The way to Combine Touch Shape 7 with Zoho CRM

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Together with contact forms to your WordPress site lets in consumers to reach out with queries and industry proposals. Then again, in the event you’re now not using a Buyer Dating Control (CRM) answer, you’ll be able to be dropping out on potential leads. Fortunately, you’ll merely pair your contact forms with a CRM using Touch Shape 7 and Zoho.

In this post, we’ll check out some great benefits of integrating Contact Form 7 with Zoho. Then, we’ll show you do it in 3 easy steps. Let’s get started!

The Benefits of Integrating Contact Form 7 with Zoho CRM

Touch Shape 7 is amongst the most up to date WordPress touch shape plugins. It allows you to assemble a large number of customized forms in your site:

Contact Form 7

With Contact Form 7, you’ll enter your trade e mail cope with for the reason that sender and solution to your messages using your favorite email client. This setup will mean you can problem a further professional image in your company. Divi moreover integrates with Touch Shape 7 for additonal design keep watch over.

To get one of the out of Contact Form 7, you want to imagine using it with Zoho. This is a difficult CRM software this is serving to you generate leads and arrange your contacts further effectively:

Zoho CRM homepage

Integrating Contact Form 7 with Zoho signifies that you’ll be able to synchronize your consumer knowledge and organize your leads using the CRM tool. For example, you’ll sort your contacts into no longer too way back created leads, remodeled leads, and additional.

This integration will also be truly useful in the event you run a some distance flung staff. Once a message is to be had in through your contact form, you’ll assign that lead to the most efficient employee or department. Zoho facilitates workforce collaboration so your company can send higher customer support and power further conversions.

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Tips on how to Mix Contact Form 7 with Zoho CRM (In 3 Steps)

Unfortunately, Contact Form 7 doesn’t natively reinforce integration with Zoho CRM. Then again, you’ll use a plugin related to Integration for Touch Shape 7 and Zoho CRM to connect the ones two apparatus:

Integration for Contact Form 7 and Zoho CRM

This plugin signifies that you’ll be able to send messages submitted through Contact Form 7 to your Zoho account. Fortunately, it’s moreover truly simple to prepare.

For this educational, you’ll need to have every Contact Form 7 and Integration for Contact Form 7 and Zoho CRM installed and activated to your site. You’ll moreover need to create a Zoho account (you’ll get started totally free).

Whilst you’re logged in, you’ll be asked to choose a product. Make sure to choose CRM.

Step 1: Add Your Zoho Account in WordPress

Whilst you add Integration for Contact Form 7 and Zoho CRM to your site, you’ll see a brand spanking new menu products to your dashboard referred to as Zoho. Click on on on it and navigate to the Zoho Accounts tab:

The Zoho Accounts tab

Then, make a choice Add New Account. You’ll be asked to provide some information about your Zoho account, along with the account determine, wisdom center, and type of Zoho Supplier (we’re using Zoho CRM):

Zoho Accounts details

If you happen to occur to click on on on the Login with Zoho button, you’ll simply test in to your account:

Signing into Zoho from WordPress

Zoho CRM will then ask for get right of entry to to your shopper wisdom. Transfer ahead and click on on on Accept:

The Zoho screen asking for access to your WordPress user data

You’ll then be redirected to your WordPress dashboard, where you’ll see a success message:

The Zoho success message in WordPress

If you happen to occur to get an invalid_code error, make sure that you’ve determined on the most efficient wisdom center. For example, in the event you’re based in Europe, you’ll need to choose zoho.european. Then, save your changes and try all over again.

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Step 2: Create a Zoho Feed

Next, you’ll need to create a Zoho feed. In numerous words, you’ll be connecting your Zoho account with a slightly form.

On your WordPress dashboard, navigate to Zoho > Zoho Feeds and make a choice Add New:

Add new Zoho feed option

Next, you’ll need to enter a name in your feed and make a selection a Zoho account. You’ll also have to choose a slightly form:

Entering the Zoho feed details

Once you choose a type, the plugin will ask you to choose a Zoho Object from the menu. An Object is a decided on area of your CRM, along with meetings, accounts, calls, projects, and additional. For this educational, you’ll make a choice Leads:

Selecting Leads as the Zoho Object

Then, you’ll need to link your form fields with the fields corresponding to your Zoho leads. This connection will allow the plugin to synchronize your wisdom.

For example, proper right here’s what your leads internet web page might look like to your Zoho account:

Zoho Leads page

On the left-hand facet of the show, you’ll see a list of fields you’ll use to clear out your leads. You’ll have the ability to connect a couple of of those fields to these to your site’s contact form.

For example, you’ll make a choice the Piece of email field to your Zoho account and pair it with the Your Piece of email field to your contact form:

Mapping Contact Form 7 fields with Zoho fields

This way, when a client enters their email take care of into the contact form to your site, the information will appear in the most efficient field to your Zoho Leads internet web page. You’ll have the ability to map as many fields as you want.

You moreover have the opportunity to easily export manually approved entries to Zoho. Additionally, you’ll set an opt-in state of affairs so that best entries that meet a particular criterion are exported:

When to Send Entry to Zoho settings

In any case, you’ll configure some additional settings, related to environment a primary key:

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Choosing a primary key in Zoho

Whilst you’re in a position, click on on on Save Feed. Contact Form 7 is now utterly integrated with Zoho.

Step 3: Check out your Contact Form 7 and Zoho Integration

In any case, it’s time to run a handy guide a rough check out to ensure the whole thing is working accurately. At the beginning, you’ll need to navigate to your contact form on the front end and publish an get right of entry to.

Then, to your WordPress dashboard, move to Zoho > Zoho Log to see if your get right of entry to was once as soon as registered throughout the CRM:

Viewing the Zoho log in WordPress

Proper right here, you’ll be capable of view the fields you mapped throughout the previous step. That’s it — you’ll now get began generating leads with Contact Form 7 and Zoho CRM!


A CRM tool related to Zoho allows you to arrange any leads that come through your WordPress internet web page. If you happen to occur to make use of Contact Form 7, you’ll simply mix your forms with Zoho using the Integration for Touch Shape 7 and Zoho CRM plugin.

In this post, we showed you mix the ones two difficult apparatus:

  1. Add your Zoho account in WordPress.
  2. Create a Zoho feed.
  3. Check out your integration.

Do you may have any questions about integrating Contact Form 7 with Zoho CRM? Let us know throughout the comments phase beneath!

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