Figma vs Cartoon: A Function Comparability of Each Design Gear

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In the world of individual interface and individual revel in design, Caricature was once the undisputed king for years. It was once the go-to platform for site designers looking to design next-level interfaces. Its unique choices (flexible vector editing, easy grids, smart guides, and so forth.) presented the UI design trade to a whole new level.

Alternatively for the reason that trade evolved, along were given right here Figma, an web multi-platform collaborative machine — a brand spanking new Caricature selection. Alternatively that begs the question: In a Figma vs Caricature matchup, which instrument comes out ahead?

There are many key diversifications that can serve as deciding elements in whether or not or now not you will have to make a choice Caricature or Figma for your UI design needs.

In this article, we’ll read about and difference Figma vs Caricature to be able to make an informed choice between the two when choosing which one is perfect for your next responsive internet design problem.

What Is Figma?

Figma was once spotted by way of many as a modern building on this planet of UI design apparatus. It was once the principle primary option to Caricature and was once introduced in 2016. Its creation made it much more easy for internet designers to earn their salaries.

The homepage for the UI-design tool Figma
Figma homepage

No longer like Caricature, which is local design instrument you wish to have to procure, Figma is a web based instrument that works via a browser. It’s moreover far more versatile when it comes to your working machine; it can be used on House home windows or Mac tactics, whilst Caricature is very best available on Mac.

Figma has a collaborative design serve as that allows you to share designs with people of your workforce who can artwork alongside you in real-time. This makes it far more attention-grabbing for design teams and shoppers who want a hand throughout the process.

There’s moreover no messy software arrange with Figma. Since you get right of entry to the service via a browser, you won’t have to worry about it eating up memory to your software or going via an advanced arrange process. In truth, with Figma’s online nature, you’ll be at the mercy of the internet and won’t be capable of artwork to your designs for individuals who’re in an area and not using a connection.

When you occur to’ve ever used Caricature up to now, one thing you’ll quickly perceive when checking out the instrument’s individual interface is that it’s extraordinarily similar to Caricature in relation to design. This was once an intentional switch made by way of the developers. Modeling their individual interface off of one that has been the trade standard for years promises an easy transition for somebody switching over.

What Is Caricature?

Caricature is a machine that the majority UI designers are intimately familiar with. It set the gold standard in UI design for years and opened up a brand spanking new universe of capacity.

The homepage for the UI design tool Sketch
Caricature homepage

Previous than Caricature become a popular UI design platform, designers normally used Adobe Photoshop to ship their creations to life. Alternatively, somebody who has used Photoshop can let you know that it wasn’t created to design a customer-friendly web site and was once woefully inadequate for the obligation. It will neatly be great for {photograph} or e mail design, but it surely wasn’t meant for web designers.

Caricature is a neighborhood desktop app; which means that that it must be locally installed to your laptop. It doesn’t require an internet connection, however it will’t be accessed from anywhere, against this to an web instrument similar to Figma.

Caricature is a vector graphics editor that was once first introduced to most people in 2010. It made a difference throughout the design world because it was once created in particular for digital designs, now not print designs, like Photoshop.

While the software nevertheless must be locally installed, a synced web app is also available for collaboration with design teams.

Key Choices of Figma

Figma has many key choices that make it a stellar and trendy service everywhere the UI design trade. For starters, it’s a collaborative machine that allows designers to share their artwork with people of their teams and shoppers.

Design teams can merely artwork together to edit duties or make notes on quite a lot of design elements in authentic time. This option is incredibly useful throughout the stylish trade world, where many design teams paintings remotely and are spread everywhere the sector.

A screenshot of Figma’s collaboration feature in progress
Figma’s collaboration serve as in expansion

The collaborative sharing serve as, which allows collaborators to depart comments any place notes wish to be made, is built into the machine and comes at no additional price.

This option will also be useful when dealing with shoppers, as they may be able to data you everywhere the design expansion. When you occur to’re starting down a path the consumer dislikes, the consumer can catch the issue early and make a remark previous than you get too a ways into the process and waste time.

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You’ll have the ability to moreover invite developers to find your prototypes and export assets using a single link.

Thought to be one among Figma’s number one benefits is that the machine doesn’t wish to be downloaded immediately onto a device. It’s an web instrument that’s accessed via a browser. Tool downloads can regularly be tough and devour up valuable laborious drive space. By way of using the applying online, you save on a large number of space, which is ultimately upper for the velocity and function of your software.

It’s moreover rather easy to learn to use Figma, because of various specific tutorials in particular designed for new shoppers. This takes the guesswork out of the learning process and helps you use Figma’s whole capacity correct from the start.

A plugin library is available for Figma, though it’s now not extensive as of however. This option was once made available in 2019, so the developer community is still emerging.

Flexible vector manipulation is a hugely in reality helpful serve as of Figma. When using this system, the vector editor is referred to as vector networks. You’ll have the ability to use vector networks to attach multiple lines to a minimum of one singular point. This ultimately will building up the producing speeds of vector drawing and helps you get your problem completed quicker.

