How to Fix the 504 Gateway Timeout Error in WordPress

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Your web surfing consultation has simply been interrupted by means of an premature 504 Gateway Timeout error. Perhaps, you’ve observed this mistake now and again, because it occurs when a browser fails to hook up with the site you’re making an attempt to seek advice from. It’s a nuisance for internet customers who’re merely looking to navigate to their website of selection.

For those who’re a site proprietor, this mistake is greater than an annoyance. Getting a 504 Gateway Timeout error in your WordPress site may in fact be pricey for your small business, leading to a top price of misplaced visitors, conversions, and in the long run, source of revenue.

Fortunately, troubleshooting a 504 error is each commonplace and somewhat easy. This text will provide an explanation for why 504 mistakes happen, and a couple of approaches to solving them.

Let’s dive in!

What Is A 504 Gateway Timeout Error?

Likelihood is that, you’ve observed 504 Gateway Timeout mistakes a couple of occasions. It has a tendency to be perplexed with error 404, which seems when a web page isn’t to be had or now not exists. Then again, a 504 error signifies that the web page exists, however your browser simply can’t hook up with it in a well timed means.

To ensure that a person so that you can get right of entry to a site, it will have to be hosted on a internet server that has exterior get right of entry to. Whilst you get right of entry to that website’s area, your browser establishes a connection to the server, then waits for a reaction. At the instance {that a} server fails to reply, the site gained’t load. That’s why you spot the 504 error.

A 504 error would possibly glance other, relying on what browser you’re the use of. Every internet browser presentations its personal distinctive 504 Gateway Timeout error display. Moreover, particular person websites too can customise their very own error displays. Check out ours:

What Reasons The “504 Gateway Timeout” Error?

Web connections direction thru a couple of servers, or gateways, earlier than they succeed in their vacation spot. Whilst you seek advice from a site, the relationship strikes thru servers that will have to all reply correctly to ensure that the site to show. If any of the servers fails to reply, you’ll see a 504 Gateway Timeout error.

Except the ones servers are in fact down, they will have to technically reply one day. Nonetheless, web browsers are configured to prevent connection makes an attempt after a definite period of time. It’s a function that assists in keeping your pc from getting caught in a perpetual connection try to an unresponsive server.

Listed here are a couple of the reason why a server would possibly no longer reply:

  • There’s a topic together with your proxy settings. Every now and then, your proxy server is just too gradual to reply.
  • You’ve an inaccessible area. Prior to any individual can get right of entry to your area, it will have to propagate first. For those who attempt to get right of entry to a site in a while after you sign in it, that may motive a 504 error to show.
  • Your Content material Supply Community (CDN) has an issue. There are occasions when your website’s CDN (should you use one) could cause a 504 Gateway Timeout error to seem. Then again, this isn’t a commonplace motive for the mistake.
  • Problems together with your internet host. Revel in has taught us that almost all continuously, 504 mistakes are associated with problems together with your web hosting supplier. Usually, those are resolved with out you having to become involved.

Oftentimes, 504 Gateway Timeout mistakes will unravel with none motion in your phase. Then again, you will have to nonetheless take realize once they seem. If the issue is coming out of your web hosting supplier, it isn’t prone to persist for a very long time. A forged web hosting supplier will have to handle the problem promptly.

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Alternatively, infrequently a 504 error persists. If it continues for over an hour, that’s when you want to do so.

How To Repair The “504 Gateway Timeout” Error (6 Tactics)

First off, in case your 504 Gateway Timeout error persists, you’ll at all times touch your internet host. It by no means hurts to test in your gadget’s standing. In the event that they can help you know that the whole thing seems just right on their finish, that suggests you’ll want to troubleshoot on yours.

Fortunately, there are a number of tactics to method solving a 504 error in your WordPress website. Let’s check out your choices. Understand that you will have to create a backup of your site earlier than you try any of the extra concerned fixes.

