WPMU DEV’s Consumer Billing Makes Managing Purchasers and Processing Bills Bother-Loose (and Speedy!)

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Imagine a room full of accountants, bookkeepers, and invoicing agents billing your shoppers, amassing, processing, and in an instant depositing their expenses into your bank account. That’s what WPMU DEV’s Shopper Billing does.

Shopper Billing is an integrated solution that is easy to organize, easy to use…and completely free!

In this article, we’ll uncover the whole gamut of top-notch choices and show you the easiest way to organize and automate your consumer billing thru integrating your products and services and merchandise, pricing, and shoppers, along side your price processor account.

“Merely now I input all of my internet pages and hooked it up to consumer billing, to seem my MRR proper there motivates me this type of lot I believe I will be able to strengthen to the corporate plan and push exhausting with business.” – Web Host Wizards (WPMU DEV Member)

Listed below are the topics we’ll quilt:

There’s such a lot to cover, so let’s dive proper in.

Feature-packed: Shoppers & Billing is Loaded

We weren’t kidding when we set out to make an greater experience out of the patron billing and value process.

Check out all the choices built-in in Shopper Billing:

  • Bill Shoppers Fast – Create profitable subscription plans, and track your unusual source of revenue.
  • Invoice with a Click on on – Professionally branded invoices, automated and able to send in minutes.
  • Suave Shopper Keep an eye on – Contains the whole thing you wish to have to watch shoppers, invoices, and subscriptions.
  • A success Plans & Subscriptions – Create tiered plans unique to your small business, and maximize source of revenue.
  • Custom designed Shopper Portal – Branded, user-friendly get right to use for customers to remit expenses securely.
  • Streamlined Expenses – One-time or unusual expenses, the latter of which auto-charge shoppers after the main invoice is authorized.
  • Consistent with-Shopper Web page Billing – Link subscriptions and invoices to site-specific products or products and services and merchandise.

The above choices are all part of The Hub, our all-in-one WordPress web page keep watch over instrument.

For individuals who’re a member, you’ve already got get right to use to this power performer. And whilst you’re not, sign up – it’s free – and The Hub & Shopper Billing are built-in.

Configuring The Portions in Shoppers & Billing

On account of there’s this type of lot you’ll be capable to do throughout the Shopper Billing module, I wanted to position out how we’ll move all through the touchpoints.

  1. Connect your Stripe account.
  2. Initial setup of shoppers and products.
  3. Branding and your small business profile.
  4. Create and customize invoices.

There’s a lot of great matter subject material to unpack, so let’s have at it. 🙂

Connecting To Your Stripe Account

Shopper expenses in The Hub are not too long ago made all through the Stripe price platform. Additional price alternatives (similar to PayPal) are on the table for long run inclusion, so stay tuned.

To begin out accepting expenses in Shoppers & Billing, you’ll wish to connect your Stripe account, so that’s our first order of business. And don’t concern; whilst you don’t however have a Stripe account, you’ll be capable to merely create one all through the Hub’s integration wizard.

Login for your WPMU DEV account, then navigate to The Hub > Shoppers & Billing.

From the Getting Started wizard, click on at the Connect with Stripe button.

Enter the Electronic message and Password fields, the usage of those you want similar along side your Stripe account, then click on at the Log in button.

For individuals who happen to have a few Stripe account associated with the email maintain you’ve entered, they’ll be introduced correct right here.

stripe account selection
Account selection in Stripe setup.

Make a selection the account you want from the listed alternatives, then click on at the Connect button.

Continue with any longer steps throughout the setup wizard. (If you wish to start over at any stage, merely click on on Return to WPMU DEV on the left facet of the show.)

Upon completing the wizard, you’ll be directed once more to the Getting Started show to your Hub, and prompted to choose the foreign exchange you want to use to your Shopper Billing portal.

Click on on on the box denoting awareness of foreign exchange not being changeable later, you then definately’ll have the ability to hit Finish Setup.

choose billing currency
Your hooked up Stripe account will routinely import after you select foreign exchange.
client billing configure tour
The pink dot is for a Shopper Billing popup tour, which you’ll be in a position to choose to skip.

