Why WPMU DEV’s Consumer Billing Is Higher For Charging Purchasers Than Stripe’s Personal Equipment

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Is it upper to keep an eye on client billing and Stripe expenses the usage of WPMU DEV’s Shopper Billing or use Stripe’s private rate apparatus? In this article, we read about apples with apples to have the same opinion you make a decision which is the most productive client billing solution in your web development business.

In the event you occur to’re best the usage of Stripe for billing and invoicing your shoppers, you’re missing out on some epic billing choices that can make life easier each and every for you, and your shoppers.

Because of not best does our private Purchasers & Billing platform merely mix with Stripe (and lets you connect present products and shoppers in only a few clicks), it moreover takes your billing purposes a step further, allowing you to:

  • Arrange both sides of billing and shoppers right kind from your WPMU DEV dashboard
  • Link invoices and subscriptions to internet web page specific products or services
  • Give your shoppers customized get right to use on your private white label client portal, at your personal space, where they are able to get right to use their account, internet sites, and make secure expenses.
  • And additional!

General, we make certain that WPMU DEV’s Shopper Billing provides your web development business with the simpler and better solution for managing your client billing.

Already purchased? Then test-drive Consumer Billing without cost!

Or be told on for our complete pitch as to why we think Shopper Billing must be your best rate regulate software.

We’ll uncover each viewpoint in this article, along with:

Stripe Integration: Connect Shoppers and Products in a Few Clicks

We love Stripe. Then again…have you ever ever tried integrating it into your personal internet web page so it in point of fact works as a fully-branded incorporated rate solution?

It’s very difficult! You will have to click on on via such a large amount of tabs and pages…

Aaargh…the sort of lot setup art work merely to get paid!

By contrast, getting started with our billing platform couldn’t be simpler.

All you will have to do is connect on your present Stripe account by means of following the setup wizard and in a couple of minutes your shoppers and products may also be synced and entirely available from your billing dashboard.

A look at the Stripe connection screen
Follow the connection turns on and connect Stripe to our billing machine in a query of clicks.

From proper right here you’ll have the ability to briefly and easily add infinite products, customize all client invoices, subscriptions, and emails in a couple of clicks, and add shoppers quick-smart.

The Hub's Clients & Billings screen.
Your Shoppers & Billing dashboard…much more efficient than Stripe’s!

You’ll have the ability to moreover prepare your whole shoppers, products, subscriptions, observe regimen income, and further – all and not using a want to leave your WPMU DEV dashboard.

The client management screen within your billing hub
Arrange the whole lot without leaving your WPMU Dashboard!

If you want to have an entire breakdown on one of the best ways to make use of the Shoppers & Billing segment, please discuss with our Purchasers & Billing educational and step by step documentation segment.

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No Further “Powered By means of Stripe”- Invite Shoppers to Your Private Branded Shopper Portal!

Some of the biggest benefits of the usage of our billing machine is that it signifies that you’ll invite shoppers on your private, fully-branded client portal.

Proper right here they are able to:

  • Log into their accounts and believe/edit basic billing details
  • Pay their invoices via a fully-integrated and secure checkout, hosted at your space
  • Have customized get right to use to the internet web page you’ve complicated for them, in step with how so much you want them as a way to view/edit.

It’s moreover super easy to organize.

1.Create and logo your client portal

Rising your personal white label portal will also be finished with our Hub Consumer plugin, which is incorporated free with any paid WPMU DEV membership.

In a nutshell, The Hub Shopper lets you have an actual reproduction of WPMU DEV’s internet web page regulate interface, which you’ll have the ability to then logo and customize as your personal.

See our Hub Consumer documentation segment for instructions on putting in your client portal.

Apply: Branding your client portal is not obligatory and also you’ll have the ability to use the default (unbranded) client portal as is. You gained’t even need to give shoppers get right to use to it. Either one of the ones possible choices will further cut back your client billing setup time.

2.Create a practice place in your client

Next you’ll have the ability to create a practice place in your client which is in a position to restrict/allow them get right to use to rather numerous areas of your portal, in step with your shoppers needs.

Create new client roles from your billing dashboard
Create new client roles from your billing dashboard.

