How To Test if a Website online Is Down: 21 Gear To Lend a hand You

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If your internet web page received’t load or if its response time is gradual, your internet web page might be down. Repeat downtime can considerably harm your online presence.

So how do you take a look at if your internet web page is down for everyone or just you?

An web internet web page checker tool gives you status updates that will help you resolve whether or not or no longer your internet web page is down. With some online uptime tracking services, you’ll track downtime to resolve if there’s a gentle issue along side your internet web page.

Learn to take a look at if a internet web page is down with 21 of the most efficient online equipment available nowadays.

Suppose Your Web site’s Down? Check out The ones 7 Steps

You head on your socials for a quick take a look at in your follower depend, then again you’ll’t log in. Is the website down or is there something incorrect in your end?

Listed below are a few steps to check if a internet web page is down and mean you can diagnose why.

Step 1: Head to some other internet web page and spot if that’s down too. If it is, the chances are that there’s a subject matter along side your internet.

Step 2: Use a Digital Non-public Community (VPN) to check whether or not or no longer the ones web websites are down somewhere else as well. If no longer, take a look at reconfiguring your VPN.

Step 3: If it’s no longer a VPN issue, take a look at for (Hypertext Processor) PHP mistakes. When you get a blank show where the content material subject material doesn’t load, this most often signifies that there’s a PHP issue. Should you don’t understand how to check if a internet web page is down for PHP reasons, you’ll practice this knowledge on the best way to to find your error logs.

Step 4: Should you’re a Java particular person and in addition you’re however getting nowhere, you need to understand how to check if a internet web page is down in Java. All it’s necessary to do is carry out a ping test.

When you ping an IP deal with, you send a ‘signal’ to it. If the IP maintain responds, you know it’s up and dealing. You should get a few responses in brief, with a time next to every. The ones circumstances signify the latency of the connection.

Step 5: Nevertheless having problems? Use a tool to check the internet web page’s status. Some web websites have proprietary equipment that straight away permit you to know their status, paying homage to Kinsta’s standing checker.

For those who don’t, take a look at the tick list beneath to seem the best possible internet web page status checkers and one of the best ways to make use of them. Obviously, if the internet web page checker tool moreover received’t load, it’s clear that you just’re the provision of the problem.

Step 6: It’s most often a House Name Server (DNS) issue, where the browser struggles to connect with the internet.

Check out checking that:

  • Your internet connection is working
  • Your browser is up-to-date and installed appropriately
  • Your DNS is configured as it should be

Should you’re however seeing an error message, head to this knowledge on the best way to repair a DNS factor.

Step 7: Should you haven’t however found out the provision of your trouble, you’ll need to have a maintenance error.

Should you see a ‘scheduled maintenance’ message in your internet web page that shouldn’t be there, your website might be stuck in maintenance mode. Proper right here’s the way you remedy it.

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How To Check if a Web site Is Down- 21 Tools You Need To Know

A internet web page that tales repeated downtime could have a first-rate soar fee. Nobody stays on a internet web page that doesn’t artwork.

Underneath are 21 equipment that show you one of the best ways to check if a internet web page is down for everyone or just you.

1. Is It Down Correct Now?

Is It Down Proper Now? is a loose internet web page down checker to check the status of any website.

Simply enter the URL and click on at the “CHECK” button.

Is It Down Right Now website
Is It Down Correct Now

The results internet web page gives you the existing status, response time, and downtime information. You’ll be capable to moreover see a handy graph of the internet web page’s downtime history, along with troubleshooting instructions to lend a hand restore the issue yourself.

Should you like this tool, add the Web site Status Checker Bookmarklet on your bookmarks bar to seem up internet web page statuses without delay from your toolbar.

2. Atatus

Atatus is a full-service SaaS suite to look at your packages, infrastructure, logs, consumers, and further.

Atatus website

On the internet web page, you’ll find a basic loose uptime checker that tells you if your website is up and the way in which in brief it responds.

Merely add your URL into the sector and click on on Test Now.

3. Montastic

Montastic is a loose, open-source web status checker. Should you’re in search of an ideal basic tool to seem up a internet web page’s status in brief, this is a big range.

