Google Domain names vs GoDaddy: Which Area Registrar to Select

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When registering a brand spanking new space to the area identify gadget (DNS), you’ve got such a large amount of possible choices.

You want to make a decision which space determine to select, where to host your internet web page, and what choices you require.

Not sure of how to shop for a website identify? It’s now not a hard process, alternatively you could be wondering why you’d need to retailer spherical inside the first place.

The general public leap in an instant into what they need their area identify to be, alternatively looking at which company you take a look at in with is simply as essential.

There are many nice area registrars to choose from. In this data, we’ll be taking a deeper dive into Google Domains and GoDaddy, two of the most popular space registrars available on the market today.

We’ll transfer over essential issues like pricing, protection, and ease of use in our breakdown of Google Domains vs GoDaddy.

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A History of Google Domains

Google Domains homepage. A woman performs yoga as she uploads content to her website. Black text on a white background says, “Find your place online. Choose from more than 300 domain endings. Get 24/7 Google support from real humans.”
Google Domains supplies over 300 height level domains and an easy to navigate registration process. (Image Provide: Google)

Google Domain names, part of Google’s massive suite of internet web page tools on offer, quietly presented once more in 2015. While the supplier has been spherical for years, it absolute best officially were given right here out of beta in March 2022.

Against this to most space determine registrars, Google Domains doesn’t be offering internet website hosting. Instead, you’ll need to take a look at on your space through Google, then find a separate site website hosting company. This is pretty clean for those who occur to’re conscious about area parking.

While Google would possibly now not offer site website hosting services however, its space internet web page is unassuming to navigate and doesn’t push you to shop for dozens of upsells you gained’t need later. Because you’ll make a selection your individual web host, you’ll merely sign up for WordPress site website hosting or every other internet web page builder with Google.

Google even accommodates privacy protection in its prices, in order that you aren’t paying any separate fees to stay your data protected from scammers.

When you already use G-Suite tools like Gmail, Google Seek Console, or AdSense, you’ll be able to sign up for even sooner in conjunction with your provide Google login, then link your space to that account. All of the process might be very rapid and smooth, from start to finish.

A History of GoDaddy

GoDaddy's landing page shows an example website on a teal-and-white smartphone. Black text on a gray background says, “Buy & register domain names. It all starts with a domain name.”
GoDaddy has been registering domains since 2000. (Image Provide: GoDaddy)

GoDaddy is likely one of the biggest ICANN registrars on the earth. As of 2022, the company has registered nearly 13% of all recognized domains. This publicly-traded industry was once founded way back in 1997 in Arizona and started registering domains in 2000.

Against this to Google, GoDaddy focuses just about completely on domains. The company supplies a few other services related to domains, like internet web page site website hosting, but it surely’s nowhere with regards to as quite a lot of as Google.

While this can be very good for other folks looking for a faithful web space registrar, it does suggest that GoDaddy makes its money from the ones products on my own, this means that its prices aren’t always as low as Google’s.

A large number of GoDaddy’s domain names can get began for terribly low prices for three hundred and sixty five days, absolute best to have an annual renewal value that’s twenty events higher. The company moreover pushes numerous further services that can briefly take a bargain space into pricey territory.

Google Domains vs GoDaddy: Head-to-Head Comparison

Now that we’ve summarized Google Domains and GoDaddy, let’s take a look at one of the crucial essential key choices you’ll want to keep in mind with a site registrar.

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In our breakdown of Google Domains vs GoDaddy, we’ll be looking into:

  • The services each and every company supplies
  • How they evaluation in space pricing
  • How clean they’re to use
Google domains vs GoDaddy — A multicolored pie chart on a white background shows the top registrars by number of domains registered. GoDaddy has the largest market share with 12.98%. Google Domains has 1.3%, but 75.43% of domain registrars are unknown.
House registration by means of company. GoDaddy has crucial market share, alternatively many internet pages are registered independently. (Image Provide: Area Title Stat)

Ease of Use

Each and every Google Domains and GoDaddy have easy-to-use internet pages. Each and every can help you navigate during the registration process briefly, and also you’ll have a brand spanking new web space in minutes.

While the potential of a site registration supplier is gorgeous identical across the board, we’re giving this round to Google Domains for having a marginally more practical internet web page.

Google Domains’ internet web page is relatively more uncomplicated to artwork with as it isn’t pushing as many additional services. Plus, if you already have a Google account, you’re almost certainly conscious about the Google site structure, and likewise you’ll be able to complete your space determine registration even quicker.

