VEED.IO Display Recorder Evaluate and Overview

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Video editing and recording software can be remarkably complicated. You generally desire a specialized talent set (or a lot of time) to create and edit motion pictures. If you happen to occur to’re going to use those motion pictures for internet affiliate marketing on-line purposes, the bar is even higher. Fortunately, VEED.IO objectives to simplify that process via a internet primarily based platform with available in the market prices.

In this article, we’ll take a look at VEED.IO and try its number one choices. We’ll moreover show you tactics the tool works, and help making a decision whether or not or now not it’s a good are compatible for your video improving needs. Let’s get to it!

An Creation to VEED.IO

The VEED.IO homepage

If you happen to occur to’ve ever tinkered with video improving device, you comprehend it can be intimidating. Even a short lived video could have a big choice of frames, as a result of this it’s good to spend a lot of time improving small segments, together with effects, fixing visuals, and further.

VEED.IO is designed to simplify that process with a user-friendly interface that works like an app. When you sign up for a VEED.IO account, the platform will ask where you propose to percentage your motion pictures. It’ll then offer different devices of substances in step with your answer:

Selecting where you intend to share VEED.IO videos

A unfastened VEED.IO account lets you export motion pictures of up to ten minutes in duration. You’ll have the ability to upload data up to 50 MB, and prepare endless tasks. A unfastened account moreover comes with 20 GB of storage and lets you export motion pictures in 720p, which is good enough for plenty of social media platforms and even internet affiliate marketing on-line motion pictures.

As far as subtitles go, a unfastened VEED.IO account provides you with up to two hours of automated translations all through one or a few tasks. You moreover get get right of entry to to a screen and cam recorder tool that includes compression and file conversion capacity.

What’s additional, VEED.IO lets you prepare puts of labor and gives get right of entry to to other shoppers. You’ll have the ability to moreover comment on motion pictures that other shoppers upload, which makes this platform a powerful collaborative tool.

Key Choices (Loose Plan):

  • Use a visual display unit and webcam recorder to create motion pictures that you simply’ll percentage online or for personal use.
  • Upload motion pictures up to 50 MB in measurement.
  • Export motion pictures which may also be up to ten minutes in duration and 720p in top of the range.
  • Get 2 GB of storage.
  • Add up to two hours of automated subtitles to a minimum of one video or all through a few tasks.
  • Organize a workspace that you simply’ll provide other shoppers with get right of entry to to.
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Worth: VEED.IO supplies a unfastened plan and peak elegance tiers; the latter get began at $12 per month per user.

VEED.IO in Movement: Recording and Bettering Films

In this segment, we’re going to show you tactics VEED.IO works by means of recording a simple video and uploading it to the platform. Then we’ll take a look at its unfastened improving equipment, and notice how they modify while you reinforce to a peak elegance account. Let’s get started!

Setting Up an Account and Recording Your First Video

Putting in a VEED.IO account is remarkably simple. Far and wide the process, VEED.IO will ask you what platforms you want to create motion pictures for and how much improving revel in it’s good to have (if any). On every occasion you’re in, you’ll see the option to create new folders and get began running for your first venture:

Launching a new VEED.IO project

When launching a brand spanking new venture, it’s good to have the manner so as to add a file from your device or from Dropbox, or to import a YouTube video. You’ll have the ability to moreover get began a recording:

Uploading a video to VEED.IO

For this analysis, we decided to check out the recorder chance. If you select Document, VEED.IO will ask you what type of recording you want to create, and advisable you to position in a browser extension. This may increasingly from time to time help you grasp what’s happening for your visual display unit:

Selecting what type of recording to use

Depending on what chance you choose, likelihood is that you’ll need to grant the device get right of entry to in your microphone as smartly. VEED.IO will show you a recording button that may unlock the tool. You’ll have the ability to then proceed to carry out whichever task you want to sing their own praises:

Recording your screen using VEED.IO

When you finish recording, the platform will take a few moments to process the video, and then it’ll unlock the editor visual display unit:

Editing a video using VEED.IO

As you’ll see, the video editor is remarkably user-friendly. By the use of default, the editor will provide some basic alternatives, along side speeding up the video and modifying its amount. If you happen to occur to take a look on the concept menu to the left, you’ll see the rest of the editor’s alternatives, along side equipment as a way to upload subtitles, transitions, portions, filters, and further:

Navigating the VEED.IO editor tools

Now that you simply’ve successfully created a visual display unit recording that you simply’ll edit, it’s time to find the editor itself. Let’s get began by means of trying out the subtitling tool.