For individuals who don’t don’t already have an account with Stripe, the Getting Started wizard will instructed you to create one. It’s a quick and simple process, which puts you proper once more in The Hub upon of entirety.

stripe account thru wpmu dev integration
Creating a Stripe account by the use of The Hub integration.

For individuals who need you’ll be capable to move straight away to Stripe’s web page, prepare your account there, then return to the wizard throughout the Hub and whole the connection there.

stripe setup stripe
Rising an account straight away on Stripe’s site.

Phrase that you simply’ll be capable to most straightforward connect one platform to any Stripe account at someone time. (This is on account of Stripe’s insurance policies.)

Initial Setup of Shoppers & Products

All the apparatus you wish to have to control the Stripe account hooked up for your Shoppers & Billing, similar to your small business profile, your custom designed branding, the importing of products and shoppers, and additional, are housed correct right here.

Let’s take a look at them now.

Managing Your Billing Account

From the Hub’s Shoppers & Billing internet web page, under Configuration > Billing Account, you’ll see the knowledge similar along side your Stripe account (determine, electronic mail, and connection date).

stripe account settings in the hub clients+billing
Stripe account settings in The Hub’s Shoppers & Billing.

The Price Preferences phase beneath presentations the foreign exchange you made a decision on, along with the business determine that may appear for your shoppers’ monetary establishment or credit card statements.

If you want to change the remark descriptor, merely click on on on the determine or arrow to the correct of this row, and edit as desired.

stripe payment prefs & addtl tools
Stripe price preferences and additional apparatus.

After all you’ll see Additional Apparatus at the bottom, which is where you’ll be capable to import shoppers or products & products and services and merchandise from your hooked up Stripe account, if there are any associated with it.

To import shoppers or products & products and services and merchandise, click on on on Import or the arrow to the correct of the row.

From the resultant popup, make a choice any shoppers you’d like to import, thru checking the sector earlier their electronic mail maintain. (Or, click on at the checkbox to the left of the email maintain header to choose they all.) Then click on at the Import button at the bottom, which will reflect the total selection of shoppers you’ve made up our minds on.

stripe import clients
Shopper importing in Stripe.

The customers you imported shall be listed under the Shoppers tab, where you’ll be capable to arrange all task similar for your Hub business. You’ll moreover Add New Shoppers from the Shoppers tab. (See Including Purchasers Manually for details.)

Lather, rinse, repeat for Importing products.

stripe import products
Product importing in Stripe.

Pricing plans associated with an imported product shall be imported routinely.

You’ll moreover create new pricing plans from the Products & Products and services and merchandise tab. (See Including Merchandise Manually for details.)

Understanding Shopper Roles & Get entry to Permissions

There’s every other element we will be able to have to take a look as it pertains to our shoppers: assigning roles.

It’s essential to stipulate and understand what the purpose of a client’s web page get right to use shall be.

For some shoppers, you’ll want to allow get right to use to billing most straightforward. For others, likelihood is that you’ll want to give get right to use to a couple of different sections, alternatively not entire run of the house.

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And others however, likelihood is that you’ll want to allow them to view and edit the whole thing.

Assigning roles will provide you with complete regulate over what views and actions shoppers will have to your branded Hub. This has the following benefits:

  • Omits unnecessary distractions and clutter; shoppers see most straightforward what you wish to have them to seem.
  • Protects in opposition to accidental actions with almost definitely dire consequences. (They are able to’t spoil what they can’t touch.) This will provide you with and your consumer great peace-of-mind.
  • Lets in shoppers to in reality really feel hooked up to their account wisdom, and spot the price of what they’re getting by the use of you.

For illustrative purposes, we’ll objective 3 arbitrary types:

  1. Commonplace Shopper = needs get right to use to billing most straightforward (to view & pay online)
  2. Website hosting Shopper = needs get right to use to billing and hosting
  3. search engine optimization Purchaser = needs get right to use to billing and search engine optimization for their site

Example #1 – Commonplace Shopper

Commonplace shoppers are the ones you’ll be doing all of the WordPress development for. You’ll provide tales, do web page edits, and run the entire show. The only issue the ones shoppers will need is get right to use to billing wisdom.

