The Ultimate Duration for Instagram, Fb, Twitter, & LinkedIn Posts

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In the case of writing text for your blog and social media posts, many marketers wonder, “Alternatively what’s the character restrict?”

It’s in no way a simple question — every so often, it’s spoke back by the use of parameters established by the use of sure channels. And on other occasions, it’s further a question of what’s superb.

For instance, you almost certainly know the character restrict for a tweet is 140, then again have you learnt that the very best measurement is in fact not up to that? (Cling tight — we can explain why.) 

While now now we have written previous to about optimizing your actual content material subject matter, we idea it could be helpful to gather the numbers of character limits — each and every enforced and highest — for quite a lot of online channels, multi function place.

Beneath, you’ll have the ability to find a further detailed knowledge to character limits and highest character counts for posts on your blog, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, SnapChat, and YouTube.

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The Period & Persona Depend for Everything on the Internet

1. Blog Posts

Provide: Medium

Speedy reference:

  • Publish measurement: 1,400 – 2,100 words
  • Title: Beneath 60 characters
  • Meta Description: Beneath 155 characters

Untitled design (17)

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Publish Body

In the case of the scale of blog posts, there are a few different items to consider. For instance:

  • In line with Medium, posts with a mean be told time of seven mins captured necessarily essentially the most attention. Although the information on this is from 2013, this amount is still extensively cited. 
  • The average finding out tempo of native English-speaking adults remains normally cited as 200-300 phrases consistent with minute, in response to the results of plenty of analysis.
  • At that finding out charge, the very best submit measurement is 1,400 to 2,100 words.
  • That aligns with research previously carried out by the use of Capsicum Mediaworks, which indicated that, on cheap, the absolute best 10 results for lots of Google searches are between 2,000 and a few,500 words.

average-content-length-top10-resultsProvide: Capsicum Mediaworks

Alternatively this is merely the submit body — let’s have a look at the other areas of text that come with an entire blog submit.


The scale of your title is made up our minds through your objectives, and where it will appear.

Let’s get began with search engine marketing. Do you want this put as much as rank actually correctly in search? It sort of feels, that often has to do with the size of each get admission to on a search engine results internet web page (SERP).

For Google, titles of search results are normally contained at a measurement of 600 pixels — which Moz measures as with the ability to display the principle 50-60 characters of a reputation tag.

So, if you don’t want your title to get bring to a halt throughout the search results, it may well be best possible conceivable to stick it beneath 60 characters.

But when in doubt, you’ll double-check the scale of your meta description and title tags with this handy software from HigherVisibility, otherwise you’ll use Moz’s name tag preview device.

For Moz’s title tag software, type in your headline and the software will show you tactics it will appear in Google results. 


Then, there’s optimizing your title for social sharing. On Twitter, as an example, consider that each tweet has a restrict of 280 characters — however, should you occur to return with an image, that doesn’t rely against the restrict.

Alternatively consider that even the standard shortened URL takes up about 23 characters — that leaves you with about 257 characters left for the title and any accompanying text.

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In our private analysis at HubSpot, we came upon that headlines between 8–12 words in measurement got necessarily essentially the most Twitter shares on cheap, while headlines with each 12 or 14 words got necessarily essentially the most Facebook Likes.


Meta Description

A meta description refers to the HTML function that explains the contents of a given webpage. It’s the temporary description you realize on a SERP to “preview” what the internet web page is able. 

14 examplesMoz notes that Google seems to bring to a halt most meta descriptions — regularly known as snippets — after more or less two strains of text. However, there’s some conjecture that, like title tags, it’s in fact in response to pixel depend.

After all, it amounts to about 160 characters, though this particular outlet recommends keeping it at 155.

Another time, you’ll double-check the scale of your meta description and title tags with this at hand device from HigherVisibility.

