CleanMyMac vs. BuhoCleaner (An In-depth Comparability)

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Like each and every other operating strategies, macOS shoppers should moreover keep a excellent system-cleaning app installed. A reliable method cleaning app promises your Mac provides optimal potency and doesn’t run out of space for storing.

Should you’re looking for one loyal and setting pleasant cleaning app for your Mac, a handy guide a rough Google search will lead you to apps like CCleaner, CleanMyMac, OnyX, and a few others.

On the other hand there’s a brand spanking new app in town known as BuhoCleaner that also works rather neatly.

So, in this put up, I can overview this new app towards one of the huge boys – CleanMyMac – in the case of their respective choices, problems they each and every have in common, their discrepancies, prices, and after all, which could be suitable for you.

Let’s get started.

Table of Content material subject material:
  1. What a just right Mac Cleaner wishes?
  2. Very important apps CleanMyMac & BuhoCleaner have
  3. Extra apps CleanMyMac & BuhoCleaner have
  4. What CleanMyMac lacks?
  5. What BuhoCleaner’s lacking of?
  6. Costs of each apps
  7. Conclusion

What a Good Mac Cleaner Requires?

Faster than we get into the comparison of the two apps mentioned above, I wish to highlight the stuff you’ll have to imagine quicker than downloading one.

A excellent Mac cleaning app should be able to do the following:

  • Scan and find earlier and space-hogging knowledge and delete them from your computer.
  • We could in shoppers to uninstall or delete apps that they’re no longer using.
  • Organize startup items so your Mac boots quicker.
  • Delete subtle knowledge securely and entirely so as to no longer leave any strains any place for your method.

Crucial Choices Every Apps Have

Now, let’s discuss choices each and every CleanMyMac and BuhoCleaner have in common, what each serve as does, and who does it upper.

1. One-click Document Tool optimizing
one click optimizeone click optimize

Every apps come with a to hand one-click method scan-and-clean serve as.

Whilst you click on on on the “Scan” button, it runs an intensive scan of the ideas method and proceeds to transparent up junk knowledge and liberate disk area for your Mac.

Every apps scan into areas identical to the patron and method caches, client log knowledge, and trash bins to seek for junk knowledge.


Every apps scanned for junk knowledge; however, the “Smart Scan” serve as in CleanMyMac moreover ran the “Maintenance Script“, “Flushed DNS Cache“, and “Unlock RAM“. Personally, that’s the position CleanMyMac did a additional thorough (and a better activity) in one move.

CleanMyMac smart scanCleanMyMac smart scan


BuhoCleaner does a reasonably additional detailed search when it comes to looking for junk and space-hogging knowledge. It also searches for Xcode junk and Unused DMG Data with its “Flash Clean” serve as.

BuhoCleaner smart scanBuhoCleaner smart scan

Which app does this upper?

Personally, CleanMyMac is the winner proper right here. Despite the fact that it doesn’t look into unused DMG knowledge for your method by means of Smart Scan, the app does provide a standalone serve as that allows you to delete unused and suspicious apps.

2. Uninstall Mac Apps With Ease
uninstall mac appsuninstall mac apps
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Every apps allow shoppers to uninstall the apps which could be least or no longer used merely.

This feature lists all the apps installed for your Mac and signifies that you’ll uninstall any unwanted app. Uninstalling apps in bulk is also supported.

Additionally, each and every apps moreover show you the Leftover apps and can help you delete them for excellent.

Leftover apps surround remnants left behind inside the method as a result of premature uninstalling of apps, i.e., thru transferring the app directly into the trash bin.


With the exception of showing you the Leftover apps, CleanMyMac moreover record suspicious and dodgy apps under “Suspicious“. The ones are apps that CleanMyMac deems associated with suspicious developers.

CleanMyMac sus appsCleanMyMac sus apps


BuhoCleaner displays you a list of large and unused apps under “Huge and Earlier apps“. They comprose of apps higher than 100MB and have no longer been opened up to now 3 months. I believe this is pretty useful for understanding unused and space-hogging apps.

BuhoCleaner sus appsBuhoCleaner sus apps

Which app does this upper?

I believe each and every CleanMyMac and BuhoCleaner did in a similar way neatly, with the latter having a slight edge in being able to display “Huge and Earlier apps“.

