The Most sensible Advantages of AI for Entrepreneurs [State of AI Data]

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The future of promoting is evidently intertwined with AI. The question now becomes: how are you able to fold it into your artwork?

The HubSpot Blog surveyed 1,300+ execs to seem how they use AI in their day-to-day artwork and where they see the most important benefits of this technology.

We hope the ones insights will allow you to to seek out the most productive areas to supercharge your promoting with AI. Let’s dive in.

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The Top Benefits of AI for Marketers [New Data]


1. 67% of marketers say the most important benefit of AI is the ability to create content material subject material faster.

If you’re in promoting, your procedure in all probability requires some extent of creativity. However, the usual of your creativity is frequently impacted by the use of tight deadlines, limited time, and competing tasks.

So, what’s a marketer to do? Enter AI.

A staggering 67% of marketers who use AI say it accelerates the content material subject material creation process, enabling them to write down faster, research sooner, and hit “Post” in a fraction of the time.

Even supposing you may well be not ready handy over your entire creation process to the robots — which we do not counsel anyway — you’ll however use it for smaller tasks within the process.

Here’s a snapshot of the best way marketers are leveraging AI for content material advent:

  • 25% use AI to summarize content material subject material into key problems
  • 18% use AI to create outlines 
  • 20% use AI to write down promoting replica
  • 36% use AI to create photos
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AI is also an outstanding device for repurposing content material. 13% of marketers use AI for this particular purpose, enabling them to get further traction content-wise.

Take Vidyo AI, as an example. This device lets you convert YouTube motion pictures into fast, bite-sized motion pictures for TikTok and Instagram. That is likely one of the apparatus that can convert content material subject material for more than a few formats, platforms, and audiences.

Benefits of AI: 13% of marketers repurpose content with AI, from HubSpot's State of AI Report

2. 49% of marketers say the most important benefit of AI is the ability to create further customized content material subject material.

Odds are, the remainder promoting email you won addressed you by the use of identify. This is just one example of the best way integral personalization has transform in promoting.

This present day, shoppers expect producers to push previous generic messaging and call their interests, demographics, and site. Alternatively offering such an experience to each purchaser becomes tough at scale.

With the help of AI, marketers can switch previous simple demographic targeting and create dynamic buyer segments. It does this by the use of “crunching the numbers” to expect client behavior in line with earlier interactions.

Platforms like Netflix, as an example, leverage AI to investigate target market’ preferences and viewing history. The platform then provides tailored ideas that align with each purchaser’s unique taste.

Benefits of AI: 85% of marketers who use AI say it boosts content personalization, from HubSpot's State of AI Report

In the end, smarter wisdom ends up in further customized purchaser research. By way of figuring out your purchaser — and segmenting them correctly — you’ll craft targeted campaigns and messages that resonate on a deeper level.

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3. 48% of marketers say the most important benefit of AI is the ability to generate new ideas.

With AI, you may well be one well-written suggested away from your next huge idea.

Whether or not or no longer brainstorming a brand spanking new promoting advertising and marketing marketing campaign, writing a product description, or exploring blog topics, AI-powered chatbots – like ChatGPT, Jasper AI, and HubSpot’s Content material Assistant — can complement your creativity by the use of offering new ideas and extending the scope of possibilities.

benefits of AI: HubSpot's content assistant, from HubSpot's State of AI

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As an example, consider a marketer using a chatbot to generate taglines for an upcoming promoting advertising and marketing marketing campaign. She comprises information about her brand, target market, and advertising and marketing marketing campaign objectives. It quickly generates an inventory of catchy ideas from which she alternatives her favorite. Then, she edits it along side her brand’s unique style and tone.

AI can also refine your ideas with market wisdom, client feedback, and historical potency. For example, you’ll wish to paste plenty of customer reviews proper right into a chatbot and ask it to identify inclinations from the sure feedback.

From proper right here, you’ll emphasize those strengths for your promoting campaigns and product descriptions. Or, you’ll wish to use the analysis to find no longer extraordinary pain problems or desired choices.

Once more to You

We hope this text provides a forged evaluation of the necessary factor benefits of AI, specifically inside the promoting realm. You wish to have to note that there is no “correct” solution to enforce AI into your workflow. In the end, it’s up to you to find where this technology can highest supercharge your artwork.

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