14 Best possible Varieties of Charts and Graphs for Information Visualization [+ Guide]

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There are additional varieties of charts and graphs than ever previous to because of there could also be additional wisdom. If truth be told, the volume of knowledge in 2025 will be almost double the tips we create, clutch, copy, and consume in recent times.

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This makes wisdom visualization a very powerful for firms. Quite a lot of sorts of graphs and charts can help you:

  • Encourage your team to take action
  • Provoke stakeholders with objective building
  • Show your target audience what you value as a business

Data visualization builds consider and can prepare quite a lot of teams spherical new tasks. Let’s be in contact regarding the types of graphs and charts that you just’ll use to expand what you are promoting.

Channels like social media or blogs have multiple assets of knowledge and whilst you prepare the ones complicated content material subject material assets it will almost definitely get overwhelming. What is going to need to you be tracking? What problems most? How do you visualize and analyze the data so that you’ll extract insights and actionable wisdom?

1. Decide your targets for presenting the tips.

Do you want to influence or give an explanation for a point? Are you in the hunt for to visualise wisdom that helped you unravel a subject matter, or are you in the hunt for to be in contact a change this is happening?

A chart or graph can help you assessment different values, understand how different parts impact all of the, or analyze characteristics. Charts and graphs may also be useful for recognizing wisdom that veers transparent of what you’re used to or permit you to see relationships between groups.

Provide an explanation for your targets, then use them to influence your chart selection.

2. Decide what wisdom you want to succeed in your objective.

Quite a lot of sorts of charts and graphs use different kinds of wisdom. Graphs usually represent numerical wisdom, while charts are a visual representation of knowledge that may or gained’t use numbers.

So, while all graphs are a kind of chart, now not all charts are graphs. In the event you don’t have already were given the kind of wisdom you want, you might need to spend some time hanging your wisdom together previous to building your chart.

3. Gain your wisdom.

Most firms gain numerical wisdom steadily, then again it’s conceivable you’ll need to put in some additional time to assemble the fitting wisdom to your chart. Besides quantitative wisdom apparatus that measure guests, source of revenue, and other client wisdom, it’s your decision some qualitative wisdom.

The ones are each and every different ways you’ll gain wisdom to your wisdom visualization:

  • Interviews
  • Quizzes and surveys
  • Purchaser evaluations
  • Reviewing purchaser forms and information
  • Group boards

4. Make a choice the fitting type of graph or chart.

Choosing the incorrect visual assist or defaulting to the most common type of wisdom visualization would possibly simply objective confusion to your viewer or lead to flawed wisdom interpretation.

On the other hand a chart is most simple useful to you and what you are promoting if it communicates your degree clearly and effectively.

To be in agreement to search out the fitting chart or graph type, ask yourself the questions beneath.

Then, take a look at 14 types of charts and graphs you’ll use to visualize your wisdom and create your chart or graph.

Download the Excel templates mentioned in the video here.

5 Questions to Ask When Deciding Which Type of Chart to Use

1. Do you want to check values?

Charts and graphs are perfect for comparing one or many value gadgets, and they may be able to merely show the low and high values throughout the wisdom gadgets. To create a comparison chart, use some of these graphs:

2. Do you want to show the composition of 1 factor?

Use this type of chart to show how individual parts make up all of the of 1 factor, similar to the tool type used for mobile visitors to your internet web page or normal product sales broken down by the use of product sales rep.

To show composition, use the ones charts:

3. Do you want to grasp the distribution of your wisdom?

Distribution charts permit you to to grasp outliers, the usual tendency, and the range of data on your values.

Use the ones charts to show distribution:

4. Are you curious about analyzing characteristics on your wisdom set?

If you want to know additional information about how a data set performed all through a decided on period of time, there are particular chart types that do extremely smartly.

