How you can Upload a Desk of Contents in WordPress (3 Tactics)

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If you happen to submit long-form articles in your blog, you’ll want to provide a quick way for readers to navigate to different sections of the post. Creating a table of contents permit you to take action, on the other hand you might no longer know the way to get started. 

Fortunately, WordPress makes it easy as a way to upload tables of contents on your posts. For instance, you’ll be capable to use a loyal plugin or create your tables manually throughout the Block Editor – no coding knowledge required!

In this post, we’ll take a greater check out tables of contents and speak about the advantages of using them in your posts. Then, we’ll show you 3 alternative ways to create them in WordPress. Let’s get started!

An Introduction to Tables of Contents in WordPress

A table of contents is a list of your post’s headings and subheadings. Each heading contains an anchor link that takes the reader to that segment throughout the post.

As an example, if a shopper wants to inspect a decided on matter in your article, they can simply click on on on the similar heading throughout the table of contents:

An example of a table of contents in a blog post

This way, readers can jump to the sections they’re most fascinated about and skip the remaining. They don’t want to scroll down the internet web page and read for the duration of the post to go looking out what they’re in search of.

Plus, a table of contents supplies consumers a quick overview of the article in order that they know what to expect. As an example, for many who’ve written a post about visiting London, readers can in short see what’s built-in throughout the data (e.g. where to stay, very best imaginable consuming puts, problems to do, and plenty of others).

Due to this fact, a table of contents can lend a hand fortify the Person Revel in (UX) and make your posts further readable. This may occasionally most probably in turn assist you to rank upper for similar search words. 

How you’ll Add a Table of Contents in WordPress (3 Techniques)

As we have now now seen, using tables of contents in your posts can lend a hand strengthen your internet website’s potency. Fortunately, rising them is easier than you might think. Now let’s check out 3 simple ways as a way to upload a table of contents in WordPress!

1. Arrange a Table of Contents Plugin

Together with a table of contents plugin on your WordPress internet website generally is a rapid and easy strategy to make your content material subject matter further navigable. While there are many alternatives to choose between, we advise Simple Desk of Contents:

Easy Table of Contents plugin banner in WordPress

This plugin lets you insert a table of contents into your posts, pages, and custom designed post types. Plus, it is going to most likely routinely generate the tables for you!

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In case you arrange the plugin in your internet website, navigate to Settings > Table of Contents in your WordPress dashboard. Underneath the Commonplace tab, you’ll be in a position to select the type of content material subject matter you want to create tables for:

The plugin settings for Easy Table of Contents

You moreover be capable to routinely insert them into your posts and pages:

The auto insert option in Easy Table of Contents settings

If you happen to’d relatively add them manually, you’ll be capable to reproduction the shortcode and embed it into your posts:

The shortcode for your table of contents

As an example, you might very best want to add a table of contents to precise posts. In this case, you’ll want to uncheck the boxes throughout the Auto Insert segment and use the shortcode as a way to upload the table on your preferred content material subject matter. 

Inside the Glance segment, you’ll to search out quite a few customization alternatives on your table of contents. You’ll exchange the font, select the link colors, and further:

The Appearance settings in Easy Table of Contents.

Now, let’s see what the table of contents will look like on your readers. If you happen to’ve made up our minds at the automotive insert selection on your posts, you’ll be capable to open a random article on the front end:

Front-end preview of the table of contents

By way of default, the table of contents will appear underneath your determine and introductory paragraph, and previous than the main H2 heading. On the other hand, you’ll be capable to exchange this throughout the plugin settings. 

This plugin is an ideal selection if you want to routinely add a table of contents to your whole posts. On the other hand, for many who very best want to use the table on a couple of of them, likelihood is that you’ll want to believe another. 

2. Use Custom designed WordPress Blocks

You’ll moreover add a table of contents as a block. This way, you’ll be capable to insert it immediately into your posts and customize it all the way through the WordPress Block Editor.