You’ve 3 basic place sorts to choose from:

  1. Get entry to Billing Best – Supplies your client usual get right to use to their billing account where they are able to view and edit basic account knowledge, view upcoming expenses, and pay invoices.
  2. View All & Get entry to Billing – Allows the client to view the whole lot related to the internet web page they’ve created – they may be able to no longer edit or take movement on anything. As well as they’ve entire billing get right to use.
  3. Edit All & Get entry to Billing – Permits complete view and edit get right to use to the whole lot you’ve created in your client, entire billing get right to use incorporated.

Excluding the three default place sorts, you’ll have the ability to moreover create a fully customized place that displays or hides rather numerous areas of your portal. Be informed extra about consumer position varieties in our documentation.

A screen showing different role customization options
Assign shoppers fully-customized roles in step with their needs.

3.Invite your client to login on your new portal

Whilst you’ve made up our minds on the get right to use you’d like to provide your client and created a job, you’re able to send them a call for participation on your client area.

From your billing dashboard it’s so simple as selecting add new client, filling out some basic details about the client (along with the placement you’ve given them), and sending the invite off to their electronic mail.

As quickly because the invite is received they are able to now log in and get right to use their billing account. In conjunction with private knowledge, upcoming expenses, and a few different areas of your dashboard that you simply’ve given them custom get right to use to.

Your custom login screen
Your shoppers will get right to use their billing details by the use of your customized login computer screen.

They’ll moreover be capable of pay invoices and go through your personal white label checkout, which we’ll cover… Now!

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Allow Shoppers to Pay Invoices By means of Your Private Branded Checkout, Hosted on Your Private Web page

When it comes time to pay invoices, your client pays from inside of your portal or directly from the email you send them.

So rather than be taken to a third-party portal, which isn’t hosted on your own space and isn’t white categorized…

Powered by Stripe
Powered by means of … not you!

They’ll as a substitute be taken on your private fully-branded, utterly secure expenses checkout, hosted directly on your internet web page.

WPMU DEV Client Billing Payment Pages
The whole thing the client sees proper right here belongs to you!

From the moment your client signs with you until they click on on on that “I need to pay you” button, they’ll best experience and have interaction at the side of your logo.

Client Billing payment page.
There don’t seem to be any distracting links pointing your shoppers to anyplace else alternatively that “Pay” button!

Even the client portal is branded with your personal URL… At no additional value!

Stripe hosted payment page.
Say goodbye to Stripe-hosted rate pages showing Stripe’s URL…

Speaking of no additional value… You’ll have the ability to use custom domains for URLs that your shoppers will see on pages hosted by means of Stripe – alternatively it’s going to value you additional.

Stripe Custom Domains screen
An extra $10 monthly to white label my rate internet web page URLs? Shoulda lengthy long gone to WPMU DEV!

You’ll have the ability to combine Stripe’s buyer portal with your individual website online and prepare your personal rate authentication machine, but it’s rather an endeavor.

And that’s not even making an allowance for how tedious it’s to arrange the tradition area. Needless to say not as straighforward as putting in a plugin.

There’s a simpler solution for providing a totally branded client portal and rate solution…ours!

A Transient Tour Of Your Branded Shopper Portal

We’ve discussed putting in your personal branded client portal, now’s let’s give you a short lived tour of it, so that you’ll have the ability to see exactly what your shoppers will experience.

After logging into your client portal, your shoppers will see a dashboard with all the knowledge you’ve got given them get right to use to.

Client Portal - Dashboard
Let’s see what your shoppers will experience inside of your custom-branded client portal.

If your client has a few internet sites beneath your regulate, they are able to prepare their internet sites in their dashboard area (e.g. the usage of colored labels, favoriting internet sites, and lots of others.)

Client Portal - Sites screen.
Shoppers can keep a few internet sites organized in their private client dashboard.

As mentioned earlier, you’ll have the ability to create different client sorts with different roles and purposes and restricted get right to use to their internet sites and different choices.

So, depending on the place sorts you’ve got assigned on your client and what choices you’ve got given them get right to use to, your shoppers can also prepare (or view best, or not view the least bit) facets of your services like plugins, or click on on via on your services internet web page for added upsells, and lots of others.

