20 Nice Examples of PowerPoint Presentation Design [+ Templates]

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Relating to PowerPoint presentation design, there’s no shortage of avenues you’ll be capable to take.

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While all that variety — colors, formats, visuals, fonts — can in point of fact really feel liberating, it’ll be essential that you’re wary in your selection as no longer all design combinations add up to good fortune. We’re no longer saying there’s one correct strategy to design your next PowerPoint presentation, on the other hand we are saying there are some designs that make further sense than others.

In this blog post, you’ll be capable to learn to create a really perfect PowerPoint deck and then see exact presentations that nail it in exactly their own method.

What makes a superb PowerPoint presentation?

A really perfect PowerPoint presentation gets the aim all over succinctly while the usage of a design builds upon the aim, no longer detract from it. The following aspects make for a in point of fact absolute best PowerPoint presentation:

1. Minimal Animations and Transitions

Believe it or no longer, animations and transitions can take away from your PowerPoint presentation. Why? Smartly, they distract from the design you worked so arduous on — and from your content material subject material, too.

A superb PowerPoint presentation helps to keep the point of interest to your argument via maintaining animations and transitions to a minimum. That discussed, you don’t wish to do away with they all. You’ll be capable to use them tastefully and sparingly to emphasize a point or lift attention to a definite part of an image.

2. Cohesive Color Palette

It’s worth reviewing color theory when rising your next PowerPoint presentation. A cohesive color palette uses complementary and analogous colors to draw the objective marketplace’s attention, emphasize sure aspects, and deemphasize bits of knowledge that the objective marketplace would in all probability no longer need at a definite point in time.

3. Contextualized Visuals

An image does speak about more than words. And it’s been showed that the human thoughts is stressed to process visuals so much quicker than words. Make the most of that via in conjunction with graphs, pictures, and illustrations that will let you assemble upon your stage while maintaining your audience’s interest.

Be sure to contextualize those visuals via explaining verbally why that image is there. Differently, it’ll be distracting to the objective marketplace and may almost certainly explanation why further questions than answers.

PowerPoint Design Ideas

It’s impossible for us to let you know which design ideas you will have to transfer after in your next PowerPoint, because of, well, we have no idea what the target of your presentation is. Fortuitously, new permutations of PowerPoint if truth be told suggest ideas for you in response to the content material subject material you could be presenting.

In PowerPoint 2016 and later, PowerPoint is stuffed with crowd pleasing boilerplate designs you’ll be capable to get began with. To hunt out the ones pointers, open PowerPoint and click on at the “Design” tab in your best navigation bar. Then, on the some distance correct side, you’ll be capable to see the following alternatives:

PowerPoint Design Ideas option in the top bar

Click on at the “Design Ideas” risk under this Design tab, as confirmed throughout the screenshot above. This icon will reveal a vertical checklist of crowd pleasing slide layouts in response to what your slides already have on them.

Shouldn’t have any content material subject material to your slides however? You’ll be capable to merely shuffle this vertical checklist of design ideas via clicking quite a lot of slides subjects throughout the color carousel to the some distance left of the Design Ideas icon, as confirmed underneath:

PowerPoints theme inside the Design panelAs you browse and choose from the themes confirmed above, the Design Ideas pane to the proper will interpret them and come up with layouts. Beneath, we’ve integrated a couple of of our favorite ones.

In case you’re curious, we’ve used Avenir since the font throughout the following PowerPoint design ideas.

Atlas (Theme)

PowerPoint presentation design idea: Atlas themeProtective a further inventive topic for a younger or further energetic audience? On behalf of PowerPoint, would in all probability we recommend the cover slide design above? Its vibrant red background and fun strains will enchantment for your audience.

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Madison (Theme)

PowerPoint presentation design idea: Madison themeThis design does now not have the intensity of the principle slide on this checklist, nevertheless it for sure maintains some way of informality that each one PowerPoint presentations benefit from.

Parcel (Theme)

PowerPoint presentation design idea: Parcel themeThe color-blocked look throughout the design above devices a fun on the other hand enjoyable tone for the objective marketplace.

Crop (Theme)

PowerPoint presentation design idea: Crop themeThis PowerPoint design idea uses graphic elements comparable to strains and bars to give development, difference, and trendy flair for your slides.

Badge (Theme)

PowerPoint presentation design idea: Badge themeWe’re specifically willing in this PowerPoint design style. By the use of the usage of strains and contrasting elements — like a burst, as confirmed above — you add depth for your slides. It’s going to help your content material subject material grasp and grasp your audience’s attention further merely.

If you’re no longer willing at the built-in PowerPoint design subjects, you’ll be capable to all the time download a PowerPoint template and input your content material subject material onto pre-made slide types.

Let’s take a look at the most efficient ones you’ll be capable to download underneath.