Therefore, you merely want them as a way to pay their invoices.

Shoppers & Billing throughout the Hub comes with 3 pre-established system roles, which could be:

View All & Get entry to Billing: consumer can get right to use and arrange their billing and believe web page data.

Edit All & Get entry to Billing: consumer can view, edit, and take movement relating to anything on their web page and arrange their own billing.

Get entry to Billing Most simple: consumer can view and arrange their own billing.

The ones preset roles can’t be edited or altered; that’s where custom designed roles come into play (which we’ll get into later).

Navigate to The Hub > Shoppers & Billing > Shoppers > Roles, and make a choice Get entry to Billing Most simple.

roles client roles
Get entry to Billing Most simple is regarded as one among 3 predefined roles.

In line with the concept that our Commonplace Shopper sort will wish to Get entry to Billing Most simple, we’re going to choose that as our default thru clicking the Make default text in its row.

Now when you add new shoppers, it’s already established that this is their serve as. Actually this is editable should we wish to change it at any time.

Example #2 – Website hosting Shopper

This consumer plans on focusing a couple of in their business on hosting in conjunction with billing. For this case, the patron would need get right to use to the following 4 areas:

  • Internet sites — to view the document of internet websites
  • Website hosting — to view the hosting alternatives
  • Web page Billing – to view billing at web page level
  • Get entry to Billing – to view the Billing tab and pay invoices from each the web page billing or the global billing tab

Get began thru clicking on + Create New Place.

roles create a new role
It’s just a few clicks transparent of rising a brand spanking new serve as.

Give it a Name (in this example, we’ll title it ‘Website hosting’) and make a choice what get right to use the patron will have. We’ll permit the 4 areas as listed above.

roles example hosting client
An example of a Website hosting Shopper, and the roles you might be able to permit for them.

Customize even further when clicking on each and every elegance dropdown. You’ll make a choice View & Edit, View Most simple, or Custom designed.

If you select Custom designed, correct right here’s a take a look at all the alternatives it’s very important make a choice for the patron to have get right to use to in custom designed serve as creation, relating Website hosting.

roles create a new role custom
Make a selection any hosting alternatives you want.

Customize further thru clicking the dropdown in each and every explicit elegance (Staging, Analytics, Logs, Emails, and so on), and selecting any/all of the alternatives.

Proper right here’s what Staging turns out like:

roles create a new role custom staging
There are lots of alternatives for Staging.

After getting the whole thing customized, click on on Save – and that’s it! You presently have a brand spanking new, customized serve as you’ll be capable to assign to any consumer.

roles create a new role role added
As you’ll be capable to see, Website hosting is now a client serve as.

Example #3 – search engine optimization Purchaser

This consumer must view search engine optimization details, in conjunction with billing. We will be able to take the an identical way we merely took with our hosting shoppers: create a brand spanking new serve as, determine it, and make a choice search engine optimization as an selection available to the patron.

Particularly for this case, get right to use to the following 4 areas would wish to be enabled:

  • Internet sites — to view the document of internet websites
  • search engine optimization — to view the search engine optimization alternatives
  • Web page Billing – to view billing at web page level
  • Get entry to Billing – to view the Billing tab and pay invoices from each the web page billing or the global billing tab
roles create a new role seo
In our search engine optimization consumer example, we’d make a choice the search engine optimization selection (as an alternative of Website hosting), along with the other 3 alternatives mentioned above.

If you choose to customize your search engine optimization alternatives for your consumer, they’ll have the ability to view search engine optimization wisdom, run new search engine optimization Transfer slowly, Apply config – basically anything you select correct right here in permissions.

roles create a new role seo selections
Make a selection any alternatives you’d like.

Hit Save, and the new serve as is now available.

Actually, this was once just a demo of three random consumer types. You’ll prepare ANY consumer sort and customize it to fit your business needs.

For more information on setting up Shoppers & Roles in The Hub, see Find out how to Merely Set Up Customers & Roles in The Hub for You and Your Purchasers.

Customizing Your Emails

Prior to inviting our shoppers to the portal, let’s customize the emails we’ll be sending.