You’ll have to make a choice a:

5. Do you want to better understand the relationship between value gadgets?

Dating charts can show how one variable relates to one or many different variables. That you simply will have to use this to show how something certainly affects, has no affect, or negatively affects another variable.

When in the hunt for to decide the relationship between problems, use the ones charts:

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Screen Shot 2020-04-09 at 3.09.44 PMDownload this free data visualization guide to be told which graphs to use on your promoting and advertising, presentations, or problem — and use them effectively.

Different Types of Graphs and Charts for Presenting Data

To higher understand every chart and graph type and the best way you’ll use them, this is an overview of graph and chart types.

1. Bar Graph

A bar graph must be used to keep away from muddle when one wisdom label is long or you probably have more than 10 items to check.

Types of charts and graphs example: Bar chart - customers by role

Absolute best conceivable Use Cases for The ones Types of Graphs:

Bar graphs can help you assessment wisdom between different groups or to track changes over the years. Bar graphs are most valuable when there are huge changes or to show how one workforce compares towards other groups.

The example above compares the choice of shoppers by the use of business serve as. It makes it easy to look that there’s more than two instances the choice of shoppers in line with serve as for individual contributors than every other workforce.

A bar graph moreover makes it easy to look which workforce of knowledge is best possible or most not unusual.

For example, to start with of the pandemic, online firms spotted a big bounce in guests. So, if you want to try per thirty days guests for a web based business, a bar graph would make it easy to look that bounce.

Other use circumstances for bar graphs include:

  • Product comparisons
  • Product usage
  • Elegance comparisons
  • Promoting guests by the use of month or 365 days
  • Promoting conversions
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Design Absolute best conceivable Practices for Bar Graphs:

  • Use consistent colors everywhere the chart, selecting accent colors to concentrate on vital wisdom problems or changes over the years.
  • Use horizontal labels to toughen readability.
  • Get began the y-axis at 0 to appropriately mirror the values on your graph.

2. Column Chart

Use a column chart to show a comparison among different items, or to show a comparison of items over the years. That you simply will have to use this construction to look the source of revenue in line with landing internet web page or shoppers by the use of close date.

Types of charts and graphs example: Column chart - customers by close date

Absolute best conceivable Use Cases for This Type of Chart:

While column charts show wisdom vertically, and bar graphs show wisdom horizontally. When you’ll use every to turn changes in wisdom, column charts are ideal for adverse wisdom.

For example, warehouses steadily follow the choice of accidents that happen on the retailer floor. When the choice of incidents falls beneath the per thirty days reasonable, a column chart may just make that adjust more straightforward to look in a presentation.

Throughout the example above, this column chart measures the choice of shoppers by the use of close date. Column charts make it easy to look wisdom changes over a period of time. This signifies that they’ve many use circumstances, along side:

  • Purchaser survey wisdom, like showing what choice of shoppers want a decided on product or how so much a purchaser uses a product each day.
  • Product sales amount, like showing which services are the easiest sellers every month or the choice of product sales per week.
  • Receive advantages and loss, showing where business investments are emerging or falling.

Design Absolute best conceivable Practices for Column Charts:

  • Use consistent colors everywhere the chart, selecting accent colors to concentrate on vital wisdom problems or changes over the years.
  • Use horizontal labels to toughen readability.
  • Get began the y-axis at 0 to appropriately mirror the values on your graph.

3. Line Graph

A line graph reveals characteristics or building over the years and also you’ll use it to show many different categories of knowledge. You can use it whilst you chart a continuous wisdom set.

Types of graphs example: Line chart - avg days to close

Absolute best conceivable Use Cases for The ones Types of Graphs:

Line graphs be in agreement shoppers follow changes over transient and long categories of time. On account of this, some of these graphs are superb for seeing small changes.

Line graphs can help you assessment changes for a couple of workforce over the an identical period. They’re moreover helpful for measuring how different groups relate to each other.

A business would possibly use this type of graph to check product sales fees for quite a lot of products or services over the years.

