The Long term Is Product-Led Enlargement: Right here’s What You Want to Know

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What do Slack, Zoom, and HubSpot all have in not unusual? They’re all tool, right kind?

Certain, on the other hand that’s not all. The ones 3 corporations are pioneers inside the product-led expansion era of tool expansion promoting.

The ones corporations can scale quicker and further effectively by way of leveraging the value and purchaser experience ingrained in their products to create a wave of name for global.

In the past, we regarded as the ones corporations as going “viral.” Then again, the question is, why did they’ve exponential expansion? How did they flip the switch on virality and generate huge client interest?

The answer is product-led expansion, or PLG — a brand spanking new era of tool expansion.

In this article, you’ll be told the entire thing you want to know about product-led expansion, along side what it’s, why it’s very important, and how it works. Plus, you’ll see a few examples of companies that have successfully scaled the use of a product-led expansion method.

What Is Product-Led Growth (PLG)?

Product-led expansion (PLG) is a tool trade method where source of revenue is spearheaded by way of the product itself. PLG concepts allow a trade to drive purchaser acquisition, expansion, and retention by way of aligning different departments.

This expansion kind is built by way of bringing different teams together — from product development to product sales to promoting to purchaser make stronger — and connecting them closely to the product to create scalable and sustainable trade expansion.

Product-led expansion is a reasonably new thought. It’s only some years out of date. Then again, the rules of PLG are targeted spherical a not unusual function: to create a product-first, user-first experience expansion engine spherical a SaaS product relatively than a product sales or marketing-first method.

A Temporary History of Product-Led Growth

Evolution of Product-Led Growth.
Product-Led Growth evolution

1. On-Premise Device (Nineteen Eighties/1990s)

Flashback to the Nineteen Eighties. What was once as soon as tool like once more then? Neatly, it wasn’t available to everyone for the reason that internet was once as soon as however inside the early ranges of creating. Instead, tool was once as soon as something that you simply had to arrange from a physically box.

Mammoth-like machines had to be built on-site for a whole lot of loads — and from time to time even tens of tens of millions — of dollars.

To advertise the ones six and seven-figure machines, corporations would depend on sales-led expansion. Field product sales reps would hard-sell shoppers after spending more than a few time schmoozing with them at dinners and {golfing} classes.

The main issue shoppers had to worry about was once as soon as whether or not or now not the tool was once as soon as suitable with their provide IT infrastructure.

2. Cloud Device (2000s/2010s)

At the turn of the century, we started flying high‌ up into the cloud. Salesforce was once as soon as one company that pioneered tool outdoor of data amenities and into the cloud. On-site tool made over into on-demand tool. Development costs shriveled up and tool was once much more to be had to the rest of the world.

Device was once as soon as in the end in a position to be relatively suitable with near to any trade setup. So, outbound product sales teams didn’t wish to meet with super techy executives anymore. They may succeed in out to execs and speak about KPIs and ROI to appear how certain tool would be in agreement them succeed in their targets.

Promoting and marketing-led expansion drove this era. New words emerged like product sales development representatives (SDR) and promoting qualified leads (MQL). Inbound advertising made over the way in which wherein customers found out corporations to fuel demos and inside product sales.

3. PLG Device (2020s)

Throughout the early 2020s, product-led expansion began taking up. Now, consumers have begun embracing workflows that are utterly integrated and fueled by way of automation.

The interconnectedness of more than a few tool, blended with the upward push of APIs, AI, and automation, has resulted on this new era known as “product-led expansion,” which was once as soon as coined by way of OpenView’s Blake Bartlett in 2016.

Product-led expansion was once as soon as born out of the facility of particular person experience. With tool so to be had these days, the will for promoting and sales-led expansion began to slow, while the will for the product’s potency sped up.

Examples of PLG Corporations

To be in agreement ‌you understand additional of how PLG corporations achieve success, take a look at one of the vital important freshest product-led corporations in the world:


Slack took advantage of the network effect to grow exponentially.

Slack is likely one of the most sensible examples of what it means to be product-led. By the use of benefiting from the neighborhood affect, Slack might simply spice up up its expansion.

The company tapped into one of those virality once early adopters began convincing co-workers to hop aboard. Slack began upselling to a paid subscription by way of convincing consumers to store their whole messaging history, which was once as soon as crucial for enormous corporations.


