The right way to Write a Memo [Template & Examples]

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A memo (often referred to as a memorandum, or “reminder”) is used for internal communications on the subject of procedures or dependable business within an organization.

No longer like an electronic message, a memo is a message you send to a large group of workforce, like your whole department or everyone at the company. Likelihood is that you’ll need to write a memo to inform personnel of upcoming events, or broadcast internal changes.

→ Download Now: 4 Free Memo Templates [Free Resource]

If you want to have to inform your workforce of dependable internal business, here’s an easy-to-follow business memo template, along with examples for extra guidance.

Trade Memo Template






I’m writing to let you know that [reason for writing memo].

As our company continues to broaden … [evidence or reason to support your opening paragraph].

Please let me know if you have any questions. Inside the meantime, I’d admire your cooperation as [official business information] takes place.


To your header, you’ll want to clearly label your content material subject matter “Memorandum” so your readers know exactly they’re receiving. Then, you’ll want to include “TO”, “FROM”, “DATE”, and “SUBJECT”. This information is said for providing content material subject matter, like who you’re addressing, and why.

Paragraph One:

Inside the first paragraph, you’ll want to briefly and clearly state the purpose of your memo. Likelihood is that you’ll get started your sentence with the phrase, “I’m writing to let you know … ” or “I’m writing to request … “. A memo is meant to be transient, clear, and to-the-point. It would be best to send your maximum essential wisdom upfront, and then use subsequent paragraphs as possible choices to dive into additional component.

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Paragraph Two:

In the second paragraph, you’ll want to provide context or supporting evidence. For example, let’s believe your memo is informing the company of an internal re-organization. If so, paragraph two should say something like, “As our company continues to broaden, now now we have decided it makes additional sense to separate our video production workforce from our content material subject matter workforce. This manner, those teams can point of interest additional on their particular person goals.”

Paragraph 3:

Inside the third paragraph, you’ll want to come together with your particular request of each and every employee — in case you are planning a workforce commute, that’s the distance you can include, “Please RSVP with dietary restrictions,” or “Please electronic message me with questions.”

On the contrary, in case you are informing personnel of upcoming construction to the development, it’s imaginable you’ll say, “I’d admire your cooperation all over this time.” Even supposing there is not any such factor as a particular movement you expect from workforce, it comes in handy to include the way in which you hope they are going to deal with the news and whether or not or now not you expect them to do something consistent with the memo.

Downloadable Memo Template

Need to see the above memo construction in its final form? Download HubSpot’s free business memo templates, confirmed beneath. The document will provide you with a framework that types your memorandum into subtopics to help workforce upper digest the information and understand what is predicted of them after finding out it.

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Memo templateDownload this Template

Trade Memo Template Construction

The construction depicted throughout the templates above is designed to effectively be in contact your message. A memo should disseminate the essential wisdom one way or the other that is clean for a mass selection of workforce to digest.

A right kind topic line will alert them that this memo is said to them particularly. And beginning with an executive summary lets in recipients to snatch the whole message previous than you dive deeper into the details. The background wisdom offers context to the message, and the evaluation and timeline should resolution questions which will also be susceptible to get up.

Trade Memo Template Examples

Different industries or situations will require slightly different memos. Certain ones will need to be longer or shorter, others may not have a timeline, and a couple of may have intensive background wisdom. The construction of your memo should industry to fit the message you wish to have your workforce to procure.

Liberate Prolong Memo

Business memo example for launch delay

The objective of this memo is to announce that the discharge of a product will also be behind schedule. The introduction incorporates the new date, so a timeline or long evaluation isn’t essential. This construction of memo could be applied to other situations where a clean, alternatively essential, industry is happening. Other date changes, promotions, milestones, or product announcements may also profit from this construction.

Development Change Memo

Business memo example for building update

There are logistical aspects of a business that fear your workforce, alternatively don’t necessarily comprise their artwork. This memo depicts an example in regards to the kitchen throughout the place of business. It’s somewhat little bit of an inconvenience, alternatively shouldn’t have an effect on their artwork so much. This could be applied to other building updates, earn a living from home days, or other common alternatively minor announcements.

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Group Memo

Business memo example for community announcement

Celebrations, events, theme days, or other fun problems in your workforce can also be communicated by way of memos. Group memos like this example are in most cases shorter because of they don’t require so much background wisdom or many details. The ones merely need to include a summary, date, and site at minimum.

Write Your Memos To the Degree

The main difference between a memo and easily an electronic message isn’t the level of complexity, it’s the scale of the objective marketplace. A memo will also be clean or intricate, as long as it effectively communicates your message and is said to the receiving group of workforce. And the message itself should be clear and concise, irrespective of which memo construction you employ.

Editor’s realize: This put up was once as soon as originally printed in October 2018 and has been up to the moment for comprehensiveness.

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