What Is Lighttpd Internet Server?

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Lighttpd (pronounced “Lighty”) is high-performance web server software designed for pace, protection, and flexibility. It can be an excellent risk for environments with minimal property, dynamic web websites, or more than a few techniques. Alternatively, you need to be wondering what makes it different from other solutions.

In this article, we’ll uncover Lighttpd and see what makes it unique. We’ll moreover show you the way you’ll run your WordPress internet web site on Lighttpd. Let’s get started!

What Is Lighttpd?

Lighttpd is open-source web server software. It’s designed in particular for environments with limited property as it consumes minimal CPU and RAM. It’s moreover suitable for every the House home windows and Linux Running Methods (OSs):

Lighttpd web server software.

Lighttpd used to be as soon as to begin with introduced in 2003 by means of Jan Kneschke, a German software developer. Kneschke to start with wrote the software to finally end up that one server would possibly simply handle 10,000 simultaneous connections, differently known as the c10k problem.

Like other web server software, Lighttpd makes your content material subject material visible online. When a client’s browser requests to view your internet web site, the software receives the query, retrieves your internet web page’s content material subject material, and displays it in HTML structure.

Till you set up your individual server, your hosting provider will normally make a decision your web server software. Later in this put up, we’ll show you the way you’ll find out if your host is working with Lighttpd.

Is Lighttpd Different From Other Web Server Instrument?

Lighttpd is just one of the most web server software possible choices. Web internet hosting providers and internet web site householders opt for different software in keeping with their needs relating to protection, pace, ease of use, and get right to use to developer apparatus.

For instance, Apache is usually a better option if you’re looking for extensibility and customization possible choices, as a result of its quite a lot of modules. Alternatively, Lighttpd uses fewer property than Apache, making it additional surroundings pleasant.

NGINX is each and every different very popular web server that’s praised for its high-performance choices. When compared to Lighttpd, NGINX is arguably additional sturdy and has additional popular building updates. The ones software possible choices also have slightly different operating processes. Lighttpd runs as one process, whilst NGINX has an overarching process and supporting worker processes.

LiteSpeed is each and every different lightweight web server software risk. It’s impressive for its high-performance choices, minimal helpful useful resource consumption, and built-in protection. It most often receives additional updates and costs more than Lighttpd (aside from you run the limited open-source version). Moreover, LiteSpeed is significantly additional commonplace than Lighttpd, in order that you’ll get get right to use to additional developer and client property.

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How Does Lighttpd Art work?

Lighttpd contains support for FastCGI, CGI, and SCGI. As such, you’ll have the ability to use this server software with techniques written in any programming language, in conjunction with:

  • PHP
  • Python
  • Perl
  • Ruby
  • Lua

Additionally, Lighttpd handles requests asynchronously. This means that the web server software doesn’t save you the browser from showing actions while it’s operating inside the background.

Due to this fact, Lighttpd can handle a few requests without slowing down your internet web page and inconveniencing your consumers. This setup permits you to artwork on quite a lot of techniques at the same time as.

The Pros and Cons of Lighttpd

Listed below are one of the essential advantages of the usage of Lighttpd:

  • It uses minimal CPU, RAM, and other property.
  • It is helping all programming languages.
  • It’s open-source and unfastened to use.

In contrast, listed here are one of the maximum necessary disadvantages of this server software:

  • It’s now not as commonplace as other software possible choices, in order that you’ll find a lot much less group support and documentation.
  • It lacks the difficult choices and customizable modules of other server software.
  • Lighttpd has limited capability advantages for better web websites.

Basic, Lighttpd may also be an excellent variety if you want to lower CPU and RAM consumption. This lightweight software is also great for building as it is helping web techniques in any programming language. Alternatively, it’s perfect conceivable suited to smaller web websites and apps.

The way to Come to a decision If Your Web Server Is Using Lighttpd

You could possibly see if your web server is the usage of Lighttpd by means of navigating to your web internet hosting provider’s dashboard. This information may also be available when you sign up for a web internet hosting package deal deal.

Then again, you’ll have the ability to make a decision your internet web site’s server software by means of Google Chrome. The browser has built-in Developer Tools to help you learn additional about web sites when you discuss with them.