Dropbox uses a referral program to encourage more potential customers to sign up.

Dropbox is each and every different great example of what it means to tap into expansion all through the product itself. Dropbox makes it super easy for purchasers to share folders and links with their friends and colleagues, although their colleague doesn’t have a Dropbox account.

This intended every time a Dropbox particular person shared a folder, the opener would become an individual of the product without even signing up. Then again more than a few the ones consumers signed up after seeing the value of the platform.

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Dropbox’s referral program allows consumers to understand additional storage space for every referred particular person. This moreover encourages new other folks to sign up to try, fueling their PLG method further.


Notion offers free templates and plenty of documentation so users can learn all of its tools.

Probably the most important keys to leveraging PLG is by way of making it easy for other folks to use the product. Perception makes it super easy for new consumers to start out out by way of offering free templates on their platform. Moreover they offer webinars and tutorials to train consumers on Belief’s different apparatus.


HubSpot used segmentation tactics to invest its resources into leads.

HubSpot is each and every different product-led company that strategized by way of offering a product sales group and purchaser excellent fortune group for freemium consumers. This additional make stronger early on enhanced the individual experience, allowing more than a few product education early on which fueled signups.

By the use of leaning on segmentation techniques, the group might simply invest its belongings (necessarily their teams) into qualified leads. By the use of investing more than a few their money into make stronger and belongings, they could make stronger their product to fuel expansion.

How Does PLG Overview to Other Growth Models?

Product-led expansion is the new era of enlargement for SaaS and tool corporations. Then again, many corporations are however the use of other expansion models, akin to sales-led expansion and marketing-led expansion. Proper right here’s how the opposite expansion models overview.

Product sales-Led Growth

Product sales-led expansion is lovely easy. It’s corporations whose primary expansion efforts are driven by way of their product sales teams. The whole thing the company does is helping its product sales department. Primary and minor alternatives in every department clear out actions by way of one question, “Does this be in agreement our product sales department convert additional shoppers?”

Then again guess what? 53% of consumers want to make a purchase order order without any interaction with product sales teams!

Promoting and marketing-Led Growth

Each and every different not unusual expansion approach is referred to as marketing-led enlargement. Corporations who employ this system focal point on supporting their promoting group in every resolution to be in agreement convert additional leads into customers.

While product sales teams however have their roles in final gives, the marketing group is largely the use of expansion by way of different selling strategies and purchaser research.

In industries where products and tool are an identical, it’s steadily the marketing teams who make the variation in what company will drive additional source of revenue.

Product-Led Growth

In both one of the vital former models, the imaginable buyer must be presented at the price of the product they’re thinking about of shopping for. Then again, product-led expansion is all about prioritizing the product to let its value speak about for itself.

Somewhat than investing carefully in promoting teams or product sales teams, product-led corporations invest necessarily in product development. This doesn’t indicate the product sales or promoting teams aren’t vigorous.

Their primary function is to steer possibilities to try the product right away all through the freemium subscription kind. By the use of getting possibilities into the door to become consumers, the product is designed to allow consumers to revel within the value firsthand to turn its true value and persuade them to continue the use of it, with many choosing to enhance to a paid plan.

What Is the Importance of PLG?

Product-led expansion is a necessity for any tool company inside the fashionable age. Corporations don’t hold the keys anymore. Instead, they’re inside the arms of the consumer. Laborious-selling customers and deploying promoting techniques to fuel expansion isn’t enough to steer a person inside the digital age to become a purchaser.

The power is in the end inside the arms of the end particular person, on account of this the most efficient product will win.

Listed here are a few the explanation why PLG is a crucial method for SaaS and tool corporations to use in recent years:

1. Complicated Purchaser Enjoy

When you put into effect PLG, it means honing your product to make it superior to be had in the marketplace. A large part of the process is focusing on purchaser experience. This means designing the product with the end particular person in ideas.

It’s not almost about choices. It’s about how those choices interact with one each and every different and the end particular person in an stress-free approach. Oftentimes, this means tightening up the timeframe between the main interaction with a prospect and the moment they begin the use of your product.

