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No need to fear in case you have out of place get admission to to your PC mouse, you’ll be capable to nevertheless control your PC merely with the keyboard. Your PC keyboard supplies all the keys and shortcuts to perform just about all of the House home windows functions. You’ll be capable to even learn the ones handy keyboard shortcuts to boost productivity.

In this submit, we will be able to allow you to know the whole lot you need to know about controlling your Windows PC while you’ve were given merely the keyboard at your disposal. Finally, it requires memorizing the function of a couple of keys or shortcuts, alternatively inside the time of need, it’s value it. Let’s take a look at the following shortcuts and their functionalities.

200 Keyboard Shortcuts (Windows) to Boost Your Productivity

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200 Keyboard Shortcuts (House home windows) to Boost Your Productivity

Keyboard shortcuts can boost your productivity if your daily procedure is primarily based intently on the usage of House home windows. They simply don’t… Be told further

Crucial keyboard keys to control House home windows:

  • Arrow Keys: The ones keys let you switch up, down, left and proper on a internet web page or a menu (where it’s imaginable).
  • arrow keysarrow keys
  • Enter: To execute any command or check a dialog, you need to press the Enter key.
  • enter keyenter key
  • Spacebar: Maximum continuously used for scrolling, alternatively when you are the usage of merely the keyboard, you’ll be capable to use it to permit/disable different alternatives inside the take a look at box by the use of Control Panel or System Homes. The Enter key isn’t going to switch alternatives within a dialog.
  • spacebarspacebar
  • Tab: Simply signifies that you’ll be able to switch to the next products, text field or link on a internet web page. The Tab key highlights anything clickable on a internet web page to your interaction.
  • tabtab
  • Shift: Implies that you’ll be able to use a singular or opposite style of a key or function to change its behaviour. For example, press Shift + Tab, and the Tab key will switch you backwards on a internet web page as an alternative of forward.
  • shiftshift
  • Ctrl: This is used in conjunction with other keys to quickly perform different actions. Right here’s a list of shortcuts you can use with the Ctrl button.
  • control keycontrol key
  • House home windows Key: The Key with a House home windows logo on it’s referred to as the House home windows key. It can be used to get began menu and combinable with other keys to perform different actions. The House home windows key, on the other hand, won’t be able to control functions of third-party apps. Right here’s a list of shortcuts you can perform using the Windows key.
  • windows keywindows key
  • Menu Key: Situated between Spacebar and the Ctrl key at the proper facet of the keyboard, the Menu key signifies that you’ll be able to navigate by the use of arrow keys. Its function is similar alternatively no longer a substitute for the right-click as it most effective opens menu for highlighted products. Whilst you don’t find this button to your keyboard, then you definately’ll be capable to press Shift + F10 for variety shortcut.
  • menu keymenu key
  • Internet web page Up/Internet web page Down: The ones buttons will switch you to a single internet web page up or down on the show for quick scrolling. A internet web page is in most cases the dimensions of the content material subject matter you may well be in this day and age seeing to your show.
  • page up page downpage up page down

Reaching the Desktop

By the use of pressing House home windows Key + D will take you to the desktop from anywhere. Whether or not or no longer you want to make a choice an running software, cancel disk take a look at or enter your House home windows password, all can also be simply accomplished with Arrow keys and the Enter button.

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Interacting with the Desktop items

You’ll no longer navigate between desktop items with the Arrow keys, and so you need to raise focal point to the desktop items so that you can switch between them. Since you don’t have get admission to to the mouse you’ll need to lodge to any other.

Pressing the Tab key on the desktop will get began switching the focus between desktop and items on the taskbar. Press the Tab key a few cases to move the focus to the desktop.

When an products on the desktop is highlighted, use Arrow keys to move between the items and press the Enter key to unencumber/open an products.

open launch itemsopen launch items

Interacting with the Get began Menu items

You’ll be capable to press the House home windows key to show at the Get began menu. Throughout the Get began menu, you’ll be capable to use the up/ down arrow keys to move between items and press the proper arrow key to move to the section at the proper facet of the Get began menu (tiles in House home windows 10), or use the jump report if available.

You’ll be capable to moreover use the Tab key to move to the each section of the Get began menu.

tab key moving through start menutab key moving through start menu

The identical instructions follow to House home windows 8 consumers, alternatively they’ll be moved to the “Get began show” as an alternative of the Get began menu.