House Extension Availability

A selection of suggested domain names for “” available to purchase through Google. The most popular top-level domain (TLD) endings are shown at the top, followed by additional similar domain names below. The prices range from $12/year to $27,000/year.
Google Domains vs GoDaddy — Google clearly shows pricing and availability of domains. (Image Provide: Google)

In the case of Google Domains vs GoDaddy, each and every lift an impressive number of top-level domain names, in conjunction with the most popular .web and .com possible choices.

Google Domains supplies over 300 secure area extensions from its internet web page. When you enter the realm you’d love to test in, they’ll show the most popular possible choices available now, along with additional domain names with selection spelling or identical matter issues.

GoDaddy shows domain extension availability for “” The company offers a low price option at $0.99 for the first year, then the option to try and buy the exact domain for $83.29. Below this is a list of other domain options at various prices, from $0.99 to $18.05.
Google Domains vs GoDaddy — GoDaddy supplies that can assist you achieve taken domains, and provides available possible choices. (Image Provide: GoDaddy)

Within the interim, GoDaddy has quite a lot of more or less 500 different top-level domains, alternatively the company notes that availability will vary according to your location. Some domains have additional must haves to shop for, specifically those evidently region-based extensions.

In conjunction with showing available domains, GoDaddy supplies a brokerage supplier to check out and can help you achieve your desired space. It’s now not confident, alternatively whilst you’ve were given your heart set on a selected .com, this could be price making an allowance for.

House Privacy

Google Domains includes a top level of area privateness in its usual value for space registration. Your contact knowledge on the WHOIS database will be masked, ensuring free privacy for you. Google moreover accommodates two-factor authentication (2FA) usual with all space purchases.

Since Google isn’t a web site website hosting provider, it doesn’t offer SSL certification, alternatively the company makes it clean to check if your site website hosting provider has that working on your space.

GoDaddy is a bit more opaque in its privacy choices. It has started offering elementary space privacy alternatively pushes additional choices at checkout for $9.99 in keeping with year in keeping with space.

GoDaddy doesn’t offer two-factor authentication aside from you select to pay for this additional supplier. If you want to make sure that unknown consumers can’t get entry to your GoDaddy space, you’ll need to side in this further price.

GoDaddy does advertise SSL Certification starting from $63.99 in line with yr with a 2-year time frame for a single space validation certificate.

Similar to space privacy, you could be wondering in regards to the DNS servers each and every company supplies. The good news is that each and every Google and GoDaddy have nameservers that you just’ll use.

Google supplies House Name Instrument Protection Extensions (DNSSEC) usual with its domains. That is serving to protect towards spoofing or hacking for your web page. GoDaddy supplies DNSSEC as well, alternatively for $2.99 a month.

House Transfers

If you already have a site alternatively need to transfer it to a brand spanking new registrar, each and every Google and GoDaddy can care for this merely.

Transferring domains is simple with each and every services, alternatively for those who occur to’ve transferred a site forward of, you’ll know transferring away your space is where problems can get tricky.

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Google Domains follows ICANN regulations and absolute best places an initial 60-day hold on transfers. The company is apparent in all of the regulations you’ll need to practice and doesn’t make it tricky if making a decision to modify your space at a later date.

GoDaddy, within the interim, follows one of the crucial essential not obligatory regulations in place alternatively chooses to restrict transfers for a period of 60 days for those who occur to industry your determine, email correspondence take care of, or industry determine. The transfer process moreover isn’t as smooth to complete as Google’s.

Electronic mail Forwarding

Google domains user menu with a left sidebar with a light gray background and dark gray text, and main body with a white background and gray text. The email tab in blue text shows Google offers email forwarding for up to 100 addresses and lets you add email aliases.
Google Domains vs GoDaddy — Google supplies email correspondence forwarding and separate email correspondence site website hosting.

GoDaddy doesn’t come with electronic mail forwarding with its usual space site website hosting. If you already have an email correspondence site website hosting plan, this may not be a deal-breaker for you. We if truth be told think having your electronic mail and website hosting separate is a good idea!

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It’s price noting that each and every firms offer email correspondence account site website hosting. Google supplies G Suite, while GoDaddy partners with Microsoft 365.