2. Upper Acquisition

When you’re carefully centered in your product development, it means bettering the individual experience. The result? You’ll achieve additional customers.

PLG means your acquisition is built into your product by way of free trials and signups. This lower barrier to get entry to means you’ll be capable to save more than a few money from product sales and promoting efforts that can be spent to encourage a lot more acquisition all through the product experience.

3. Sooner Growth

When you let your possibilities take a look at your product for free, you reduce the roadblocks for them to after all become ‌paying customers. This friction-reducing match means you’ll be capable to drive huge particular person signups, which may also be funneled into your conversion pipeline.

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4. Higher Company Valuation

Perhaps an important reason PLG must be carried out in your small business is as a result of the value it supplies in your company. Product-led expansion corporations are additional treasured. This isn’t merely our opinion. It’s sponsored by way of data.

Consistent with OpenView Companions, product-led corporations are 30% additional treasured than those who aren’t product-led.

Crucial Product-Led Growth Concepts

Now that you understand what product-led expansion is and why it’s very important for firms to put into effect it in recent years, let’s take a look at one of the vital important key PLG expansion concepts.

1. Get began With the End Shopper

The core foundational thought of PLG is to start with the end particular person. The whole thing in your small business is all about your audience. By the use of staying obsessed with handing over value to the end client, you’ll fuel product development which is in a position to serve the consumer.

2. Create Products That Live Where Your Audience Lives

It’s not enough to create a very good product. You will have to assemble your product where your target market lives. This means ensuring you’re doing the entire thing you’ll be capable to to make your product to be had or even usable inside the places your target market already is. This means allowing your product to mix merely into the places your target market lives and works. The simpler it fits into any individual’s workflow, the a lot more most likely they’re to adopt it.

3. Assemble Open Provide

Let your product be driven by way of APIs. Make it open-source so it’s to be had, customizable, and easily integrated into workflows. This will make your product treasured to additional other folks.

4. Design for Flexibility

Flexibility is a key function of PLG. Your product will have to be flexible to the end client. Give them the apparatus and features they wish to customize the product to their unique needs to offer additional value.

5. Assemble Community While Construction the Product

Your product isn’t anything else without workforce. When you’re rising your product, building up your workforce. A bunch shouldn’t be added on.

It’ll must be part of the product, built into it. And your product must be built into the crowd.

This will cultivate ownership for your brand and create superfans who will drive expansion by way of brand evangelism.

PLG, community strategies, and examples.
PLG, workforce strategies, and examples (Provide: OpenView)

6. Send Value Previous to Soliciting for Price

This is likely one of the pillars of PLG. It’s crucial you offer value in advance faster than asking your prospect at hand over their hard-earned cash. By the use of offering your product inside the freemium kind, you’re taking on the probability so the consumer doesn’t will have to.

This means there’s a lot much less probability for them, which reduces friction and makes them a lot much less hesitant to try it out. By the use of lowering the barrier to attempting your product, you’ll encourage additional consumers to get their arms on the product, which is in a position to fuel most sensible magnificence particular person conversions.

Now not certain tips about how you can rather value your product? Check out this product pricing information.

Product-Led Growth Metrics

Now that you understand why PLG is very important and the core concepts to lean into the method, it’s time to take a look at the way you’ll be capable to tell whether or not or now not you’re on track or not.

Listed here are probably the most most not unusual product-led expansion metrics you’ll be capable to use to be sure to’re making building.

1. Time to Value (TTV)

The time period it takes new consumers to hit their first activation match. For example, signing as much as your product isn’t necessarily a TTV match.

Perhaps, it’s when additional problems with movement occur, akin to importing purchaser data, integrating each and every different tool, inviting a chum, or completing an individual onboarding assortment.

The target for this metric is to scale back it as much as you’ll be capable to. The closer you’ll be capable to get to 0, the simpler. Many SaaS products have a longer TTV. Then again, you’ll be capable to boost up the process by way of focusing on optimizing your particular person onboarding experience to drive activation.

2. Product-Qualified Leads

While promoting–qualified leads (MQLs) are a typical type of lead measured by way of promoting teams, product-qualified leads are those that have professional your product’s value already. This most often means consumers who’ve a freemium or free trial account.

