Obtain a FREE Weblog Put up Template for Divi’s House Baker Structure Pack

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Just right day Divi Creators! Thanks for turning into a member folks for the next installment of our weekly Divi Design Initiative where each and every week, we give away brand new freebies. This time spherical we’re construction upon the House Baker Structure Pack with a brand new blog put up template that matches the rest of the pack utterly. Hope you revel in it!

divi layout

Check Out The Space Baker
Blog Submit Template Underneath

Get it without cost as of late!

Desktop View

Blog Post Template for the Divi Home Baker Layout Pack

Tablet and Mobile View

Tablet and Mobile View for the Blog Post Template of the Divi Home Baker Layout Pack

Download The Blog Submit Template For The Space Baker Construction Pack

To place your hands on the free Space Baker Blog Submit Template, you’re going to first want to download it using the button underneath. To comprehend get entry to to the download it is very important subscribe to our Divi Daily piece of email tick list by way of using the form underneath. As a brand spanking new subscriber, you’re going to procure a lot more Divi goodness and a free Divi Construction pack each and every Monday! Should you’re already on the tick list, simply enter your piece of email take care of underneath and click on on download. You’re going to not be “resubscribed” or download additional emails.

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You could have successfully subscribed. Please check out your piece of email take care of to verify your subscription and get get entry to to free weekly Divi structure packs!

Learn how to Upload The Space Baker Blog Submit Template

Go to Divi Theme Builder

So as to add the template, navigate to the Divi Theme Builder inside the backend of your WordPress internet web page.

Getting started with the Divi Conference Layout Pack

Upload Internet web page Template

Then, inside the top correct corner, you’ll see an icon with two arrows. Click on on on the icon.

Importing the Header and Footer Layout into the Divi Theme Buidler

Navigate to the import tab, upload the JSON file that you want to download in this put up, and click on on on ‘Import Divi Theme Builder Templates’.

Import settings for the header and footer layout pack

Save Divi Theme Builder Changes

Whilst you’ve uploaded the file, you’ll perceive a brand spanking new template with a brand spanking new body area that has been assigned to All Posts. Save the Divi Theme Builder changes as soon as you want the template to be activated.

Begin editing the blog post body template within the Divi Builder

Learn how to Keep an eye on The Template

Open Submit Template

To switch the template’s portions, get began by way of opening the template.

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Begin editing the blog post body template within the Divi Builder

All over the Body Construction Editor, you’ll edit the design on the front end using the Divi Builder similar to you may with a regular Divi internet web page.

Since this is a template that has been assigned to all posts for the internet web page, there’s a put up content material subject material module that is vital for showing the put up content material subject material. You will need to keep that module in place, then again you’ll keep watch over the put up content material subject material module’s design portions, which is in a position to design the put up content material subject material that is displayed dynamically.

Various post content settings available to you to edit your post content with the Divi Theme Builder

Regarding the Construction

This blog put up template has a lot of dynamic portions that may art work along side your blog posts immediately. For example, all the put up header is made up of dynamic portions along side a featured image, the put up determine, and related posts all the way through the category. This content material subject material received’t need updating, then again you’ll tweak the design of each and every of those portions if sought after.

Other dynamic portions include the following:

  • Similar Posts Module: Presentations the newest posts that share the equivalent magnificence.
  • Submit Creator Identify, Bio and Image: Presentations the profile data, determine and bio of the individual/writer of the put up.
  • Submit Content material subject material Module: Presentations the put up content material subject material added when enhancing the put up on the backend of WordPress.
  • Comments: A  helpful observation area for the put up.
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Right here’s a quick illustration that identifies the elements of the Space Baker blog put up template.

Divi Home Baker Blog Post Layout Module Breakdown

New Freebies Every Week!

We hope you’ve liked the Space Baker Construction Pack and the blog put up template freebie this is going together with it. We look forward to taking note of your critiques inside the observation phase underneath. Remember to check out once more next week for additonal freebies!

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