1. Reload and Reboot

Prior to you dive into the extra in-depth choices for solving a 504 Gateway Timeout error, there are a couple of easy steps you’ll take. First, try to reload your browser. Look forward to a couple of mins after you obtain a 504 error, then click on the Reload icon.

Along with reloading your browser window, you’ll try to:

  • Transparent your cache, then reload your browser once more
  • Transfer browsers to look if the problem persists
  • Reboot your pc, telephone, and/or router, then take a look at to hook up with your site

2. Take a look at Your WordPress Plugins and Theme

Every now and then, a topic together with your theme or one in all your plugins could cause a 504 error to seem in your website. Making sure each are up to date appropriately is your first step towards a possible repair–if, actually, your plugins or your theme occur to be inflicting the issue. Moreover, you’ll need to ensure that the spine of your WordPress install is up to date and that the server is working the correct PHP model.

Disabling your WordPress plugins might be able to transparent up your 504 Gateway Timeout factor. Get entry to your major site listing by the use of an FTP shopper (we’re the use of FileZilla on this instance), then open your wp-content folder. From there, you’ll see a folder named “plugins.”

To temporarily deactivate your plugins, simply rename the folder. You’ll be able to name it plugins.deactivated or plugins.outdated if you need.

Then, head again over on your browser and reload. In case your website presentations with out a drawback, that suggests a plugin is inflicting your 504 error. To pinpoint which plugin used to be inflicting the mistake, you’ll want to re-enable your plugins folder (simply rename it to “plugins”), then manually deactivate every particular person plugin, reloading the website as you cross. That are supposed to mean you can establish which plugin you want to take away.

For those who’re fascinated about exploring whether or not there’s a topic together with your theme, make doubly certain you’ve subsidized up your site. For individuals who are skilled in operating with WordPress topics, chances are you’ll believe switching topics to look whether or not the issue persists. In a different way, take a look at in together with your area host or a WordPress developer for help.

3. Check Your Native Proxy And/Or VPN Settings

Is your web connection configured to make use of a proxy server? This may well be inflicting your 504 Gateway Timeout error. If you wish to take a look at the speculation out, it would be best to get right of entry to the settings of the browser you’re lately the use of. From there, you’ll be capable to to find out whether or not you could have enabled a proxy server on your native community.

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Gaining access to the settings shall be relatively other, relying at the browser and running gadget (OS) you’re the use of presently. I’m the use of Google Chrome, so I’ll display you what it looks as if to find and get right of entry to the Settings menu. Merely head over to Settings > Complicated, the place you’ll see a hyperlink categorised Machine.

From there, click on “Open your pc’s proxy settings.”

I’m the use of Mac OS, so from right here, I might need to uncheck the containers underneath “Make a choice a protocol to configure.” Then, return and reload your browser window to look if that corrected the issue.

For those who’re the use of a PC, head over to Settings > Community & Web Connection, then click on Proxy. You’ll see a button beside “Robotically locate settings.” Pass forward and switch that off. Then, flip off the approach to “Use a proxy server.” Return on your browser and reload to check the effects.

The usage of a VPN too can motive occasional 504 mistakes. For those who’re a VPN person, believe disabling your VPN and reloading to look if that’s inflicting your 504 Gateway Timeout error to show. (For those who’d like to understand extra about the use of a proxy server vs VPN, we’ve written about that here.)

Try to regain get right of entry to on your site. In case your proxy server or VPN brought about the 504 error, then wait a couple of hours earlier than you re-enable. Likelihood is that, the problem will right kind itself.

4. Take a look at Your Area’s “Propagation” Standing

Up to now, we’ve coated how the Domain Name System (DNS) works. Necessarily, while you acquire, sign in, attach, or transfer a site title, the tips must propagate (or unfold) throughout a server community that makes up the DNS. This procedure can take an afternoon or two (as much as 48 hours), so your website will most probably revel in a temporary downtime should you’re in the midst of registering or transitioning your area title.

