Tips on how to Use Native (By way of Flywheel) With out WordPress (3 Simple Steps)

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Although it’s imaginable you’ll use WordPress for totally the whole lot, there could also be occasions where you turn into unbiased from from the CMS for one the reason why or every other. And if Native is your tool of variety for offline development, chances are high that you’ll think it’s a will have to to switch to some other one because of you’ll be capable of’t use it without WordPress.

Thankfully, that’s no longer the case. 

In this day and age, we’ll show you organize and use Local to without WordPress. We’ll speak about what other types of web pages you’ll be capable of assemble with Local, get right of entry to the information and database you need to do it, save this non-WordPress information superhighway website online as a blueprint for longer term use, and suggest each and every different equipment to get the method finished. 

Enough introduction. Let’s get to it. 

What Kind of (Non-WordPress) Web websites Can You Set Up in Local?

Even though Local is principally a software for WordPress construction, what you need to grab is that, after all, it simply simulates a server in your pc. As a finish end result, you’ll be capable of moreover use it to power other software that desires a server to run, very similar to:

  • Other PHP-based CMS very similar to Joomla or Drupal. The ones are specifically suitable because of, like WordPress, they art work with a database throughout the background.
  • Ecommerce solutions. You also have numerous purchasing groceries carts and retailer strategies that need a server and database to run.
  • Dialogue board software. This type ceaselessly works in a similar way to CMS.
  • Static HTML or PHP information superhighway pages. Proper right here, the information superhighway web page content material subject matter is built-in during the information themselves instead of being pulled from a database. You moreover want to edit the information without delay with the intention to make changes to it.

You’ll be capable of experiment with other web-based software, however, the ones are maximum indisputably the main tactics chances are you’ll use Local without WordPress.

All excellent? Then let’s keep up a correspondence regarding the how-to segment.

The Basic Setup for Using Local Without WordPress

To use Local with non-WordPress information superhighway pages, the elemental steps are relatively simple: Create a brand spanking new information superhighway website online in Local, then delete all its WordPress-related information. You’ll be capable of keep the database, alternatively it is important to delete the tables inside of it as smartly.

To make this process additional then theoretical, as an example, underneath I will attempt to arrange and run a Joomla website online inside of Local. Let’s see how I fare.

1. Tips about the way to Prepare a New Site in Local

Putting in place a brand spanking new website online to, in the end, use without WordPress in Local is actually simple. Simply click on at the massive plus symbol throughout the lower left corner and observe the instructions.

create a new site to use without wordpress in local wp

Select to create a brand spanking new information superhighway website online and input a name. If you probably have specific reasons for doing so, you’ll be capable of moreover define a custom designed local space and information superhighway website online path on the hard power underneath Difficult possible choices.

create new site in local to use without wordpress

Then, organize your atmosphere, which means that the PHP model, server kind, and style of MySQL you are going to use.

choose environment for non wordpress local site

Yet again, if in case you have specific needs correct right here, take into accout to evolve the ones settings to them. In my case, I ensure that the environment meets the technical necessities of Joomla.

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joomla system requirements

One thing that’s very important to note is that the use of the Most well liked atmosphere comes with the requirement to use index.php on your number one report. Because of this truth, be careful if you happen to’re planning to use index.html or index.htm. If this is the case, take into accout to set the environment to Custom designed and make your possible choices. You will have to moreover know that you simply’ll be capable of however alternate the server sort and PHP model later.

Inside of the rest step, it’s a will have to to stipulate your WordPress username and password. Since you aren’t going to use WordPress, this doesn’t if truth be told topic. Input regardless of you need and then click on on Add Site to finish.

configure wordpress credentials

2. Where (and How) to Store Files for Your Non-WordPress Site

Now that your soon-to-be-non-WordPress information superhighway website online exists, it’s time to eliminate the entire ones belongings you don’t need, which means that the WordPress report device. You’ll be capable of most easily get right of entry to it by the use of the Go to information superhighway website online folder button underneath the information superhighway website online’s name.

go to site folder of non wordpress local site

Clicking it’ll mechanically open the record in your local device.

local website files

The information you could be looking for are located underneath app/public. If you happen to open it, you’ll be capable of see that it contains the entire same old WordPress information.

local wordpress files on hard drive

Since we aren’t going to be the use of WordPress, we will mark the whole lot correct right here and then delete it. After that, you’ll be capable of place regardless of non-WordPress information in correct right here. In the case of this example, that’s the information I downloaded from

copy joomla files to localwp directory

3. Where (and How) to Get right to use the Database and Tips about the way to Customize It

Next up is the database. Each and every information superhighway website online you put up in Local mechanically comes with it’s private. The easiest way to get right of entry to it’s to seek advice from the Database tab for your lively information superhighway website online and click on on Open Adminer.

open adminer from local database menu

This may most probably open up a database regulate tool where you’ll be capable of create databases, tables, and views, run SQL directions, analyze, optimize, and repair database tables, and further. If you probably have ever used phpMyAdmin, it will have to all be relatively easy.

local adminer

In this case, we simply want to mark the entire tables and then click on on Drop, since we want to use this Local information superhighway website online without the rest WordPress-related.

drop wordpress tables in adminer

One very important remember for whilst you use a CMS that desires a database connection like Joomla: Within the ones cases you’re going to normally want to provide a database name, username, password, and from time to time host name right through arrange. In Local, by the use of default, the ones are local, root, root, and localhost respectively. However, you’ll be capable of moreover use the Adminer interface to create your own database and credentials.

