8 Useful Tutorials to Get Began with Divi Cloudways Webhosting

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Divi Website hosting by means of Cloudways is packed full of choices along side protection, SMTP, staging and cloning apparatus, backups, and team collaboration apparatus. Cloudways uses cloud storage, which promises a quick internet web page on your visitors. As a result of this, we’ve partnered with Cloudways to hold this very good variety for internet webhosting to our subscribers. In this post, we’ll cover the whole lot you need to snatch to get started with Divi Cloudways Webhosting!

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1. Setting up a New Divi Internet web site on Cloudways in Minutes

Divi Cloudways setting up Divi website

As an Sublime Problems member, you’re eligible to join Divi Website hosting by means of Cloudways. Divi comes pre-installed, which makes setup a breeze. Additionally, Cloudways makes it simple to place in as many web sites as you’d like — in one click on on. In this article, we walk you all over the stairs to join Cloudways, along with have you ever ever up and dealing in spherical 10 minutes.

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2. Setting up the Best Divi Server in Cloudways

Divi Cloudways perfect Divi hosting server

One of the most highest choices of Divi Website hosting by means of Cloudways is the ability to select how your server is configured. Cloudways comes configured to satisfy Sublime Problems necessities, and also you’ll have the ability to change many facets of the server’s configuration. We speak about setting up a real cron task, and why it’s conceivable you’ll need to. Additionally, we cover email correspondence, SMTP, space verification, and ways to make your server even faster.

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3. Setting up SMTP Email correspondence with Divi Website hosting by means of Cloudways

Divi Cloudways setting up SMTP

Email correspondence remains to be widely thought to be the most efficient solution to contact customers, and procure new ones. If truth be told, 99% of folks take a look at their email correspondence every day. In this post, we communicate in regards to the Divi Cloudways internet webhosting SMTP serve as. We’ll explain what it’s and why you need it. Additionally, we give you an overview of each SMTP supplier available with Cloudways. In any case, we explain organize each one.

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4. The usage of the Staging & Cloning Apparatus on Cloudways Divi Website hosting

Staging and cloning tools

Should you’re a developer, you already know the importance of the usage of a staging internet web page. Staging web sites can keep your internet web page hidden when you artwork on it. Additionally, staging web sites allow shoppers to take a look at new capacity without risking hurt on your live internet web page. In this article, we explain use the staging apparatus with Cloudways. We cover setting up, managing, and pushing your internet web page live.

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5. Working out the Unique Protection Choices Built-in in Divi Website hosting by means of Cloudways

Unique security features

Protection is among the most essential facets of any WordPress internet web page. Without excellent protection, your internet web page is susceptible to hacks, bot penetration, denial of supplier (DDoS) attacks, and bad actors looking to profit from your internet web page. If your internet web page captures particular person data, you chance exposing your customers too. Thankfully, Cloudways has an excellent protection suite to help offer protection to you. In this post, we communicate in regards to the authentic security features available to you and use them.

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6. How Teams Use the Collaboration Apparatus Available on Cloudways Divi Website hosting

Collaboration tools

Team collaboration is an essential part of managing a bunch. This is especially true now that additional people are working remotely. Cloudways has a few valuable ways for teams to collaborate on its platform. Team keep watch over, together with additional shoppers, and dialog are at the leading edge of a Cloudways server. In this post, we discuss all of the ways on your team to stay connected and artwork effectively.

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7. Restoring & Managing Backups on Cloudways Divi Website hosting

Restoring and managing backups

As WordPress folks, we know the way bad problems can happen when building web websites. Accidentally deleting a very powerful content material subject matter, breaking your internet web page with a brand spanking new plugin, or malicious hackers are all conceivable. Thankfully, Cloudways offers backups on your server. You won’t need to fear about ruining your day over a broken website anymore. In this post, we discuss prepare your backups, and the best way endlessly you’ll have to schedule them.

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8. Setting up Email correspondence Promoting Campaigns with Divi Website hosting by means of Cloudways

Email marketing campaigns

Email correspondence promoting and advertising is an essential part of business, specifically in this ever-changing digital global. As in the past mentioned, over 99% of folks nevertheless take a look at their email correspondence day-to-day. Cloudways integrates with plenty of of the best email correspondence products and services and merchandise inside the business. MailGun, SendGrid, and a few others are merely set up to get you started along side your promoting and advertising automations. In this post, we cover organize each one. Additionally, we give you an inside of take a look at aWordPress plugin that integrates seamlessly with Divi to give you a whole promoting and advertising resolution correct for your WordPress dashboard.

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Final Concepts on Our 8 Helpful Tutorials to Get Started with Divi Cloudways Website hosting

As you’ll have the ability to see, Cloudways is packed full of fantastic choices to get one of the crucial out of your internet webhosting experience. Our tutorials are easy to use, and provide step-by-step guidance to customize your server, organize your email correspondence, SMTP, and protection settings. If you want to be told additional about Cloudways, check out our in-depth evaluation of their products and services and merchandise and what gadgets them with the exception of their competition.

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We welcome your feedback. Did you in finding any of our tutorials useful? Dangle forth inside the observation phase below.

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