The ones charts are also helpful for measuring supplier channel potency. For example, a line graph that tracks what choice of chats or emails your team responds to per 30 days.

Design Absolute best conceivable Practices for Line Graphs:

  • Use solid lines most simple.
  • Don’t plot more than 4 lines to keep away from visual distractions.
  • Use the fitting most sensible so the lines soak up roughly 2/3 of the y-axis’ most sensible.

4. Dual Axis Chart

A dual-axis chart means that you can plot wisdom the usage of two y-axes and a shared x-axis. It has 3 wisdom gadgets. One is a continuous set of knowledge and the other is more healthy suited to grouping by the use of magnificence. Use this chart to visualize a correlation or the dearth thereof between the ones 3 wisdom gadgets.

Types of charts and graphs example: Dual axis chart - revenue by new customers

Absolute best conceivable Use Cases for This Type of Chart:

A dual-axis chart makes it easy to look relationships between different wisdom gadgets. They may be able to moreover be in agreement with comparing characteristics.

For example, the chart above shows what choice of new shoppers this company brings in every month. It moreover shows how so much source of revenue those shoppers are bringing the company.

This makes it simple to look the connection between the choice of shoppers and bigger source of revenue.

You’ll use dual-axis charts to check:

  • Price and amount of your products
  • Profits and units purchased
  • Product sales and receive advantages margin
  • Explicit individual product sales potency

Design Absolute best conceivable Practices for Dual Axis Charts:

  • Use the y-axis on the left facet for the principle variable because of brains are naturally at risk of seem left first.
  • Use different graphing varieties as an example the two wisdom gadgets, as illustrated above.
  • Select contrasting colors for the two wisdom gadgets.

5. Area Chart

An area chart is mainly a line chart, then again the world between the x-axis and the street is full of a color or pattern. It is useful for showing part-to-whole members of the family, like showing individual product sales reps’ contributions to normal product sales for a 365 days. It’s serving to you analyze every normal and individual building wisdom.

Types of charts and graphs example: Area chart - users by lifecycle stage

Absolute best conceivable Use Cases for The ones Types of Charts:

Area charts be in agreement show changes over the years. They art work highest for massive permutations between wisdom gadgets and as well as be in agreement visualize huge characteristics.

For example, the chart above shows shoppers by the use of creation date and existence cycle degree.

A line chart would possibly simply show that there are additional subscribers than promoting and advertising qualified leads. On the other hand this space chart emphasizes how so much higher the choice of subscribers is than every other workforce.

All these charts and graphs make the size of a number and the best way groups relate to each other additional visually essential than wisdom changes over the years.

Area graphs can be in agreement what you are promoting to:

  • Visualize which product categories or products within a category are hottest
  • Show key potency indicator (KPI) targets vs. effects
  • Spot and analyze business characteristics

Design Absolute best conceivable Practices for Area Charts:

  • Use transparent colors so wisdom isn’t obscured throughout the background.
  • Don’t display more than 4 categories to keep away from muddle.
  • Organize extraordinarily variable wisdom at the top of the chart to make it easy to be told.

6. Stacked Bar Chart

Use this chart to check many different items and show the composition of every products you’re comparing.

Types of charts and graphs example: Stacked bar chart - mqls to sqls

Absolute best conceivable Use Cases for The ones Types of Graphs:

The ones graphs are helpful when a number starts in one column and moves to a couple different over the years.

For example, the difference between a marketing qualified lead (MQL) and a sales qualified lead (SQL) is now and again onerous to look. The chart above helps stakeholders see the ones two lead types from a single perspective– when a lead changes from MQL to SQL.

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Stacked bar charts are superb for promoting and advertising. They make it simple so to upload numerous wisdom on a single chart or to make a point with limited house.

All these graphs can show multiple takeaways, so they’re moreover super for quarterly meetings when you’ve got such a lot to say, then again now not always numerous time to say it.

