Methods to Use TikTok: A Step-by-Step Information

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Are you aware TikTok is some of the attractive social media app with a mean user session of virtually 11 mins? Now add to the combination a staggering 1.2 billion per month customers.

To state the obvious, TikTok is dominating the social media landscape, changing into a gold mine of temporary, snackable content material subject matter. While that sounds exciting – how can you get started?

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Here’s a a handful of steps — with photos — to walk you by means of setting up your profile, filming your first video, together with specific effects, and the usage of not easy eventualities or duets to have interaction with other consumers.

Environment Up Your Account

1. Download the app and sign up for.

Move to the App Store or Google Play and procure TikTok. While you open it, TikTok makes it beautiful easy to sign up. You’ll have the ability to do an rapid sign up for with Facebook, Gmail, or Twitter, or add an atypical username and password if you don’t want any of those accounts connected.

2. Prepare your profile.

Once you might be logged in, you’ll instantly be dropped on the feed of flicks. I’m going to show you how it works in step 3. Then again first, tap the icon throughout the lower correct that looks like a person’s outline to look and edit your profile.

tiktokprofile (1)

Whilst you enter your profile, tap the Edit Profile button, then select a profile image or video. You should moreover add your username and bio knowledge. If you want to show off your other social media profiles, you’ll have the ability to link up your Youtube and Instagram pages. If you are a industry, this is a helpful option to advertise your other visual platforms.

Finding Motion pictures and Horny with Consumers

3. View your video feed.

Now that you’ve got organize your profile, tap once more to the Space tab to look your video feed.

feedtiktok (1)

Recall to mind this feed like Twitter’s, alternatively where video is the primary content material subject matter. If you haven’t any lovers however, the app will send you random trending films. As you get started following and interacting with further other people, your feed will transform further personalized to your interests.

4. Like, statement, or share films you experience.

While you find a video you favor, you’ll have the ability to tap the heart to find it irresistible or the speech bubble to the touch upon it. To share the video, press the forward sign underneath the statement symbol to look your sharing alternatives. The ones symbols are all situated at the right kind facet of the video.

likecommenttiktok (1)

If you really like a video and need to see if the individual has further posts you’ll experience, swipe left to toggle to their profile.

Swiping left on a TikTok video to see the creator's profile

5. Search for films.

Tap on the second tab, or magnifying glass, to enter the app’s search house. On this tab, you’ll have the ability to each seek out accounts or films, otherwise you’ll have the ability to look underneath the quest bar to look films by means of trending topic.


6. Get ready your saved films with Collections

Whilst you get began “liking” films, you’ll have the ability to rewatch them beneath your Saved tab. Then again be warned: the Saved tab can get messy, in short. Fortunately you’ll have the ability to get ready your favorite films beneath categories — or as they’re referred to on TikTok, Collections.

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tiktokfavoritesSymbol Supply

To get right to use Collections, click on on on the bookmark icon underneath the statement icon. Then, press “+ Create new collection” as a way to upload a collection. Categorize your saved posts by means of topic (i.e., well being, recipes, dog films), aesthetic, or any other classification you want. Additionally, you’ll have the ability to create quite a lot of your favorite sounds, effects, and hashtags.

7. Follow consumers.

If you want to keep up with a super video creator, you’ll have the ability to apply them by means of pressing the icon that includes their profile symbol and a plus sign.

followtiktokIf you realize of a TikTok account or person that you want to look at, you’ll have the ability to search for them throughout the search bar and then press the “Consumers” filter out.

follow user on tiktok-18. Percentage your TikTok the usage of TikCode.

Now that you simply’ve a TikTok, it’s time to share it in all places. One of the crucial necessary best tactics to do so is with a TikCode. A TikCode is a QR code unique to your profile that others can scan to in short get right to use your profile. This is a nice selection whilst you run into a pal in-person who wishes as a way to upload you.


To hunt out your personal TikCode, pass to your profile and get right to use your settings alternatives. Then, click on on QR code. This may increasingly open your unique code.

Tips on how to Post on TikTok

9. Prepare your shot and select specific effects.

Tap the center tab to enter camera mode. To face the camera in the proper path, tap the Flip icon inside probably the most smart correct. At the right kind facet of the show, you’ll moreover see icons for the following:

  • Tempo: Allows you to record your video in slow motion or speeded up.
  • Good looks: A filter out that can cover blemishes and simple out your pores and pores and skin.
  • Filters: Means that you can industry the color filter out of the camera.
  • Timer: Allows you to set an auto-record countdown if you want to film hands-free.
  • Flash
Camera screen view of TikTok app

Sounds and Effects

On the top center of the camera show, you’ll moreover see music notes with “Add a Sound” next to them. Tap this to choose the musical overlay or sound affect that you want to artwork with.