3. Scan, Come across, Delete Huge Data
delete large filesdelete large files

This feature scans, lists, and lets you delete large knowledge hidden for your file method.

Every apps show you all knowledge with large file sizes, sorting them thru file period, ultimate accessed/opened, and sort (dossier, image, video, endeavor, archives, and so on.).

You’ll be capable to then merely bulk-delete the ideas that you need. It moreover signifies that you’ll examine any particular file in its folder in Finder.

Which app does this upper?

In terms of scanning, file, and deleting large file-size knowledge, I believe each and every CleanMyMac and BuhoCleaner did in a similar way neatly.

4. Inspect Mac Startup Items
inspect Mac itemsinspect Mac items

Startup items, continuously known as login items, are apps that load robotically all over method startup or whilst you log in to your method.

The additional startup items you have, the slower Mac it will likely be at startup. Due to this fact, you’ll have to keep startup items at a minimum if you want to have the Mac to start out out up quicker.

Every apps assist you to add and remove startup items very simply.


CleanMyMac displays you 4 quite a lot of varieties of startup items:

CleanMyMac startup itemsCleanMyMac startup items
  1. Login items – Apps that get robotically opened whilst you log in.
  2. Unlock agents – Satellite tv for pc television for computer apps belonging to other installed apps.
  3. Heavy consumers – Apps that take in additional resources sought after all over startup.
  4. Hung techniques – Apps which could be non-responsive all over startup.


BuhoCleaner startup itemsBuhoCleaner startup items

BuhoCleaner displays you the following:

  1. Shopper login items – Apps robotically open whilst you log in to your Mac.
  2. Startup services and products and merchandise – Services and products that run inside the background whilst you log in to your Mac.
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Which app does this upper?

Login items” in CleanMyMac is the same as “Shopper Login Items“; “Unlock Agents” in CleanMyMac is the same as “Startup Services and products” in BuhoCleaner. Despite the fact that BuhoCleaner lacks showing the “Heavy Shoppers” and “Hung Applications“, I don’t think they’re that necessary.

So in the case of analyzing startup items, I’d say each and every CleanMyMac and BuhoCleaner did in a similar way neatly.

Other Choices Every Apps Shares

Listed here are additional choices (no longer an important, then again excellent to have for a Mac cleaning app) each and every CleanMyMac and BuhoCleaner have in common.

Disk House Inspecting

This feature visualizes your disk space usage and allows you to to find and delete knowledge which could be hogging up quite a lot of the realm.

BuhoCleaner: Toolkit > Disk House Analyzer

BuhoCleaner disk scanBuhoCleaner disk scan

CleanMyMac: Data > House Lens, and Data > Huge & Earlier Data

CleanMyMac disk scanCleanMyMac disk scan
Document Shredding

The Document Shredding serve as totally and securely deletes subtle knowledge you no longer need from your computer.

Buhocleaner: Toolkit > Shredder

BuhoCleaner shredderBuhoCleaner shredder

CleanMyMac: Data > Shredder

CleanMyMac shredderCleanMyMac shredder
Free Up RAM

Lack of RAM causes the potency of your Mac and its apps to slow down. This feature frees up RAM so your Mac runs smoother.

BuhoCleaner: Toolkit > Free Up RAM

BuhoCleaner free RAMBuhoCleaner free RAM

CleanMyMac: Maintenance > Free Up RAM

CleanMyMac free RAMCleanMyMac free RAM
Re-index Spotlight

This software rebuilds your Mac’s Spotlight index, so having a look by means of Spotlight may also be so much sooner and further right kind.

BuhoCleaner: Toolkit > Reindex Spotlight

BuhoCleaner reindex SpotlightBuhoCleaner reindex Spotlight

CleanMyMac: Maintenance > Reindex Spotlight

CleanMyMac reindex SpotlightCleanMyMac reindex Spotlight
Flush DNS Cache

Should you’re rapidly no longer ready to load certain internet pages while the Internet seems to be running, that’s nearly for sure a subject matter with the DNS cache for your Mac. This software signifies that you’ll flush/reset it.

BuhoCleaner: Toolkit > Flush DNS Cache

BuhoCleaner flush DNSBuhoCleaner flush DNS

CleanMyMac: Maintenance > Flush DNS Cache

CleanMyMac flush DNSCleanMyMac flush DNS

CleanMyMac Lacks “Scan Duplicates” Feature

CleanMyMac, in comparision with BuhoCleaner, lacks a duplicate knowledge scanning serve as, which the latter app has. This feature scans for copy knowledge so that you’ll delete them to liberate space.

