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Search engine results pages (SERPs) have become a essential battleground for corporations, with SERP aspects increasing in visibility and importance.

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Taking into account the fact that the very best 3 Google search results get 54.4% of all clicks, SERP aspects eat up a whopping amount of herbal guests — 18.5% for featured snippets alone.

With SERP aspects becoming ever-present, understanding how they art work and the way you’ll maximize them hasn’t ever been further essential. In this article, you’ll learn to find SERP feature choices. You’ll moreover get real-life examples and advice from search engine marketing professionals.

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What does SERP suggest anyway?

SERP stands for Search Engine Results Internet web page. It’s the internet web page that search engines like google like google, like Google or Bing, display after an individual queries a keyword or phrase. The SERP is most often populated with blue links and different SERP aspects which will also be meant to straight away fulfill a search query.

SERP facets come with featured snippets, local packs, knowledge boxes, pictures, motion pictures, and additional.

search engine optimization professionals optimize their content material subject matter for SERP aspects to energy further herbal guests to their web page.

Include the hunt question throughout the internet web page determine and [rewrite] the question throughout the H1 tag. Answer the question as clearly as possible throughout the first paragraph, moreover at the side of some connected keywords from the questions. Bold the answer to lend a hand the reader find it as in short as possible, says Jamie Press, Digital Promoting and advertising and marketing Specialist at Eurisko.

A featured snippet has skyrocketed organic traffic for Eurisko.

Image Provide: Jamie Press, Digital Promoting and advertising and marketing Specialist at Eurisko

Learn how to Rank in SERP Choices

Search engines like google use a variety of elements to decide which content material subject matter is worthy of a SERP feature. To help you optimize your content material subject matter, we’ve listed some of the essential most now not peculiar SERP aspects and provided smart tips on how you’ll get your content material subject matter to stand out.

You’ll moreover see pieces of advice from top-notch search engine optimization practitioners. Let’s dive in!

Featured Snippets

An example of a featured snippet in the list format.

Featured snippets (FS) appear at position #1 of search results about 98% of the time and provide a summary of the most efficient technique to an individual’s query.

Maximum continuously, Google pulls out the summary from one of the vital height 10 score pages. When your article wins a featured snippet, you’ll have the ability to bounce from being ranked #7 to the very best spot #1 straight away.

To optimize your content material subject matter for featured snippets, you’ll have to:

  • Dig into the questions that your audience is taking a look.
    • Seek for such queries throughout the Other people Moreover Ask segment and analyze search questions with search engine optimization tools like Ahrefs, AlsoAsked, or Semrush. Create replica that strictly answers the individual’s search query.
  • Use header tags (H1, H2, H3, and so forth.) to building your content material subject matter and make it easy for search engines like google like google to seize the main points. Include keywords and search questions in the ones headings.
  • The content material subject matter must be between 54-58 phrases lengthy for a paragraph meant for a featured snippet.
  • Include the hunt question throughout the internet web page determine and rewrite the question throughout the H1 tag.
  • Use lists, tables, and other formats that can be merely extracted for a featured snippet.

Bold the main points to improve time on the page and the reading experience.

  • Supplement content material subject matter with connected pictures that illustrate your main points, meet the individual’s search intent and the principle keyword, and make the finding out experience a complete lot further enjoyable.
  • Add an image beneath the paragraph and use the important thing word that triggers the featured snippet as an image alt text to win the thumbnail, from John Ozuysal, Co-Founder and CMO at Datapad.

Win SERP features with thumbnails.

By contrast to a super structured way, Sara Bodner from Conklin Media supplies a slightly different solution to win featured snippets.

She came upon that it’s helpful to include the principle long-tail keyword (a question) you’re focused on in an creation paragraph reasonably than allocating a standalone heading. Then, Bodner bolds the question and resolution summed up in a couple of sentences.

Play with formatting to influence SERP features.

Image Provide

In a different way to conquer the competition is to build some within and external links to the piece. This signs to Google that your content material subject matter is further worthy to be featured in snippets.

