Why Your Virtual Product Is not Promoting — and Find out how to Repair That [Expert Insights]

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You’ve created a digital product, put it up on your site and presented it on your target market. Alternatively regardless of the arduous art work you poured into bringing your online direction, e book, or other digital product to life, it’s now not selling. 

Whilst you’re in this scenario, it’s tempting to give up. To throw your palms throughout the air and declare, “no one wishes my product — it was once all a waste of time.” That’s the easier risk. 

Alternatively you created your digital product for a reasons why. Perhaps you wanted with the intention to upload a brand spanking new income movement to your enterprise so you may wish to prevent purchasing and promoting time for money. Or perhaps you wanted to create a brand spanking new method for other people to art work with you at a additional reasonably priced worth stage than your services and products and merchandise. 

Since the host of Imperfect Motion podcast, which is part of the Hubspot Podcast Community, I without end have listeners write in, asking me why I think no one is buying their digital product. And in my art work as a virtual product release strategist, I’ve helped dozens of customers turn spherical products that weren’t selling. Extra ceaselessly than no longer, they’ve been only a few tweaks transparent of a very a success product.

I’ve moreover been in this sticky scenario a few events myself. I’ve had some huge digital product wins — selling $20,000 worth of a $20 Canva template, over $1 million worth of a $197 knowledge, and $400,000 worth of a $2,000 direction. Alternatively faster than each of the ones success stories were given right here many mistakes and classes. Using the equivalent strategies I’m sharing in this article, I’ve rescued my own products that weren’t selling and grew to change into them spherical.

Whether or not or no longer you’ve created a low-ticket digital product or one throughout the 1000’s of greenbacks, the ones are the most common the reason why it isn’t selling — and the easiest way to fix that. 

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5 Reasons Your Digital Product Isn’t Selling [+ Solutions]

Explanation why #1: Your target market doesn’t see the value on your product.

5 years up to now, I built a digital product that flopped. My target market stored asking me questions about promoting their corporations on Instagram, so I created a internet primarily based direction about Instagram promoting. Decided to make it necessarily probably the most valuable direction possible, I stuffed it filled with content material subject matter and data. I knew it was once valuable, alternatively infrequently somebody bought it. 

That’s because of I conflated price with the amount of content material subject matter all through the direction. I thought the extra knowledge I squeezed into my direction, the additional my target market would wish it. I thought {{that a}} entire direction on the whole thing somebody may be able to learn about Instagram promoting may well be perceived as valuable. It wasn’t. 

If your product is bursting with price, alternatively you keep paying attention to “I will’t afford it,” or “I don’t need it,” chances are high that your target market doesn’t see the equivalent price you do. Most often, that’s because of your target market doesn’t want to know additional problems — there’s already this sort of lot free content material subject matter on the net. They don’t want to waste their time consuming a lot more content material subject matter. Instead, the value on your customers lies in how briefly and easily you’ll have the ability to lend a hand them transparent up a subject matter or reach a change. 

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steph taylor on her digital product mistakes

Learn how to fix it: 

  1. Resolve the results of your digital product — that is, the problem your customers will transparent up, or the transformation they’ll reach.
  2. Tweak your promoting and messaging so it positions your product for the reason that automotive to reach this finish end result, fairly than being a “entire” knowledge.

While you’re struggling to show the value on your digital product, the beneath podcast episodes will lend a hand: 

Explanation why #2: It’s now not the most productive offer on your target market. 

As a podcaster, I stored getting asked, “Steph, how do I unencumber a podcast?”. After walking various buddies for the duration of the process, I made up our minds to turn it proper right into a digital product. I thought a group program structure would art work absolute best as I would possibly simply lend a hand various students at the equivalent time. But when I presented it to my email list, most simple two other people signed up. 

At a loss for words, I surveyed my target market to resolve why they didn’t acquire. The answers had been clear: They didn’t want to unencumber a podcast in a group program structure. They couldn’t make a decision to attending are living calls. They wanted to unencumber their show in fewer than 8 weeks, or they wanted to art work via it in their own time, over the next six months. 

If your product isn’t selling, it’ll neatly be that your assumptions about what your customers want had been unsuitable. The good news is that whilst you to find out where you went unsuitable, a few tweaks on your product may end up in numerous product sales. I took my target market’s feedback on board, grew to change into the group program outline proper right into a self-paced knowledge, and presented it all over again. A one year later, that product has introduced more than 3,800 copies.

