Test Home windows 11 Wi-Fi Sign: 4 Easy Strategies

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Having a strong Wi-Fi signal is essential for ensuring a blank and uninterrupted internet revel in. For individuals who’re the usage of a House home windows 11, there are a selection of ways to check your Wi-Fi signal energy and be sure you get the most efficient conceivable connection.

In this article, we’ll uncover a few different methods for checking your Wi-Fi signal energy on House home windows 11, ranging from built-in choices to third-party apparatus.

check Win 11 Wifi signal

Probably the most most straightforward ways to check your Wi-Fi signal energy on House home windows 11 is to use the Command Suggested. This system lets you in short view your Wi-Fi signal energy and other group details such for the reason that group name, IP take care of, and DNS server.

Additionally, we’ll talk about other methods like the usage of the Powershell, Process Supervisor, and third-party apparatus like NetSpot, which give additional in-depth information about your Wi-Fi signal energy and imply you’ll troubleshoot any connectivity issues. So, let’s dive into the 4 ways to check your Wi-Fi signal energy on House home windows 11 and fortify your internet revel in.

Command Recommended

Press the House home windows key, kind “cmd and then click on on “Run as administrator” at the right kind.

command prompt run as admincommand prompt run as admin

Then kind throughout the following command and press Enter:

netsh wlan show interfaces

You will then see the name of your Wi-Fi interface, the type of connection it’s the usage of, the name of the group you’re connected to, and the facility of your signal.

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command prompt outputcommand prompt output


You’ll moreover retrieve an identical knowledge by the use of the usage of House home windows PowerShell. To get the results from PowerShell, press the House home windows key, kind PowerShell and click on on “Run as administrator” at the right kind.

run powershellrun powershell

Next, kind throughout the following command and press Enter:

(netsh wlan show interfaces) -Are compatible '^s+Signal' -Alternate '^s+Signs+:s+',''

You will then see the signal energy of your Wi-Fi connection represented as a share. Bear in mind, the higher the share, the simpler your signal energy.

powershell outputpowershell output

Procedure Manager

Press the House home windows key, kind Procedure Manager and click on on “Open.”

Task ManagerTask Manager

Transfer to the “Potency” tab, and then click on on “Wi-Fi.

To check your Wi-Fi signal, check out the bottom of your visual display unit. The signal energy is indicated by the use of bars, and the additional bars there are, the stronger your Wi-Fi connection is.

Task Manager WiFiTask Manager WiFi


Ultimate alternatively now not least, you’ll be capable to use a third-party app like NetSpot to check your Wi-Fi energy. NetSpot is a tool that analyzes your Wi-Fi to help you troubleshoot any problems and fortify your connection. It provides detailed knowledge on things like group coverage, signal energy, and interference.

With NetSpot, you’ll be capable to run assessments to resolve where the most efficient spot is in your wireless get entry to degree and make changes to fortify your connection.


However, NetSpot isn’t unfastened and costs spherical $50. For individuals who merely want to know your Wi-Fi speed and don’t need all the additional details, that you must now not need this app. Alternatively if you want to fortify your Wi-Fi connection, NetSpot is price a check out.

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1. What are the factors that have an effect on your Wi-Fi signal energy?

The facility of your Wi-Fi signal is determined by relatively a large number of components related for your location, the type of instrument you’re the usage of, and how many people are spherical you. For individuals who’re too far from the router, you received’t get a strong signal, and an older router may have downside providing sufficient Wi-Fi. Additionally, if the area is crowded or has many walls blocking the signal, you’ll encounter connectivity and data receiving issues.

2. What’s going to must I do if my Wi-Fi signal energy is inclined?

If your Wi-Fi signal energy is inclined, you’ll be in a position to try the following:

  1. Switch closer to the Wi-Fi router.
  2. Make certain there don’t seem to be any obstructions between your instrument and the Wi-Fi router.
  3. Restart your Wi-Fi router.
  4. Substitute your Wi-Fi router’s firmware.

3. Can I fortify my Wi-Fi signal energy?

Certain, you’ll be capable to fortify your Wi-Fi signal energy by the use of doing the following:

  1. Switch your Wi-Fi router to a central location in your home.
  2. Use a Wi-Fi range extender.
  3. Support your Wi-Fi router to a more recent model.
  4. Use a wired connection as an alternative of Wi-Fi.

4. What is a smart Wi-Fi signal energy?

A very good Wi-Fi signal energy is usually spherical -60 dBm or higher. The remainder lower than -70 dBm is thought of as inclined and would perhaps result in gradual internet speeds or dropped connections.

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