WordPress vs Django CMS

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There are many Content material subject matter Regulate Methods (CMSs) that you simply’ll use to create your web page. WordPress and Django CMS are two trendy alternatives, alternatively it’s conceivable you’ll find it tricky to get to the bottom of which platform will artwork best for you.

In this post, we’ll discuss WordPress vs Django CMS and walk about who should imagine the usage of each and every selection. We’ll moreover assessment the two platforms relating to their ease of use, protection, publishing apparatus, and additional. Let’s get started!

WordPress vs Django CMS: Who Are They For?

When choosing a CMS, it’s important to consider the type of content material subject matter you plan to create. WordPress and Django CMS are two very different platforms, designed for explicit sorts of shoppers and purposes.


WordPress is a loose and open-source software that was to begin with advanced as a operating a weblog platform:

WordPress.org homepage

This present day, WordPress is the most popular CMS on the planet, powering over 40 p.c of web sites on account of its easy-to-use inteface and massive collection of topic issues and plugins. You’ll have the ability to use WordPress for any type of project, along with portfolios, online shops, industry websites, and additional.

WordPress is built on PHP. However, you’ll assemble a fully-functional web page without touching a line of code. That makes this CMS a additional suitable variety for those without coding knowledge.

Django CMS

Django CMS is a loose and open-source framework that gives shoppers the flexibility to build professional and customized internet websites from the ground up:

Django CMS homepage

It’s important to note that Django CMS and Django are two quite a lot of issues. Django is a Python internet framework this is serving to developers create apps with minimal coding. Django CMS is the content material subject matter keep an eye on gadget built on the Python framework. This makes it an ideal variety for patrons who’re familiar with Python. It moreover implies that you’ll make rapid customizations for your content material subject matter from the doorway end of your internet web site.

WordPress vs Django CMS: Ease of Use

For many who’re construction your first internet web site or project, you want a user-friendly and intuitive platform. In a different way, it’s conceivable you’ll find the process reasonably overwhelming. Let’s check out how WordPress and Django CMS assessment with regards to ease of use.


WordPress is a very beginner-friendly platform. Every time you put up the software, you’ll log into your admin dashboard and get began construction your web page:

WordPress dashboard

The WordPress dashboard incorporates the entire platform’s built-in apparatus. You’ll have the ability to click on on on a tab to navigate to a decided on area for your internet web site, paying homage to your posts and pages. For many who transfer to Media, you’ll upload photos and flicks:

Media Library in WordPress

It would take a few hours to familiarize yourself with the dashboard and its apparatus. Fortunately, you’ll find a large number of WordPress tutorials and how-to guides online.

Django CMS

Now not like WordPress, Django CMS is powered thru Django (the most popular Python framework). Even supposing you don’t wish to be an expert developer to get a demo Django CMS up and working, understand that you’ll wish to design your internet web site from the scratch.

Once installed, Django CMS has a smooth interface that permits you to edit your content material subject matter on the front end. This means you’ll see your changes in exact time:

The Django editor

If you want to edit a decided on internet web page, paying homage to your blog, all you want to do is choose it from the menu:

Django Blog

You’ll have the ability to moreover configure its alternatives thru deciding on Internet web page from the absolute best menu, and navigating to Internet web page settings or Advanced settings. This may increasingly most probably unlock a popup window, where you’ll edit the internet web page’s identify and URL, prepare a redirect, and additional:

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Configuring page settings in Django

You’ll have the ability to design and edit your content material subject matter without navigating transparent of the internet web page. Additionally, you’ll get right to use each and every area of your internet web site, along with pages, from the equivalent interface.

As an example, the media library turns out as a sliding window over the internet web page you’re working on:

The Django media library

As you’ll see, Django CMS provides a very setting pleasant solution to assemble your internet web site. You don’t wish to click on on through a few tabs to get right to use your settings or navigate transparent of the internet web page make customizations.

WordPress vs Django CMS: Customization

Whether or not or now not you’re starting a blog or setting up an e-commerce internet web site, it’s conceivable you’ll wish to imagine the customization alternatives available with each and every CMS. This is specifically important if you want to create a internet web site that stands out from the crowd. Let’s check out how WordPress and Django CMS assessment in this area.


