Slack vs Discord: Which Chat App Is Higher for Your Group?

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As remote work ramps up world, opting for the right kind messaging app has grow to be an important industry solution. You don’t want to get it incorrect. When corporations recall to mind “message apps,” they continuously bounce suitable into comparing the pros and cons of two trade giants: Slack vs Discord.

Choose the right kind chat app, and likewise you’ll boost up team of workers communications and assemble bridges between your team of workers participants. Then again select the incorrect chat app, and likewise you’ll be once more to the drafting board in no time.

That’s what we’ll uncover in this submit.

Let’s dive in!

What Is the Difference Between Slack and Discord?

Slack and Discord are every channel-based messaging equipment designed for teams. In every apps, you’ll keep up a correspondence via direct messaging, private groups, and chat rooms.

Many similarities between Slack and Discord may just make it difficult to choose between them. Each and every offer loose and paid plans, have video chat and voice chat alternatives, and allow consumers to proportion data. Naturally, every apps are a in point of fact best possible are compatible for small, medium, and large teams alike.

On the other hand, there are many permutations between Slack and Discord as well. We’ll delve into those as well, then again quicker than we review the apps in detail, let’s take a look at each app’s story.

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A screenshot of Slack messenger in action on desktop and mobile.

Slack’s platform on every desktop and mobile devices.

Stewart Butterfield’s company, Tiny Speck, created Slack as an inner team of workers communications device for developers working on the on-line recreation “Glitch.” Slack’s creators then presented it for most people in 2013.

5 years later, Slack’s developer, Slack Technologies, took the company public via an instantaneous public offering of $19.5 billion. Salesforce now owns Slack after it gained the company in January 2021 for $27.7 billion.

At the present time, Slack has over 12 million daily active users, over 119,000 of which may well be paid consumers. Teams at the moment use Slack at 65 Fortune 100 firms, at the side of Function, Panasonic, and 21st Century Fox.

When individuals are first introduced to Slack, their biggest questions center of attention on Slack’s extraordinary name. The name “Slack” is an acronym that stands for “Searchable Log of All Conversation and Knowledge.”

Now, at once to Discord!


A screenshot example of Discord at work, showing a conversation between multiple people in a group.

Discord is a robust messaging app that’s at hand for personal or professional use.

Jason Citron and Stan Vishnevskiy complex Discord via their company Hammer & Chisel, which later rebranded to Discord Inc.

Discord Inc. created Discord as a tool for purchasers to proportion techniques while collaborating in video video games with Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) device. The company introduced Discord to most people in 2015, where avid players far and wide the sector in an instant embraced it.

Against this to Slack, the name “Discord” isn’t an acronym. Consistent with a Reddit post made thru Citron, he and Vishnevskiy decided on the name Discord because it “sounds cool and has to do with talking.”

At the present time, Discord has over 140 million users world. Together, the ones consumers keep up a correspondence via 19 million Discord servers. Discord servers ship consumers together to talk about the remaining from game design to productivity, as Discord’s shopper base has quite a lot of tastes.

In 2021, Discord Inc. however owns Discord, and it operates as a non-public company.

Slack vs Discord: How To Assessment Them

As 86% of employees believe that administrative center screw ups are on account of needless verbal trade or a lack of collaboration, opting for the right kind messaging is essential for superb team of workers verbal trade.

Choosing the proper verbal trade device will also:

  • Be in agreement your team of workers keep up a correspondence quicker
  • Reduce miscommunications
  • Foster a convention of open verbal trade
  • Assemble peer-to-peer relationships
  • Mean you can artwork smarter

Even though they’ll seem an an identical, Discord and Slack are unusually different in a lot of areas.

When comparing the two, it’s crucial to consider their strengths and weaknesses to select the most efficient app for your needs.

Let’s get began our comparison with pricing plans.


Slack and Discord use a freemium pricing type that lets consumers choose between a loose plan or a additional advanced selection with further choices. In this segment, we’ll injury down the pricing of every.


A screenshot of Slack's paid plan pricing options on their website.