Stacked bar charts are also a smart risk for planning or methodology meetings. It’s as a result of the ones charts can show numerous wisdom at once, then again moreover they make it easy to be aware of one stack at a time or switch wisdom as sought after.

You’ll moreover use the ones charts to:

  • Show the frequency of survey responses
  • Decide outliers in historical wisdom
  • Overview a part of a strategy to its potency as a whole

Design Absolute best conceivable Practices for Stacked Bar Graphs:

  • Absolute best conceivable used as an example part-to-whole relationships.
  • Use contrasting colors for higher clarity.
  • Make the chart scale large enough to view workforce sizes in relation to one another.

7. Mekko Chart

Often referred to as a Marimekko chart, this type of graph can assessment values, measure every one’s composition, and show wisdom distribution all over every one.

It is vitally very similar to a stacked bar, apart from the Mekko’s x-axis can clutch another size of your values— instead of time building, like column charts steadily do. Throughout the graphic beneath, the x-axis compares every the town to one another.

Types of charts and graphs example: Mekko chart - world's largest asset managers

Image Source

Absolute best conceivable Use Cases for This Type of Chart:

You’ll use a Mekko chart to show growth, market share, or competitor analysis.

For example, the Mekko chart above shows {the marketplace} share of asset managers grouped by the use of location and the cost of their assets. This chart makes it clear which firms prepare necessarily probably the most assets in a large number of areas.

It’s also easy to look which asset managers are greatest and the best way they relate to each other.

Mekko charts can seem additional complicated than other varieties of charts and graphs. So, it’s best to use the ones in situations where you want to emphasize scale or permutations between groups of knowledge.

Other use circumstances for Mekko charts include:

  • Detailed receive advantages and loss statements
  • Profits by the use of brand and house
  • Product profitability
  • Proportion of voice by the use of business or house of pastime

Design Absolute best conceivable Practices for Mekko Charts:

  • Vary your bar heights if the portion size is crucial degree of comparison.
  • Don’t include too many composite values within every bar. That you must want to reevaluate your presentation you probably have numerous wisdom.
  • Order your bars from left to right kind in such a method that exposes a similar building or message.

8. Pie Chart

A pie chart shows a static amount and the best way categories represent part of a whole — the composition of 1 factor. A pie chart represents numbers in percentages, and the overall sum of all segments will have to identical 100%.

Types of charts and graphs example: Pie chart - customers by role

Absolute best conceivable Use Cases for This Type of Chart:

The image above shows another example of customers by the use of serve as throughout the company.

The bar graph example shows you that there are additional individual contributors than every other serve as. On the other hand this pie chart makes it clear that they make up over 50% of shopper roles.

Pie charts make it easy to look a bit of in relation to all of the, so that they’re superb for showing:

  • Purchaser personas in relation to all shoppers
  • Profits from your hottest products or product types in relation to all product sales
  • Percent of normal take pleasure in different store puts

Design Absolute best conceivable Practices for Pie Charts:

  • Don’t illustrate too many categories to verify differentiation between slices.
  • Make sure that the slice values add up to 100%.
  • Order slices in step with their size.

9. Scatter Plot Chart

A scatter plot or scattergram chart will show the relationship between two different variables or reveals distribution characteristics. Use this chart when there are many different wisdom problems, and you want to concentrate on similarities throughout the wisdom set. This is useful when looking for outliers or for understanding the distribution of your wisdom.

Types of charts and graphs example: Scatter plot chart - customer happiness by response time

Absolute best conceivable Use Cases for The ones Types of Charts:

Scatter plots are helpful in situations where you’ve quite a lot of wisdom to in short see a pattern. They’re highest whilst you use them to show relationships between two large wisdom gadgets.

Throughout the example above, this chart shows how purchaser happiness relates to the time it takes for them to get a response.