Skilled tip: Get began your headings with “what,” “why,” “does,” “where,” and other question words to purpose FS and PAA. Sprinkle them throughout the headings and the replica. This way, you’re increasing the possibilities to compete for SERP aspects up to 86%, as a Semrush find out about displays.

chart showing question words triggering PAA and FS results

Symbol Supply

Other people Moreover Ask

Now, let’s learn to compete for the Other people Moreover Ask feature. By the use of successful this SERP’s authentic assets, your herbal guests can double since your content material subject matter would most likely appear two occasions on the first Google internet web page.

A snapshot of PAA

A Other people Moreover Ask (PAA) feature turns out as an inventory of connected questions and answers to the hunt query throughout the SERPs. The following steps will mean you can rank in PAA:

“Learn in regards to the SERP to spot now not peculiar questions shoppers are asking in regards to the topic throughout the An identical searches and PAA and use autocomplete knowledge tools like AnswerThePublic and Solution Socrats,” suggests Jaden Oh, Director of Search TRAFFV.

Likewise, you’ll have the ability to opt for tools like Additionally Requested and Other folks additionally ask through Frase to seek out search questions.

  • Don’t fear in regards to the search amount. Long-tail keywords most often have 0 search amount, however the probabilities of your content material subject matter appearing in FS and PAA surge as much as 73% since the number of words throughout the query will build up to up to 10 words.
  • Tweak your H2s and H3s — include the secondary keywords.
  • Every other practice is to dedicate the FAQ chapter at the bottom of an editorial and resolution 3 to 6 subject-related questions. Use FAQ schema markup to supply additional context about your content material subject matter to search engines like google like google.
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Olga Mykhoparkina, Founder of Quoleady, consents with this advice:

“Each and every time we write a content material subject matter temporary for an editorial, we try to allocate somewhat at the end of the blog article referred to as FAQ. There we put all the PAA questions followed via temporary, value-packed answers. No vague or watery statements whatsoever. Google most often alternatives it up and incorporates one of the vital answers in PAA.”

Local Pack (3-Pack)

A snapshot of 3-Pack for local searches.

A Local pack or 3-pack turns out for search queries with local intent, very similar to “highest imaginable Italian consuming position in [city].” This SERP lists connected corporations with their addresses, phone numbers, and critiques. To rank your web site in local packs, you’ll have to:

  • Be sure that your Google My Trade profile is up-to-date and entire with right kind NAP records, very similar to your corporation identify, deal with, phone amount, hours of operation, and critiques.
  • Optimize your web page for local search engine marketing via at the side of your the town and state to your determine tags and meta descriptions.
  • Encourage customers to leave critiques to your Google My Trade profile and other analysis web sites to propel Google to rank you higher throughout the local pack.
  • Assemble high quality local oneway links from connected internet pages to your house of pastime to pump up the web site’s credibility and authority in Google’s eyes.

Image Pack

An example of the Image Pack.

An Image Pack is caused when a search engine detects the individual’s intent to appear pictures. If your corporation can receive advantages via showcasing its products by way of pictures, we recommend you optimize your internet web page for being listed throughout the image pack.

  • Use high-resolution, unique pictures with descriptive and keyword-rich record names (e.g., image-pack-serp-features-opportunities.png), alt tags, and captions.
  • Use ImageObject schema markup to supply additional context in regards to the pictures to search engines like google like google. To get your company to rank throughout the Image Pack “come along with your image URL throughout the code, very similar to a headshot or emblem within ‘Specific particular person’ or ‘Workforce’ schema markup. “Be sure that all these Schema are best used on one connected internet web page to your web site,” says Allie Kotula, search engine optimization Director at Terakeet.
  • Host your pictures on a reliable and fast server to steer clear of any issues of loading time.
  • Interlink content material subject matter to your web site using connected keywords throughout the anchor text to pass hyperlink fairness and lend a hand the thing climb in ratings and most likely protected a spot throughout the image pack.