Your definition of a PQL will range depending in your company and targets. Then again, it’s steadily the warmest type of lead you’ll be capable to pass on in your product sales group.

3. Function Adoption Rate

Each and every different core metric you’ll have to consider tracking with a PLG method is function adoption worth. While product adoption fees are incessantly tracked in product teams, a key metric for PLG is function adoption.

This worth, measured by way of a proportion, presentations how many people are the use of each and every function of your product. You’ll gain key insights from this knowledge to fuel your product development and drive particular person expansion.

For example, it’s good to to find {{that a}} new function you presented has a main adoption worth which has fueled your normal product adoption to increase.

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4. Growth Source of revenue

This is a crucial metric you’ll be capable to use to track your product sales expansion. PLG seeks to supply value in advance to the individual. Then again, it doesn’t end there.

The target is to offer enough value {{that a}} proportion of free consumers after all enhance to a paid plan. Additionally, you’ll be capable to drive source of revenue by way of further upgrades, upsells, add-ons, and cross-sells.

Growth source of revenue turns out at source of revenue generated from provide customers.

Is a PLG Methodology Correct for Your Business?

How are you aware if product-led expansion is the correct method in your company?

Previous to you dive into the method, it’s very important to consider what type of trade will to find product-led expansion most attractive.

Overall, PLG works easiest for SaaS trade models. Additionally, it truly works great for firms with reasonably priced worth issues and further transactional product sales.

If you happen to occur to non-public a SaaS trade, then take a look at the ones 3 issues: markets, belongings, and product readiness:

1. Markets

The main consideration you want to take a look at is to seem outward at the market and the competition.

Ask yourself:

  • Is there a product-market have compatibility?
  • Is there a emerging market?
  • Are there underserved consumers?
  • Who’re my festival?
  • What are their strengths and weaknesses?
  • How so much will it cost to acquire a purchaser?

2. Assets

If you happen to occur to peer that there’s a chance for your market to make your product a excellent fortune with PLG, then switch without delay to belongings. You need to have the correct custom and mindset to make this system art work led by way of product development.

Ask yourself:

  • Do I’ve the correct skill?
  • Can I convince my group to use this sort?
  • Am I ready to speculate time, belongings, and money to track PLG data?
  • Can I justify the trade investment into the ones belongings?
  • Where will I sacrifice to put money into PLG?
  • Do I’ve the correct promoting revel in to execute PLG?

3. Product Readiness

Finally, when you occur to’ve assessed that {the marketplace} is ready and in addition you’ve got the belongings to make it art work, it’s time to guage your product’s maturity.

Ask yourself:

  • Is my product intuitive?
  • Does it unravel the target target market’s problems?
  • Is it easy to use?
  • Does it have competitive choices?
  • Is it unique enough to be had in the marketplace?
  • Is the product loyal?
  • Is it scalable to care for upper use?
  • Can my target market understand product value rapid on their own?
  • What gadgets us apart from the competition?

Product-Led Growth FAQ

However interested by product-led expansion? Listed here are answers to one of the vital important most not unusual questions:

What Difficult eventualities Can Get up When Using Product-Led Growth?

There are two primary tough eventualities that occur with PLG: the main is getting all your group on board with this expansion method targeted around the product vs. the marketing and product sales teams. The second is determining data. It can be tough to understand how your PLG efforts are working, which is why it’s very important to lean on PLG metrics like time-to-value, product-qualified leads, and feature adoption worth.

Product-Led Vs Shopper-Led Growth: What Is the Difference?

Shopper-led expansion is determined by particular person insights to create the most efficient purchaser experience. Product-led expansion leans on the product experience to drive source of revenue expansion. The ones two models don’t compete. They are going to must be utilized in aggregate. You’ll have to create an unbelievable product, ask consumers for feedback, then use that feedback to fortify the product.

What Is a Product-Led Custom?

A product-led custom is person who hones in totally on the product and the definitely worth the product supplies to the end particular person. It means every department first thinks about how their actions will fortify the product to create the most efficient product conceivable.


If you happen to occur to’re looking to start enforcing a product-led expansion method, the easiest way is to start out focusing moderately in your consumers. Do a deep dive into your provide consumers. Learn how they navigate your product and what they like and don’t like so that you’ll be capable to optimize the product experience.

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