Creative PowerPoint (Template)

This template uses brilliant colors and slightly numerous white space to place throughout a modern on the other hand fun design. Herbal shapes and geometric strains and patterns provide an extra visual phase to the slides, attaining depth and personality. Get it here.

Creative PowerPoint Template

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Professional Style PowerPoint (Template)

This PowerPoint style makes use of additional independent colors and fonts to create a comfy and trendy vibe. It moreover pushes the presentation writer to use top of the range images to place throughout their problems. Get it here.

Professional Style PowerPoint Template

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Wisdom PowerPoint (Template)

This template uses a rounded font to draw sharp difference with the strains and graphs that can populate the presentation. This is a great variety for providing horny visuals without reference to the number-crunching content material subject material. Get it here.

Data PowerPoint Template

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Simple PowerPoint (Template)

By the use of pairing vibrant colors with mild ones, this PowerPoint supplies an understated in point of fact really feel, which can draw attention to the content material subject material while however being visually horny. Get it here.

Simple PowerPoint Template

Download These Templates for Free

As a substitute of a presentation, you’ll be capable to moreover create an infographic in PowerPoint to effectively grasp your audience’s attention.

Good Examples of PowerPoint Presentation Design

To seem some examples of the most efficient PowerPoint presentation designs, check out the following decks.

1. “The Search for Which means that in B2B Promoting,” Tempo Partners

We’ve said it once, and we’re going to mention it over again: We love this presentation from Tempo Partner’s Co-Founder Doug Kessler. Now not simplest is the content material subject material remarkable, on the other hand the design is also quite clever. While each slide employs the equivalent background visual, the copy throughout the pocket ebook unfolds brilliantly by the use of a sequence of colorful doodles and ambitious text. This gives the presentation a private in point of fact really feel, which aligns with the self-reflective nature of the idea that that.

2. “You Don’t Suck at PowerPoint,” Jesse Desjardins

If the honour used all the way through this PowerPoint presentation design were a human, we may marry it. This skillful presentation from Jesse Desjardins employs the perfect color palette: balancing black and white pictures with pops of fluorescent red, yellow, and blue. The cheeky vintage pictures artwork to reinforce the copy on each slide, making the presentation each and every crowd pleasing and visually attention-grabbing.

3. “Accelerating Innovation in Energy,” Accenture

Balancing visual backgrounds with text isn’t clean. Additional regularly than no longer, the text is formatted someway that after all finally ends up getting out of place throughout the image. This presentation from Accenture combated this issue via combining shapes and graphics to create difference between the text and the background. Smartly carried out.

4. “Visual Design with Wisdom,” Seth Familian

When you are tasked with presenting a lot of knowledge in moderately little little bit of time, problems can get type of messy. To simplify this kind of presentation, this can be a excellent recommendation to use a visual agenda like the one confirmed above. This index clearly signifies the start and finish of each section to make it more uncomplicated for the viewer to observe along and keep follow of the information. The presenter takes it further via in conjunction with an additional agenda for each exercise, so that the objective marketplace is acutely aware of what they’re supposed to do.

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5. “Simple how to Craft Your Company’s Storytelling Voice,” MarketingProfs

Do you favor the ones hand drawn illustrations … or do you favor the ones hand drawn illustrations? I indicate, c’mon, this is superb. Evidently it’ll have been more uncomplicated to generate the ones designs online, on the other hand this implies highlights MarketingProf’s determination to investing the time and thought it takes to create an out-of-the-box piece of content material subject material. And consequently, this presentation stands out in one of the most most simple techniques conceivable.

6. “Blitzscaling: Information Trailer,” Reid Hoffman

If you will transfer the minimalistic path, take into accout of this PowerPoint presentation example from Reid Hoffman. This clean design adheres to a smooth, consistent color palette with clean graphics peppered all the way through to make the slides further visually crowd pleasing. Overall there don’t seem to be any frills or unnecessary additions, which allows the informative content material subject material to take priority.

7. “Healthcare Napkins,” Dan Roam

This presentation dates once more to 2009, on the other hand the design is still as superb as ever. The vibrant, quirky doodles help tell the story while moreover serving as a fascinating strategy to illustrate wisdom (see slides 20 and 21). For visual newcomers, this implies is much more inviting than a sequence of slides riddled with text-heavy bullet problems.

8. “One Can Be More than a few: An Essay on Selection,” With Company

This presentation employs each and every difficult images and trendy typography let’s say the aim. While lots of the slides contain long quotes, they’re broken up someway that makes them merely digestible. Not to indicate all of the text is crisp, clean, and concise.

9. “10 Problems your Audience Hates About your Presentation,” Stinson

his simplistic presentation example employs quite a few different colors and font weights, on the other hand as an alternative of coming off as disconnected, the various colors artwork with one every other to create difference and phone out specific concepts. Moreover, the massive, bold numbers help set the reader’s expectations, as they clearly constitute how some distance along the viewer is throughout the checklist of tips.