Some folks, together with you, won’t be capable to get right of entry to your site if the area hasn’t totally propagated. If that’s the case, chances are you’ll see a 504 Gateway Timeout error.

You’ll be able to use a device similar to DNSMap to test your website’s area propagation standing. From the house web page, sort your area title into the quest field and click on Take a look at DNS Propagation. Listed here are the effects for one in all my web pages:

You’ll realize that two of the nameservers don’t have my website on document, and that’s generally no longer a reason why to be involved. Then again, if I had gotten a detrimental outcome (which might be highlighted in crimson), I’d suppose my area hadn’t totally propagated. For those who do get a detrimental outcome, in particular from a couple of nameservers, then you most likely simply want to give it just a little extra time.

You’ll be able to additionally log into your website host’s portal to look your area’s standing. If the problem persists, take a look at in together with your host’s buyer make stronger staff.

5. Quickly Disable Your Website online’s Content material Supply Community (CDN)

For those who’re the use of a CDN, it may well be inflicting your website to show a 504 Gateway Timeout error. A CDN is a community of servers that every cling a replica of your site, which makes it more straightforward for extra customers to get right of entry to international. Every now and then, despite the fact that, the CDN could cause problems.

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It’s somewhat uncommon for a CDN to motive a 504 error, since CDN’s act as an extra gateway between your website server and finish customers. A CDN can take care of a big visitors load, however there are occasions once they glitch. When a CDN is inflicting a 504 Gateway Timeout, your supplier will show the mistake, which is able to point out what the issue is. For those who’re the use of Cloudflare, for instance, that is the mistake display you’ll see:

For those who’re in a position to get right of entry to and disable your personal CDN (some website homeowners can’t), take a look at briefly doing so that you can see if that resolves your 504 error. Depart it disabled for no less than a couple of hours, then attempt to get right of entry to your website once more. If you’ll’t disable your CDN however need to give it a take a look at, touch your website host.

6. Ask Your Website online Host To Review The Server For Issues

Relying on the reason for your 504 Gateway Timeout error in WordPress, you most likely gained’t revel in a lot downtime in your website. Then again, bear in mind of the way lengthy the mistake presentations. If it stays unresolved for longer than a couple of hours, then it’s possible you’ll want to touch your area host.

There are a selection of extra in-depth problems that may be inflicting your WordPress website to turn a 504 error. Having your site host to judge your server may mean you can achieve additional perception into what could be inflicting the issue. Some chances come with:

  • A WordPress database that has been corrupted
  • Hacks or DDOS assaults
  • Issues together with your website’s firewall
  • Extra visitors than your website can take care of (overloaded server)
  • A necessity for added PHP workers in your website’s again finish
  • Problems together with your community connection
  • A want to improve your internet web hosting area to deal with for visitors and bandwidth
  • Now not sufficient time allowed on your browser to totally load, inside your server settings or your PHP

If you want assist, your area supplier will have to be capable to help you with comparing your server’s error logs and to any extent further problems that may be inflicting the 504 Gateway Timeout error. From there, they may be able to assist to spot and unravel the issue.


More often than not, a 504 Gateway Timeout error shouldn’t be a motive for alarm. On the identical time, it unquestionably shouldn’t be unnoticed. For those who’re seeing a 504 error in your WordPress site, it’s time to do so and work out what the problem is.

As a handy guide a rough recap, listed here are one of the steps you’ll attempt to troubleshoot a 504 error:

  1. Reloading your browser, rebooting your units, and even rebooting your router
  2. Checking to be sure that your WordPress plugins or theme aren’t inflicting the 504 error
  3. Disabling your proxy server or VPN
  4. Checking your area’s propagation standing
  5. Disabling your CDN briefly
  6. Checking in together with your area host to judge error logs and establish different attainable problems

Do you could have any pointers or tips for figuring out and correcting a 504 Gateway Timeout error? Tell us within the feedback!

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