WordPress is a very flexible platform. For starters, there are millions of customizable topic issues that you simply’ll use to design your internet web site.

Additionally, WordPress provides many alternatives with regards to customizing your internet web site’s capacity. If you want to add a decided on feature, paying homage to social media buttons, you’ll simply seek for it throughout the WordPress Plugin Listing:

Social media buttons plugins in WordPress

There are millions of loose WordPress plugins you’ll use. You’ll have the ability to get right to use them correct from your dashboard thru navigating to Plugins > Add New:

Adding new plugins in WordPress

Every time you find a plugin you want to use, you’ll merely wish to click on on on Arrange Now, followed thru Activate. Then, you’ll configure its settings and customize it to suit your needs.

Moreover, the new WordPress internet web site editor permits you to customize your theme’s templates and create your own. You’ll have the ability to even arrange a internet web page builder plugin, reminiscent of Divi, to further customize your internet web site. These kind of apparatus come with a drag-and-drop interface that permits you to place and rearrange different portions for your pages.

Django CMS

Similar to WordPress, Django CMS implies that you’ll add Django CMS plugins for your internet web site. However, the ones take the kind of portions paying homage to lines, buttons, text, headings, and additional:

Django plugins

You’ll have the ability to then customize each and every plugin. As an example, when you’re together with text, you’ll trade the font, color, structure, and so on:

Customizing text in Django

Additionally, you’ll rearrange the contents for your internet web page. All you want to do is drag and drop the opposite portions to your most popular order.

However, Django CMS is in most cases a little proscribing relating to customization alternatives, apart from you’re familiar with Python. For many who’re a web developer, you’ll merely assemble your own apps in Django.

WordPress vs Django CMS: Problems and Templates

Designing a web page will also be time-consuming. Fortunately, you’ll use topic issues and templates to simplify the process.


As we mentioned earlier, WordPress provides an enormous range of loose topic issues for quite a lot of forms of internet websites. You’ll have the ability to use the Feature Filter throughout the WordPress Issues Repository to seek for explicit designs:

WordPress Themes

Every theme will have its non-public templates and customization alternatives. As an example, you should be capable of trade the color scheme, typography, and structure.

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The new Complete Web page Modifying feature has introduced additional alternatives and flexibility. You’ll have the ability to now only customize your theme with blocks:

Full Site Editing

To get right to use this option, you’ll wish to use a block-based theme for your internet web site. Then, you’ll navigate to Glance > Editor to edit your theme, along with its templates:

WordPress Full Site Editing Template

You’ll have the ability to moreover create your own templates. WordPress has a user-friendly block editor that permits you to assemble your internet web site with blocks.

Django CMS

Now not like WordPress, there’s no topic issues library for Django CMS. For many who’re the usage of this platform, you’ll wish to design your internet web site from scratch.

However, you do provide the likelihood to choose a template to your internet web page. As an example, it’s conceivable you’ll opt for a full-width structure:

Django templates

As you’ll see, your design alternatives are a little of limited in Django. For many who don’t have time to design your own internet web site, it makes additional sense to use WordPress and leverage indubitably one in all its many topic issues.

WordPress vs Django CMS: Publishing Equipment

Publishing apparatus are a key component of content material subject matter keep an eye on strategies. For many who’re planning to blog incessantly or assemble a posh web page, you’ll wish to you should definitely have a large number of alternatives at your fingertips.


WordPress was to begin with advanced as a operating a weblog CMS. Due to this fact, you’ll find a lot of useful choices for publishing posts.

The primary publishing instrument is the Block Editor. This is a user-friendly builder that permits you to put together posts and pages with pre-built blocks. It incorporates a wide variety of portions, along with headings, paragraphs, photos, buttons, lists, and additional:

The WordPress Block Editor

You’ll have the ability to click on on on a block to customize it. For instance, if you select an image, you’ll alternate its dimensions or add a border:

Editing an image in WordPress

WordPress implies that you’ll save your posts and pages as drafts so that you’ll continue working on them later. You moreover provide the likelihood to schedule your posts or post them straight away. Additionally, you’ll prohibit a post’s visibility to internet web site admins and editors, and offer protection to it with passwords.