Together with Subtitles

Undoubtedly considered one of VEED.IO’s primary selling problems is the platform’s automated subtitling capacity. When you upload or file a video, you’ll add subtitles manually or let the platform do it for you:

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Adding subtitles using VEED.IO

In our revel in, the automatic subtitles that the platform generates are fairly right kind. If you happen to occur to’ve ever used YouTube’s subtitling capacity, you’ll have a good idea of how right kind VEED.IO can be. However, it’s good to need to analysis the subtitles and edit them manually to make sure the best results:

Adding subtitles in VEED.IO

General, together with subtitles using VEED.IO is remarkably simple. The editor includes a subtitle layer that permits you to configure how long each line of text will have to appear for, all while previewing your video.

You will need to understand that the unfastened style of VEED.IO doesn’t help you clean up a video’s audio. That serve as is best available with peak elegance plans. If you happen to occur to’re using VEED.IO’s Skilled plan, you’ll see an chance known as Clean Audio beneath the Settings tab for each video:

Cleaning up video audio with VEED.IO

If VEED.IO’s automated subtitling tool isn’t giving you necessarily probably the most right kind transcriptions, we recommend using the Clean Audio serve as and then making an attempt over again. Eliminating background noise can increase subtitle accuracy dramatically, then again you’ll nevertheless need to analysis the text manually.

The use of Filters

Undoubtedly considered one of VEED.IO’s primary uses is to create motion pictures that you simply’ll percentage on social media platforms and for your internet website online. This means that that you simply moreover get get right of entry to to video filters. Out of the sphere, VEED.IO options an enormous selection of filters that you simply’ll follow to motion pictures, ranging from simple color corrections to advanced effects:

Adding filters using the VEED.IO editor

One problem of VEED.IO filters is that a lot of them don’t include any customization alternatives. You simply follow the clear out, and in some cases you’ll customize its intensity. Aside from that, the platform’s clear out selection is quite more than a few and every affect is available on each and every unfastened and peak elegance plans.

Together with Brand Imaging

If you happen to occur to’re using a peak elegance VEED.IO account, the platform lets you upload a full brand kit that you simply’ll re-use all through your tasks. That emblem apparatus can include photos, video and audio data, color palettes, and font property:

Adding brand assets to VEED.IO

On every occasion you upload a symbol asset, you’ll be capable of get right of entry to it from the editor by means of opening the Upload > Brand Apparatus tab:

Using brand assets in VEED.IO

To use property, simply make a choice them and the editor will help you place them within your video. If you happen to occur to scroll correct right down to the video’s timeline, you’ll see a brand spanking new layer for emblem property, where you’ll configure when each file becomes visible and for some way long:

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Editing a video's timeline

On peak of brand name title property, VEED.IO lets you add emojis, text, and stickers in your motion pictures. If you happen to occur to’ve ever edited a social media story, together with the ones portions will have to be 2nd nature to you.

Exporting Films

On every occasion you’re pleased with the effects, you’ll go ahead and export your artwork. To do so, click on on on the Export button on the top-right corner of the visual display unit, then make a choice the video’s output top of the range and subtitles configuration:

Exporting a VEED.IO file

The platform will take a while to render the video – how long can vary depending on its top of the range and duration. As quickly because the video is in a position, you’ll get get right of entry to to a player where you’ll analysis it, along with alternatives to percentage and procure it:

Saring and downloading VEED.IO files

General, using VEED.IO is remarkably simple. No longer like other video improving platforms, VEED.IO doesn’t hide all of its highest choices behind a paywall. If you happen to occur to’re improving simple motion pictures for social media or for your internet website online, the service’s unfastened plan will get you some distance.


Video improving device tends to be complicated. In a number of cases, you moreover need tough {{hardware}} to edit and render motion pictures in an inexpensive period of time. Fortunately, VEED.IO lets you do all of that online, using a simple, user-friendly interface. The platform supplies a powerful set of choices, and its unfastened plan is larger than simply correct enough for basic promoting and advertising and social media motion pictures.

VEED.IO peak elegance plans get began at $12 per month per user. However, some choices similar to emblem kits are best available with more expensive plans. If you want to create a lot of motion pictures for your emblem, we recommend that you simply imagine signing up for the Skilled plan as a substitute, which costs $24 in line with client monthly.

Do it’s good to have any questions about simple learn how to edit motion pictures online using VEED.IO? Let’s talk about them inside the comments segment beneath!

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