For individuals who’d like, you’ll be capable to configure an SMTP plugin that allows you to permit your own house maintain since the sender electronic mail. That would possibly result in a from maintain like this: admin@yoursitename.com

While your own house since the from maintain is one of the most professional, it isn’t required. Without any changes, your from addresses shall be something like the ones:

  • Sent from a web page without our hosting: wordpress@yoursitename.com
  • Send from a web page with our hosting: noreply@yourwpsite.electronic mail

You’ll use any SMTP plugin of your variety; we suggest our (free!) Branda plugin, which handles this process very simply, and is derived completely loaded with additional white-labeling choices. Check out this how-to information on activating SMTP mode in Branda, and this useful walk-through on SMTP setup by way of Gmail.

There are a number of more than a few emails that are sent from The Hub Shopper to you and for your shoppers, depending on various triggers.

Emails that come to you’ll be branded with WPMU DEV, while emails that move for your shoppers shall be branded with the brand & colors prepare to your Trade Profile.

email settings
Branding and footer settings for your Hub emails.

Two additional informational pieces may also be built-in or excluded from your electronic mail notifications:

  • Trade Branding – toggle for your brand & emblem color (from Trade Profile).
  • Emails Footer Phrase – add a custom designed message at the bottom of all emails.

Right here’s an example of an electronic mail your shoppers might simply get:

email payment issue
A trend electronic mail shoppers might simply get for a price processing issue.

Actually any of the placeholder text in double brackets can also be auto populated throughout the similar data to your hub previous than it’s sent to you or your consumer.

Alright, roles had been thought to be and created accordingly, emails had been formatted… let’s put the finishing touches on our business profile.

Branding and Your Trade Profile

Break out the logos and color codes! We’re going to make the ones billing materials our private.

From the Configure show, click on on on the Trade Profile tab.

Inside the Branding phase, you’ll make a decision on the branding that may appear in your small business invoices, emails, and billing receipts. It takes just a few seconds and minimal clicks.

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Click on on at the proper facet of the Brand Logo row so as to add your visual id; likewise on Brand Color, to choose your shade have compatibility by means of color selector box or hex code.

biz profile configure branding
Branding your small business forms.

The logo you select may even appear throughout the peak proper corner of your shoppers’ profile menu once they log into your Hub by means of WPMU DEV.

Now we’ll add our business coordinates throughout the Trade Information phase – which will appear in any consumer forms you produce.

Simply click on on on Add or the arrow to the correct of any row, and in addition you’ll have the ability to enter every available field. (This data will have been imported if it was once prepare to your Stripe account, alternatively is all the time completely editable.)

config business profile
Together with your small business wisdom for inclusion on consumer docs.

For individuals who created custom designed fields for your Trade Profile, they will appear beneath the main Trade Information, under Additional Information.

config business info additional info
Custom designed fields allow for additional information you deem pertinent.

To be able to upload or edit custom designed fields, click on on on the Custom designed Fields tab, and enter as many additional items as you’d like in Trade, and/or Shopper Profiles.

config business custom fields
Together with Custom designed Fields is as simple as click on on, sort/make a choice, save.

Rising and Customizing Invoices

Now that we’ve got our documentation branding in place, let’s create an invoice that uses it.

That’s what you’ll send for your actual shoppers, and there’s such a lot you’ll be capable to personalize.

Underneath Configurations, click on on on Customize Invoices. Click on on on any of the arrows or toggle buttons from the right-side menu column.

You’ll be able to choose your numbering construction, add a footer bear in mind, make a selection default language, add an emblem, emblem color, business determine, and consumer wisdom, along with any custom designed fields you’re going to have added.

When you’ve got the content material subject material the easiest way you want it, click on on on the Preview Development button for a quick look-see, and it’ll open in PDF construction.

invoice sample
A trend purchaser invoice merely produced in Shoppers & Billing.

With an Invoice template created, let’s make one for a specific consumer.

Click on on on the + Bill Shopper button at the peak of the internet web page.

bill client button
Billing a client in The Hub’s Shoppers & Billing phase.

From the modal popup, take the following actions:

  1. Make a selection the Shopper from the dropdown.
  2. Make a selection the Internet website from the dropdown (not obligatory).
  3. Make a selection a Product/Plan from the dropdown, and change the volume if desired.

    bill client 1
    Rising an invoice, steps 1-3.