At the time of writing, the Block Editor does no longer offer a table of contents block. On the other hand, you’ll be capable to use a plugin like Spectra as a way to upload this selection on your internet website: 

The Spectra banner in WordPress

Spectra supplies quite a few good blocks on your internet website, along with a table of contents selection. In case you arrange the plugin, navigate to Settings > Spectra to view a complete checklist of added blocks. 

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Make sure that the Table of Contents block is activated:

The list of blocks added by Spectra

Then, you’ll be capable to open a post throughout the Block Editor and add the block anywhere you want on the internet web page:

The Table of Contents block

As with every block, you’ll get get right to use to a couple of customization settings. As an example, you’ll be capable to select the heading tags that you want to include in your table of contents:

Customizing the Table of Contents block in WordPress

To customize the appearance of your table, click on on on the Style tab. Proper right here, you’ll be capable to exchange the typography and colours for the determine, headings, and further:

Customizing the style of your table of contents

Using a Table of Contents block generally is a further surroundings pleasant selection if you want to follow the table to positive posts, relatively than all of them. Additionally, you’ll be capable to reserve it as a reusable block, in order that you won’t wish to re-apply the equivalent customization settings each and every time you use the table in a post. 

On the other hand, likelihood is that you’ll select to create custom designed tables for each and every post. As an example, you might want to include all heading tags in some posts, on the other hand very best display H2 and H3 headings in others. 

With the Easy Table of Contents plugin, you’ll have to use the equivalent table on your posts. Due to this fact, you might make a choice Spectra if you want further freedom over the design of your tables. 

3. Create Your Table Manually throughout the Block Editor

You may additionally select to create your table of contents manually. Perhaps you want to avoid putting in place every other plugin in your internet website as you very best want to create a table for one or two posts.

While together with your table of contents manually generally is a little tedious, the process is relatively simple. First, you’ll want to add a File block on your post. Then, kind in your headings and use the Indent selection as sought after:

Creating a list in the Block Editor

Next, you’ll want to create anchor links. This way, when a shopper clicks on a heading throughout the table of contents, they’ll be taken to the similar segment.

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To try this, select the Heading block. Then, navigate to the settings panel and click on on on the Advanced tab. Inside the HTML anchor field, enter a unique determine for this heading, paying homage to “heading1”:

Adding an HTML anchor in WordPress

Now, go back to the checklist, select the corresponding products, and click on on on the Link icon throughout the toolbar:

Adding a link to a list item in the Block Editor

Next, you’ll want to kind throughout the determine that you just entered throughout the HTML anchor field, together with a hashtag at the front. In our example, this shall be “#heading1”:

Entering an anchor link in WordPress

In case you enter the anchor link, you’ll have the ability to click on on on that products to navigate to the corresponding segment. You’ll repeat the equivalent process for the other items in your checklist.

When you’re ready, you’ll want to check out the anchor links on the front end to make sure they art work: 

Testing the table of contents on the front end

Take into accout as a way to upload a “Table of Contents” heading above the checklist. Additionally, likelihood is that you’ll want to group the heading and checklist blocks and customize them from the settings panel:

Grouping the heading and list blocks and customizing them in the Block Editor

As you’ll be capable to see, you don’t want to arrange a plugin to create a table of contents. On the other hand, if you want to add tables to multiple posts, it may be further surroundings pleasant than rising them manually.


Together with tables of contents on your posts may just make it easier for readers to go looking out what they’re in search of. This may increasingly lend a hand strengthen the patron experience and scale back your jump price, which would possibly in turn lead to upper rankings in search results.

In this post, we looked at three ways as a way to upload a table of contents in WordPress:

  1. Arrange a plugin like Simple Desk of Contents.
  2. Use a tool like Spectra as a way to upload a Table of Contents block on your internet website.
  3. Create your table manually with the File block. 

Do you’ve were given any questions about together with a table of contents to WordPress? Let us know throughout the comments segment underneath!

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