Setup and Use ChatGPT in Mac Terminal

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Are you still gaining access to ChatGPT all through the internet web page, or by the use of third birthday party gear? How about attempting something different? You recognize, you don’t all the time should open your browser and navigate to the ChatGPT internet web page. You’ll have the ability to in reality use ChatGPT right away from your Mac’s Terminal as neatly.

Environment it up is gorgeous simple. In this tutorial, I’m going to steer you via merely that. So, let’s jump right kind in and get started.

Follow: This works for Linux and House home windows too.

chatgpt with mac terminalchatgpt with mac terminal

Step 1. Get an OpenAI API key

First, we wish to get a brand spanking new OpenAI API key. Join an OpenAI account should you don’t have one, else merely log in on your account.

Seek for the ‘USER’ section, then click on on on ‘API keys‘.

openai api keyopenai api key

Next, create a brand spanking new secret key by the use of clicking ‘+ Create new secret key‘.

create new secret keycreate new secret key

Keep a copy of this API key as we’ll need it later.

Step 2. Arrange Homebrew

Next, we will wish to arrange Homebrew. Homebrew lend a hand makes putting in place other stuff we would like in later stage easy.

To place in Homebrew, head over to the Homebrew’s web page. There, you’ll find a line of code underneath the section ‘Arrange Homebrew‘.

homebrew websitehomebrew website

Or, you’ll moreover use the following code. Copy it, then cross in your Terminal, paste it in, and hit Enter.

/bin/bash -c "$(curl -fsSL"

Follow: Take into accout, putting in place Homebrew would possibly take somewhat of of time.

After the whole thing is finished, sort the following command inside the Terminal and hit Enter.

brew --version
homebrew installedhomebrew installed

This will once in a while show the version of Homebrew you’ve installed, confirming that the arrange is whole.

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Step 3. Arrange AIChat

After acquiring your API key and effectively putting in Homebrew, our next step is to place in AIChat.

On the equivalent Terminal window, input the following command and hit Enter.

brew arrange airchat
install aichatinstall aichat

This will once in a while get started the arrange of AIChat in your Mac. The arrange process should be stunning speedy.

Step 4. Configure AIChat

With AIChat now installed, the next move is to configure it. Since we’re assuming this is your first time setting it up, you’ll wish to provide the following, in assortment, for the configuration.

  • Enter “y” to create a brand spanking new config report
  • Paste in your API key.
  • Enter “y” should you don’t wish to use Proxy. (You most often won’t need it.)
  • Enter “y” if you want to save all chat messages, else, merely hit “n”.

An editable version of the config report will probably be created and it can be found out at the following location shall you want to make any changes later:

/Consumers//Library/Software Enhance/aichat/config.yaml

And that’s all there’s to it. You’ll have the ability to now get began the use of ChatGPT right kind from your Mac’s terminal.

Step 5. The use of AIChat

To start out the use of AIChat, simply sort inside the following in Terminal and hit Enter.


That’s it! You’ll have the ability to now sort in your turns on and hit Enter. Stay up for the responses merely as you in all probability can when the use of ChatGPT online.

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using aichatusing aichat

Bonus: Further Configuring AIChat

Earlier, I mentioned {{that a}} replica of your configuration is saved at this location: /Consumers//Library/Software Enhance/aichat/config.yaml.

When you open that report, you’ll see your API key. Alternatively, you’ll add additional configurations to this report. For instance, you’ll specify a particular ChatGPT taste to be used.

Let’s take a look at an example of the various settings you’ll define in your configuration report.

api_key: ""  # Request by the use of
organization_id: "org-xxx"        # optional, set crew identity
taste: "gpt-3.5-turbo"            # optional, make a selection a mode
temperature: 1.0                  # optional, see docs/api-reference/chat/create#chat/create-temperature
save: true                        # optional, If set true, aichat will save chat messages to
highlight: true                   # optional, Set false to turn highlight
proxy: "socks5://"  # optional, set proxy server. e.g. or socks5://
conversation_first: false         # optional, If set true, get began a conversation instantly upon repl
light_theme: false                # optional, If set true, use gentle theme
connect_timeout: 10               # optional, Set a timeout in seconds for connect with gpt.


To lend a hand strengthen your enjoy the use of AIChat in your Mac’s terminal, proper right here’s some additional information likelihood is that you’ll to find useful.

1. get began AIChat?

To start out AIChat, sort inside the following in Termimal and hit Enter.

2. surrender AIChat?

At hand over AIChat, sort inside the keep on with in Terminal and hit Enter

.pass out
prevent AIChat from generating response?

If you want to must instantly prevent the response that ChatGPT is providing, use the following shortcut key:

Keep watch over + C

3. One-off request, vs. Conversation aware.

Similar to commonplace ChatGPT, AIChat isn’t able to take care of follow-up questions. So, should you ask it, ‘how again and again has Germany won the Global Cup?‘, it’s going to give you an answer.

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Alternatively, should you follow-up asking, ‘what was once their ranking in 1954?‘, it won’t have the ability to provide a comparable response.

If you want to ask questions which can also be part of a conversation, or follow-up questions, merely enter the following command and hit Enter.


Then sort in your questions, separately.

aichat conversationaichat conversation
4. surrender conversation mode?

At hand over conversation mode, use this command:

.clear conversation
5. industry ChatGPT taste?

You’ll have the ability to industry it right kind inside the Terminal itself. If in case you have get right of entry to to GPT-4, simply sort inside the following command and hit Enter.

.taste gpt-4.
change chatgpt modelchange chatgpt model

On the other hand, you’ll consult with the “Additional Configuring AIChat” section above, where you’ll edit the ChatGPT taste version inside the config report.


Aichat’ has additional purposes than likelihood is that you’ll to start with see. You’ll have the ability to sort .information or .lend a hand to seek out additional choices. Moreover, you’ll visit the AIChat’s GitHub web page for additonal detailed information.

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