Slack provides many paid plans.

Slack provides 4 paid pricing plans: Slack Free, Slack Usual, Slack Plus, and Slack Enterprise Grid. Proper right here’s a brief breakdown of each plan’s price and features:

  • Slack Free: With Slack Free, you’ll search your most recent 10,000 messages, connect up to 10 apps, proportion data, and use Slack for one-on-one voice and video calls.
  • Slack Usual: Slack Usual costs $6.67 consistent with particular person per month when billed every year or $8 consistent with particular person per month when billed per month. Slack Usual incorporates all loose choices, plus infinite message search, infinite apps, and Google sign-on.
  • Slack Plus: Slack Plus costs $12.50 consistent with particular person per month when billed every year or $15 consistent with particular person per month when billed per month. It incorporates all Slack Free and Slack Usual choices, plus 99.99% confident uptime SLA, shopper provisioning and de-provisioning, and information exports.
  • Slack Enterprise Grid: Slack Enterprise Grid is suited to giant corporations in intently regulated industries like healthcare. Pricing for Slack Enterprise Grid is organization-specific. It incorporates all of Slack’s other choices, plus HIPAA-compliant messaging, data loss prevention measures, and infinite workspaces.
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A screenshot of Discord Nitro's homepage with the headline

Discord features a loose plan and two paid alternatives.

Discord provides 3 pricing plans: Discord Free, Discord Nitro, and Discord Antique. Proper right here’s a brief overview of each plan’s price and what it incorporates:

  • Discord Free: With Discord loose, you get infinite messages, video conferencing with up to 8 people, and 8 MB file uploads. The majority of Discord’s consumers at the moment use Discord Free.
  • Discord Nitro: Discord Nitro costs consumers $9.99 per month or $99.99 consistent with year. With Discord Nitro, you get 100 MB file uploads, two Discord server boosts, custom designed emojis, personal profiles, HD video capability, computer screen sharing, and Move Live streaming.
  • Discord Antique: Discord Antique costs $4.99 per month or $49.99 consistent with year. It incorporates all Nitro choices with the exception of the Discord server boosts.

Winner: Discord

Discord Free at the moment has additional options than Slack Free. In case you have a small team of workers, Discord is basically probably the most cost-effective selection for you.


The interface of a communication app influences how we have interaction with our teams. That’s why it’s a very powerful to weigh up the interface of Discord and Slack quicker than choosing between them.


A screenshot showing Slack's interface with the right-hand

Slack’s interface is discreet and super.

Slack has built its interface spherical the primary chat window. To open a host, private chat, thread, or Slack channel, consumers click on at the buttons on the left-hand facet of the computer screen.

On the right-hand facet, you’ll understand a lot of buttons beneath the “Details” tab. The ones buttons allow you to search your messages, to find data, get began calls, and add people into chats.

Slack’s biggest energy is its simplicity. Its interface is clean and easy to use, making it easiest for many who fight to acclimate to new device. Slack’s interface is also very customizable — it has 8 different subjects for purchasers to choose between and the way to create a custom designed theme.


A screenshot of the Discord desktop interface in dark mode, featuring white text on a dark gray background.

Discord’s interface will also be introduced in each delicate or dark modes.

Discord’s layout is a little more nuanced than Slack’s, with its interface built spherical the primary chat window and with contacts and servers listed on the left. On the suitable of the chat window, you’ll see who’s at the moment full of life and online.

Discord has two subjects: delicate and dark. On the other hand, you’ll download Discord bots that may will can help you further customize the platform with different fonts, colors, and subjects.

Discord’s biggest energy is its on-screen choices. On Discord’s main computer screen, you’ll see any full of life voice or video chats on your servers, who’s online, and any new messages to procure.

Winner: Slack

While Discord’s interface is detailed, Slack’s is intently customizable while ultimate easy for somebody to use. It’s the clear winner appropriate right here.

Text Dialog

Next, let’s review the strengths and weaknesses of Slack and Discord’s text verbal trade options.


There are 3 places to keep up a correspondence in Slack: via direct messaging, channels, and threads.

