Routinely Replace Smartsheet from Google Sheets

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In this tutorial, we will showcase easy methods to mechanically add a row to a Smartsheet spreadsheet every time a new row is added to a Google spreadsheet. This can also be particularly useful when you need to percentage a spreadsheet with a few shoppers who’re the use of different services and products and merchandise, corresponding to Google Sheets and Smartsheet.

The main function of this tutorial is to verify seamless collaboration between shoppers of more than a few spreadsheet platforms. Thru mechanically updating the Smartsheet spreadsheet on each and every instance a brand spanking new row is added to the Google spreadsheet, shoppers can merely get entry to and art work on the equivalent knowledge set, irrespective of their most well liked platform. This not very best simplifies the sharing process however as well as promises that everyone stays on the equivalent internet web page and can collaborate effectively.

How Does This Artwork?

When new roles of information are added to a Google Sheet:

data add Google Sheetsdata add Google Sheets

It’ll mechanically be up to the moment and added to Smartsheet.

data reflected Smartsheetdata reflected Smartsheet

This integration shall we in shoppers to pay attention to keeping up their knowledge up-to-date in Google Sheets, without a wish to be anxious about double knowledge get admission to in Smartsheet. On account of this, the data in Smartsheet will always be provide and proper, without any additional effort required from the individual.

What You’ll Need:

To begin out integrating between Google Sheets and Smartsheets, we will be using Zapier. If you happen to don’t already have an account with the ones platforms, you’ll sign up for (at no cost) via clicking the corresponding buttons underneath.

Get unfastened Smartsheet account.
Get unfastened Zapier account.

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After getting successfully signed up or if you already have an account, log in on your Zapier, Google Sheets, and Smartsheets accounts.

What We’re Going to Do

For this tutorial, we will be using a Google Sheets spreadsheet this is composed of plenty of columns: First Identify, Ultimate Identify, Activity Establish, Age, and Nationality.

Google Sheets ColsGoogle Sheets Cols

The aim is to ensure that when a brand spanking new row of information is added to this spreadsheet, it will mechanically be reflected in Smartsheet without the need for guide knowledge get admission to.

Let’s do it!

1. Create Spreadsheets in Smartsheet and Google Sheets

Get began via rising a brand spanking new sheet in every Google Sheets and Smartsheet. Be sure that they’ve an identical columns, classified as “First Identify“, “Ultimate Identify“, “Establish“, “Age“, and “Nationality“.

Get unfastened Smartsheet account.

Give each and every spreadsheet a name. For example, establish the Google Sheets spreadsheet “Interviewee Wisdom (GS)” and the Smartsheet spreadsheet “Interviewee Wisdom (SS)“.

Google Sheets with ColsGoogle Sheets with Cols
Smartsheet with ColsSmartsheet with Cols

Enter an example row of information in Google Sheets.

Google Sheets row 1Google Sheets row 1

2. Create Integrations with Zapier

First, we’ll link Zapier to Google Sheets.

Linking Zapier with Google Sheets.
  1. Log in on your Zapier account.
  2. Click on this hyperlink with the intention to upload the “Google Sheets-Smartsheet integration template” on your Zapier.
  3. Click on on on the first row of “1. New Spreadsheet Row in Google Sheets” and then click on on “Test in.
  4. Zapier sign in Google ShhetsZapier sign in Google Shhets

  5. Click on on “Continue.
  6. Google Sheets continueGoogle Sheets continue

  7. Now, you need to tell Zapier which spreadsheet to use. Click on at the dropdown box underneath “Spreadsheet” and make a selection “Interviewee Wisdom (GS).
  8. sleect Google Sheets spreadsheetsleect Google Sheets spreadsheet

  9. Next, tell Zapier which sheet within “Interviewee Wisdom (GS)” to use. Throughout the dropdown box for “Worksheet,” choose “Sheet1” and click on on “Continue.
  10. Google Sheets worksheetGoogle Sheets worksheet

  11. Click on on “Test” and then “Motive check out” to check if the connection between Zapier and the spreadsheet is working.
  12. Google Sheets test triggerGoogle Sheets test trigger

  13. If successful, you will see the trend knowledge you entered earlier. Click on on “Continue“.
  14. Google Sheets test successGoogle Sheets test success

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Next, we will link Zapier to Smartsheet.

Linking Zapier with Smartsheet.
  1. First, click on on “Test in” underneath “2. Add Row to Sheet in Smartsheet” to connect Zapier on your Smartsheet account. Then click on on “Continue“.
  2. Select the “Interviewee Wisdom (SS)” sheet from the “Movement” dropdown menu.
  3. Choose sheet in SmartsheetChoose sheet in Smartsheet

  4. Make a decision whether or not or no longer you need new knowledge to be added to the best or bottom of the row. Make a choice “To Top” or “To Bottom” from the dropdown menu.
  5. Smartsheet new data appearanceSmartsheet new data appearance

  6. Click on on “Refresh fields” to test the columns between the two spreadsheets. Be sure that the ideas for “First Identify“, “Ultimate Identify“, “Establish“, “Age“, and “Nationality” is entered accurately. Then, click on on “Continue“.
  7. Smartsheet matching dataSmartsheet matching data

  8. Click on on “Test movement” to check if everything is synced appropriately. For those who see a “SUCCESS” message, it manner the columns are synced accurately.
  9. Smartsheet test successSmartsheet test success

  10. Finally, click on on “Publish” to finish the process.
  11. publish Smartsheetpublish Smartsheet

3. Trying out the Automation

Now that every spreadsheets in Google Sheets and Smartsheets are integrated, you’ll merely transfer and arrange your knowledge.

To change provide knowledge from your Google Sheet to Smartsheet, simply click on on on the “Transfer provide knowledge” button. This may occasionally ensure that any knowledge already supply on your Google Sheet is copied over to Smartsheet.

transfer existing datatransfer existing data

Or, you’ll get began populating or coming into knowledge in Google Sheets….

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Google Sheets add dataGoogle Sheets add data

…and it will be mechanically reflected in Smartsheet.

Smartsheet data reflectedSmartsheet data reflected

Knowledge won’t show up in Smartsheet in an instant

Please bear in mind that the knowledge may not be in an instant reflected on Smartsheet when using Zapier.

Underneath the “Free” and “Starter” plans, the exchange time is 15 minutes, because of this that that Zapier tests for new knowledge and updates your Zap every 15 minutes.

Zapier plansZapier plans

For those who require a faster exchange time, it’s good to need to believe upgrading to the “Professional” or “Group” plans, where the exchange time is lowered to 2 minutes and 1 minute, respectively. This may occasionally be in agreement ensure that your Smartsheet knowledge is up to the moment further ceaselessly and appropriately.

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