How you can Make a QR Code in 5 Simple Steps

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From consuming position menus to bathroom stall doors, you’ll to seek out QR codes relating to anywhere at the present time. If truth be told, they’ve turn into so ever-present that 45% of consumers used marketing-related QR codes in 2021.

There is not any denying the popularity and luxury of the QR code. On the other hand, what exactly is it and the best way can you create one on your next promoting advertising marketing campaign?

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Keep learning to learn the magic at the back of QR codes and how you can create your own.

QR codes maximum steadily seem to be this:

QR Code Example

Now not every QR code is shaped like a truly best sq.. Every now and then they’ve distinctive patterns, colours, and emblems displayed inside of. You’ll be capable of to seek out them in non-digital spaces like unsolicited mail, signage, billboards, and even TV shows where you’ll scan the code on the show the usage of your phone.

Every barcodes and QR codes will also be scanned the usage of a laser or a smartphone as long as the instrument being used has the correct options of learning vertical and horizontal data. Although most smartphones scan QR codes mechanically, many would possibly not scan barcodes so merely — you’ll be capable of need a particular app for that.

Does the upward push of QR codes indicate typical barcodes are an element of the former? In the end now not. Standard barcodes are however a no longer peculiar manner for corporations to identify consumer packaged pieces (CPGs) and organize their product inventory.

Barcode example

Symbol Supply

QR code example

Symbol Supply

Alternatively, there are a variety of diversifications between barcodes and QR codes — every in their uses and their characteristics. Below are 3 important diversifications.

QR Codes Are Shaped Differently

Barcodes are maximum steadily rectangular, which requires scanning units to be told the barcode’s data horizontally. QR codes are perpetually square-shaped, appearing their data vertically and horizontally.

QR Codes Dangle Different Wisdom

QR codes are perpetually used another way than barcodes. Barcodes snatch key product wisdom at the degree of sale, very similar to the fee and determine of the manufacturer. QR codes offer additional passive and intangible wisdom, very similar to location data and URLs to promotions and product landing pages.

QR Codes Dangle Further Wisdom

On account of a QR code’s sq. shape, it may be able to snatch much more data compared to a barcode. QR codes can snatch a number of circumstances additional encrypted characters than a barcode can.

We discovered slightly bit about how barcodes and QR codes vary, alternatively how exactly do QR codes artwork?



Let’s imagine a consumer sees a QR code. They can take out their cell device, download a loose QR code scanning app, or simply use their phone’s electronic digital camera, and scan the QR code to succeed in additional information about what they spotted.

When you wanted to create, say, a bus stop business promoting your podcast, you want to turn a QR code on that printed ad that brings people proper to your iTunes cyber web web page when they scan it with their phones. Beautiful simple, proper?

The QR code introduction process is lovely simple, regardless of the device you’re the usage of. This is how you can get started.

How you’ll be able to Create a QR Code on Any Device

Step 1: Head to

how to create a qr code: qr-code-generator website

Using any browser on any operating system, head to Keep in mind that you don’t necessarily want to use this instrument; you’ll make a selection any web-based QR code generator. If you wish to have some ideas, take a look at our listing.

Step 2: Enter your URL.

how to create a qr code: enter url

For plenty of QR codes, it would be best to redirect consumers to a URL. If that is so, enter the URL throughout the instrument. You’ll be capable of moreover make a choice from other content material subject matter types, in conjunction with contact enjoying playing cards, PDFs, and MP3s. At the bottom, you moreover be ready of making QR codes for Microsoft Word and PowerPoint data. The correct content material subject matter alternatives will vary by means of instrument.

After you select the content material subject matter kind, a field or form will appear where you’ll enter the information that corresponds along side your advertising marketing campaign. For instance, if you want to have your QR code to avoid wasting numerous contact wisdom, you’ll be capable of see a choice of fields where you’ll enter your email correspondence care for, subject line, and linked message.

Whilst you enter your URL or upload your record, it’s going to in an instant create a QR code this is able for download. Alternatively, we recommend customizing it to give a boost to your emblem identity.

Step 3: Customize your QR code’s frame, shape, and color.


The joys part of growing QR codes is customizing the design of the codes to fit your emblem. Want your code to incorporate your logo? Go for it. Want it to replicate your cyber web website’s design scheme? No problem.