Great use circumstances for this type of graph make it easy to look the comparison of two wisdom gadgets. This may increasingly include:

  • Employment and manufacturing output
  • Retail product sales and inflation
  • Buyer numbers and out of doors temperature
  • Product sales growth and tax regulations

Check out to make a choice two wisdom gadgets that already have a positive or adverse relationship. That discussed, this type of graph too can give assist to peer wisdom that falls outside of atypical patterns.

Design Absolute best conceivable Practices for Scatter Plots:

  • Include additional variables, like different sizes, to incorporate additional wisdom.
  • Get began the y-axis at 0 to represent wisdom as it should be.
  • When you use building lines, most simple use a maximum of two to make your plot easy to grasp.

10. Bubble Chart

A bubble chart is similar to a scatter plot in that it will almost definitely show distribution or relationship. There’s a third wisdom set confirmed by the use of the size of the bubble or circle.

Types of charts and graphs example: Bubble chart - hours spent online by age and gender

Absolute best conceivable Use Cases for This Type of Chart:

Throughout the example above, the choice of hours spent online is not just compared to the age of the shopper, because it might be on a scatter plot chart.

As a substitute, you’ll moreover see how the gender of the shopper impacts time spent online.

This makes bubble charts useful for seeing the upward thrust or fall of characteristics over the years. It moreover signifies that you’ll be able to add another choice when you are in the hunt for to understand relationships between different segments or categories.

For example, if you want to liberate a brand spanking new product, this chart would possibly simply permit you to in short see the fee, risk, and value of your new product. This can help you focal point your energies on a brand spanking new product that is low risk with a main possible return.

You’ll moreover use bubble charts for:

  • Absolute best product sales by the use of month and website
  • Purchaser satisfaction surveys
  • Store potency tracking
  • Promoting advertising marketing campaign evaluations
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Design Absolute best conceivable Practices for Bubble Charts:

  • Scale bubbles in step with space, now not diameter.
  • Make certain that labels are clear and visible.
  • Use spherical shapes most simple.

11. Waterfall Chart

Use a waterfall chart to show how an initial value changes with intermediate values — each positive or adverse — and results in a final value.

Use this chart to turn the composition of a number. An example of this is in a position to be to sing their own praises how normal company source of revenue is influenced by the use of different departments and results in a decided on receive advantages amount.

Types of charts and graphs example: Waterfall chart

Image Source

Absolute best conceivable Use Cases for This Type of Chart:

All these charts and graphs supply assist to understand how inside of and external parts impact a product or advertising marketing campaign as a whole.

Throughout the example above the chart moves from the start stability on the a ways left to the completing stability on the a ways right kind. Parts throughout the center include deposits, transfers in and out, and fiscal establishment fees.

A waterfall chart offers a to hand information a coarse visual that makes complicated processes and effects more straightforward to look and troubleshoot. For example, SaaS firms steadily measure purchaser churn. This construction can be in agreement visualize changes in new, provide, and free trial shoppers, or changes by the use of client segment.

You may additionally want to take a look at a waterfall chart to show:

  • Changes in source of revenue or receive advantages over the years
  • Inventory audits
  • Employee staffing evaluations

Design Absolute best conceivable Practices for Waterfall Charts:

  • Use contrasting colors to concentrate on permutations in wisdom gadgets.
  • Select warmth colors to indicate will build up and cool colors to indicate decreases.

12. Funnel Chart

A funnel chart shows a series of steps and the final touch rate for every step. Use this type of chart to track the product sales process or the conversion rate all over a series of pages or steps.

Types of charts and graphs example: Funnel chart - marketing funnel process

Absolute best conceivable Use Cases for The ones Types of Charts:

The commonest use case for a funnel chart is the marketing or product sales funnel. On the other hand there are many other ways to use this versatile chart.

If in case you don’t have any not up to 4 levels of sequential wisdom, this chart can help you merely see what inputs or outputs impact the overall results.