  4. Add every other Product/Plan if desired; repeat this step as sought after.
  5. Add a Tax if desired, and repeat this step as sought after.
  6. Click on at the blue Continue button.
bill client (steps 4-6)
Rising an invoice, steps 4-6.

This may occasionally an increasing number of open the invoice that you simply’ve created prior to now. You’ll check and spot if the content material subject material is as you’d love it to be, and add a bear in mind if desired.

At this stage, you’ll be capable to Preview the invoice, Save as Draft, or Send Invoice.

confirm and send invoice
Confirming an invoice prior to sending.

Click on on Send Invoice, and we’ll send a white-labeled electronic mail to the patron you made a decision on. From the Invoices tab, you’ll have the ability to see it listed now, with status Price Due.

invoice summary
The document summary of shoppers billed in Invoices.

Right here’s the email your consumer will see:

email invoice
Shopper electronic mail for a billed invoice.

The consumer can simply click on on on the Pay Invoice link throughout the electronic mail, and it’ll take them for your branded hub, where they can briefly & merely remit price to you.

That’s a wrap on the initial prepare and configurations in Shoppers & Billing. Now we’ll switch at once to…

Upkeep and Keep an eye on of Shoppers and Billing in The Hub

We’ve completed all of the preliminary steps in Shoppers & Billing! Now you’ll be capable to briefly and easily bill shoppers, acquire expenses, and arrange your shoppers, all from one to hand area.

Actually you’ll want to incessantly arrange this content material subject material – from consumer contact data changes, to invoicing and value status changes, and your own business details as well.

We’ll take a look at what’s involved throughout the continued keep watch over of the ones choices, so we will keep all of our wisdom provide.

Overview Summary

The Overview phase in Shoppers & Billing means that you can see a collective summary of key data and settings to your portal.

One of the most coolest problems about Shopper Billing throughout the Hub, in my opinion, is the facility to get to the whole thing you want just about in an instant.

The Overview phase will provide you with an at-a-glance, sectioned view of crucial details, along with a path to get right to use the ones portions on the spot. Profits, products & products and services and merchandise, shoppers, account configs, billing movements – it’s all correct right here.

It is a suave convenience that makes it a stand-out.

hub client overview
The Shoppers & Billing Overview show is an intensive dynamo.

Let’s take a better take a look on the displayed sections throughout the Overview.


  • Monthly Recurring Profits (MRR) – the blended general per thirty days source of revenue from all full of life subscriptions, irrespective of billing categories
  • Energetic Subscriptions – the total selection of full of life subscriptions from all shoppers
  • Internet Billing – the blended general amount billed for all subscriptions and other products (apart from refunds)


This module presentations 3 items:

  • Common Shoppers – the total of all full of life, inactive, & pending shoppers
  • Cheap Billing consistent with Shopper – Internet Billing divided thru general selection of shoppers
  • Shoppers with Energetic Subscriptions– the total selection of shoppers with full of life subs

All the summary totals above don’t include any taxes.

To see the whole document of Shoppers to your billing portal, click on on View All.

Products & Products and services and merchandise

This module presentations 3 items:

  • Common Products/Products and services and merchandise – the total selection of products & products and services and merchandise blended, along side those without a pricing plans attached
  • One Time Plans – the total selection of full of life one-time pricing plans
  • Recurring Plans – the total selection of full of life unusual pricing plans

To see the Products & Products and services and merchandise phase to your billing portal, click on on View All.


This module presentations the determine of the Stripe account you’ve hooked up for your Shoppers & Billing portal, and its status. A green check mark verifies that the account is full of life.

Click on on any of the configuration line items to seem/edit the similar wisdom.

stripe configurations overview
Managing Stripe Configurations from the Shoppers & Billing Overview.

Managing Shoppers

As discussed prior, shoppers should verify your invitation as a way to get right to use their billing portal to your Hub.