The front-end generator on provides limited frame, shape, and color alternatives that help you customize your QR code. If you want to have additional alternatives, we extraordinarily encourage you to sign up on the cyber web website and edit your QR code all over the instrument’s author portal.

This is one example of the best way you’ll customize your QR code in the event you join a QR Code Generator account:

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how to create a qr code: advanced customization options

Keep in mind that now not every QR code maker provides the ones design alternatives each previous to or after signing up. Depending on the QR code you want to generate, you might to seek out some apparatus limited in their capacity.

Step 4: Click on on “Download” and save the record to your computer.

how to create a qr code: download

If you’re merely in search of to in short create a QR code, don’t worry about signing up. Instead, click on at the Download button.

Your download gets began in an instant, alternatively the cyber web website will try to trick you into signing up. Put out of your mind about this message till you really want to join. On the most efficient, you’ll be capable of see a message that says your QR code is getting created and that you simply will have to no longer refresh the window. A pop-up download window will get up inside of of two minutes.

Step 5: Add the QR code to print collateral.

A QR code will be unable to do its procedure till people see it. So be sure to add the code to any materials that can assist you market your business. This may increasingly include appearing it in print commercials, on garments, or in physically puts where people can take out their phones to scan it. Scroll down for added recommendations on correctly showing a QR code.

As for some way you’ll be capable of add the JPG or vector record to print collateral, you’ll accomplish that with numerous apparatus, in conjunction with:

  • Canva: Canva is an internet design instrument that permits you to import JPG data and add them to your design. It provides flier and brochure templates for easy introduction.
  • BeFunky: BeFunky is similar instrument to Canva and also implies that you’ll be able to add JPG data to a design. It moreover provides templates for you to choose from.
  • Adobe Illustrator and InDesign: If you’re a additional difficult client, you’ll use a loyal graphic design instrument so that you can upload your QR code to pamphlets and brochures. Illustrator is a brilliant fit for one-page designs; InDesign is a better fit for multi-page brochures.

If you’re on a cell device, excellent data: You’ll be capable of merely create a QR code that you simply’ll percentage with colleagues and chances on-the-go. You’ll be capable of need the Google Chrome app to do so.

How you’ll be able to Create a QR Code on Android

Creating a QR code on an Android device is simple with the Chrome app. You’ll be capable of most simple make QR codes for URLs, alternatively this can be a at hand instrument for when you wish to have to in short percentage product pages or blog posts with anyone.

Listed here are the steps:

  • Download the Google Chrome app from the Google Play Store.
  • Navigate to the URL you want to percentage.
  • Click on at the 3 vertical dots (⋮) at the most efficient toolbar.
  • Tap Proportion.
  • On the pop-up, select QR Code.
  • Each click on on Download at the bottom or snatch your phone up for anyone to scan the code.

How you’ll be able to Create a QR Code on iOS

Very similar to in Android, you’ll merely make QR Codes on any iPhone or iPad. This is how:

  1. Download the Google Chrome app from the App Store. Bear in mind: You’ll be capable of’t create QR Codes from the Google search app, most simple the Chrome app.
  2. Navigate to the URL you want to percentage.
  3. Tap the Proportion button on the upper right-hand to create a qr code in ios: share button
  4. Select Create QR Code.
    how to create a qr code in ios: create qr code menu
  5. Each snatch it up for anyone to scan or tap Proportion. This option will help you print your QR code, save the image to your electronic digital camera roll, or save it to your data.
    how to create a qr code in ios: final result

How you’ll be able to Create a QR Code for Desktop Using Chrome

Creating a QR code with Chrome on desktop is solely so simple as it’s on Android and iOS. This is how you can do it:

  • Open Chrome on your desktop.
  • Transfer to the URL you want to percentage.
  • For Linux, House home windows, and Mac computer consumers, navigate to the right-hand side of the care for bar, click on on Proportion, and select QR code.
  • For Chromebook consumers, navigate to the care for bar and then QR code.
  • Each copy the QR link, click on on download to procure the QR code, or scan the QR code with a electronic digital camera on every other device.

How you’ll be able to Use QR Codes (And How Not to)

Now that you simply see how simple the QR code introduction process will also be, let’s speak about some best practices that’ll build up the risk that your QR code in truth gets used.

