FreshBooks vs QuickBooks: Which Is Higher for Freelancers and Companies?

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What’s your favorite section about being a small business owner?

Proper right here are some things you probably didn’t say: getting able invoices, filling out expense tales, paying bills, or tracking your working hours.

Unfortunately, freelancers and corporate homeowners can’t escape the ones tedious accounting tasks. On the other hand cloud-based accounting software can make them so a lot more simple.

On the other hand which online accounting software should you choose?

QuickBooks is one of the vital widely known accounting software available on the market, then again it has numerous festival. Is it the best solution for a small business like yours? This text compares QuickBooks to a few different in taste variety, FreshBooks.

Keep finding out this in depth Freshbooks vs QuickBooks publish to come to a decision the better selection for freelancers and corporations.

QuickBooks Assessment

One of the most necessary player throughout the game (at least in North The U.S.) is QuickBooks.

QuickBooks was developed by the use of Intuit, a tool large that owns financial products like TurboTax and Mint.

Intuit has been spherical since 1983, and it introduced QuickBooks in 1992. QuickBooks Online (QBO), the cloud-based fashion of the product, were given right here out in 2001.

Lately, QuickBooks products, along with online and desktop diversifications, have a 76% market proportion in america.

A map of the market share Quickbooks has
QuickBooks world market proportion. (Provide: Codat)

This text will point of interest on QuickBooks Online. Choices of QBO include:

  • Invoicing
  • Income and expense tracking
  • Bill keep watch over
  • Mileage tracking
  • Time tracking
  • Inventory keep watch over
  • Get advantages and loss reporting
  • Automatic online banking

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FreshBooks Assessment

FreshBooks was first introduced in 2003. Mike McDerment was running a four-person design corporate and was annoyed by the use of the available invoicing solutions. So he created a better one.

FreshBooks nevertheless has an impressive point of interest on self-employed other people. Although it most simple has a 4% market proportion in america, it has a positive popularity with freelancers and small corporations.

Choices include:

  • Invoicing
  • Income and expense tracking
  • Time tracking
  • Image and record sharing
  • Credit card expenses and monetary establishment deposits
  • Record era
  • Mileage tracking

FreshBooks vs QuickBooks Pricing

You’re searching for the best accounting software for your online business.

On the other hand as a freelancer or small business owner, you moreover must be price-conscious.

FreshBooks Pricing Plans

  • Lite: $15/month
  • Plus: $25/month
  • Most sensible magnificence: $50/month
  • Select custom designed pricing

You’ll be capable of steer clear of losing money if you choose annual billing relatively than per month. There’s moreover a 30-day free trial — no credit card required.

One of the most a very powerful difference throughout the plans is what selection of billable consumers you’ll have. The Lite plan most simple implies that you’ll be able to invoice 5 consumers, while the Plus plan implies that you’ll be able to invoice 50. Most sensible magnificence and Select allow countless consumers.

QuickBooks Pricing Plans

  • Simple Get began: $25/month
  • Prerequisites: $50/month
  • Plus: $80/month
  • Sophisticated: $180/month
  • Desktop Skilled Plus: $349/twelve months

The ones prices think you do a 30-day free trial. If you choose to forgo the trial, you’ll get 50% off for three months.

QuickBooks doesn’t limit your consumers as FreshBooks does. However, it limits the purchasers you’ll have to your account. With Simple Get began, you most simple get one user. The Prerequisites plan incorporates 3 consumers, Plus implies that you’ll be able to have 5, and Sophisticated allows 25.

Time tracking and inventory keep watch over are two of the additional necessary choices missing from the Simple Get began plan. You’ll wish to have the Prerequisites plan or higher to track time. For inventory keep watch over, you’ll need at least Plus.

So which plan has upper pricing?

If you happen to occur to’re a freelancer or corporate owner who most simple bills 5 consumers, FreshBooks Lite will most definitely offer all the choices you wish to have, and it’s essentially the most reasonably priced plan by the use of some distance.

Even supposing you bill 50 consumers, FreshBooks Plus is as reasonably priced as QuickBooks Simple Get began, and FreshBooks Plus gives you the facility to track your time.

Whilst you’ve were given more than 50 consumers, you’ll wish to get FreshBooks Most sensible magnificence for $50 per month.

At this degree, whilst you don’t need time tracking, QuickBooks Simple Get began is the additional reasonably priced selection. FreshBooks Most sensible magnificence and QuickBooks Prerequisites plans are the equivalent price if you wish to have time tracking.

QuickBooks Self-Employed

There’s moreover a fashion of QuickBooks referred to as QuickBooks Self-Employed (QBSE) for $15/month. This is technically develop into unbiased from QBO, even though it’s moreover a cloud-based product.