Video Pack

The Video Pack feature in the SERP

Google supplies Video Pack to the SERP. Video packs typically appear for “how-to” content material subject matter, webinars, product critiques, and so forth. To optimize your content material subject matter for the video pack, practice the ones laws:

  • Give your motion pictures explanatory titles, descriptions, and tags. Select a fantastic thumbnail image. Consider together with a transcript to make your video further to be had.
  • Include primary and secondary keywords throughout the video determine and description respectively.
  • Use casual language to name motion pictures as if you happen to have been taking a look by means of voice.
  • Host your motion pictures on YouTube so that Google displays them throughout the SERP. Plus, YouTube provides an abundance of gear for optimizing your content material to be displayed further endlessly throughout the SERPs.
  • “Always destroy down the video chapters via using identical H2s and H3s that you just put on blog posts. Post motion pictures on YouTube and add them to connected articles,” says Juan Bello, Co-Founder at Porter Metrics. This tactic helps Porter win video packs just about every time and gear qualified leads.

Optimize your videos for SEO

Embedded motion pictures hosted elsewhere, like Vimeo, require VideoObject schema markup to be eligible for this option. Check out best possible practices on how you can get movies within the SERP recommended via Google.

Product Pack

The listing of the popular products

Product Packs appear in a carousel construction and showcase a number of connected products in line with an individual’s search query. The ones packs endlessly appear for queries very similar to “highest imaginable running shoes” or “iphone 12 skilled max value” and may also be an effective way to energy guests and product sales in your web page.

Use the ones tips to protected your spot throughout the Product Pack and optimize your e-commerce web page for maximum have an effect on:

  • Be sure that your products are indexed via Google via submitting a sitemap to Google Search Console.
  • Use structured information ( to mark up your product pages to lend a hand search engines like google like google understand the context of your pages. Farasat Khan from Scalable Media suggests enriching structured knowledge with the following:
    • @context and @kind that provide an explanation for that this can be a product schema.
    • The identify of the product.
    • An image with an array of URLs for the product’s pictures.
    • An summary with an extensive description of the product.
    • The SKU, or the product’s stock-keeping unit (SKU) amount.
    • The brand of the product.
    • Supplies that include information about the product’s value, availability, and link to the product internet web page.
  • To validate the product snippets your eCommerce store ranks in, head over to the hunt console and analysis the professional items throughout the “Purchasing groceries > Product Snippets” tab.
  • Optimize your product pages for connected keywords. Include them in titles, meta tags, and on-page content material subject matter.
  • Use high quality pictures and films to turn your products.
  • Encourage purchaser critiques to your web page, as search engines like google like google use them to make a decision the relevancy and score of your products.
  • Assemble oneway links in your product pages from revered internet pages to your house of pastime.
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Skilled tip: Use Schema Validator to ensure your product pages are accurately optimized and Schema Mark Up generator to speed up the creation of JSON-LD markups.

It is important to remember that the ones don’t appear to be the only kinds of SERP aspects, and the weight given to each and every factor can vary depending on the search query and other score elements.

Additionally, search engines like google like google are again and again updating their algorithms, so it is very important stick up-to-date with the newest search engine optimization characteristics and highest imaginable practices.

Learn how to To search out SERP Serve as Possible choices

There are a variety of strategies for a way you’ll spot SERP feature choices to rank in PAA, video and film packs, and featured snippets. Those ways depend on whether or not or now not you’re rising new content material subject matter or updating reward pieces.

New Content material subject matter Easiest Practices

All strategies may also be boiled down to these two essential steps.

1. Research keywords and topics in your house of pastime.

Seek for long-tail keywords and questions with keyword research tools, like Semrush, Ahrefs, or AnswerThePublic.

The usage of long-tail keywords is essential on account of the ones endlessly have lower competition and make great targets for gaining SERP authentic assets with structured data-rich answers. The additional specific the query, the better the chance you appear in featured snippets or PAA.

Lee Moskowitz, Director of Growth Promoting and advertising and marketing at SetSail, begins the process via putting in place name for for sure keywords.

“First, I art work to determine {{that a}} name for exists. Get began with the must haves and leverage keyword tools and the “folks moreover ask” segment. Then, I be told queries that my audience asks on platforms somewhat then Google, very similar to LinkedIn or within specialist online communities [Facebook Groups, Slack channels, Discord channels, etc],” Moskowitz says.

2. Habits a SERP analysis.

When on the lookout for SERP feature choices, get began via analyzing competing pages. Imagine of the following:

  • Their internet web page and content material subject matter building.
  • hat keywords appear throughout the headings.
  • What choice of within and external links are bringing up to this internet web page.
  • What choice of pictures are disbursed all over the piece.
  • Alt text on pictures.
  • Analyze the duration of the text of the current SERP aspects and its formatting (e.g. bold, italic, highlighted, an inventory, a table, a question, and so forth.).