Display your QR code where it’s at hand for people to scan.

Put QR codes in places where scanning them is understated and there’s enough time for the consumer to scan the code. Whilst you may perpetually see QR codes on billboards and TV commercials, they’re now not exactly necessarily probably the most user-friendly puts. This can be a coverage threat to entice people to tug out their phones while driving to scan a code, and a 30-second business will not be enough time for anyone to look out their phone and scan the TV.

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Instead, recall to mind places where consumers have the time and ability to scan the code. Places with an impressive Wi-Fi connection will help, too.

Optimize the QR’s holiday spot cyber web web page for cell units.

Mobile-optimize the cyber web web page to which you’re sending people. Customers may well be the usage of their phones when scanning the QR code, so that they will have to arrive at a cyber web web page with a good cell experience.

Include a CTA that turns on people to scan your QR code.

Offer a call-to-action (CTA) with the code — that is to say, tell people what they’re supposed to do when they see the code, and what they’ll download within the match that they scan it. Now not everyone knows exactly what a QR code is, and people who do will not be motivated to scan it till they’re sure there’s something successful on the other side.

Don’t restrict your QR code to no less than one cell scanner.

Don’t require a unique QR code scanner. Your QR code will have to be app-agnostic so anyone can scan your code with any reader. A lower barrier to get admission to makes success a lot more most probably for you and the shopper.

Use your QR code to make anyone’s life easier.

Don’t use a QR code just for the sake of the usage of one. For instance, it is not uncommon for marketers to think, “How can I bridge the offline experience with the web experience? Uhhh … QR code!” That isn’t mistaken, alternatively it isn’t always proper, each.

Whilst you’ve were given content material subject matter this is good to send to a cell client, and you’ve got an appropriate channel to do it (see use #1 at first of this section), it’s a lot more most probably your QR code will energy results.

Earlier, we showed you an example of how you can create your own QR code, alternatively you wouldn’t have to create it from scratch. A QR code generator can boost up the process (and take a lot of math out of it, too.)

There are tons of QR code generators out there. The best ones get a hold of many customizable alternatives for the usage of your QR code, and compatibility with relating to all cell QR code reader apps.

Other problems to seek for when choosing a QR code generator are whether or not or no longer you’ll follow and analyze potency in real-time and design a code this is unique to your emblem.

Below are a couple of of our favorite QR code generators that make custom designed QR codes rapid and easy to create.

1. Kaywa

best qr code generator: kaywa

Kaywa is a straightforward, no-fuss QR code generator that creates elementary codes for coupons, URLs, and make contact with wisdom. Simply enter your wisdom, make a selection whether or not or no longer you want a dynamic or static code, and generate it.

Why we like it:

If you’re the usage of your QR code as part of a promoting advertising marketing campaign, you’ll follow analytics by means of Kaywa when you create an account. That manner, you’ll be capable of have the most recent data on who engaged along side your code, where they engaged, and when.


best qr code generator: is a straightforward QR code generator that works best with fast URLs, alternatively it can be used to store text, geolocation, and fit data. Simply click on on on the icon that corresponds to your data and fill throughout the fields.

Why we like it:

You’ll be capable of get a are living preview of your QR code in real-time which speeds problems up if you’re together with finishing touches to your promoting advertising marketing campaign. For an additional fee, you’ll also have your logo added to your QR code by means of a fashion designer for a custom designed look.

3. Loose QR Code Generator by way of Shopify

best qr code generator: shopify

QR codes artwork best when you have something to give you the people who scan them. And chances are high that, you’re most definitely selling to people who acquire products online with their phones every day.

Why we like it:

Shopify makes it easy to create a QR code in just one click on on. The best section is that you simply wouldn’t have to own a Shopify store to use this loose instrument.

4. Visualead

best qr code generator: visualead

On the lookout for a one-of-a-kind QR code that matches your emblem to a “T”? Visualead is the instrument we recommend for the method.

Why we like it:

Visual QR codes are in taste and can generate additional pastime to your consumers than a normal black and white code can. That implies you want to peer additional scans and engagement on this type of QR code.


best qr code generator: the qr code generator features a simple UI that permits you to create a unique QR code in minutes. Simply add your URL or the information you want to percentage and your QR code turns out instantly.