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QBSE may well be very basic, and its invoicing purposes are limited. It’s good at providing tax have the same opinion then again lacks the accounting choices that almost all business owners need.

FreshBooks vs QuickBooks Choices

QuickBooks and Freshbooks have many an equivalent purposes then again with some vital diversifications.

Let’s take a look at the main choices you’ll wish to believe to your accounting software selection.


FreshBooks invoicing is unassuming to use.

You’ll be capable of get began with a customizable invoice template and select your invoice logo, colors, and fonts.

Example of a Freshbooks invoice
FreshBooks invoice.

FreshBooks can automate numerous the tedious art work of invoicing, like putting in ordinary invoices or sending reminders about late expenses, and applying late fees.

Invoices can pull knowledge instantly from the time-tracking serve as whilst you mark your hours as billable.

For one of the vital section, QuickBooks Online supplies an equivalent invoicing choices. Invoices are customizable and have moderately numerous automation alternatives.

FreshBooks invoicing is a little more user-friendly for any individual without a lot accounting software experience. QBO, alternatively, is best possible supplied for the wishes of larger corporations, like bulk invoicing.

While QuickBooks can robotically add time tracking knowledge to invoices, that serve as will most simple be available in case you have the Prerequisites plan.

Each and every solutions are great invoicing software, then again FreshBooks has a slight edge for freelancers as a result of ease of use and the blending with time tracking.

Expense Tracking

QuickBooks and FreshBooks offer very an equivalent expense tracking.

Each and every can connect in conjunction with your monetary establishment accounts and credit cards so that your books can also be robotically up-to-the-minute in conjunction with your most recent spending. QuickBooks can also connect to your PayPal account.

You’ll be capable of add expenses to every QuickBooks and FreshBooks by the use of taking a picture of a receipt. Each and every platforms can categorize your expenses into tax-friendly categories.

If you happen to occur to mark your expenses as billable, you’ll pull them proper right into a purchaser invoice on FreshBooks or QuickBooks.

Till the PayPal integration is essential for your online business, there’s no clear winner proper right here.

Purchaser Expenses

The last thing you want is to your consumers to combat to pay you.

Luckily, every QuickBooks and FreshBooks make purchaser expenses easy. They every accept credit cards, monetary establishment transfers, and PayPal. Each and every let you send your purchaser an piece of email with a link to pay the invoice.

They every charge transaction fees for collecting expenses. The amounts are an equivalent:

  • FreshBooks: 2.9% + $0.30 on all credit card transactions, excluding for American Explicit, which is 3.5% + $0.30. 1% on ACH transfers.
  • QuickBooks: 2.9% + $0.25 in step with transaction for online credit cards, 2.4% + $0.25 for swiped credit cards, 3.4% + $0.25 in step with transaction for keyed-in taking part in playing cards. 1% in step with transaction for ACH transfer.

QuickBooks has a sleek portal for online expenses.

The QuickBooks online payment portal
QuickBooks online charge portal.

However, FreshBooks wins for online expenses as a result of its Checkout Links serve as. Checkout Links are unique charge links that imply you’ll be able to acquire online expenses without an invoice.

The advantage of together with the ones links to your site or social media puts it ahead of QuickBooks in terms of online charge.

QuickBooks has upper alternatives for collecting in-person expenses. You’ll be capable of even get a QuickBooks cellular credit card reader for an additional price.

FreshBooks moreover supplies some phone and in-person charge alternatives through an Sophisticated Expenses add-on, then again QuickBooks is still the stronger solution for brick-and-mortar corporations.

Inventory Keep watch over

FreshBooks didn’t have any native inventory keep watch over choices until simply in recent times, even though it did mix with a couple of third-party inventory keep watch over applications.

That changed in 2020.

Now FreshBooks supplies simple inventory tracking. You’ll be capable of keep an up-to-the-minute tick list of your inventory, and when you invoice for an products, its stock amount will reduce robotically.

QuickBooks inventory keep watch over goes previous tracking with superb reporting and analysis. You’ll be capable of merely see your best possible imaginable sellers, common product sales, or taxes. You’ll be capable of moreover get low stock notifications if an products is working out.

QuickBooks is the better variety for managing inventory.

Time Tracking

Each and every FreshBooks plan supplies countless time tracking for all the staff.

You’ll be capable of record billable hours for a specific client and robotically add that time to the client invoice.

A screenshot of FreshBooks time tracking
FreshBooks time tracking.

The dearer QuickBooks plans moreover offer time tracking. However, FreshBooks time tracking was designed for freelancers, while QuickBooks is best possible for upper product sales teams.

