Why Optimized WordPress Hosting Is Better Than Cheapo Shared Hosting

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WordPress is the most commonly used website builder in the world, with more than a third of the websites being built on this platform. You can use WordPress on different kinds of websites with different hosting plans, but an optimized WordPress hosting plan is specifically designed to let you use all of the features available. It is important to make your website as user friendly and efficient as possible, and you need to understand the difference between using WordPress Hosting versus inexpensive shared hosting plans.

The Benefits of Using WordPress

WordPress is very popular because it comes with many different themes and plugins, and it is easy to customize your website. You can manage it with your control panel, and it doesn’t require experience in website design or development to use. People can add content and control how the website appears and works, no matter how little experience they have. It is also free, and it can be installed with one click using different types of hosting.

What Is Shared Hosting?

When you create a website with WordPress, you need to sign up for hosting. One of the most inexpensive options is shared hosting, which is more common with new businesses or small websites that have a very tight budget. Shared hosting means that your website is stored on a server along with hundreds or even thousands of other websites. All of these websites share the server’s resources, such as CPU power, memory, and bandwidth.

The advantage to using a shared hosting plan is that it is often less expensive. However, you can’t control how much traffic is on the server, and you can have downtime more frequently. This type of plan won’t work for high traffic sites; it is better able to function for personal sites or startups.

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What Is Optimized WordPress Hosting?

Optimized WordPress hosting is a platform that is made for WordPress. It is designed to handle everything WordPress can do, and this type of plan is usually managed. You won’t have to worry about keeping your website up to date because they will do it for you. They will also keep your themes and plugins updated, so your website will offer better user experiences.

This type of plan is more expensive, but it makes your website faster, more predictable, and better for customers. While you pay more for your hosting plan, your website is more user-friendly, which means it will rank higher in Google and customers are more likely to stay on your site.

Why Optimized WordPress Hosting Is the Better Choice

Although you can get away with using a shared hosting plan for a personal blog or when you are starting out, if you spend any time on your website or produce content that you want users to find, you are better off with an optimized WordPress hosting plan.

Both of these hosting plans are capable of hosting your WordPress site, hosting is just about the only thing that a shared hosting plan does. In addition, you are sharing the server with hundreds of other websites, and possibly more.

If you are using a shared hosting service and need to speed up your website, you have to figure out how to install a caching plugin or optimize your database. You need some knowledge or experience to do what is necessary. However, when you use an Optimized WordPress plan, they will do it for you. They will set up your caching and optimize your database for you.

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In addition, you may have the cloud in an Optimized plan, whereas you are on a server with other websites for shared hosting. If the server goes down, your website will be down. When you are on the cloud, you have a number of different servers available, so if one goes down, you are automatically shifted to another without losing a beat. An optimized hosting platform is designed specifically for WordPress, so it is easy to make sure that your site is always operating at its best.

Another difference is site maintenance. When you have a shared hosting service, you will be responsible for setting up a backup plugin or backing up your data. On an optimized plan, they will back it up for you.

Final Words on High Quality WordPress Hosting

If you want your website to function at its best, an Optimized WordPress hosting plan is the best choice. Shared hosting plans are often less expensive, but they are slower and you need to spend a lot of time updating your site. When you use an optimized hosting plan, they will work behind the scenes to make sure that your website is faster and up to date.


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