Each workforce has a lot of Slack channels. The ones channels encourage discussion spherical a central theme, like #announcements.

As messages in chat apps usually have a tendency to pile up, Slack implies that you’ll reply to comments immediately via a thread. A thread will appear all the way through the channel beneath a separate window to the left, making them easy to follow.

Slack’s direct messaging device is fairly standard. You simply click on on on a person’s icon to begin out a non-public chat.


While Discord is easiest for voice and video verbal trade, consumers can however send text-based messages via text-chats and direct messages.

Text chats on Discord are also designed spherical a theme like #notes, and direct messages are stunning standard. You click on on a person’s profile to begin out a conversation.

Unfortunately, Discord’s text choices have a considerable downside. As Discord threads usually have a tendency to get very busy, it’s easy to lose sight of latest messages.

On the other hand, Discord does have a “See New Messages” serve as, which turns out to be useful in this situation.

Winner: Slack

As Discord is geared in opposition to voice and video chat, it’s simply harder to use for text-chatting. Slack’s device is unassuming to use thru comparison. Slack wins.

Audio Calls

If your team of workers ceaselessly uses voice calls, you’ll want to consider any attainable messaging app’s options carefully. Let’s review voice calls on Slack and Discord now.


Slack’s voice calling choices depend on your plan. On Slack Free, you’ll have one-on-one voice calls. With paid plans, you’ll have up to 15 consumers at the same time as.

Starting a voice identify in Slack might be really easy:

  1. Navigate to the right-hand facet of the computer screen
  2. Press the Title button
  3. Look forward to others to join the verdict
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A screenshot of Discord showing how to start a voice call.

Discord has an in depth voice identify serve as that can add up to 5,000 people.

Voice calls are the bread and butter of Discord. With Discord Free, you’ll include up to 15 consumers on your voice identify. This will likely building up to 5,000 consumers on Discord Nitro and Discord Nitro Antique plans.

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Discord moreover includes a “Push-to-Keep up a correspondence” serve as which automatically mutes people to prevent the verdict from becoming overwhelming.

Proper right here’s how you’ll get began a decision in Discord:

  1. Choose a voice channel or shopper
  2. Correct-click
  3. Press Title

Winner: Discord

Discord’s voice identify choices allow you to host additional people and keep your discussion on target with push-to-talk. If you need voice calling capacity, Discord is a clear variety.

Video Calls

Video calls are becoming more and more popular with every international and local teams. While you’ll video identify with every Slack and Discord, their video identify choices are unique.


Slack’s video identify choices are plan-dependent. On Slack Free, you’ll include two consumers (i.e. you and someone else), then again you’ll have up to 15 consumers immediately with a paid plan.

Its video capacity is simplistic, then again Slack users can integrate Zoom into their channels in the event that they would love advanced choices. Slack’s video calls moreover support computer screen sharing, which is superb for meetings.


Discord’s video identify choices are also plan-dependent. With Discord Free, you’ll video identify 8 people immediately; it’s going to building up to 25 consumers on paid plans.

Discord’s video calls have a simple layout with a large number of choices, at the side of screen-sharing, echo cancellation, noise suppression, and push-to-talk.

Winner: Discord

Discord’s video chat choices are additional tough than Slack’s. Discord implies that you’ll host between 8 and 25 people (depending for your plan) and offers consumers get admission to to choices that toughen their identify. It’s the clear winner on the subject of video calls.


Integrations are the necessary factor to creating cohesion on your team of workers’s fast messaging. With integrations, you’ll connect other industry apps on your chat and toughen Discord the choices of Discord and Slack.

Let’s review Slack vs Discord integrations now.


A screenshot of Slack's app directory with the headline

Slack’s apps allow you to mix your favorite equipment.