On the bottom of the camera, you’ll moreover see an Effects icon to the proper and an upload button to the left — in case you want to record your films outside of the app.

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While you tap the Effects button, you’ll see a huge lineup of AR filters and other specific effects that can build up your face or your surroundings. You’ll have the ability to moreover select a video overlay-styled filter out proper right here.

Previewing AR bunny face filter on TikTok

Inside the black bar beneath the camera, you’ll have the ability to set the time limit for your video or tap {Photograph} Template to create {a photograph} slideshow instead of a video.

Using time bar under camera screen to set video length on TikTok

10. Report the video.

Once you’re ready, press and adhere the red record button. You’ll have the ability to each record your video unexpectedly or in pieces.

Recording a video with a face and color filter on TikTok

If you want to are compatible different photos in every video or record it in pieces, simply dangle the record button for every segment, then let pass, then press and adhere it over again if you end up ready for your next shot.

Don’t need to dangle your record button all the time? Previous to you enter record mode, you’ll have the ability to moreover use the timer to supply yourself enough time to prop up your phone and pose in front of it quicker than it starts robotically recording.

Setting a video recording timer on TikTok

11. Make final edits and add a caption to the video.

When you’re accomplished recording the video, you’ll however be capable of add a musical overlay, filters, and other fundamental specific effects. You’ll have the ability to moreover add stickers and text overlays on top of the video.

Adding stickers and other effects to a video before posting on TikTok

When you’re accomplished, press Next. You’ll be directed to a internet web page similar to Instagram’s post internet web page where you’ll have the ability to add a caption, comparable hashtags, and account handles of others. You’ll have the ability to moreover set the privacy of the video, turn comments on or off, and allow duets or reactions.

Adjusting post settings and adding a caption on TikTok

If you aren’t ready to place up however, merely press the Drafts button at the bottom left to save it for later.

12. Duet with other consumers.

See a musical post that you simply love? Want to join in with the person who made it? TikTok signifies that you’ll resolution with a Duet video. To use this former serve as, find a video you want to duet with, press the Percentage button to look sharing alternatives, then press the “Duet” selection on the bottom row throughout the center.

Using share options to start a Duet on TikTok

Your camera show will appear next to the video. From there, you’ll have the ability to press record and sing along, dance, or do regardless of you want to the music.

Recording a duet on TikTok

To show you what a finished product turns out like, that is one great example:

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In case you are creating a post and don’t want someone to duet with you, you’ll have the ability to tap the “Duet/React Off” button in your Post internet web page quicker than publishing.

13. Participate in an issue.

Like other social media platforms, you’ll every now and then see films with hashtags for “not easy eventualities.” An issue is when a video post, company, or consumer encourages consumers to film themselves doing something oddly specific — like flipping the lid of a Chipotle to-go bowl and no longer the usage of a palms. Individuals then film themselves doing the movement and hashtag the issue determine in their post captions.

There normally aren’t any winners in a TikTok drawback, alternatively hashtagging it’s going to allow you to get further lovers or views as other people to seek out you when taking a look the hashtag.

To get a hold of a quick considered what taking part in drawback comes to, here’s a video of someone doing the above-mentioned #ChipotleLidFlip drawback:

A Few TikTok Takeaways

As you might be brainstorming or filming your first films, listed below are a few guidelines to help you create unique and tasty posts:

  • Have fun with the specific effects. There are a ton of how you can zest up your video, and audiences on TikTok expect it. So fiddle and experiment with them.
  • Come with the music. Most films on the platform have some type of track or sound affect throughout the background.
  • Film a few films with a couple of photos. This may increasingly make it actually really feel further interesting and vigorous.
  • Don’t be afraid to show a lighter facet or a sense of humor. Other people come to this platform to be entertained.
  • Use trendy hashtags and try out an issue video. Then, include comparable hashtags for your post caption so your video presentations up when other people search it.
  • Take a look at what other producers are doing. While your company might now not need to jump on TikTok merely however, films posted by means of other producers might simply inspire some ideas for your private method.

Certain, TikTok would perhaps appear to be a brand spanking new, experimental platform at this time, alternatively it is going to smartly be a great tool for attractive and spreading awareness to your younger audiences

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