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Montastic website

You merely add your space and click on on GO!

You’ll get a message without delay once more telling you the internet web page is up and dealing or it’s down.

4. Down for Everyone or Merely Me

Each different loose tool, Down for Everybody or Simply Me, tells you whether or not or no longer you’re the only one experiencing downtime issues or if everyone has a subject matter.

Merely type your internet web page into the URL box and press the or just me? button.

Down for Everyone or Just Me website
Down for Everyone or Merely Me

There’s moreover an inventory of rapid links on the homepage to check stylish web sites for banking, gaming, messaging, purchasing groceries, and so forth. You’ll be capable to moreover see crucial real-time updates on provide outages.

Should you’re nervous regarding the status of your WordPress website, you’ll moreover run loose efficiency and safety checks with this tool, then again you’ll have to sign up.

5. Host-Tracker

Host-Tracker is a full-service internet web page monitoring supplier.

There’s a loose uptime tool that’s super easy to use. Merely click on at the web(http) tab, enter your URL into the sector, and click on at the Check button.

Host-Tracker website

You’ll see the internet web page’s status and response circumstances on 50 servers all through 5 continents. You’ll be capable to moreover use this tool to test internet web page speed, ping, and trace.

Should you join, you take pleasure in around-the-clock monitoring and opinions of uptime and response time, along with maintenance scheduling and database monitoring alerts.

6. uptrends

While uptrends number one product is a paid-for suite of computerized efficiency trying out and tracking gear, it moreover supplies a loose internet web page uptime test.

uptrends website

You wish to have to enroll in a loose account to use this supplier. Once logged in, enter your space and make a selection a location from the dropdown menu. Click on at the Get began Test button to seem your internet web page’s response time.

No longer very best can you take a look at response circumstances all through 33 global puts, then again you’ll moreover proportion the results along side your crew with one click on on.

7. Web site Planet

Website online Planet’s loose tool is called “Web page Down or No longer.”

It’s easy to use. Pop your URL in and click on at the Check button.

Website Planet website
Web site Planet

You’ll get information on supplier status, response time, and response codes.

There’s moreover a whole array of other equipment available on this internet web page. There’s a proportion link author, symbol compression software, QR code generator, and further.

8. Downdetector

Downdetector is a UK-based tool for checking the status of stylish web websites.

Phrase that you just’ll’t take a look at specific particular person web sites. You’ll be capable to very best look up the status of the most well liked web websites and apps listed.

Downdetector website

If you want to to determine whether or not or no longer a popular website is down, Downdetector has an overly entire tick list. You’ll to seek out web sites like AT&T, YouTube, Spotify, Twitter, Netflix, Amazon, UPS, and further.

9. Downinspector

Downinspector is a real-time web supplier outage tracker.

On the homepage, there are rapid links to check the status of stylish web websites. There’s moreover a handy guide a rough overview of one of the crucial reported web websites and their issues.

Downinspector website


To resolve if your website is down or no longer, you’ll use the loose uptime checking tool. Add your URL to the sector and click on at the Check button.

Down Inspector will permit you to know whether or not or no longer your internet web page is reachable, alongside a graph of earlier reported issues.

10. Site24x7

While Site24x7 is a paid-for internet web page potency regulate SaaS suite, there are many loose potency equipment on its internet web page.

Besides its uptime tool, there’s a blacklist take a look at, supplier location finder, space expiry checker, and further.

Site24x7 website

Should you very best wish to take a look at a internet web page’s status, use the loose internet web page availability tool. Add your space identify throughout the URL box and click on on Test Now.

You’ll see the weight time, in conjunction with a graph showing the internet web page’s availability results through the years.

11., which stands for “Down or Merely Me,” is a internet web page to test uptime.

The loose uptime tool tells you whether or not or no longer a internet web page is up at this time. If it is, then the issue is simply with you. website

Enter your URL into the sector and click on on Check Now. gives you data on HTTPS standing and ping excellent fortune.

12. UpTime Robot

UpTime Robotic is a internet web page monitoring tool that gives you 50 loose “presentations” — 50 computerized uptime checks, every 5 minutes apart. This permits you to observe a internet web page’s uptime over a four-hour period.