The ones publishing apparatus make WordPress an ideal platform for blogs and data web pages. They facilitate team collaboration on articles and can can help you prepare your content material subject matter schedule additional effectively.

Django CMS

Django CMS has a basic blog feature. When you choose to create a brand spanking new post, you get a window where you’ll write your content material subject matter:

Creating a new article in Django

You’ll moreover get fields to your meta description, keywords, magnificence, and additional. However, this platform lacks capacity with regards to publishing alternatives. For instance, you’ll’t schedule a post or prohibit its visibility.

While it can help you post a few smooth posts for your internet web site, Django CMS is usually a little bit of proscribing if you want to create a certified blog. WordPress is usually a more sensible choice, as it provides a wealth of operating a weblog choices and gear.

WordPress vs Django CMS: Protection

Your internet web site’s protection is of the utmost importance. Each and every WordPress and Django CMS offer different safety features to be in agreement keep your content material subject matter secure.


As we’ve were given spotted, WordPress is a popular CMS that accommodates loads of plugins and topic issues. Unfortunately, this makes it additional vulnerable to attack. Hackers can reach get right to use for your web page through vulnerabilities in plugins, topic issues, and WordPress core.

However, there are fairly a large number of measures you’ll take to stick your internet web site secure. In the beginning, you’ll wish to exchange all software for your internet web site, along with WordPress core and topic issues, as soon as new diversifications are introduced. You’ll have the ability to moreover allow auto-updates:

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Enabling auto-updates in WordPress

Additionally, you’ll arrange a safety plugin like Jetpack to further offer protection to your internet web site:

Jetpack homepage

Many web hosts offer their own protection apparatus and lines, along with SSL certificate. You’ll have the ability to moreover carry out common backups of your internet web site knowledge and databases.

Django CMS

Django is likely one of the most secure frameworks. It’s as it has measures in place to forestall developers from making mistakes and exposing themselves to hacks.

The platform comes with built-in authentication and protection solutions for common threats, along with SQL injection and cross-site forgery. This means you received’t have to worry about wearing out updates and setting up additional protection apparatus.

In this regard, Django CMS provides additional built-in protection than WordPress. With the latter, it’s up to you to make certain that a plugin or theme is secure to use and that the whole thing is up-to-the-minute.

WordPress vs Django CMS: Ecommerce

For many who’re construction a trade internet web site or online store, you’re most certainly wondering which platform may well be additional suitable to your customers. Let’s review WordPress vs Django CMS relating to ecommerce capacity.


Out of the sphere, WordPress doesn’t offer any ecommerce choices. However, there are fairly a large number of apparatus you’ll use to arrange a web based store, the most popular being WooCommerce:

WooCommerce homepage

This loose e-commerce platform permits you to advertise products and process orders correct from your WordPress dashboard. There are also a variety of WooCommerce extensions that you simply’ll use so that you could upload additional capacity for your store. As an example, you’ll wish to create product filters, add reinforce for quite a lot of cost gateways, and show buyer opinions.

If you want to advertise digital products, you’ll use a plugin like Simple Virtual Downloads. Additionally, you’ll customise your on-line retailer with a internet web page builder like Divi.

Django CMS

Django CMS can artwork for quite a lot of sorts of tasks, along with ecommerce web pages. It can be specifically useful if you want to expand explicit apps for what you are promoting.

You’ll have the ability to use the Django-SHOP documentation to get started:


Django can also be providing additional flexibility with regards to e-commerce web pages. You might have the freedom to extend the aptitude of your online store and create choices which can be tailored to the type of services you offer.


As we’ve were given spotted, WordPress and Django CMS are two very different platforms. WordPress is additional beginner-friendly, while Django CMS is additional centered on the needs of developers.

With WordPress, you get get right to use to a wealth of apparatus and premade designs, which helps you to create an entire web page without any coding. It’s excellent for that incorporates content material subject matter and construction highly-customized web pages. Within the period in-between, Django CMS is most suitable for people who find themselves familiar with Python and wish to expand personalized apps for their web pages, along with those who want protection taken care of for them.

Do you’re going to have any questions about WordPress vs Django CMS? Let us know throughout the comments section beneath!

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