Learn how to fix it:

  1. Send your target market a non-buyer survey to resolve why they aren’t buying your digital product. You’ll be amazed at what you learn from the question, “Why didn’t you buy?”
  2. If various other people get a hold of similar feedback, it’s a sign that you need to each tweak your product, or alternate the way in which wherein you’ve positioned it. 
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steph taylor on why your digital product isnt selling

Explanation why #3: They don’t consider that it’ll art work for them.

When your target market is learning your product sales internet web page, they’re subconsciously in search of the reason why your digital product received’t art work for them. They’re going to believe that their scenario is unique, and so they’ll have objections as to why your solution received’t art work. Or they gained’t consider that you simply’ll have the ability to send the end result they would really like. 

Getting your target market to grasp you, like you, and consider you ok to buy from you’ll have the ability to take a while. Content material subject matter promoting is the essential factor to this. I’ve had strangers come up to me and tell me they truly really feel like I’m their friend, because of they’ve listened to my podcast this sort of lot. And sharing social evidence (like testimonials and case analysis) helps to build consider and conquer objections about why it received’t art work for them. 

Learn how to fix it: 

  1. Gain and proportion social proof from your customers and customers. Ensure that it’s now not on the subject of the end result they finished, however as well as tells the story of where they’ve been faster than they bought your digital product. 
  2. Bring to mind all the reasons a conceivable buyer would think that it received’t art work for them. Show them why it will art work for them with real-life examples on your product sales internet web page. Concentrate to episode 529 of Imperfect Motion to learn how to write a million dollar product sales internet web page.
  3. Get began without end sharing content material subject matter online. It doesn’t matter whether or not or no longer you get began a podcast or a TikTok account, as long as you’re showing up repeatedly in one place. In episode 559 of Imperfect Motion, I teacher a student for the duration of the method of understanding what content material subject matter topics it will be best for her digital product unencumber.

steph taylor on digital product launches

Explanation why #4: They don’t learn about it.

One in every of my online courses was once repeatedly getting fewer product sales than any of my other products, and I couldn’t resolve why. When I surveyed my email list, I was shocked. More than 75% of my subscribers didn’t even know the direction existed. No wonder they weren’t buying it! 

“Assemble it and so they’ll come,” doesn’t observe to digital products. It’s good to have necessarily probably the most valuable direction with perfect conceivable messaging and robust social proof, and nevertheless now not hit your product sales goals because you’re simply now not getting it in front of enough other people. It may well be because you don’t have enough other people on your target market however, or it may well be that you just’re now not promoting it enough online. 

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Learn how to fix it: 

  1. Analysis your site analytics. How many people are visiting your digital product sales internet web page? 
  2. Make a decision to promoting your product additional, and get creative with it. Might you interview earlier customers about their enjoy? Might you give your target market 24 hours to test energy the main module? 

Explanation why #5: There’s no reasons why they’ll have to buy it right now.

A human tendency is to procrastinate problems that evoke destructive feelings. Buying your digital product possibly brings up damaging feelings on your potential customers, too. Spending money on something — without reference to how so much they might adore it — would possibly truly really feel painful, and so they’ll prolong the pain for as long as possible.

Except the pain of spending money, your digital product possibly evokes other damaging feelings. A workout knowledge requires them to set their alarm an entire hour earlier and stand up while it’s nevertheless dark outside. My knowledge for starting a podcast would possibly raise up a customer’s concern of being judged. So somebody will do away with buying it until the reasons to act right now outweigh the reasons not to. 

Learn how to fix it:

  1. If your product is available to buy at any time, consider whether or not or no longer the “doors open” and “doors closed” taste would possibly simply art work for your enterprise, where you unencumber it a few events consistent with one year fairly than allowing purchases at any time. 
  2. Then again, consider other limited-time incentives, very similar to bonuses, to assist in making your prospect’s solution more straightforward.  

I’m a big proponent of the are living unencumber taste with the intention to encourage your possibilities to buy now, fairly than put it off. The ones are some podcast episodes to help you upper know the way that will provide the effects you need: 

By means of creating your digital product and hanging it out into the world, you’ve already conquered the arduous segment. Now you get started the joys segment: Understanding why it’s now not selling, making changes, and measuring the impact of those changes. Likelihood is that you’ll want to art work via more than probably the most above strategies faster than you understand measurable results. 

Bring to mind it as an experiment where each tweak you’re making brings you one step closer to the successful parts. 

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