Slack’s integrations are known as “apps.” Maximum steadily, Slack has geared its apps against productivity and artwork, and there are at the moment over 2,400 unique apps to choose between:

  • Google Calendar
  • Zoom
  • Trello
  • Salesforce
  • Google Sheets
  • Dropbox
  • OneDrive and SharePoint
  • ZenDesk
  • Giphy
  • Asana
  • Workday

You’ll be capable of mix up to 10 apps with Slack Free and an unlimited collection of apps on Slack’s paid plans. Some apps require an extra subscription fee, even if the ones are marked clearly.

It takes only 3 steps so that you could upload apps in Slack:

  1. Seek advice from the Slack App Directory
  2. Choose the app you want
  3. Click on at the Add to Slack button


A screenshot of Discord's searchable bot database on their website.

Discord’s bots add additional capacity and will also be created thru third-party consumers.

Discord calls its integrations “bots.” Discord bots are created thru 1/3 occasions or Discord consumers who want explicit choices. For example, while some Discord bots are designed for gaming, others toughen Discord’s voice and video calls with further choices.

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One of the most a very powerful most up to date Discord bots include:

  • Groovy
  • Sesh
  • Simple Poll
  • Sesh

Proper right here’s the best way you’d add bots in Discord:

  1. Seek advice from Discord’s bot site
  2. To seek out the app you want
  3. Press Add to Discord
  4. Choose the Discord server you want to mix the bot with and click on on Continue, then Authorize
  5. Click on on Welcome and customize your bot consistent with the instructions on-screen

Winner: Slack

Slack is the clear winner appropriate right here. It has additional integration alternatives and cooperates simply with productivity device, making it ideal for teams.

Report Sharing

Busy teams need file sharing in their chat device. With file sharing, you’ll send a dossier to your entire team of workers in seconds, saving you time and retaining your bureaucracy protected.

Let’s review Slack vs Discord’s file-sharing options.


Slack means that you can proportion data from two places: Google Drive and your computer. When uploading a file from your instrument, Slack means that you can proportion 1 GB at a time.

Slack’s storage options are plan-dependent. With Slack Free, you’ll store up to 5 GB, when you’ll store up to 10 GB consistent with shopper on paid plans.


Discord implies that you’ll proportion data from your instrument in text-based channels and direct messaging. It gives every shopper infinite file storage, even if sharing is relatively limited. You’ll be capable of proportion data up to 8 MB on Discord Free and 100 MB in Discord Nitro and Discord Nitro Antique.

Winner: Slack

If your team of workers will have to proportion data steadily, Slack is your easiest bet. It implies that you’ll proportion upper data and Google Drive bureaucracy.

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Supported Languages, International locations, and Time Zones

Both a kind of apps have consumers far and wide the sector. This segment will review Slack vs Discord on the subject of supported languages, countries, and time zones.


A screenshot of Slack's language and time zone options.

Slack implies that you’ll trade your time zone and language.

Slack is a popular selection among multinational teams, for the reason that app has consumers in over 150 countries. Slack is at the moment available in 11 languages, at the side of:

  • Chinese language language
  • English (UK and US)
  • German
  • French
  • Italian
  • Eastern
  • Korean
  • Portuguese
  • Spanish (Spain or Latin The us)

Slack moreover makes it easy to change your language preferences. Proper right here’s how:

  1. Click on for your profile symbol inside the top-right corner
  2. Choose Preferences
  3. Click on on Language and House
  4. Choose your most well liked language

As a Slack shopper, you’ll personalize your app to over 60 different time zones. Slack will also automatically exchange your time zone for you whilst you’ve were given location settings become on.

Slack moreover provides localized buyer strengthen in 5 languages: English, French, German, Eastern, and Spanish.


A screenshot of Discord's language settings.

Discord is available in 28 different languages.