There are 3 alternative ways you’ll be capable to send shoppers an invitation: 1) when you’re initially together with them; 2) from the dropdown menu in the main consumer show; or 3) in their individual consumer overview show. In all cases, merely click on on Invite/Invite Shopper.

invite client from summary list
One amongst three ways to invite a client for your branded portal – from the patron summary document.

This may occasionally an increasing number of generate a white-labeled invitation electronic mail to that consumer, which will seem to be this:

client email invitation
A branded consumer invite to join your portal, sent in a correct alternatively delightful electronic mail.

The Shoppers tab will populate with summary details about each and every consumer, once you have added a lot of to The Hub.

Right here’s the ideas you’ll see throughout the Shopper overview phase in The Hub:

  • Shopper Information – the patron’s determine, electronic mail, and Gravatar (if available)
  • Account Status – status of purchaser electronic mail invite acceptance (Energetic/Pending), or if invite electronic mail has not been sent (Inactive)
  • Internet sites – the total selection of web pages managed thru this consumer
  • MRR (Monthly Recurring Profits) – this consumer’s average per thirty days source of revenue for all subscriptions (apart from taxes)
  • Internet Billing – the total amount this consumer has been billed up to now, along side taxes
client summary list
A summary document of your shoppers, with billing details associated with each and every.

You’ll get right to use consumer keep watch over alternatives thru clicking on the ellipsis icon to the correct of any consumer row.

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If you select Arrange Shopper from this dropdown menu, you’ll move to the Overview show for that consumer. From correct right here you’ll be capable to view and arrange all sides of the patron’s account and subscriptions.

indiv client overview
Particular person consumer overview.

Managing Products & Products and services and merchandise

Now we’ll look further sparsely at the Products & Products and services and merchandise phase.

That’s the position you’ll arrange all the products & products and services and merchandise that you simply offer for your shoppers all through the Hub.

For individuals who hadn’t however imported products throughout the Configure module, you’d be prompted with the intention to upload your first one – each manually, or as an import from Stripe.

We already did that, alternatively I’ll show you the easiest way to manually add a product correct right here.

Click on at the + New Product/Supplier button, and enter the form fields data throughout the popup.

Underneath Pricing Plans, you’ll want to create at least one plan to head along side the product.

create a product or service
Creating a product or service, primary modal.

There are two billing types: Recurring and One Time.

Bill Every and No. of Billing Cycles most straightforward appear whilst you’ve made up our minds on Recurring as the sort.

  • Bill Every is the period of time that repeated billing will occur; alternatives are: Day, Week, Month, and 12 months.
  • No of Billing Cycles is how many times a client can also be billed for a unusual plan previous than their subscription expires. (Cross away this field blank if you want the plan to auto-renew until it’s canceled).

One time billing products and services and merchandise are used for creating a single instance of a supplier rendered, similar to a set up value, or a web page creation.

After you’ve added your first plan, click on on + Add Each and every different Plan for each and every additional one you’d like to create. You’ll make as many as you want.

add another plan
You’ll add as many pricing plans as you’d like under each and every supplier.

Once at least one product has been created, you’ll see it on the Products & Products and services and merchandise show, along with its status and the selection of pricing plans associated with it.

Inside the underneath example, we created a single product – Improve Most simple – with 2 unusual pricing plans – Annually and Monthly.

products & services summary list
Click on on Show Plans to view or edit Products and services and merchandise nested under Products throughout the summary document view.
products & services menu access
Getting access to menus is a click on on away throughout the Product summary.

To keep watch over alternatives for any product, click on at the ellipsis icon and make a choice any selection from the dropdown menu: View/Edit, Add a Pricing Plan, Reproduction plan, or Archive Product.

edit product or service
Editing a Product or Supplier couldn’t be easier.

As previous than, you’ll be capable to arrange alternatives for any pricing plan thru clicking the ellipsis icon and settling at the specified movement from the dropdown menu.

plan summary details & menu
The Plans summary supplies quite different menu alternatives.

The Archive selection will deactivate a product or plan, making it unavailable for selection when billing a client. It received’t affect any present consumer subscriptions.

When enhancing a product or plan, most straightforward the determine & image of a product/plan may also be changed. (It is a limitation of the Stripe API, so we’re no longer in a position to change it.)