All of this is utterly customizable from your regulate and billing platform.

Client Portal - Plugins screen
You’ll have the ability to allow shoppers to get right to use choices of your services, or view best (alternatively not make changes), or conceal shows like Plugins utterly…it’s your variety!

Further importantly, your client can get right to use the billing segment for your client portal and save you time-consuming and tedious client control movements by means of managing facets of their own accounts.

For example, your shoppers can view their services and subscriptions, prepare their billing knowledge and account details, pay invoices online, see what expenses are due, what they’ve already paid, how so much they’ve paid, and what their not unusual spend is…even cancel services if they want.

Client Portal - Billing screen
Letting shoppers view and prepare their own billing details may make your control easier.

The billing segment provides entire transparency and allows your shoppers to drill down into their services and products and merchandise for a further granular view.

Client Portal - Billing screen - Product & Services
Shoppers can view a list of one-time services and provide or inactive subscriptions.

For example, shoppers can inspect their subscription details. And as mentioned earlier, they are able to moreover cancel services and also you’ll be routinely notified by means of our client billing machine.

Client Portal - Subscription details example.
They may be able to moreover drill-down to the fine details.

Shoppers can also view details of their invoices.

Client Portal: Billing - Invoices
Provide your shoppers with entire invoice regulate and reporting apparatus.

Shoppers can search by means of invoice amount or filter out invoices by means of date, status, or site.

Client Portal: Billing - Invoices - Filter feature
Even after your shoppers were with you for a couple of years, they’ll nevertheless be capable of briefly to find their archived invoices the usage of incorporated search and filter out apparatus.

They may be able to moreover view details of their invoice or subscription, make expenses, and procure invoices as a PDF.

Client Portal: Billing - Invoices
Your client portal we could your shoppers merely view, pay, and procure their invoices.

As mentioned earlier, all client regulate movements along with expenses occur securely inside of your personal space and entirely custom-branded shows.

Online payment screen using client's own URL.
The whole thing takes place inside of your personal URL. How very good is that?

It’s moreover worth mentioning that in every single place all the client journey, your shoppers are notified at each degree by means of automatic emails…custom branded with your online business details, finally!

Sample email invoice sent to client.
Shoppers routinely download branded electronic mail notifications and receipts, releasing you up to focal point time beyond regulation on emerging your online business!

And that’s not all.

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Your fully-branded client portal moreover signifies that you’ll:

  • Associate subscriptions with specific particular person internet pages.
  • Link invoices and subscriptions to internet web page specific products or services.
  • Provide live chat give a boost to in your shoppers.
  • Suspend non-paying shoppers, making their internet sites in short inaccessible (coming exact briefly!)

That’s just a few of choices that gadgets our billing platform apart from the Stripe hosted checkout.

“Oh wow, I didn’t know I can do this by myself internet web page! Setting up this now…” WPMU DEV Member

Stripe vs Shopper Billing: Which Is Perfect For Your Trade?

While putting in your rate workflow with Stripe or WPMU DEV’s Shopper Billing requires an identical quantity of time and effort, some great benefits of invoicing and billing your shoppers the usage of WPMU DEV’s Shopper Billing with Stripe integration prolong way past merely putting in a consumer rate process.

Consider a “one-stop” web development retailer where the whole lot you provide to shoppers is delivered beneath one roof, in a fully-integrated platform, and all delivered beneath your personal logo.

We’re not merely talking client billing, however as well as managed reseller web hosting, infinite site regulate, automation apparatus, a choice of essential services and add-ons, customizable tales, and a complete lot further!

So, do yourself a choose and keep charging your shoppers with Stripe…the use of WPMU DEV’s Consumer Billing!

You’ll be so glad you made the choice inside the months and years to come.


  • In the event you occur to’re a paid WPMU DEV member, you’ll pay NO Shopper Billing admin fees ever (best Stripe’s usual processing fee).
  • In the event you occur to’re not a paid WPMU DEV member, get started these days with a loose trial (Shopper Billing fee for non-members and loose plan customers is a low 2.5% of the transaction amount, plus Stripe’s not unusual fees.)

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