While you’re focused on extraordinarily competitive keywords, take into consideration how you’ll craft a piece that can outrank reward content material subject matter throughout the SERP. Most likely those are missing out on professional quotes, supplementary illustrations, or real-life examples, or their content material subject matter is overall inclined and watery.

If the prevailing web sites in SERP aspects are tough to win over, bet on long-tail keywords taking into consideration the individual search intent. Purpose queries that don’t in recent years have a featured snippet on the other hand must have one.

“For example, if Google is using a featured snippet for ‘highest imaginable gps for truckers’ and there’s a over the top name for for ‘highest imaginable truck gps with dash cam’ on the other hand no featured snippet, it’s possible that Google wants to provide the one on the other hand lacks prime quality content material subject matter. Subsequently, I create a internet web page for such keywords,” explains Kyle Fretwell, founder of TruckInfo.

By the use of chasing long-tail keywords, Fretwell frequently wins featured snippets, outcompeting giants like Amazon.

how to find SERP feature opportunity example

Easiest Practices for Provide Pages

It’s imaginable you’ll rank over the top on the other hand now not get authentic assets in SERP aspects. This might result in over the top impressions on the other hand low conversions, since the internet web page that occupies a featured snippet gets the crown. How must you deal with that? We’ll explain underneath.

1. To search out your top-performing pages and imaginable winners.

In Google Search Console, find pages that rank for 1-10 positions and copy the URLs. Now, filter pages from 11 to 20 positions. The ones are underperforming, even though have the imaginable to increase in ratings and compete for SERP aspects.

You’ll moreover head over to Google Analytics and filter your relatively converting pages. Replica their URLs as well.

2. Analyze SERP feature imaginable with search engine optimization tools.

Put the saved URLs proper right into a rank tracking instrument like Semrush, Serpstat, SE Score, or Ranktracker and take a look at the important thing words the ones pages aren’t score for in SERP aspects. You’ll see those in gray. Blue indicates the URL wins a concrete SERP feature via a decided on keyword.

Substitute your content material subject matter following the information above and observe within a month if there are any changes.

Analyze SERP feature potential with SEO tools

While you haven’t organize rank tracking for those URLs, proper right here’s a simple workaround. Head over to Ahrefs’s Internet web page Explorer and drop those URLs for a batch analysis or simply put your house.

Practice the filter “SERP aspects – Where the target doesn’t rank – Select the feature.” You’ll get the tick list of keywords that purpose SERP aspects for any person else on the other hand now not in your web site.

Try to adjust your content material subject matter to get located in SERP aspects.

Analyze SERP feature potential with SEO tools

Symbol Supply

Skilled tip: To search out speedy wins via checking keywords where your web site ranks throughout the height 10 that have featured snippets, on the other hand each and every different web page owns them.

6 Apparatus to Help You To search out SERP Possible choices

Whether or not or now not you’re focused on SERP aspects for reward or new content material subject matter, we have compiled the very best 5 search engine optimization tools that will help you discover SERP choices. The ones tools are versatile and provided with aspects for back-link analysis, rank tracking, keyword research, and additional.

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Select the one that meets your value vary and your reward needs. The tools are listed in no particular order.


 Semrush; SEO tools

Semrush is an all-in-one search engine optimization platform that gives a choice of tools for keyword research, rank tracking, web site audit, and additional.

With its key feature, the Keyword Magic Device, you’ll have the ability to merely find one of the vital connected keywords in your content material subject matter and see which SERP aspects are appearing for specific keywords and what type of content material subject matter is score within the ones aspects.

Pricing: Plans get began at $119.95 monthly. A freemium plan is available on the other hand is particular to 10 searches in step with day.

Easiest for: Finding SERP choices for new content material subject matter by way of keyword research. Moreover ideally suited for medium to very large corporations.

SE Score

SE Ranking is known for its rank tracking tool

Symbol Supply

SE Ranking is known for its rank-tracking instrument with a variety of custom designed filters, SERP storms, and additional. This instrument implies that you’ll observe your web page’s score for specific keywords through the years, giving you a clear running from your web page’s potency in search results.