Open your internet web site, and hit Ctrl + Shift + I on your keyboard to open Developer Apparatus. You’ll have to see a pop-up panel:

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Developer tools in Chrome.

Now click on on on the Group tab and refresh your internet web page to load the data. Select any of the entries beneath Name and scroll all of the means right down to Response Headers. Underneath Server, you’ll have to be capable to see the web server’s identify and fashion:

Finding Lighttpd server with Chrome Developer Tools

It’s that easy! Alternatively, it’s conceivable you’ll now not see the web server software if your internet web page uses Cloudflare or a similar proxy service.

If your server isn’t the usage of Lighttpd, you’ll have the ability to install and set up the software yourself. You’ll then need to practice the basic setup and configuration instructions to get it operating accurately.

Alternatively, you’ll want a faithful server or Virtual Private Server (VPS) to get root get right to use and arrange your individual web server software. Then again, you’ll have the ability to seek for a web internet hosting provider that is helping Lighttpd by means of default, very similar to A2 Hosting.

The way to Run WordPress on Lighttpd (In 3 Steps)

In the end, let’s take a handy guide a rough check out the way you’ll have the ability to organize Lighttpd manually. Even though this software can technically run on House home windows, it’s upper suited to Linux distributions very similar to Ubuntu. Due to this fact, we’ll point of interest on that risk for your WordPress internet web site.

Step 1: Arrange Lighttpd

First, you’ll need to change and fortify your system files to make sure that the entire thing is working as a result of it’s going to must. Open the command line and enter the following directions:

sudo apt change
sudo apt fortify

The next command will arrange Lighttpd on your system (if you haven’t finished so already):

sudo apt arrange lighttpd

You’ll now need to tell your OS to unencumber your Lighttpd web server each and every time it reboots. You’ll have the ability to set that up with this command:

sudo systemctl permit lighttpd

Step 2: Set Up PHP and Databases

Now it’s time to place in PHP and all of its extensions. Without PHP, your WordPress website can’t run, so this is without doubt one of the an important steps:

sudo apt-get arrange php php-cgi php-cli php-fpm php-curl php-gd php-mysql php-mbstring zip unzip apache2-

The following directions will permit the FastCGI extensions, and try them to make sure that PHP will artwork accurately:

sudo lighty-enable-mod fastcgi fastcgi-php
sudo service lighttpd force-reload

Whilst you don’t already have a MySQL database organize for your WordPress internet web page, you’ll have the ability to use the ones directions to create one and secure it against malicious actors:

sudo apt arrange mysql-server
sudo mysql_secure_installation

You’ll moreover need to make a database for your WordPress internet web site:

sudo mysql

Now create a name for your database, converting “example_database” together with your decided on title:

create database `example_database` persona set = 'utf8';

You’ll now make a client and similar password for your WordPress database, converting “identify” and “password” together with your decided on values. You’ll moreover give them permission to control your database:

create client 'identify'@'localhost' recognized by means of 'password';
GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON `example_database`.* to `identify`@localhost;
pass out

Step 3: Download and Set Up WordPress

The following directions will obtain the most recent fashion of WordPress core for your internet web site:

cd /tmp
wget https://wordpress.org/latest.zip

You’ll then need to make a root folder for your internet web page, converting “identify” together with your internet web site’s identify:

sudo mkdir /var/www/html/identify

The following directions will extract the WordPress files from the .zip folder and switch them into your new folder:

sudo unzip /tmp/latest.zip
sudo mv /tmp/wordpress/* /var/www/html/identify

You’ll moreover need to ensure that your admin client can get right to use this folder:

sudo chown -R www-data:www-data /var/www/html/identify

Now get right to use your WordPress login by means of your browser with this deal with, another time the usage of your internet web site’s checklist identify:

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That’s it! Lighttpd is now organize and ready to use.


Choosing the correct server software for your needs can boost your internet web site or application’s excellent fortune. Fortunately, Lighttpd is suitable for a lot of types of environments.

As we discussed in this article, Lighttpd is a lightweight software that consumes minimal CPU and RAM. Due to this fact, it’s an excellent variety for Linux-based environments with few property to spare. It’s moreover open-source, unfastened to use, and is helping all programming languages.

Do you’ll have any questions about the usage of the Lighttpd web server software? Let us know inside the comments section underneath!

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