Glasp vs. Subject: Which Highlighter App Will have to You Use?

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In the past, we showed you 10 of the highest internet highlighters you’ll be capable to get at the moment. In this post, we’re going to put across two of them to a additional detailed comparision.

Glasp and Subject are two emerging highlighter apps to look forward to. The ones apps help readers get ready their content material subject matter library and have in mind what they be told online.

Glasp vs Matter highlighter appGlasp vs Matter highlighter app

Every services and products and merchandise allow you to be told and highlight web content material subject matter, then again each has their own unique choices. Be told on to see which app works best for you.

Analysis of Glasp and Topic


Image: Glasp Web Highlighter

Glasp is a “social web highlighter” for the desktop. Which means that that your highlights and notes in a web article it will be available for public viewing by the use of everyone who comes right through your profile internet web page or within the match that they stumble upon the thing you highlighted in their feed.


Image: Topic app

Subject, however, calls itself the “one place for all your learning” for cell devices. It’s each and every a read-it-later and reader app that is designed to be a personal learning revel in. It used to be as soon as advanced initially as a e-newsletter highlighter for cell then again is now available on desktop.

To get a better working out of each and every apps, this newsletter discusses their choices in step with the following categories:

  • Highlighting and note-taking
  • Supported platforms
  • Import and export possible choices
  • Visibility of highlights and notes
  • Bookmarking
  • Unique Choices

Highlighting and Practice-Taking

An important difference between the two apps is how it handles highlighting and note-taking.


Glasp means that you can highlight all kinds of web articles on the spot. It does now not use a reader view which allows it to stay the original article’s formatting. In addition to, you’ll be capable to moreover highlight PDF knowledge from the web and YouTube transcripts.

The app we could in you to select 4 colors and specify their labels when highlighting, making the serve as additional private to the shopper.

As an example, you’ll be capable to denote yellow for highlights that spark an idea, purple for disagreement, green for classy concepts, and blue for vital problems.

Relating to note-taking, you’ve got the strategy to take notes on a particular highlight or on the normal web content material subject matter. You’ll add the latter beneath the Internet web page Statement segment when you click on on on Glasp’s browser extension.

Your highlights and notes are stored on your profile internet web page on Glasp’s website.

Glasp note takingGlasp note taking

Topic takes a singular means and uses its non-public reader to allow you to highlight and take notes from there.

For the reason that app is concentrated on the learning revel in, you may well be most effective limited to highlighting web articles, Twitter threads, and newsletters. If you ought to listen to the web articles, Topic signifies that you’ll highlight audio as smartly.

The app has the equivalent note-taking capacity as Glasp, allowing you to take notes on a particular highlight or at article-level. It most effective has one highlighter coloration that you simply’ll be ready to select.

The ones notes are stored inside the Pocket guide menu for each and every cell and desktop diversifications.

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Supported Platforms

Inside the following segment, you’ll be capable to see which platforms reinforce Glasp and Topic.


Glasp is available on the Chrome Internet Retailer and the App Retailer as a desktop extension. It is helping the following browsers: Chrome, Safari, Microsoft Edge, Brave, Opera, and Vivaldi.

You’ll get right of entry to your profile, feed, and export highlights and notes when using a cell browser. There’s no strategy to highlight web content material subject matter in cell devices as there’s no cell type of the extension available in this day and age.


Topic, however, is available on iOS devices (iPhone and iPad) and on the desktop as a web app and web extension for Chrome, Safari and Firefox. You’ll use it on the following browsers: Chrome, Safari, Microsoft Edge, Brave, Opera, Vivaldi, and Firefox. The Android type is at the present time on the waitlist.

Do realize that you need to create an account on Topic’s iOS app previous than you’ll be capable to use their web app.

Import and export possible choices

An important aspect in highlighter apps is the power to import highlights from previous apps and export them in your favorite note-taking app.

Proper right here’s a comparison of import and export possible choices between Glasp and Topic.


Glasp means that you can import highlights and notes from Kindle. This process involves importing each all highlights or a determined on e-book from the Notes & Highlights on Kindle Cloud Reader. There’s at the present time no strategy to import using the My Clippings text file from the Kindle software.

Practice that highlights and notes from Kindle aren’t visible to most of the people. Most straightforward you’ll be capable to get right of entry to the highlights inside the Kindle tab on your Glasp profile. Other shoppers will most effective see the e-book duvet, determine, and creator.

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For exporting, Glasp signifies that you’ll export highlights and notes from specific particular person web content material subject matter or as a batch. You are going to have the strategy to export inside the following file formats: .txt, .csv, .html, .md, and .png.


Topic does now not be capable to import highlights and notes from Kindle. Alternatively, it has Pocket and Instapaper integration that allows you to import your library, in conjunction with tags and folders.

The app has export possible choices and is helping the following formats: Kindle, print, PDF, and an image file inside the kind of Quoteshots. Quoteshots are auto-generated photos that allow you to proportion your highlights on Twitter.

Topic moreover has the strategy to sync your highlights and notes straight away to the following apps: Roam, Obsidian, Belief, and Readwise.

Visibility of highlights and notes

Privacy is some other vital issue to consider when choosing a highlighter app. Proper right here you’ll be capable to see how Glasp and Topic handle the visibility of your highlights and notes.


Your entire highlights and notes from the web content material subject matter you devour are robotically shared and are visible to most of the people.