SE Ranking’s rank tracker tells you which of them SERP aspects your web page is appearing in and which ones it’s now not. How must you act on that records?

For example, if you happen to see that your web page is score well for a decided on keyword on the other hand isn’t appearing throughout the “Other people Moreover Ask” or “An identical Questions” SERP aspects, you’ll have the ability to focus your efforts on optimizing your content material subject matter for the ones aspects, like together with the FAQ segment, to increase your visibility in search results.

Pricing: The The most important plan starts at $39 monthly with daily rank-checking frequency.

Easiest for: Other folks, small and medium teams; enterprises on the lookout for customizable plans.


Ahrefs SEO tool

Known as the most efficient instrument for back-link analysis, Ahrefs supplies slightly numerous professional aspects for competitor analysis and keyword research. As an example, the Internet web page Explorer instrument implies that you’ll see what SERP aspects your pageant and also you could be appearing in and with what keywords.

You’ll moreover read about the amount and prime quality of oneway links pointing to competing URLs. They will have an effect on the prevalence of SERP aspects as well.

Pricing: Plans get began at $99 monthly. A limited freemium style is available for purchasers who verified the web site’s ownership.

Easiest for: SMB and enterprise-level companies on the lookout for a forged instrument for back-link analysis and keyword research.


Serpstat is an all-in-one SEO platform

Serpstat is an all-in-one search engine optimization platform for small and medium corporations that gives keyword research, rank tracking instrument, web site audit, and its private back-link database.

You’ll find SERP feature choices when exploring keyword research tools (as confirmed throughout the screenshot above) and within its rank tracking report.

Pricing: Plans get began at $69 monthly. A freemium plan is available for 10 queries in step with day.

Easiest for: Competitor analysis and rank tracking.


AlsoAsked SEO tool

Symbol Supply

AlsoAsked is your goldmine for geo-specific “Other people Moreover Ask” questions. Kind any query and get an abundance of concepts for the FAQ segment, H2s, and H3s.

Pricing: Plans get began at $15 monthly. A freemium plan incorporates 3 searches in step with day.

Easiest for: Exploring search questions to optimize for featured snippets and PAA.


Ranktracker SEO tool

Symbol Supply

Ranktracker is your best choice for every keyword research and monitoring positions throughout the SERP. It supplies 100 keywords for daily tracking and 100 keyword concepts in step with search. Like with other tools, you’ll have the ability to find keywords with SERP aspects imaginable.

Pricing: As low as $16.20 per month with a 7-day trial available.

Easiest for: Small search engine optimization duties.

Unfastened Ranking Apparatus

Starting out your search engine optimization journey and are temporary on value vary for paid search engine optimization tools? We truly really feel you. Take advantage of the ones tools to start out out tracking whether or not or now not you’ve secured SERP aspects.

The entire tools are totally free.

Key phrase Rank Checker through Ahrefs

Keyword rank checker by Ahrefs

Open up this instrument and enter your keyword and house to check your house and see the SERP completely without cost. Keyword Rank Checker takes a snapshot of the very best 10 positions and highlights your reward position for the important thing word, although it’s now not throughout the height 10 however.

You’ll moreover see what SERP aspects Google elevates for the important thing word.

Google Seek Console

Find SERP features opportunities with GSC.

Let’s now not put out of your mind that Google moreover supplies free tools for analyzing your web site potency throughout the Google Search Console.

Head over to the Pages or Queries report and type the information via low CTR and over the top position from 2 to 5. The chances are high that quite a few SERP aspects are showing up for that query and occupying all the fold, lowering your conversions.

Transfer to Ahrefs’s Keyword Rank Checker or do the research manually throughout the Incognito mode to end up or refute the theory.

Getting Started

SERP aspects are your surefire solution to leapfrog even number one avid avid gamers throughout the SERPs. Get began using schema markup, take a look at bolding your key message, create a forged internet web page/content material subject matter building, and provide succinct answers to search around questions.

search engine optimization tools mean you can find a lot more SERP choices. Temporarily, you’ll be outranking the competition.


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