Product Movies: 10 of the Highest Promotional Product Movies Ever

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The suitable video can boost a product’s visibility and push it to its target audience. Because of this truth, marketers must have an organization grasp of a product video and how to create a beautiful one.

That will help you create a video that showcases your product’s unique choices and shines a steady in your emblem, we will uncover what a product video is and how to craft one.

Additionally, we’ve were given a list of impressive product movies for inspiration.

What’s a product video?

Product Movies for Advertising

How one can Create Product Movies

10 Promotional Product Movies That Make You Need to Purchase

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What’s a product video?

A product video explains and visually presentations a product‘s tangible benefits. A large number of the ones motion pictures emphasize a product’s unique choices. Nevertheless, one thing differentiating a superb product video is its talent to blow their own horns how it solves problems.

More often than not, outstanding product motion pictures encompass the following:

  • Sexy dialogue and narration
  • Long enough to totally give an explanation for the product and its benefits alternatively fast enough to stick the viewer’s attention
  • Professionalism, without being “stuffy.”
  • Empathy and relatability

Product Films for Promoting: Why They’re Crucial

Audiences spend, on cheap, about 19 hours per week having a look at motion pictures online, whether or not or now not on platforms like YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, or Facebook. Astonishingly, people watch one billion movies an afternoon on Pinterest.

So, it‘s safe to say audiences enjoy motion pictures and to search out them sexy enough to spend long categories having a look at them. Video is an excellent way to take hold of your target audience’s attention and excitingly blow their own horns your product’s uses.

Additionally, product motion pictures can give an explanation for a product in-depth and purpose emotions one way or the other a written product description can not.

How you can Create Product Films

Listed below are some guidelines and strategies for rising a very good product video.

1. Include context.

Show your product or service in use or unravel a topic ceaselessly faced by way of your target audience. For example, paper towel company Bounty’s Twitch-themed product video ad shows a host of avid avid gamers collaborating in an intense on-line recreation.

When one of the vital essential avid avid gamers by chance knocks over his drink at the side of his laptop mouse, he uses Bounty to briefly acquire up the spill forward of it will hurt his gaming equipment.

The video shows a scenario where a Bounty paper towel may also be most helpful and the best way briefly the product can clean up the spill.

2. Don’t merely show your product — discuss it!

Films showing a product looking photogenic towards a fantastic backdrop will also be attention-grabbing, alternatively they want to put throughout further about how the product works or what makes it unique.

When creating a product, go in-depth and discuss its unique choices, the story behind it, or – at the very least – how to use it. The following product video types are excellent formats for a product show-and-tell:

  • Demos: Show the product in movement as anyone uses it.
  • Tutorial: Expose to your target audience how to use the product.
  • Explainer: Provide an explanation for how a product works and tell the story of how it were given right here to be.
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3. Customize your video.

Include parts in your product video that ties it to your emblem. You’ll have the ability to do this by way of at the side of the logo’s brand or color scheme associated with the company.

Other parts can include using the equivalent host, spokesperson, song, or motif in each and every video.

4. Keep your target audience in ideas.

Your product motion pictures want to relate to your target audience and their experiences. So, blow their own horns your products in eventualities that practice to your purpose demographic.

For example, Glossier’s makeup and skincare company motto is “We make products inspired by way of precise lifestyles.”

To push this message, the company’s product motion pictures incessantly come as “Get In a position with Me” motion pictures (GRWM for short). The women in their motion pictures rise up throughout the morning and show target audience how they practice Glossier products forward of starting their day.

5. Don’t fearmonger.

Don‘t scare people into purchasing your product by way of making it seem like they’re missing out or something terrible might simply happen within the tournament that they don‘t use it. As an alternative, focus on the advantages of your product and what it will add to a client’s lifestyles.

6. Have fun.

Inject some humor and personality into your product video. Doing so will make your video further exciting and blow their own horns your emblem’s identity. It’s going to moreover help your product stick out from festival.

7. Include a option to movement.

Target audience must know how, where, and when to buy your product. Include a option to movement pronouncing, “Acquire in recent times by way of calling ____.” For call-to-action examples, click on right here.

10 Promotional Product Films That Make You Wish to Acquire

1. Microsoft Ground Skilled 9 that comes with Bri Hall

Microsoft collaborates with content material subject material creator, influencer, and artist Bri Hall to show off the Ground Skilled 9’s choices and uses.

In her TikTok video, Bri uses the Ground Skilled to digitally draw herself as a superhero. Bri speaks to target audience casually, explaining how the product’s lightweight and portable assemble we could in her to draw any place she wishes and keep her artwork readily to be had.


My new Microsoft Ground Skilled 9 is a game-changer for artists like us! With its tough choices, we will unleash our creativity like in no way forward of! #microsoftpartner @Microsoft Ground #MicrosoftSurface #createdonsurface #microsoft #artwork

♬ authentic sound – Brihallofficial

It’s easy and helpful to fold influencer promoting into your product motion pictures. Influencers can introduce your product to their target audience and show unique tactics to use it.