Discord is also popular with multinational teams. The app is at the moment available in 28 languages, at the side of:

  • English (UK and US)
  • Bulgarian
  • Chinese language language
  • Croatian
  • Czech
  • Danish
  • Dutch
  • Finnish
  • French
  • German
  • Greek
  • Hindi
  • Hungarian
  • Italian
  • Eastern
  • Korean
  • Lithuanian
  • Norwegian
  • Polish
  • Portuguese
  • Romanian
  • Russian
  • Spanish
  • Swedish
  • Thai
  • Turkish
  • Ukrainian
  • Vietnamese

You’ll be capable of trade your language preferences in Discord thru following the instructions below:

  1. Click on at the apparatus icon to open settings
  2. Seek for Choose a Language
  3. Click on for your language

Against this to Slack, Discord doesn’t have an inbuilt atmosphere that allows you to regulate your time zone. On the other hand, you’ll trade your time zone in Discord using TimeZoneBot.

Winner: Discord

While Slack’s multilingual buyer strengthen is handy, Discord is simply available in more languages. In case you have a multilingual team of workers, Discord may artwork upper for you.

Slack: Pros and Cons

Slack is an excellent variety for small teams that need a chat device for artwork. It has over 2,400 integration apps, is helping file sharing up to 1 GB, and has 8 theme alternatives. It moreover provides multilingual buyer strengthen and shops 10,000 messages in Slack Free.

On the other hand, Slack limits consumers to 10 integrations and two-user calls with loose plans. It moreover has no push-to-talk choices.

While Slack’s voice and video identify choices are simplistic, you’ll beef up them thru integrating Zoom’s Slack app.

Discord: Pros and Cons

Discord’s strengths lie in its voice and video identify options. The device is helping voice calls for two to 5,000 consumers (plan-dependent), video calls with up to 25 people, and even push-to-talk choices and bot integrations that toughen voice and video calling.

On the other hand, Discord isn’t easiest suited for file-sharing or professional verbal trade. Report sharing is particular to 8 MB on Discord Free, and 100 MB on Discord Nitro and Discord Nitro Antique.

Discord’s bots are also intently aimed toward gaming, this means that you’ll’t mix Discord with your existing work systems through bots.

Slack vs Discord Comparison Table

Slack Discord
  • Slack Free
  • Slack Usual ($6.67 consistent with particular person per month)
  • Slack Plus ($14 consistent with particular person per month)
  • Discord Free
  • Discord Nitro Antique ($4.99 per month or $49.99 consistent with year)
  • Discord Nitro ($9.99 per month or $99.99 consistent with year)
Text Dialog Certain Certain
Integrations Improve for over 2,400 apps Shall we in consumers so that you could upload third-party bots
Integration Limits
  • 10 integrations on Slack Free
  • Countless integrations on Slack Usual and Slack Plus
  • Countless
Show Sharing Certain Certain
Storage Limit
  • 5 GB in Slack Free
  • 10 GB consistent with shopper in Slack Usual and Slack Plus
  • Countless
Report Sharing
  • 1 GB at a time
  • 8 MB in Discord Free
  • 100 MB in Discord Nitro and Discord Nitro Antique
Voice-only Channels Certain Certain
Voice Calls
  • 2 consumers consistent with identify on Slack Free
  • 15 consumers consistent with identify on Slack Usual and Slack Plus
  • 15 consumers consistent with identify on Discord Free
  • Up to 5,000 consumers consistent with identify on Discord Nitro and Discord Nitro Antique
Video Calls
  • 2 consumers consistent with video on Slack Free
  • 15 consumers consistent with video on Slack Usual and Slack Plus
  • 25 consumers consistent with identify
Push-to-Keep up a correspondence No Certain
Theme Alternatives 8 theme alternatives 2 theme alternatives (delicate or dark), plus bot customizations
Message History
  • 10,000 messages in Slack Free
  • Countless messages in Slack Usual and Slack Plus
  • Countless messages
Mobile App Certain Certain
Languages Supported 8 28


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Ultimately, it’s tough to test Slack and Discord. Each and every apps are tough, easy to use, and fitted to international teams. Each app is easiest suited for slightly different audiences.

If your team of workers needs a text-based verbal trade device that integrates at the side of your other artwork methods and is helping file sharing, Slack is the simpler selection. But if you need upper voice and video calling choices, Discord is the very best Slack alternative.

Do you’ve gotten each different concepts about Slack vs Discord? We want to pay attention them! Share inside the comments segment below.

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