Why we like it:

If you’re growing numerous QR codes at once, you might to seek out it successful to procure the Google Chrome extension for a faster workflow.

6. QR Stuff

best qr code generator: qr stuff

As one of the crucial additional tricky QR code generators, QR Stuff can create codes for just about any type of data you want to percentage with the sphere. YouTube motion pictures, Zoom meeting invitations, and even bitcoin wisdom are supported by means of this instrument.

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Why we like it:

In merely 3 steps, you’ll be capable of have a loose, customizable QR code that can function accurately and look great. Plus, there is not any restrict to the selection of codes you’ll create.


how to create a qr code: enter url

We used this QR code generator in our how-to information above, and for excellent reason. is a straightforward instrument this is user-friendly for even the least tech-savvy people. Simply drop your link into the sector, and let the generator do all the artwork.

Why we like it: is intuitive. It’s going to mechanically find the type of URL you’ve got added and convey a QR code in seconds.

8. QR Code Monkey

best qr code generator: qr code monkey

If the best way by which your QR code seems to be like is important to you, alternatively you don’t want to pay further for a custom designed design, take a look at QR Code Monkey. Whilst you add your URL, you’ll business the color, add a logo, and further customize the pixels to your code without charge.

Why we like it:

With QR Code Monkey, the design possibilities are just about endless. All you wish to have to create a branded QR code is a creative eye and slightly staying power.

QR Code Best possible Practices

1. Sign up for an account on a QR code generator cyber web website.

One vital pitfall to making a QR code is that you simply’ll’t edit the data it accommodates in the event you print it. On the other hand by means of signing up for an account, you’ll edit this knowledge. This is specifically important if you’re anticipating to use a lot of QR codes to your marketing strategy.

With a loose membership to QR code generators like, you’ll print a dynamic QR code, scan it, and pull up an editable form where you’ll regulate the data your visitors will download when they scan the QR code themselves. You’ll be capable of moreover follow potency analytics, which we’re going to cover below, and create a brand spanking new customized fashion of your code.

2. Customize your QR code.

qr code best practices: advanced customization

QR codes will also be uninteresting to try, alternatively now not should you customize them as much as imaginable. When you sign up for an account on a QR code generator cyber web website, you’ll customize your QR code further — adjusting the colors, together with a logo, growing social alternatives, and additional.

Remember, however, that some customizations may just make it more difficult for QR code scanning apps and smartphone cameras to accurately be told the code. To cover your bases, this can be a just right recommendation to generate two diversifications of your QR code — one plain fashion and every other along side your most popular design.

Speaking of this…

3. Test the QR code to ensure it scans.

Don’t overlook to check to look if the QR code reads appropriately, and make sure that to try more than one QR code reader. A excellent place to start out out is the loose instrument Google Lens, which takes a picture and then tells you what link or products it “reads to.”

Each different great loose instrument is the app QR Code Reader, which mechanically takes you to regardless of it “reads.” Most smartphones at the present time include a built-in QR code reader, in order that you will have to check out to ensure your code is readable there, as smartly.

4. Observe and analyze potency.

Very similar to any promoting advertising marketing campaign, you will have to follow up on any collateral or campaigns the usage of QR codes to look whether or not or no longer they’re in truth running. How so much guests comes from each explicit code? Are people scanning your code alternatively now not redeeming their offer after they get to the landing cyber web web page? Or are they now not even stressed enough to scan your QR code throughout the first place?

Understanding the answers to these questions will imply you’ll be able to troubleshoot and alter poorly showing QR codes to additional in moderation reflect those that artwork smartly.

I love to counsel you come with a UTM monitoring code to your URL so that you’ll upper measure potency. This is particularly important should you use closed-loop advertising analytics or should you perform additional in-depth reporting on your campaigns.

Create Your QR Code These days

Now it’s your turn! You may have spent enough time scanning QR codes, why now not make your own? Follow the steps in this article and use one of the crucial loose QR code generators now we have now truly helpful to place your business, project, or fit out there in the actual international.

Editor’s phrase: This post used to be as soon as to begin with revealed in January 2021 and has been up to the moment for comprehensiveness.

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