Planet VPN: Loose VPN With No Bandwidth & Visitors Restrict (Assessment)

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A VPN, or Virtual Non-public Neighborhood, is a crucial tool for ensuring online privacy and protection. It functions as a secret tunnel that conceals your internet movements from prying eyes, comparable to hackers, advertisers, and even your internet provider provider. This is particularly essential when using public Wi-Fi networks, where your knowledge is further vulnerable to theft.

In essence, a VPN is like a curtain that shields your online movements, giving you a safe, private, and anonymous browsing enjoy. In this present day’s digital world, using a VPN has become an integral a part of internet usage to protect your personal information and maintain privacy.

Throughout the large landscape of VPN equipment available this present day, we find a mix of free, paid, and hybrid possible choices, each and every offering numerous choices. In this article, we’d like to introduce to however some other VPN provider – Planet VPN.

Planet VPN websitePlanet VPN website

Since the name for for safe and private internet connections grows, so does the need for unswerving and easy-to-use VPN services. Planet VPN objectives to provide consumers with a smooth however environment friendly answer for maintaining their online privacy and protection.


Let’s discuss a couple of of its choices that (we imagine) stand out.

Supplies every free (without a restrict) and paid possible choices

Planet VPN caters to consumers looking for free and paid possible choices.

With the free type, there don’t seem to be any guests or speed limits. You’ll have the ability to download and use the app without even registering. With the most sensible elegance type, consumers can get right to use an extensive group of VPN servers that span over 60 countries all the way through 5 continents.

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selection of serversselection of servers

To come up with an working out of the decisions available in every the free and most sensible elegance diversifications, right here’s an inventory of VPN servers to which you’ll connect.


France Germany Netherlands USA United Kingdom

Most sensible elegance:

Albania Argentina Australia Austria Bahrain
Belarus Belgium Bosnia and Herzegovina Brazil Bulgaria
Canada Chile Colombia Costa Rica Croatia
Cyprus Czechia Denmark Egypt Estonia
Finland France Georgia Germany Greece
Hong Kong Hungary Indonesia Ireland Israel
Italy Japan Kazakhstan Latvia Lithuania
Malaysia Mexico Netherlands Norway Peru
Philippines Poland Portugal Korea Moldova
Romania Russia Saudi Arabia Serbia Singapore
Slovakia Republic of South Africa Spain Sweden Switzerland
Thailand Turkey Ukraine United Arab Emirates Great Britain
USA Vietnam

IP take care of switching in a VPN refers to the skill to change your IP take care of while hooked as much as a specific VPN server in a selected country. This feature enhances your anonymity by the use of preventing you from being associated with a single IP take care of, although hooked as much as a VPN server.

Apply: The ablilty to change IP addresses is totally available for most sensible elegance consumers.
planet vpn ip changeplanet vpn ip change
Great OS Compatibility and a Extensive Range of Extensions

Planet VPN provides programs for quite a lot of units like desktop laptop techniques with House home windows, Mac, or Linux operating strategies, and cellphones with Android or iOS. Additionally, it has browser extensions for Google Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Opera, and Yandex.

It can also be configured to art work directly together with your router, or with OpenVPN in House home windows.

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extension and addonsextension and addons

Shopper Experience

Planet VPN offers a user-friendly and easy interface. Upon launching the appliance, consumers can see their provide IP take care of when now not hooked as much as a VPN, at the side of a exceptional “Connect” button.

planet free vpn UIplanet free vpn UI

By means of clicking this button, consumers are provided with information on the country and IP take care of they’re hooked as much as, along with a disconnect button for many who wish to save you using the VPN provider. The selections for settling on selection VPN servers is very easily located at the bottom of the appliance’s interface.

Privacy and Protection

Planet VPN comes with a no-log coverage, allowing your online movements to stick private and safe.

In smooth words, a VPN with a no-log protection does now not store any information of your online movements, comparable to the websites you consult with, the files you got, or the messages you send.

Because of this despite the fact that a third birthday celebration, comparable to a government corporate or a hacker, have been to request information about your online movements from the VPN provider, there might be no knowledge to share.

A no-log protection is crucial for maintaining your privacy and anonymity online, as it prevents any doable tracking or monitoring of your internet usage. By means of choosing a VPN with a strict no-log protection, you’ll have peace of ideas figuring out that your online movements will keep safe and confidential.


Let’s discuss the cost of this VPN tool. You’ll have the ability to download and use it without spending a dime, alternatively with limited server possible choices. Alternatively, if you choose the paid type, you’ll have get right to use to all available servers and the ability to change your IP take care of.

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The per thirty days price of Planet VPN is $9.99. Alternatively, if you choose a 3-year plan, the fee is reduced to $1.99 monthly.

Talk over with Planet VPN

Planet VPN is a user-friendly VPN tool that provides fundamental choices for those looking to maintain anonymity while browsing the internet. After using it for a few weeks, listed below are some execs and cons of the app, in our opinion:


  • Easy to use and easy
  • Fast connection speed
  • Supplies a free type
  • Is helping IP rotation
  • No restrict without spending a dime mode


  • Lacks difficult choices comparable to ad-blocking and multi-hopping.

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