For example, a funnel chart can help you see toughen your buyer journey or purchasing groceries cart workflow. It’s as a result of it will almost definitely be in agreement pinpoint number one drop-off problems.

Other stellar alternatives for some of these charts include:

  • Deal pipelines
  • Conversion and retention analysis
  • Bottlenecks in manufacturing and other multi-step processes
  • Promoting advertising marketing campaign potency
  • Internet web page conversion tracking

Design Absolute best conceivable Practices for Funnel Charts:

  • Scale the size of every phase to as it should be mirror the size of the tips set.
  • Use contrasting colors or one color in gradated hues, from darkest to lightest as the size of the funnel decreases.

13. Bullet Graph

A bullet graph reveals building in opposition to a objective, compares this to a couple different measure, and gives context inside the kind of a rating or potency.

Types of charts and graphs example: Bullet graph - new customers

Absolute best conceivable Use Cases for The ones Types of Graphs:

Throughout the example above, this bullet graph shows the choice of new shoppers towards a suite purchaser objective. Bullet graphs are great for comparing potency towards targets like this.

All these graphs can also be in agreement teams assess imaginable roadblocks because of you’ll analyze wisdom in a just right visual display.

For example, it’s just right to create a series of bullet graphs measuring potency towards benchmarks or use a single bullet graph to visualize the ones KPIs towards their targets:

  • Profits
  • Receive advantages
  • Purchaser satisfaction
  • Reasonable order size
  • New shoppers

Seeing this data at a glance and alongside every other can be in agreement teams make speedy choices.

Bullet graphs are probably the most a very powerful highest ways to turn year-over-year wisdom analysis. You’ll moreover use bullet graphs to visualize:

  • Purchaser satisfaction scores
  • Product usage
  • Purchaser purchasing groceries habits
  • Social media usage by the use of platform

Design Absolute best conceivable Practices for Bullet Graphs:

  • Use contrasting colors to concentrate on how the tips is progressing.
  • Use one color in a large number of shades to gauge building.

14. Heat Map

A heat map shows the relationship between two items and gives rating wisdom, identical to high to low or poor to superb. This chart displays the rating wisdom the usage of quite a lot of colors or saturation.

Types of charts and graphs example: Heat map chart - highest degree vs. class identification

Absolute best conceivable Use Cases for Heat Maps:

Throughout the example above, the darker the colour of green shows where nearly all of people agree.

With enough wisdom, heat maps may just make a perspective that can seem subjective additional concrete. This makes it more straightforward for a business to act on purchaser sentiment.

There are many uses for some of these charts and graphs. If truth be told, many tech firms use heat map apparatus to gauge client experience for apps, online apparatus, and internet web page design.

Each different not unusual use for heat map graphs is location analysis. If you’re in search of the fitting location to your new store, the ones maps can get a hold of an idea of what the area is like in techniques by which a seek advice from can not be in contact.

Heat maps can also be in agreement with spotting patterns, so they’re superb for analyzing characteristics that adjust in short, like ad conversions. They may be able to moreover be in agreement with:

  • Competitor research
  • Purchaser sentiment
  • Product sales outreach
  • Advertising and marketing marketing campaign impact
  • Purchaser demographics

Design Absolute best conceivable Practices for Heat Map:

  • Use a fundamental and clear map outline to keep away from distracting from the tips.
  • Use a single color in quite a lot of shades to show changes in wisdom.
  • Avoid the usage of multiple patterns.

Put The ones New Types of Charts and Graphs Into Movement

Now that you’ve decided on the best graph or chart to your problem, take a look at a data visualization helpful useful resource that makes your degree clear and visual.

Data visualization is just one part of great verbal exchange. To show your shoppers, employees, control, and patrons that they’re essential, keep making time to be told.

Editor’s phrase: This post used to be as soon as at the start printed in November 2020 and has been up-to-the-minute for comprehensiveness.

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