe having a fairly different video method to your most necessary video platforms. While there may well be circumstances where you’ll be capable to merely repurpose content material subject matter to save lots of plenty of time or bandwidth, some platforms like TikTok and Instagram are evolving with algorithms that would possibly deprioritize your content if it has a watermark from each different group.

5. Come with influencers — and consumers.

Even though you could have completed all your research and churn out films daily, it should smartly nevertheless be extraordinarily onerous to submit a viral piece of content material subject matter that grows your audience.

Fortunately, there are pros on each social media platform who know how to create films. And, a couple of of them might also create films for you — and then share them with their audiences.

This is why one great growth method can include achieving out to influencers or thought leaders with revel in on what you are promoting and each that incorporates them in your films or getting them to endorse your style in their content material subject matter.

For those who’ll be capable to’t find the money for to have an influencer be in agreement boost your video method, you’ll be capable to moreover look in opposition to happy consumers. With this method, you’ll be capable to encourage consumers to share a video about their experience together with your style on social media, otherwise you’ll be capable to create a video filled with a few pieces of user-generated content material subject matter from happy consumers.

On account of in recent years’s consumers crave authenticity from producers, user-generated content not simplest can get a hold of free video content material subject matter alternatively can also spread style awareness to possibilities or people researching you on social media.

Navigating Social Media Content material subject matter

More than ever, social media and content material subject matter promoting are always evolving. As a marketer, you need to stay up-to-the-minute with the latest trends and information to higher inform your strategies — whether or not or now not you may well be investing in video or other ways.

Editor’s phrase: This submit was once to begin with printed in June 2021 and has been up to the moment for comprehensiveness.

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