A bright yellow landing page with black text for the .digital domain extension that says “.digital Domain Names. .digital is the place for downloads.” GoDaddy offers the extension for $1.99 for the first year, discounted from $45.99.
GoDaddy supplies some domains at very low prices, alternatively only for the principle year. Pricing is in point of fact different for Google Domains vs GoDaddy. (Image Provide: GoDaddy)

Pricing is where the general public point to GoDaddy since the clear winner. The company supplies top-level domains for as low as $1.99 a year, finally.

That low price is only for the principle year, even though. The renewal price for a lot of domains can be more than two instances that of the initial year. Discounted prices are maximum ceaselessly a lot much less common on same old top-level domains.

It’s clean to comparison-shop on the two services and spot how so much a site will price on each.

For example, a search for “” found out that, while that space was once taken, “” was once available for $12 in keeping with year from each and every providers. Then again GoDaddy will then build up that price to $25.10 for the second year.

It’s moreover price remembering that Google accommodates the cost of two-factor authentication with its space price, while GoDaddy will tack on an additional $9.99 for the supplier.

The value of a area identify can vary depending on perceived price or how long the determine is. You have to make a decision to check out a low-priced space for a year, alternatively we advise turning off auto-renewal if the fee is significantly higher after the principle year until you’re sure you’ll stick to the realm.

Beef up

While you would possibly now not need to contact your space registrar purchaser support incessantly, it’s an important consideration. In case you have a topic in conjunction with your space, it’ll almost certainly have an effect on all your internet web page, along with your target market and customers.

Google Domains support channels include phone, email correspondence, and chat. The company has made support available in multiple languages, and it provides helpful estimates for wait events.

GoDaddy moreover supplies phone and live chat, with hours that modify depending on location. While the logo doesn’t offer email correspondence support, it does offer 24/7 support in some spaces.

Execs & Cons of Google Domains vs GoDaddy

GoDaddy has been a site registrar since 2000, and it’s most definitely the principle company the general public bring to mind in terms of registering a brand spanking new internet web page.

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Google Domains is more recent, but it surely moreover provides a name people are conscious about.

Let’s sum up the primary diversifications in terms of Google Domains vs GoDaddy:

Google Domains GoDaddy
Ease of Use Simple to navigate, similar to other Google pages. Easy to sign up, alternatively additional choices pushed all over signup.
House Extension Availability Over 300 space extensions. Over 500 extensions.
House Privacy Privacy and two-factor authentication built-in in price of space. Limited privacy built-in, additional two-factor authentication available for $9.99 in keeping with year.
House Transfers Certain — after initial 60-day wait. Certain — after initial 60-day wait or additional 60 days after changes to account.
Electronic mail Forwarding Certain — up to 100 addresses. No.
Pricing Varies by means of extension, typically $12–15 in keeping with year. Varies by means of extension; typically reasonably priced the principle year with a large leap from year two onward.
Beef up Alternatives for email correspondence, chat, and phone support. Chat and phone support available.

Google Domains is also much more easy to navigate, with transparent pricing and words.

General, in terms of Google Domains vs GoDaddy, we advise Google. You’ll to search out it a further streamlined revel in, specifically for those who occur to plot to use other Google services, like Gmail email correspondence site website hosting.

Google Domains doesn’t offer web site website hosting, so take a look at a couple of of Kinsta’s plans for a secure host for your space to live at.
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Each and every Google Domains and GoDaddy can help you get started in conjunction with your space registration. They’re each and every relied on by means of loads of customers and host tens of hundreds of thousands of internet pages.

GoDaddy supplies the chance to save money to begin with, alternatively many common choices aren’t built-in in its space base price. If you want protection and power like email correspondence forwarding, it’s most definitely now not your only option — aside from you’re in a position to pay further. A $2 space from GoDaddy can briefly rise to $30 or further in keeping with year when you consider the price of email correspondence forwarding and DNS control.

Google Domains could also be more recent, but it surely’s part of the Google logo. It supplies smooth possible choices which may also be clean to compare.

Google Domains’ prices are competitive with other space registrars and don’t range as much as GoDaddy’s do. Google moreover makes it smooth to make changes on your account with an easy-to-navigate be in agreement tool.

In the case of comparing Google Domains vs GoDaddy, Google Domains wins as our pick for a secure space registrar.

Partner your new space with Kinsta to get get entry to to our Cloudflare integration for a secure internet web page that slightly so much quicker than ever. And share your opinions about Google Domains vs GoDaddy inside the comments beneath!

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