Armed with this information, I can now get began putting in place my non-WordPress website online. I simply click on on Open information superhighway website online throughout the information superhighway website online view in Local.

open site to install non wordpress website in local

In my case, this mechanically starts the Joomla setup process that I can simply observe and where I can fill throughout the database credentials as mentioned above.

joomla installer database configuration

One very important remember correct right here, however, is that for Joomla to connect to the database in LocalWP, I moreover needed to include the server port. That implies something like localhost:10016 for the reason that hostname instead of merely localhost. You’ll be capable of to seek out the port amount throughout the Database section as smartly.

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database host port number in local

Once that is finished and the arrange process has finished, I can get right of entry to my Joomla website online by the use of the URL that Local provides.

joomla site active in local

Tips about the way to Save Your Non-WordPress Site as a Blueprint

If you happen to stay up for wanting to use a non-WordPress information superhighway website online setup more than once inside of Local, it’s a if truth be told excellent concept to create a Blueprint out of it.

A Blueprint is in large part a template you’ll be capable of use to create a brand spanking new information superhighway website online without a want to keep watch over all your settings from scratch. So whilst you cross all over the methodology of deleting the WordPress information and very similar to described above, you won’t want to do it another time because the Blueprint will include the ones specifications for you already. 

To create one on your non-WordPress information superhighway website online in Local, simply right-click it throughout the report and choose Save as blueprint (the information superhighway website online must be started for that). Give it a name and save.

save non wordpress site as blueprint

Next time you need similar information superhighway website online for a brand spanking new enterprise, whilst you create a brand spanking new website online in Local, make a selection the selection Create from a Blueprint to start with.

create site from blueprint in local

Throughout the next show, simply choose your saved blueprint and continue the usual process.

choose non wordpress blueprint for new local site

As quickly because it’s finished, and likewise you open the folder of the new information superhighway website online, you’re going to peer that it contains the identical non-WordPress information as the original. That’s all there’s to it. Remarkably easy, huh? 

You’ll be capable of moreover rename your Blueprints and delete them at any time by the use of going to the Blueprints menu.

blueprints menu in local

Use the three-dot icons on the suitable trade the name of your blueprints or eliminate them if you want to have.

Pros and Cons of Atmosphere Up Local Without WordPress

Now that you know how to prepare Local without WordPress, let’s analysis a few the reason why chances are high that you’ll choose to do this or opt for every other resolution altogether. Let’s evaluation the pros and cons of the program. 


  • Convenience. If nearly all of your website online development takes place in WordPress and Local, it’s simply additional at hand to perform this workaround once, reserve it as a Blueprint, and reuse it each and every time the odd example strikes that you need a non-WordPress information superhighway website online. 
  • Fast. Site setup in Local is rapid and easy. Creating a Blueprint for a non-WordPress information superhighway website online means that after the initial setup, you’ll be capable of perform this setup in a similar way as fast. 
  • Centralized equipment. Having all your knowledge superhighway development equipment in one place – Local – way studying just one platform instead of a variety of. 
  • Get to use Local. Many people if truth be told have the benefit of the look and user-experience of Local, so it’s nice to stick your workflow streamlined in this way. 
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  • Needs further steps. Creating a non-WordPress information superhighway website online in Local does require additional art work, which can be off-putting. 
  • It’s a bit of of inauspicious. The additional steps are reasonably bit fiddly and require wary attention to part. It’s no longer almost about as “open-and-go” as WordPress information superhighway website online advent is. 
  • Other equipment can do the method quicker. Many various local development equipment exist that art work with non-WordPress web pages straight away out of the gate, with no further steps required. 

Selection Apparatus to Consider for Non-WordPress Local Development

Should you make a decision to use a different tool versus Local for building non-WordPress web pages, you’re in good fortune. There are a selection of imaginable possible choices available that provide this ability as a default function. Listed here are just a few. 


xampp logo

First up, we’ve XAMPP, which is widely regarded as the preferred PHP development atmosphere lately available. It’s free of charge, simple to put in and offers wide-ranging capacity. It comprises PHP, Perl, and MariaDB. You’ll be capable of use it to prepare non-WordPress and WordPress web pages alike, with minimal fuss and effort. 


easyphp devserver logo

Another option comes from EasyPHP, specifically inside of the kind of Devserver. Devsrever is every other straightforward-to-use development atmosphere that gives a at hand approach to organize new information superhighway pages on-the-go. You’ll be capable of use it to create an area server for any type of website online you wish to have and take it with you anywhere by the use of external hard power. It features a tool range that’s suitable for green individuals and execs. Plus, Devserver is modular, so that you’ll be capable of add applications to it, get right of entry to information and folders without delay, and much more. 


mamp logo

After all, there’s MAMP, which is every other local development atmosphere that’s free of charge to procure and use. It’s available for each and every House home windows and Mac and is derived with the entire equipment you need to run an area server in your pc. It may be used along with NAMO to test information superhighway pages and apps on cell gadgets. MAMP is suitable with MySQL, Apache, Nginx, PHP, Ruby, Perl, and Python, too. 

Final Concepts: Local and Non-WordPress Web websites

Growing a brand spanking new WordPress website online with Local is an easy process – alternatively you understand that already. What chances are high that you’ll no longer have recognized is that you simply’ll be capable of use Local to create non-WordPress information superhighway pages, too. And that’s a real get advantages if you wish to keep all your development tasks contained inside of one atmosphere. 

Even though no longer a solution for every developer, having this feature on the table will have to put across peace of ideas to some who wish to create a unified workflow. 

Do you employ Local to increase non-WordPress web pages, too? What has you experience been like? We’d like to pay attention for your concepts underneath. 

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