10. “Pixar’s 22 Rules to Out of the atypical Storytelling,” Gavin McMahon

This presentation via Gavin McMahon choices color in all of the correct places. While each of the background images boasts a brilliant, spotlight-like design, all of the characters are intentionally blacked out. That is serving to keep the point of interest on the tips, while however incorporating a visual phase. Not to indicate, it’s however clean for the viewer to identify each character without the details. (I found out you on slide 8, Nemo.)

11. “Facebook Engagement and Procedure File,” We Are Social

This is every other great example of data visualization throughout the wild. Reasonably than displaying numbers and statistics right away up, this presentation calls upon crowd pleasing, vibrant graphs, and charts to supply the information someway that merely is sensible.

12. “The GaryVee Content material subject material Model,” Gary Vaynerchuk

This might now not be an actual Gary Vaynerchuk presentation if it wasn’t moderately loud, am I correct? Excluding the fact that we love the crowd pleasing, brilliant yellow background, Vaynerchuk does a in point of fact absolute best process of incorporating screenshots on each slide to create a visual educational that coincides with the tips. He moreover does a in point of fact absolute best process in conjunction with a visual table of contents that presentations your expansion as you progress all over the presentation (and aligns with the steps of content material subject material promoting and advertising, too).

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13. “20 Tweetable Quotes to Inspire Promoting & Design Creative Genius,” IMPACT Branding & Design

We’ve now all noticed our fair proportion of quote-chronicling presentations … on the other hand that’s to not point out they’ve been all carried out well. Frequently events the background images are poor top of the range, the text is just too small, or there isn’t enough difference. Smartly, this PowerPoint presentation from IMPACT Branding & Design suffers from none of discussed not easy scenarios. The vibrant filters over each background image create merely enough difference for the quotes to stand out.

14. “The Great State of Design,” Stacy Kvernmo

This presentation supplies up a lot of knowledge someway that doesn’t in point of fact really feel overwhelming. The contrasting colors create visual interest and “pop,” and the comic images (slides 6 by the use of 12) are used to make the information seem a lot much less buttoned-up. As quickly because the presentation gets to the CSS section, it takes consumers slowly all over the knowledge so that they’re no longer overwhelmed.

15. “Clickbait: A Knowledge To Writing Un-Ignorable Headlines,” Ethos3

Now not going to lie, it was the determine that glad me to click on on by the use of to this presentation … on the other hand the awesome design saved me there once I arrived. This simple design adheres to a relentless color construction and leverages bullet problems and varied fonts to break up the text successfully.

16. “Digital Transformation in 50 Soundbites,” Julie Dodd

This design highlights a in point of fact absolute best variety to the “text-over-image” display we’ve were given grown used to seeing. By the use of leveraging a get a divorce show approach to each slide, Julie Dodd was ready to serve up a clean, legible quote without sacrificing the power of a formidable visual.

17. “Restore Your Truly Unhealthy PowerPoint,” Slide Comet

When you are creating a PowerPoint about how everyone’s PowerPoints stink, yours had upper be terrific. The one above, in response to the information via Seth Godin, helps to keep it smooth without boring its audience. Its clever combinations of fonts, at the side of consistent color all over each slide, you’ll want to’re neither overwhelmed nor unengaged.

18. “How Google Works,” Eric Schmidt

Simple, clever doodles tell the story of Google in a fun and creative method. This presentation reads just about like a storybook, making it clean to move from one slide to the next. This uncluttered manner provides target market with an easy-to-understand clarification of a sophisticated topic.

19. “What Truly Differentiates the Perfect Content material subject material Marketers From The Leisure,” Ross Simmonds

Let’s be honest: The ones graphics are arduous not to love. Reasonably than the use of the equivalent earlier stock pictures we’ve were given noticed time and time over again, this unique design serves as a refreshing means to supply knowledge this is each and every treasured and fun. We in particular admire the creator’s cartoonified self-portrait that closes out the presentation. Smartly carried out, Ross Simmonds.

20. “Be A Great Product Leader,” Adam Nash

This presentation via Adam Nash immediately draws attention via striking the company’s logo first — a in point of fact absolute best switch if your company is widely known. He uses in style images, comparable to ones of Megatron and Pinoccio, to energy his problems space. Within the equivalent method, you’ll be capable to benefit from in style images and media to stick the objective marketplace’s attention and deepen your arguments.

PowerPoint Presentation Examples & Design Ideas That Inspire

Mastering a PowerPoint presentation begins with the design itself. Use the information above to create a presentation that engages your audience, builds upon your stage, and helps you generate leads for your logo.

Editor’s follow: This post was originally published in March 2013 and has been up to the moment for comprehensiveness.

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