The phase serve as is Figma’s style of Caricature’s signs serve as. The ones respective choices are elements that can be repeated all through pages and edited together. Figma has a take hold of phase that continues to be in place. This may also be changed by way of copying the take hold of phase and editing it. Doing this updates every instance of the phase everywhere your artwork.

Key Choices of Caricature

Caricature isn’t any slouch throughout the serve as department each, and it has powerful elements that have made it a mainstay of the trade for years.

Sketch’s real-time collaboration app launched in 2021
Caricature’s real-time collaboration app

The company presented a real-time collaboration app once more in 2021. This rather new serve as essentially duplicates Figma’s collaboration serve as. Alternatively, all collaborators must have paid subscriptions to Caricature and the Mac app installed on their units so as to use real-time collaboration.

Caricature has a browsable style history of designs, allowing shoppers to go back to earlier diversifications if they alter their minds and decide that they wish to go back and get began from an earlier point.

Restore previous versions of your work in Sketch
Caricature allows you to restore previous diversifications of your artwork

When using Caricature, you’ll invite target audience to the machine to take a look at your prototypes for usability. This is useful, as your testers can point out shortcomings or design flaws that completely slipped your perceive.

Caricature shoppers have the luxurious of a huge choice of third-party integration plugins which were curated over the years. This gives Caricature a huge leg up over Figma, which very best opened up its platform for integration building in 2019.

On account of the ones integrations, you’ll find that Caricature is a very customizable platform. Its plugins include translations, prototyping, developer handoff, and animations.

Caricature allows vector manipulation via hooked up problems known as nodes. It moreover has web inspector choices that allow developers to check out and export assets.

Caricature allows you to create impartial sorts. This comprises personalization via different colors, text, and a library of effects.

The machine moreover uses a drag-and-drop interface that allows you to click on on on and drag elements around the internet web page. This makes it in reality simple to be informed.

Execs & Cons of The usage of Figma

Figma Advantages

Figma has a number of advantages that make it some of the necessary sought-after Caricature possible choices available on the market.

For starters, it has great accessibility and will also be accessed on multiple platforms. It moreover choices flexible vector manipulation and real-time collaboration, which makes it easy to artwork with workforce and create some in reality masterful UI designs.

It moreover has easy developer handoff, allowing you to move every problem to the next move with only a few clicks.

It’s moreover very simple to learn to use Figma, because of its wealth of tutorial sources for new and professional shoppers alike.

Figma Drawbacks

Without reference to its many benefits, there are nevertheless a few drawbacks to Figma that can’t be now not famous as you search for a UI design platform.

Figma is a far more recent service than Caricature, and it very best started rolling out integrations and apps in 2019. That means it features a small integration library that pales in comparison to what’s introduced by way of the competition. Alternatively, given time, it’s at risk of broaden, and this adverse will grow to be a good.

While using Figma by way of the web is absolute best, you will need an internet connection to get right of entry to its choices. There’s no offline mode available.

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Execs & Cons of The usage of Caricature

Caricature Advantages

There are many advantages to using Caricature. There are a selection of reasons why it’s been a go-to product everywhere the design world for over a decade.

Its longevity is no doubt one among its advantages. On account of it’s been spherical for this sort of very very long time, many people are used to it. That means there’s a large number of guidance out there. This is a machine many site designers discovered on, so there are resources for somebody who needs to use Caricature to its whole possible.

Integrations available for Sketch
Caricature has a limiteless library of integrations

Caricature moreover has an implausible number of third-party integrations complicated over time to provide the perfect possible, custom designed Caricature revel in.

On account of this is a in the community put in program, it will neatly moreover artwork offline. This is a huge benefit for somebody with spotty internet service or someone who has to artwork on the pass, where WiFi isn’t always available.

Caricature Drawbacks

Caricature moreover has various drawbacks that can provide aspiring shoppers pause previous than making a purchase order order.

For instance, Caricature is very best available on a Mac, so for individuals who’re used to designing on a PC or simply can’t have enough money an expensive Mac laptop, then this system isn’t going to be available to you.

While it’s great that the company has created a real-time collaboration web app, the service is still new and limited. Given time, it’ll turn out to be a huge benefit, on the other hand for now, it’s an extended far more easy to collaborate using Figma.

You must arrange the Caricature software to your laptop locally. This eats up laborious drive space and might negatively affect the velocity of your Mac.

Figma vs Caricature: A Head-to-Head Comparison

Now that we understand the fundamental advantages and disadvantages of Figma and Caricature, let’s read about the two head-to-head in a large number of categories.


When it comes to collaborative design, Caricature very best presented this capability in 2021 via the use of a web app. All of your collaborators may even need paid Caricature subscriptions, and the serve as, very similar to the software itself, is very best available on a Mac.

This cloud-based, collaborative serve as works additional like a Dropbox file-sharing machine.

Figma allows for real-time collaboration on any platform. The machine works within the identical manner as Google Medical doctors, where shoppers can artwork together on the identical problem and make visible changes and comments in authentic time. You’ll have the ability to even see the mouse movements of other shoppers, and not using a issues concerning syncing or lag time.


Caricature’s software is broken down into two different pricing plans.

