Which Social Media Channels are Gaining and Dropping Steam? [New Consumer and Platform Data]

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At the present time, it sounds as if like everybody appears to be on social media. On the other hand make no mistake, no longer everybody appears to be on each and every channel.

As marketers, you must know your target audience’s favorite social channels. For instance, in case you are selling retirement homes, it’s protected to forgo Snapchat, where best 3.7% of consumers are over 50.

HubSpot surveyed over 1,000 customers across the U.S to decide which social media channels are gaining steam — and which will also be falling behind. Be told on to seek out which platforms are freshest with shoppers in 2022.

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Social Media Channels Gaining Steam in 2022


Facebook in recent years attracts 2.89 billion per 30 days customers, more than each different social platform. A primary center of attention of its target audience belongs to Millennials, Gen X-ers, and Kid Boomers.

Inside the remainder 3 months, a whopping 91% of Child Boomers, 88% of Millennials, and 83% of Gen X-ers have visited Facebook.

On splendid of that, Gen X and Kid Boomers rank Facebook as their favourite social media app and their maximum visited app. In case you are looking to concentrate on older demographics with social media promoting and advertising and marketing, Facebook is your splendid bet.

consumers favorite social channels: facebook

That mentioned, engagement drops significantly for Gen Z audiences. Merely 12% of Gen Z-ers say they use Facebook more than each different platform, and best 55% have visited Facebook up to now 3 months.


TikTok is known as the platform for Gen Z — and the guidelines confirms it. Actually, over part of Gen Z shoppers are on TikTok. Plus, Gen Z-ers say TikTok is the platform they use maximum, pulling ahead of Instagram, Snapchat, and YouTube.

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It does no longer save you there: TikTok is also deciding on up steam with other demographics. 36% of TikTok customers in 2021 had been between 35 and 54 years previous, a 10% building up from the 12 months quicker than. That mentioned, usage amongst Kid Boomers is still low, with best 7% visiting the app inside of the remainder 3 months.

It’s also value mentioning that TikTok has the easiest engagement rate out of each different social platform, averaging 10.85 mins consistent with session. In short, TikTok’s snackable content material subject matter is addictive for slightly numerous age groups.


YouTube has a shopper base of 2 billion+ other people and receives over 34 billion monthly visits, in step with wisdom we pulled from SimilarWeb.

consumers favorite social channels: YouTubeYouTube is well liked by Gen Z, Millennial, and Gen X audiences, just about in an identical measure. Inside the remainder 3 months, 83% of Millennials have visited YouTube, followed by way of 81% of Gen Z, and 79% of Gen X. For Kid Boomers, YouTube is their moment favourite social media app, merely behind Facebook.

YouTube is also a splendid favorite amongst video marketers. Actually, more than 1 / 4 of video marketers plan to spend money on YouTube than each different platform in 2022, in step with HubSpot’s Video Advertising and marketing Document. In addition to, video marketers ranked YouTube since the second-best platform for ROI.


In step with SimilarWeb, the Instagram app has over 78 million monthly full of life shoppers, making it probably the most trendy apps lately.

Even supposing Gen Z visits TikTok one of the vital, they rank Instagram as their favourite social media app — as do Millennials.

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consumers favorite social channels: InstagramInstagram is also keeping up solid with older audiences. Inside the remainder 3 months, 55% of Gen X-ers have visited Instagram, followed by way of greater than 1 / 4 (27%) of Child Boomers. On the other hand, in case you are looking to concentrate on the ones audiences specifically, Facebook or YouTube is generally a better option.

On the promoting and advertising and marketing facet, greater than part of video marketers rank Instagram as the best platform for ROI, engagement, and lead generation. In case you are looking to dive further into video promoting and advertising and marketing, Instagram is a superb taking a look risk.

Social Media Channels Shedding Steam in 2022


After a lot of acquisitions and near-revivals, Tumblr has however to recreate its early- to mid-2000s reputation. In step with our report, Tumblr is freshest with Millennials, then again best 11% have visited the platform up to now 3 months.

Tumblr 2022Surprisingly, Gen Z has visited Tumblr at with regards to the equivalent rate (10%). Actually, a report via Quartz found out that 61% of new Tumblr shoppers in 2022 have been beneath the age of 24. This begs an important question: is each different revival around the corner?

While it’s nevertheless too early to call, we recommend specializing in platforms that pull stronger numbers for the objective marketplace you want to concentrate on.


Even supposing Twitch is splendid dog inside the live-streaming house, all number one streaming platforms — along side Twitch, Facebook Gaming, and YouTube Live — are seeing a drop generally hours watched this 12 months.

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Inside the remainder 3 months, splendid 15% of Millennials have visited Twitch, followed by way of 13% of Gen Z, and 11% of Gen X.

Decreased viewership isn’t the only fear for Twitch — persons are moreover streaming a lot much less. One year-over-year, hours streamed on the platform declined 16% from 2021 to 2022.

In step with HubSpot’s Video Advertising and marketing Document, video marketers report low engagement and ROI on the platform, and splendid 10% of marketers plan to leverage Twitch for the principle time in 2022.

Once more to You

One question remains: what channels are splendid on your social media promoting and advertising and marketing? Should you stick with mature platforms, like Facebook and YouTube, or check out the waters with new platforms, like TikTok?

In the end, your selection must hinge on one an important factor: your target audience. Hanging your target audience at the center of your social media method approach prioritizing the platforms that can succeed in them most effectively.

And take note, social media promoting and advertising and marketing is all about experimenting. There’s no need to commit to a minimum of one platform for the rest of time — actually, it may be useful to run facet experiments on different platforms to look what results you get.

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