Symbol Supply

2. Facebook

Speedy reference:

  • Status updates: 63,206-character maximum | Final measurement is 40 characters
  • Video: 120-minute maximum | Final measurement is two minutes

Facebook’s character restrict on status updates is 63,206. However, that is a long way from superb, says former HubSpot Social Media Promoting and advertising and marketing Manager Chelsea Hunersen.

“The social gurus will throw around the amount 40 characters,” she says. “That wisdom seems to be subsidized up by the use of BuzzSumo’s rating of HubSpot’s personal Fb Web page.

Alternatively why 40, in particular?

“Ideally,” Hunersen says, “you will want to use the replica in a status substitute to offer context for regardless of you could be linking to.”

That said, she notes, the replica of the status substitute itself isn’t as important for the reason that replica throughout the meta title or meta description that can get pulled in when you insert a link into your submit. This is right kind — social media posts have their own meta wisdom too.

“Steadily, other people take a look on the image of the item after which right away down at the meta title and meta description for context clues,” she explains. “Numerous other people don’t realize you’ll business those.”

Even on Facebook, it’s however best possible conceivable to stick your meta title to fewer than 60 characters, and to 155 for meta descriptions.

There are some assets available to those conversant in coding that can can help you fiddle with social media metadata character counts, like the ones templates. Alternatively till you’re a developer, we recommend keeping it temporary and sweet.


While Facebook we could in a maximum of 240 mins for lots of motion pictures (apart from for Stories and Reels), we’d no longer advise posting the rest that long, till you could be doing a definite, social-media-only screening of a full-length film.

Facebook videosSymbol supply

Facebook recommends keeping motion pictures temporary to about 15 seconds so target market are a lot more most probably to have a look at to the top. 

3. Twitter

Speedy reference:

  • Tweets: 280-character maximum
    • Does no longer include footage, motion pictures, or polls
    • Final measurement is 240-259 characters
  • Hashtags: No more than two
  • Films: Maximum measurement is two minutes and 20 seconds

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Marketers everywhere had fun when Twitter finally eased up on its character rely parameters, and such media as footage, motion pictures, and polls, along with quoted tweets, ceased counting against its 140-character restrict.

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Nevertheless, the “Quote Tweet” serve as remains available, providing even higher character-saving measures. That happens when you press the rotating arrow icon to retweet a submit, and then add a commentary throughout the text box provided. It’s worthwhile to have however got 280 characters all on your self to commentary.


Final Period Common

Twitter differs from other platforms throughout the sense that longer tweets have a tendency to accomplish higher and get necessarily essentially the most engagement.

In line with search engine marketing an expert Kurt Gessler, tweets with 240-259 characters generally tend to get necessarily essentially the most likes. 

Capture-May-13-2023-07-28-25-9006-PMSymbol supply

The equivalent goes for hashtags. Twitter recommends keeping your hashtags temporary, easy to keep in mind, and easy to spell. The platform moreover suggests sticking to easily one or two hashtags at the most.  


You’ll put up a video on Twitter by the use of importing a video or recording it using the Twitter app. After all, the maximum video measurement is two minutes and 20 seconds if you’re no longer subscribed to Twitter Blue.

Twitter Blue subscribers can upload motion pictures of up to 60 minutes when posting from the internet website online, and subscribers on the app can submit motion pictures of up to 10 minutes.

4. LinkedIn

Screen Shot 2017-03-17 at 1.39.48 PM.png


Here’s a handy list of a couple of of LinkedIn’s most important profile character maximums :

    • Professional headline: 120
    • Summary: 2,000
    • Position title: 100
    • Position description: 2,000 (200 character minimum)
    • Foote moreover notes that, “if you select to moreover submit on Twitter from LinkedIn, only the principle 140 characters will show on your Twitter submit.”