There’s a easy workaround even supposing. If you want to make a metamorphosis to non-editable settings in an present plan, merely make a reproduction, then edit the required fields of the copy previous than saving it. In a while, you’ll be capable to archive the original.

A be privy to deletions: You’ll no longer delete a pricing plan from the Hub. That movement should be achieved straight away by the use of your Stripe account, with the caveat that the plan hasn’t been used in a transaction. If it has, then archiving is your sole selection.


On account of the fluid manner of subscriptions, keeping track of them is a necessity. Fortunately, managing subscriptions is a piece of cake in Shoppers & Billing.

Subscriptions are viewable thru consumer. To see them, click on on on any consumer, then from the absolute best menu sections – Overview, Products & Products and services and merchandise, Invoices – click on on on Products & Products and services and merchandise.

This internet web page will display 3 Subscription Types, broken out into tabbed subsections, as follows:

  • Provide Subscriptions
  • One Time
  • Inactive Subscriptions
subscription status and menu options
Subscription summary in Products & Products and services and merchandise.

Provide Subscriptions

That’s the position you’ll see any provide subscriptions for this consumer. The status column will show as Energetic or Pending.

One Time

Every now and then the wish to bill a client for a one time supplier will get up over again. Say, for example, you do every other web page prepare, and wish to invoice them for it over again.

When this happens, you don’t wish to recreate the entire product or service. Merely click on on Bill Another time from the ellipsis dropdown menu on the desired line products. This may occasionally an increasing number of routinely bill the patron over again for the same one-time product.

Inactive Subscriptions are any subscriptions that have been at one time full of life, alternatively don’t seem to be extra. The status column will show as Canceled or Expired.

hover for products popup
Hover your mouse over the row amount beneath the Products column for a popup tick list of all products contained in that subscription.

You’ll merely reactivate any subscription for a client.

subscription reactivate inactive
Reactive subscriptions in a snap.

Click on at the ellipsis at the end of the required row, and make a choice Reactivate Subscription from the dropdown menu. When you reactivate a subscription, it’ll send a brand spanking new invoice to the patron and create a brand spanking new subscription, which becomes full of life upon the patron paying that invoice.

Managing Invoices

The additional your small business grows, the additional invoices you’ll be sending out, and the additional they will collect for document keeping.

While this may occasionally create a cluttered mess of forms and document folders, it’s in moderation and well organized in The Hub’s Shopper Billing.

The whole thing is situated throughout the Invoices tab of each and every consumer, and the content material subject material built-in is immediately forward.

For a quick assessment, a crimson notifier icon on the Invoices tab header indicates the selection of not too long ago unpaid invoices for that consumer.

On the main Invoices internet web page, you’ll see a summary document of all of the invoices for this consumer.

Click on on any place on a row to view the actual invoice, or, click on on on the ellipsis icon at rows’ end to show the dropdown menu for various actions. Depending on the status of a given invoice, the decisions available will vary.

invoice list summary
Invoice document summary.

For individuals who’d love to be told further about Shoppers & Billing in The Hub, see the ones articles on Rate Loose Consumer Billing, and Getting The Maximum Out of Consumer Billing.

Shopper Billing thru WPMU DEV is the custom designed labeled, price making, subscription managing, electronic mail automating, keeper of all problems throughout the accounting realm of your small business.

Good enough, it received’t document your taxes, however it does allow for along side them on a client invoice.

From branding, to invoicing, to automated emails, and in-app, relied on price methods, the choices you’ll be capable to offer your shoppers (and yourself) in Shoppers & Billing are exhausting to check.

Offering each and every in-depth and at-a-glance views, you get to offer visually customized portions for your shoppers, and maintain them by the use of your professional products and services and merchandise (while we maintain the whole thing behind-the-scenes).

All that and additional is built into the Hub’s Shoppers & Billing experience. And it’s built-in at no additional value to your WPMU DEV membership, along with our 5-star, skilled fortify.

Include our fast-growing, highly-rated webhosting, or opt for the club most straightforward – each way, you’d be exhausting pressed to find a upper value. (Plus, entire refunds are given whilst you’re not extremely joyful.)

Set your web pages on the most enjoyable billing experience you’ve perhaps ever had!

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