Interacting with the Taskbar

As mentioned above, you’ll be capable to press the Tab key on the desktop to move between taskbar items and press the enter key to open one. When you’ve got pinned items on the taskbar, press House home windows key + corresponding amount to quickly open that program.

For example, if your browser is pinned at 1/3 amount inside the taskbar, then you definately’ll be capable to press House home windows key + 3 to open your browser straight away. Equivalent shortcut might be used when you need to scale back or maximize an already opened program.

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Using the Document Explorer

You’ll be capable to press House home windows key + E to open the Document Explorer (My Laptop), or navigate to it from the desktop or the start menu.

Throughout the Document Explorer, you’ll be capable to use arrow keys, Tab key and the Enter key to navigate and get admission to knowledge/folders. You’ll be capable to press and hold the Alt key and use the left and proper arrows to move backward or forward between folders.

If you want to make a selection a few items, then press and hold the Shift key and use the arrow keys to start selecting a few items. Once determined on, you’ll be capable to press the Menu key (or Shift + F10 ) to open menu for the selected items (simply put, right-click on them).

Use your Browser with Keyboard shortcuts

Lots of the keys and shortcuts mentioned in this knowledge function within the identical means for third-party programs. While it’s tricky to concentrate on all 0.33 party programs, we’re covering the most utilised programs, which is the web browser.

As quickly because the browser launches, your cursor might be all over the search bar. Enter your query and hit Enter to search for it. The hunt results can also be navigated the usage of the arrow keys.

If you want to get admission to each button and link on the internet web page, then Tab key, Arrow keys, Spacebar and Internet web page Up/ Internet web page Down keys will let you scroll throughout the internet web page. The Tab key will help highlight clickable buttons. You’ll be capable to press Ctrl + T to quickly open a brand spanking new tab or press Ctrl + W to close a tab.

The ones instructions should be enough to do a basic search on the internet. You’ll need to take a look at shortcuts knowledge to your browser so that you can learn shortcuts for specific choices comparable to get admission to history, bookmarks or the settings.

Use the Mouse with the Keyboard

House home windows signifies that you’ll be able to control your mouse with the keyboard buttons. Finally, it isn’t even almost about as intuitive as the usage of an actual mouse, alternatively when you are stuck; it can be astonishingly helpful.

To permit mouse control with keyboard, press Left Alt + Left Shift + Num Lock keys and then press Enter to verify the dialog that appears. You’ll have to use the Left Alt and Left Shift keys differently this isn’t going to art work.

mouse keysmouse keys

Once enabled, you’ll be capable to use the keys on the numpad to move the mouse spherical and click on on on items, similar to how a mouse works. Numpad keys 8, 4, 2 and 6 are used for shifting spherical and also you’ll be capable to press the numpad key 5 to execute left-click.

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To right-click you’ll have to first alternate function of numpad key 5 to right-click by means of pressing the (minus) button and then use it to execute right-click.

Right here’s a list of all the keys you can use to control your mouse with the keyboard. Some smaller laptops don’t have numpad keys or the touchpad isn’t suitable, so it will if truth be told’t be applied.

Crucial Keyboard shortcuts to remember

Remembering necessary keyboard shortcuts will help such a lot in controlling House home windows and its functions in a snap. Beneath is a list of House home windows keyboard shortcuts that will help you immensely :

  • F2 : Rename a file
  • Delete Key : To delete an products
  • Shift + Delete : Totally delete an products
  • Ctrl + Shift + N : Create new folder
  • Ctrl + A : Select the whole lot on a internet web page
  • Ctrl + C : To Copy
  • Ctrl + X : To Decrease
  • Ctrl + V : To Paste
  • Window Key + S : Open House home windows search field
  • Ctrl + Shift + Esc : Open Process Manager
  • Alt + F4 : Close in this day and age opened program/window
  • House home windows Key + Tab : To preview and switch between opened house home windows

The above are merely few of the basic House home windows shortcuts that can supply assist to navigate and perform common tasks. I will moreover suggest you to move by the use of our ultimate list of over 200 Windows keyboard shortcuts. It’ll grow to be a lot more easy with the intention to use House home windows with the keyboar as compared to the mouse.


The above instructions should be more than enough to navigate House home windows and art work with knowledge and folders. However at this stage it’s no longer conceivable to exchange mouse with keyboard for the reason that mouse remains to be very similar in a lot of eventualities and important for the usage of many apps and video video games.

I in my view need to skip the step to reach for my mouse, and honing keyboard shortcuts has helped me immensely. We sit up for your comment on mouse to keyboard enjoy.

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