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Throughout the case above, Bri shows artists how the Microsft Ground Skilled 9 will also be an artistic tool.

2. Smashbox At all times On Liquid Lipstick that comes with Champagne Becca

In a product video for its At all times On liquid lipstick, makeup company Smashbox collaborated with TikTok content material subject material creator Champagne Becca. Throughout the video, Becca shows how the product stays on after eating a burger.

While you’ve ever worn lipstick, then protecting your lipstick after eating anything is a almost about now not imaginable activity. Smashbox is conscious about its target audience and the common downside they maintain, resulting in an invaluable and relatable product video.


Replying to @Arianna can’t complain as quickly because it’s burger licensed ✅ @Smashbox Cosmetics @Ulta Beauty ultamusthaves summerproofmakeup longwear sbxambassador beautytok

♬ authentic sound – becca🍾

3. JW Pet Cat Catnip Mister

TikTok content material subject material creator Abram Engel makes motion pictures testing quite a lot of cat toys on his cat Kurt.

The video beneath shows how Kurt reacts to JW’s product, Catnip Mister, which lets off a mist of catnip and comes with a longer cat toy to encourage play. The product video moreover shows Abram going all through the methodology of assembling and activating the toy.

Abram’s video is an excellent example of showing a product in movement.


Kurt was once off his rocker in recent times

♬ authentic sound – Abram Engle

 4. Scrub Daddy’s New Grill Brush

Scrub Daddy, a cleaning product company, introduced its new grill brush with a product video using the logo’s signature chaotic and funny style. Like Scrub Daddy, be happy to use humor and casual language to have interaction your target audience.

The video humorously explains how to use the product and its unique choices.

5. Fenty Beauty’s Comfortable Matte Powder Foundation Tutorial

Fenty Beauty founder and pa giant identify Rihanna hosted a YouTube tutorial showing off the logo’s powder foundation and how to use it.

Rihanna takes a fun, playful way to blow their own horns the product and even does just a little happy dance at the of the video when her look is available in aggregate. Yet again, just a little personality goes a ways.

6. Pixel Tablet Evaluations by way of Marques Brownlee

Marques Brownlee provides an extensive assessment of the Google Pixel Tablet.

What makes this product video different from others is that he shares an anecdote in regards to the history of drugs and the best way the tablet market has changed, giving target audience higher context behind Google’s new product.

The YouTuber details the tablet’s design, choices, and professionals and cons. As Marques speaks, target audience are confirmed a close-up of the product.

7. Samsung’s ViewFinity S9 Creation

You don‘t at all times need a voiceover, influencers, or personality to make your product video stand out. Now and again, you’ll have the ability to let the product speak about for itself. Samsung’s product video for the ViewFinity S9 has no verbal dialogue.

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As an alternative, it introduces two graphic designers and follows them as they use the product’s different choices for their project. The product video stands out because of its visually surprising video, catchy song, and storytelling.

8. Keith Lee Foods Evaluations

 TikTok content material subject material creator Keith Lee is known for his honest, funny, and relatable foods reviews. Throughout the video beneath, Keith partners with Wingstop to test the consuming position chain’s Marvel-inspired “secret” flavors. 

Keith’s product video proves you don’t at all times need high-end equipment, specific effects, or song to make a video pop. In his case, his unique reaction and awe of the foods’s flavors are enough to generate buzz. 


Wingstop Secret Style taste check out 💕 would you take a look at it ? 💕 #wingstoppartner #wingstopad #secretinvasion #foodcritic

♬ authentic sound – Keith Lee

 9. Apple’s MacBook Air 

 Apple’s product video for MacBook Air accommodates different designers, engineers, and professionals from Apple explaining quite a lot of aspects of the pc.

Similar to Samsung’s product video, Apple’s accommodates high quality visuals and thematic song to stick target audience intrigued. 

10. Purina Pet Foods 

The video does now not show a selected Purina product, however it unquestionably takes target audience (and schoolchildren) behind the scenes of creating Purina pet food.

To build imagine in conjunction with your target audience, have your product video take them behind the curtain to show the science, idea, and process this is going into rising your products. 

All the product video examples above go beyond merely giving information about the products; as well as they arrive with personality, humor, and relatability. To your next product video, take into accounts your target audience and their not unusual downside or need.

Then bring to mind the way you’ll have the ability to show your product solving their downside or satisfying their needs. Do you want to partner with an influencer, show the product in movement, or give an educational? Or do you want to try all 3?

Creativity is very important in rising the best product video in your emblem, irrespective of the method you choose, and now you’ve got a variety of examples for inspiration.

Editor’s realize: This publish was once to start with printed in October 2017 and has been up-to-the-minute for comprehensiveness.

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