If you want to continue monitoring a website, you’ll have to change to a paid package.

UpTime Robot website
UpTime Robot

To use the loose internet web page uptime monitoring tool, you’ll want to join. While you’ve logged in, practice the ones instructions:

  • Click on on Add New Monitor
  • Choose HTTPS throughout the dropdown menu for Monitor Sort
  • Add the identify and URL of the internet web page
  • Choose how continuously you wish to have it to be monitored
  • Add an e-mail maintain to send alerts
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This gives you real-time updates on uptime and allows you to track incidents mechanically.

13. GTMetrix

GTMetrix is a website potency testing tool. Its paid-for suite helps you observe your internet web page’s potency, discover why it’s gradual, and discover ways to optimize it.

Should you merely wish to find out about a website’s status, use the loose tool. Enter your URL and click on on Test your website.

GTMetrix website

The results internet web page doesn’t merely permit you to know whether or not or no longer the website is up, but it surely’ll moreover show you its potency grade, speed, and serve as issues.

Uptime assessments are mechanically carried out on GTMetrics’ Canadian server. If you want to test their other six puts global, you’ll have to enroll in a loose account.

14. HideMy.identify

HideMy.title is a VPN supplier that provides numerous loose equipment to check ping, port, IP maintain, and further. website

To check if your internet web page is up, you’ll use the loose Port Scanner tool.

Add your space into the sector, select Came upon on proxy servers from the dropdown menu, and click on on Get began scanning.

The test results will permit you to know whether or not or no longer the host is up and how fast the response time is.

15. Supplier Uptime

Provider Uptime has carried out with regards to 8 million internet web page checks.

It’s in reality easy to use — merely pop your URL throughout the box and click on at the Check Your Web site Now button.

Service Uptime website
Supplier Uptime

You’ll get results from 5 servers, 4 in america and one in France. You’ll be capable to see if your website is up, how in brief it such a lot, and the way in which well it’s performing. There’s moreover a graph charting neighborhood statistics and an invaluable useful resource summary.

16. Semonto

Semonto is a SaaS tool to look at web websites and servers that mechanically notifies you when there are issues.

While it doesn’t offer a loose tool, there’s a loose trial of the paid-for tool. Should you’re merely checking one website, this tool will do the trick.

Semonto website

While you’ve signed up, click on at the Add a internet web page button on the dashboard.

You’ll see assessments for uptime status, SSL certificate validation, damaged hyperlinks, and blended content material.

To set how continuously the ones assessments occur, click on on on the internet web page you’ve added, and press the Reliability Status button.

Then, hit Configure reachability assessments and change the settings on your needs.

17. Dotcom-Monitor

Dotcom-Track is a internet web page monitoring and serve as testing SaaS solution. It permits you to take a look at a internet web page’s potency and uptime through the years.

Dotcom-Monitor website

You’ll be capable to use the loose trial of the paid-for product to check the status of a internet web page via signing up. You’ll want a trade e mail deal with and a verifiable phone amount to get entry to this tool.

Once signed up, you simply add your space identify and the tool will show you the internet web page’s status and speed, along with any provide issues.

18. Freshping

Freshping is a loose internet web page monitoring tool via Freshworks, a promoting and advertising and marketing and regulate SaaS suite.

You’ll have to sign up to use the loose uptime tool.

Freshping website

While you’ve logged in, you’ll take a look at the availability and response time of your internet web page in real-time.

Prepare stable downtime monitoring to track your internet web page’s downtime through the years. You’ll see the selection of minutes your internet web page has been down, the longest downtime duration, and the selection of incidents you’ve professional.

19. Blogvault

Blogvault is a WordPress plugin for backups, protection, migrations, and monitoring.

To check the status of a internet web page, you’ll sign up for a loose trial of its advanced internet web page monitoring feature.

Blogvault website

While you’ve signed up, you’ll want to arrange the plugin.

No longer very best do you get uptime testing, then again you’ll moreover have the benefit of visual regression testing, potency monitoring, and slack notification integrations in the future of the trial.

20. Google PageSpeed Insights

Google PageSpeed Insights is predominantly a tool to test internet web page speed. Then again, you’ll moreover use it to check your uptime status.