BuhoCleaner duplicated filesBuhoCleaner duplicated files

In BuhoCleaner, all you wish to have to do is add the folder’s identify (certain, even the Area Folder), and it’s going to get began scanning and show you knowledge deemed duplicated in the course of the app.

Document varieties checked and scanned include audio knowledge, pictures, video knowledge, forms of rather a large number of formats, archives (.zip, .rar, and so on.), and further.

You’ll be capable to then go through each file manually and come to a decision whether or not or no longer you need to stick or delete it.

Choices BuhoCleaner Lacks:

The ones are the entire record of choices BuhoCleaner lacks, when compared to CleanMyMac.

  • Mail Attachment – Signifies that you’ll remove in the neighborhood saved copies of attachments inside the Mail app.
  • Malware Casting off – Scans and deletes suspicious and potentially malicious knowledge for your Mac.
  • Privacy – Cleans up chat wisdom and footprints of your other online movements, in conjunction with the browser history.
  • Free Up Purgeable House – Scans and deletes knowledge CleanMyMac deems purgeable (useless and space-hogging knowledge)
  • Pace Up Mail – Optimize and boost up the Mail app for your Mac.
  • Repair Disk Permissions – Verifies and maintenance broken file and folder permissions.
  • Time Device Snapshot Thinning – Shrinks the size of your Time Device backups to liberate more space.
  • Updater – Will provide you with a list of old-fashioned (installed) apps and allows you to substitute them.
  • Extension – Will provide you with a list of all installed extensions (Spotlight plugins, Safari extensions, Need Panes, and Internet plugins) so that you’ll remove the ones no longer wanted.
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How So much Every Apps Value?

Every are free to procure, arrange and use. On the other hand like another excellent Mac app, it does comes with a ticket if you want to make use of all its useful choices. Proper right here’s a breakdown of the prices of each and every apps.

  • Free 30-day trial (Deletes 3GB of junks without cost)
  • Single Plan – $19.99 for 1 Mac/life
  • Family Plan – $29.99 for 3 Macs/life
  • Business Plan – $39.99 for 10 Macs/life
  • Free trial with limited capacity
  • $34.95 for 1 Mac/one year
  • $54.95 for 2 Mac/one year
  • $79.95 for 5 Mac/one year

Summary – Choices and Prices

And proper right here’s a handy guide a rough comparison of choices of each and every apps.

Choices BuhoCleaner CleanMyMac
One-click optimizing Positive Positive
Apps uninstaller Positive Positive
Delete large knowledge Positive Positive
Inspect Startup items Positive Positive
To seek out replica knowledge Positive Positive
Analyze disk space Positive Positive
Document shredding Positive Positive
Unlock RAM Positive Positive
Spotlight reindexing Positive Positive
Flush DNS Cache Positive Positive
To seek out replica knowledge Positive No
Optimize Mail app No Positive
Remove Malware No Positive
Privacy cleanup No Positive
Free purgeable space No Positive
Optimize Time Device App No Positive
Apps Updating No Positive
Extensions optimizing No Positive
Price starts at $14.99/Lifetime $34.95/Year

Which App’s Upper, IMO?

BuhoCleaner, and proper right here’s why.

BuhoCleaner works on provide macOS Monterey and will also art work on the upcoming macOS Ventura, they usually’re particularly optimized for M1/M2 Macs.

It’s additionally a clear win in the case of price. The app costs $14.99 consistent with lifetime; 5 years down the road, it’s nevertheless $14.99, while CleanMyMac would value you north of $150.

Positive, it lacks certain choices when compared to CleanMyMac, then again the ones, for my part, aren’t crucial choices, and I can live with that, in particular whilst you overview each and every apps at their price stage.

However, that does no longer diminish CleanMyMac as an excellent cleaning app for Mac. It’s upper in the case of the choices supplied.

Should you’re a Mac client without any cleaning app installed, I’d recommend giving BuhoCleaner a check out. And if you happen to occur to later come to a decision to have additional keep watch over in the case of optimizing and cleaning your Mac, CleanMyMac isn’t going any place.

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