This is an supposed serve as as a result of it’s serving to shoppers proportion their insights from other freshmen, even if any other other folks gained’t love it and prefer their highlights and notes to be private.

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Most straightforward your imported Kindle highlights and notes are private. Shoppers can most effective see the duvet, determine, and creator of the e-book.


Topic initially signifies that you’ll proportion your highlights and notes, enforcing a an an identical social aspect to Glasp. Alternatively, they have moved transparent of this feature, striking all highlights and notes in private.

As spotted inside the screenshot above, the yellow notes indicate the number of highlights you’ve got in each article. Most straightforward you’ll be capable to see get right of entry to and see the highlights.

Matter highlighter appMatter highlighter app

The only provide way to proportion a focus from a web article is through a Quoteshot. The use of this allows you to proportion an individual highlight on your Twitter account.



Glasp does now not have a bookmark serve as spotted in most read-it-later apps.

Alternatively, it has the strategy to save some other client’s highlights on web content material subject matter. The ones will appear beneath the Saved tab on your profile internet web page.


Topic has the aptitude of a read-it-later app, allowing you to save some articles using the cell app or the browser extension.

The saved articles will appear inside the Queue and Library menu. Articles that you simply’ve were given be told may also be archived as smartly.

Whilst you’ve were given imported your learning tick list from Pocket or Instapaper, the articles will appear inside the Queue and Library menu as smartly.

Unique Choices

As mentioned earlier, Glasp and Topic have unique choices that help motive them to stand out from the rest of the crowd.


Glasp combines aspects from social media apps and highlighter apps, giving it a community-focused revel in. All highlights and notes are public, which encourages shoppers to proportion what they learn and in turn, succeed in insights from like-minded people.

It has a following and follower system, allowing you to look at shoppers to see what they have highlighted in your feed.

There could also be a Community internet web page that you simply’ll be capable to get right of entry to using the Uncover button. This takes you to a internet web page where you’ll be capable to discover content material subject matter in step with tags or from authors and websites.

glasp communityglasp community

An distinctive serve as in Glasp is the power to pile-on highlights. This is when your follower highlights all over the web content material subject matter that you simply moreover be told and highlight. You’ll download a notification in your Glasp feed each time anyone pile-ons your highlights.

Other choices distinctive to Glasp are the Atomic Passion Graph and Atomic Notes.

The Atomic Passion Graph shows the connections between the web content material subject matter you be told in step with the tags that you simply’ve were given carried out while Atomic Notes allow you to create write and connect ideas inside your Glasp profile.

In a content material subject matter keep an eye on workflow, Glasp is the temporary space between content material subject matter discovery and permanent place. Which means that that you simply’ll be capable to use the app as a brief storage for attention-grabbing content material subject matter previous than moving them to the permanent place where most effective top quality content material subject matter are stored for later retrieval.

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Topic is a cell read-it-later and highlighter app that specializes in making the learning revel in easy on mobile phones and drugs. There don’t seem to be any ads anywhere inside the reader view and also you’ll be capable to highlight and take notes inside it.

You’ll save web articles, Twitter threads, PDFs by means of their cell app or browser extension. This is completed using the proportion button on cell or the browser extension on the desktop.

The cell app moreover means that you can switch between text and audio, allowing you to listen to the articles that you simply’ve were given saved. This is a handy serve as for many who make a choice to listen to the thing while they do something else.

Your saved content material subject matter turns out inside the Queue menu of the app. This menu means that you can see the upcoming content material subject matter that you simply’ve were given lined up for learning. You’ll then archive the ones web articles once you may well be completed learning.

Audio Queueing could also be an selection that allows you to be aware of your saved content material subject matter as a playlist.

Except saving web articles and the like, you’ll be capable to fetch unfastened and paid newsletters from your electronic mail inbox and send them straight away to the app. No want to open your electronic mail app to be told your subscribed newsletters.

Each different serve as distinctive to Topic is the Inbox menu. That’s the realm where you’ll be capable to see the most recent articles from the writers you apply. You’ll then swipe correct to save some the thing in your Queue or swipe left to archive it.

Should you utilize Glasp or Topic?

Glasp and Topic offer different choices that depend on the client’s preferences. It’s absolute best to remember of the choices you need in a highlighter app and choose from there.

In case you select a social component in your highlighting revel in, allowing you to proportion insights with others, Glasp is a great selection.

For many who make a choice learning on the transfer or want their highlights and notes in private, Topic is suited to this option.

Right here’s a handy table comparing Glasp’s and Topic’s choices.

Choices Glasp Topic
Highlighting and note-taking Web article, PDF, YouTube (transcript) Web article and e-newsletter
Supported platforms Desktop Desktop, iOS (iPhone & iPad)
Import possible choices Kindle ebooks Saved web articles from Instapaper & Pocket
Export selection Readwise, file (TXT, CSV, HTML, MD, PNG, Reproduction-paste) Sync to Roam, Obsidian, Belief, Readwise, Kindle, print, PDF, image file
Visibility of highlights and notes Public (excluding for imported Kindle highlights and Notes) Private
Bookmarking No Positive
Unique Choices Community-focused revel in, Atomic Passion Graph, Atomic Notes Private learning revel in, e-newsletter reader, listen to web articles

If you aren’t sure which one to select, you’ll be ready to try each and every apps and see which one works smartly for you.

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