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Distinctive Content material subject matter

With LinkedIn’s publishing platform, shoppers can now compose and percentage original written content material subject matter with their networks, or publicly. In the end, that contains its private character counts, in step with Foote:

      • Publish headline: 100
      • Publish body: 40,000

5. Instagram

Speedy reference:

      • Bio: 150
      • Hashtags: Up to 30
      • Captions: Final measurement is beneath 125 characters

Since Instagram is, first of all, a platform for sharing photos and flicks, the main focus is maximum regularly your visual content material subject matter. However, it’s always helpful to offer some context, and let shoppers know what they’re having a look at.

Given that, listed below are some helpful character counts for the text you include together with your visual content material subject matter:

While Instagram does no longer seem to specify a maximum total selection of caption characters, it does practice that, inside of of shoppers’ feeds, the caption is bring to an end after the primary 3 strains. On account of this, it’s endorsed to limit captions to 125 characters.

However, don’t put out of your mind important wisdom just for the sake of keeping all your caption visible. Instead, frontload it with the most important details and calls-to-action, leaving any hashtags, @mentions, or extraneous wisdom for the top.

As for Instagram Stories, there does no longer seem to be a ton of part on character limits there, each. However, because the text overlays the visual content material subject matter — which is the focus — don’t obscure a substantial amount of of the image or video with a caption.

Here’s a rapid example of a temporary Instagram bio from my colleague.

Instagram bio following character limit

6. Snapchat

Speedy reference:

      • Persona restrict: 80 in line with submit

Speaking of no longer obscuring visual content material subject matter — that brings us to Snapchat.

Instagram Stories was, many believe, an effort to emulate the choices of Snapchat, to create a possibility for patrons to percentage quickly-disappearing photos and flicks.

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And all over again, on account of the focus that is on the visual, you will want to prevent distracting target market from it with a substantial amount of text.

In line with Youngster Model, Snapchat’s character restrict is 80 consistent with put up, which is bigger than double its previous 31-character restrict.

And, if you’re in search of further steerage, merely look to this particular app’s establish, and consider the “snap” element of it — a word that implies brevity — and try not to ramble. Here’s a great example of how SXSW uses its captions effectively:

7. YouTube


Featured Helpful useful resource: YouTube for Industry – A 30-Day Roadmap

Proper right here now we have now however each different neighborhood this is excited about visual content material subject matter, primary some to incorrectly suppose that accompanying text — like titles and descriptions — don’t topic as so much.

That isn’t only false — as a video-hosting platform, YouTube must necessarily be used to show off a logo’s prime quality motion pictures. However, like every other visual content material subject matter, it needs context. Other folks need to know what they’re watching, who it’s from, and why it problems.

Unfortunately, YouTube does no longer appear to offer any specific parameters over its character counts — apart from for your channel description, which in step with the dependable have the same opinion internet website online is restricted to 1,000 characters.

Alternatively versus that, it seems that the only tenet available is the alert display that lets you know, “Your [title or description] is simply too long,” should you occur to’ve entered a substantial amount of text in either one of those fields.

Screen Shot 2017-03-17 at 2.57.09 PM-1.png

In this case, we would possibly advise taking the equivalent approach as together with text to improve your visuals on Instagram and Snapchat.

Like the former, a video’s description is bring to a halt after the principle line or two, so frontload crucial descriptors and CTAs, leaving further details for the top.

Show Your Persona

As you were given right down to come to a decision the scale of your text, regardless of the platform, consider to do so with the individual in ideas.

A lot of the ones channel-mandated character limits are established because of this — to stick audiences from getting bored or beaten.

Like anything else in promoting and advertising and marketing, however, it’s in no way an actual science, without reference to the most productive wisdom. We encourage you to use the ones guidelines, then again don’t be afraid to experiment if they don’t always art work.

Check out different amounts of text within your quite a lot of channels, and keep observe of how each submit performs.

From there, you’ll make alternatives about which varieties of content material subject matter, along with its accompanying titles and descriptions, are necessarily essentially the most well-received from your audience.

Editor’s Follow: This submit was firstly published in January 2016 and was up to the moment in December  2019 for accuracy and comprehensiveness.

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