Pricing plans for Sketch
Caricature has two different pricing plans

The Caricature Standard plan costs $9 in step with editor monthly. It moreover comes with infinite loose target audience.

The Business plan’s pricing is a mystery, as Caricature doesn’t make this information publicly available. To qualify for the Business plan, you want a minimum of 25 editors.

This comes with annual pricing very best — there is no per thirty days chance. This means it’s going to be a large upfront investment.

The Caricature business plan comprises single sign-on, infinite storage on the cloud, invoice billing, are living chat technical enhance, a faithful customer excellent fortune manager, and customized protection critiques and words.

Pricing options for Figma
Figma has many quite a lot of pricing possible choices

Figma’s pricing is far more transparent and is to be had in different pricing plans.

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Figma’s Starter plan is free of rate, but it surely has some stumbling blocks. You’ll have the ability to very best artwork on 3 Figma files and three FigJam files.

Alternatively, it moreover comes with infinite personal files and collaborators. You’ll have the ability to use plugins, templates, and widgets without charge. The loose plan even comprises the use of the Figma mobile app.

The Professional plan on Figma is $12 in step with editor monthly when billed yearly. If you want to have a per thirty days chance, you’re looking at $15 in step with editor monthly.

When using the Professional plan, you get infinite Figma files, an unlimited style history, and sharing permission. You’ll have the ability to even be sure that duties non-public if you want to restrict get right of entry to. Additionally, you’ll get workforce libraries and the power to file audio conversations with collaborators.

The Crew plan costs $45 in step with editor monthly and very best comes with annual billing.

With this plan, you’ll create organization-wide libraries. You’ll have the ability to moreover design machine analytics and behaviour branching and merging.

Centralized file regulate and single sign-on are integrated throughout the Crew plan, and admin and billing are unified. You’ll have the ability to moreover use non-public widgets and plugins.

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Figma’s most costly plan is the Enterprise plan. It costs $75 in step with editor monthly and $5 in step with FigJam editor monthly. This plan supplies annual billing very best and allows for added flexible controls and sophisticated protection.

Ease of Use/Getting Started

The two services and products and merchandise share an similar interfaces, as a result of this that when you learn to use one, it’s in reality simple to modify between them.

Figma supplies how-to guides and academic motion pictures to ship new shoppers up to the mark quickly. Caricature has limited wisdom guides available via first rate channels, on the other hand the machine has been spherical for a long time, and there’s quite a lot of wisdom out there.

Extensibility (Plugins & Integrations)

Caricature has numerous plugins and integrations available. This huge app library is similar to WordPress’s spectacular library of topics and plugins. It’s accountable for the enhanced personalization you’ll use everywhere the Caricature revel in.

Figma added integrations once more in 2019, on the other hand sadly, few possible choices keep available.

No longer extraordinary integration functions include on the other hand don’t appear to be limited to:

  • Prototyping
  • Translations
  • Animations
  • Developer handoff


Figma is very good for far off groups because of its real-time collaboration choices. Additionally, its

grids and constraints are flexible, allowing you to create responsive and resizable layouts.

Caricature uses a number resizing serve as, but it surely limits you to only 4 possible choices.

Figma uses vector networks to create a better path model
Figma uses vector networks to create a better path model

Figma’s vector networks reinforce on the path model. Lines and curves now not want to form a single chain. As an alternative, they may be able to pass between any two problems.

Figma moreover has very good developer handoff choices when it’s time to provide the UI to the developer to get able to put up.

Caricature can use its integrations to make up for various of its serve as shortcomings. As an example, Zeplin is an app that can be used for developer handoff.

Potency & Pace

Your speed will also be affected by many things, from the gap to your laborious drive to the WordPress theme you choose for your web site. Figma has no reported speed or lag issues, and collaborative design classes can occur in authentic time.

Caricature is locally installed software on a Mac, so internet speeds won’t affect its potency. Because of this, it boasts most sensible potency and speeds and can carry out even supposing your software is offline.


Figma supplies additional UI triggers when prototyping. The ones triggers include:

  • On click on on
  • While hovering
  • On drag

Figma moreover includes a forged prototype preview that is superior to what’s introduced on Caricature. You’ll have the ability to make use of standard transitions between prototype displays. This comprises transferring in or out at will.

Figma even uses a Just right Animate serve as that permits you to create difficult animations with just a few clicks. Alternatively, Figma doesn’t include linking between pages to attach your frames.

Caricature has prototyping plugins that make all of the process smoother. The ones include Mockplus Cloud, InVision Craft, and Flinto.


Figma and Caricature are stylish UI design platforms on which you’ll amplify many stellar, customer-friendly internet websites. As for which you need to use, it maximum usually is dependent upon what you’re looking for. This is as true for opting to your UI design instrument because it’s for your e mail shopper.

When you occur to artwork primarily on a Mac and want to artwork offline, thus the usage of a limiteless library of integrations to have the same opinion create a additional custom designed revel in, then Caricature is for you.

If you want to have a loose chance, artwork on a PC, need flexible collaboration and want to use flexible vector manipulation, then Figma might be the answer you’re looking for.

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