For freelancers who need time tracking, FreshBooks is a clear variety.


Evaluations imply you’ll be able to dig into the details of your transactions or get a big-picture view of your company’s finances.

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FreshBooks, as standard, supplies an intuitive, user-friendly experience. You’ll be capable of generate seven FreshBooks tales:

  1. Invoice Details
  2. Expense Details
  3. Get advantages and Loss
  4. Getting older Accounts
  5. Tax Summary
  6. Expenses Collected

With QuickBooks, the tales available to you depend on your plan. On the other hand even Simple Get began, the least dear selection, supplies dozens of stories.

An incomplete tick list of QuickBooks tales available with Simple Get began incorporates:

  • Stability Sheet
  • Get advantages and Loss by the use of % of General Income
  • Get advantages and Loss by the use of Purchaser
  • Remark of Cash Flows
  • Product sales by the use of Purchaser Summary
  • Transaction Report by the use of Broker

A screenshot of the QuickBooks dashboard
QuickBooks dashboard.

While we acknowledge the straightforward reporting that FreshBooks supplies, we wish to give this one to QuickBooks.

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FreshBooks and QuickBooks each offer an extensive library of third-party integrations.

The platforms are moderately lightly matched — the best solution will be the one with the integrations your online business needs.

Take a look at all the tick list of FreshBooks vs QuickBooks integrations to decide.

A few in taste FreshBooks integrations include:

  • Shopify: robotically sync your consumers and orders to FreshBooks
  • Zoom: robotically pull your meeting minutes into FreshBooks and use them for client billing
  • Gmail: add Gmail contacts as consumers and create and piece of email invoices instantly from your Gmail account.

While QuickBooks supplies:

  • Shopify: mix your Shopify product sales with QuickBooks
  • Amazon Industry: practice Amazon Industry purchases in QuickBooks
  • Fathom: make use of budgeting, forecasting, and financial dashboards


What if you want to try your dashboards or change an invoice when you’re away from your computer?

Cellular alternatives of FreshBooks vs QuickBooks are moderately the equivalent. They every offer cellular apps for Android and iOS. They’re kind of similar, with choices like invoice creation, expense tracking, mileage tracking, and dashboards.

One cool serve as of the FreshBooks app is responding to your client’s questions and feedback from all over the app.

Till that serve as is essential to you, QuickBooks and FreshBooks have an in a similar fashion tough showing throughout the cellular magnificence.

Ease of Use

FreshBooks is known for being user-friendly. For proof that it lives up to the hype, we can turn to software evaluation web sites G2 and Capterra.

G2 opinions charge QuickBooks 8.1 on ease of use, while FreshBooks is rated 9.2. On Capterra, QuickBooks gets a 4.1 throughout the ease of use magnificence. FreshBooks wins yet again with 4.5.

Each and every software programs have moderately intuitive interfaces, then again FreshBooks is additional beginner-friendly.


If you happen to occur to’re a solopreneur or have a small business and intend to stay small, FreshBooks has the choices you wish to have.

On the other hand an expanding business would possibly outgrow it in short.

If you happen to occur to ascertain having moderately numerous team of workers or wanting to invoice a variety of shoppers, QuickBooks may be the winner.

Purchaser Make stronger

FreshBooks provides fortify by the use of phone and piece of email. QuickBooks supplies phone, live chat, and in-app fortify.

Each and every have in depth knowledge bases.

To resolve which device has superior purchaser fortify, we can go back to G2 and Capterra.

All over again, FreshBooks gets upper opinions on every web sites. On G2, QuickBooks fortify is rated 7.5 compared to 9.2 for FreshBooks. Capterra supplies QuickBooks 3.9 and FreshBooks 4.4.

Other Choices

There are some distance too many choices in FreshBooks and QuickBooks to fully cover this article. A very powerful diversifications are lined above, then again depending on the needs of your online business, it’s imaginable you’ll wish to believe a few additional problems.

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Multi-International cash

If you happen to occur to maintain multiple currencies, you’ll want accounting software to care for that. FreshBooks has multi-currency choices the least bit price levels. QuickBooks supplies it starting with the Prerequisites plan.


Whilst you’ve were given team of workers, it is advisable be searching for payroll software. Payroll is available as a QuickBooks add-on for a per month price.

FreshBooks doesn’t offer payroll software, even though it does mix with some payroll apparatus.

Bill Paying

Each and every QuickBooks and FreshBooks imply you’ll be able to pay your company’s bills the usage of the software.

In every cases, you get this option starting with the $50 per month plan — QuickBooks Prerequisites and FreshBooks Most sensible magnificence.