Should you suspect your internet web page is down, head to Google PageSpeed Insights, type your URL throughout the box, and click on on Analyze.

Google PageSpeed Insights website
Google PageSpeed Insights

If the results of the assessments show up in red, your internet web page is down. Green results indicate that your internet web page is up.

21. StatusCake

StatusCake is a internet web page monitoring suite that tracks uptime, internet web page speed, domains, servers, and further.

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With 48 servers all through 28 international locations, StatusCake makes it easy to check your uptime global.

To use this tool, you’ll have to enroll in a loose account. At signup, you’ll be asked to enter the principle internet web page you’d like to look at. While you’re logged in, you’ll see your internet web page on the dashboard.

StatusCake website

Click on at the space to seem if the internet web page is up. You’ll get information about status categories and downtime root reasons.

The tool will run a status test each and every 900 seconds, which lets you track uptime over a time frame to seem if there are any continuing issues.

How To Check If a Web site Is Blocked in a Country

Sometimes it will have to appear that you just’re having DNS issues whilst you’re in truth looking for to get entry to a internet web page that’s blocked in your location.

Some international locations, paying homage to China and Iran, censor sure web websites. This means you received’t be capable to get entry to them without delay will have to you’re in the ones international locations. You’ll be capable to bypass this downside via the use of a VPN.

A VPN is a supplier that provides a personal neighborhood to trail your data through so that the VPN server becomes the guidelines provide in your online browsing. By way of encrypting the guidelines, a VPN hides your IP maintain so that your Internet Supplier Provider (ISP) can’t see which web websites you’re having a look at. For the reason that ISP can’t see what you’re browsing, it is going to perhaps’t put an automatic block on a disallowed website.

Should you’re nervous that your internet web page might be blocked in sure puts, you’ll want to understand how to check if a internet web page is down via geographic location. Use an uptime tool that checks on different servers all over the world.

For example, Host-Tracker runs checks all through global servers in Africa, Asia, Australasia, East Europe, Iran, North The U.S., Russia, South The U.S., and West Europe.

Host-Tracker website

If your internet web page is up in some places then again down in others, the ones international locations are almost definitely blockading your space.

You’ll be capable to moreover take a look at particular block-checking web websites, paying homage to:

Can You Prevent Web site Downtime With a Loyal Host?

To save you downtime, you need to snatch what’s causing it.

The main reasons for downtime include:

  • Low-quality internet webhosting, so the host has numerous downtime
  • Protection issues, paying homage to DDoS assault
  • WP plugin/theme compatibility problems
  • Guests overload

A top of the range web hosting resolution can lend a hand cut back all of the ones issues and prevent downtime.

To start with, peak hosts like Kinsta have sturdy servers, this means that further loyal uptime. Plus, they proactively maintain their servers and maintain downtime issues in brief and effectively.

By way of choosing a number with a few server puts, you take pleasure in the speed and even a lot much less downtime. For example, Kinsta has 25 servers world wide, helping to resolve balance for each and every single internet web page it hosts.

When it comes to protection, a breach or hack would possibly simply result in a longer period where your internet web page is offline. A cast internet webhosting provider could have water-tight security measures to protect in opposition to these attacks.

For example, no longer very best is Kinsta backed via CloudFlare, but it surely moreover has DDoS protection and SSL protection.

Should you’re having compatibility issues, your host should be able that will help you iron out the ones kinks. For those the use of Kinsta, there’s a complimentary APM software that will help you determine problematic plugins and serve as issues.

After all, a tip-top internet webhosting provider will give you technical strengthen where and whilst you need it. For Kinsta customers, we offer 24/7 are living support, documentation, and a complete library of self-help assets.

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Should you suspect your internet web page is down, you’ll want to take a look at the use of one of the crucial advised equipment.

Check out tracking your downtime to resolve when you’ve got a peculiar issue as this may affect your online presence and SEO scores.

Within the match you in finding that you just’re experiencing not unusual downtime, it might be time to change to a further loyal internet webhosting solution. For industry-leading WordPress, software, or database internet webhosting, check out Kinsta.

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