FreshBooks vs QuickBooks: Which One Should You Make a choice in 2021?

The best accounting solution for your online business depends on your own needs.

On the other hand for the usual freelancer or corporate owner, we think there’s a clear variety between FreshBooks vs QuickBooks.

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Execs and Cons of QuickBooks

QuickBooks online dominates the market for a reason.

QuickBooks Execs:

  • Scalable
  • Choices for firms of all sizes
  • Inventory keep watch over purposes
  • Extensive reporting

QuickBooks Cons:

  • Less expensive charge tiers lacking important choices
  • A lot much less intuitive than FreshBooks

Execs and Cons of FreshBooks

FreshBooks has a well-merited popularity as superb accounting software for self-employed other people.

FreshBooks Execs:

  • Easy to use
  • Great purchaser fortify
  • Reasonably priced pricing
  • Time tracking

FreshBooks Cons:

  • Limits billable consumers
  • Lacking choices for upper corporations

FreshBooks vs QuickBooks: The Verdict

For plenty of freelancers and corporations, FreshBooks is the better variety.

It’s cost-effective for small corporations and offers the whole thing most solopreneurs or corporations need. It’s moreover recognized for user-friendliness — crucial for those who wish to spend their time running a business, now not studying to be an accountant.

That discussed, for some small corporations, QuickBooks will be the more sensible choice. For instance, select QuickBooks if:

You should have an accountant who prefers QuickBooks.

QuickBooks is often the software of variety for accountants. It’s been spherical without end and is used by additional corporations than another solution, in order that they’re used to it.

Some accountants will most simple art work with QuickBooks. If that’s the case, it’s perhaps best possible imaginable to go in conjunction with their need.

You run a brick-and-mortar store and/or have a physically product.

If your online business sells a physically product, QuickBooks’s inventory keep watch over choices would possibly transform helpful.

On the other hand remember the fact that you don’t get those choices till you’re paying $80 per month for QuickBooks Plus.

If that’s now not an investment you want to make, FreshBooks supplies basic inventory tracking with all plans.

You propose to increase such a lot.

QuickBooks is the better solution for large corporations. If your aspirations go beyond running a small corporate, QuickBooks is price taking into consideration.

FreshBooks vs QuickBooks vs Imaginable alternatives

QuickBooks and FreshBooks aren’t the only accounting software alternatives for freelancers. Listed below are a few additional best choices:


Xero is a cloud-based accounting solution offering a an equivalent suite of choices as QuickBooks and FreshBooks.

It isn’t as in taste as QuickBooks in North The U.S. then again has a very powerful market proportion in Europe, Australia, and New Zealand.

Xero is known for its attractive and intuitive user interface. It’s moreover an excessively scalable solution, with the least dear plan starting at merely $9 per month. However, Xero is generally additional popular with mid-sized corporations than freelancers and corporations.


Some freelancers and corporate homeowners don’t want the entire bells and whistles that QuickBooks and FreshBooks offer.

They simply need a simple and surroundings pleasant software. Bonus problems if it’s free.

Wave is an accounting app that fills that need.

With Wave, you get crucial apparatus for invoicing, expense tracking, online expenses, and further. You gained’t to seek out sophisticated purposes like time tracking and inventory keep watch over.

There’s no per month price, and most choices are free, then again you’re going to be charged transaction fees to use the Expenses serve as.

Sage 50cloud

Sage 50cloud is another accounting solution geared toward small corporations.

One space where it stands out is its sophisticated inventory keep watch over choices. Whilst you’ve were given an enormous inventory, it is usually a better solution than QuickBooks. Plus, you’ll get those choices even with Sage 50cloud’s most simple plan, which is more economical than QuickBooks Online Plus.

Built-In Invoicing with Kinsta

FreshBooks and QuickBooks make accounting tasks slightly easier. So can Kinsta.

Kinsta supplies a per-user automatic invoicing system that gives you entire keep an eye on over the recipients of your invoices. If you happen to occur to’re managing a couple of consumers to your Kinsta account, you’ll make sure that all invoices are sent robotically to a couple of piece of email addresses at the end of the month.

You’ll be capable of get right to use your invoices from all over the MyKinsta dashboard.

Invoices on the MyKinsta dashboard
Invoices on the MyKinsta dashboard.

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Invoicing, bookkeeping, accepting expenses, tracking expenses, and other accounting tasks don’t must be so tedious. QuickBooks and FreshBooks are solutions that can make running your own business easier.

However, deciding between FreshBooks vs QuickBooks can also be tedious. We hope this article has helped making a decision upper.

They’d every be forged choices, then again we wish to suggest FreshBooks as the best accounting software for freelancers and corporations in 2021.

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