What Is Google Analytics 4 (GA4) and Why Is Now the Time To Make the Transfer?

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Google Analytics 4 (GA4) has been spherical for some time now, alternatively despite new choices being added incessantly, many shoppers each felt it was once as soon as however lacking in sure areas, or simply haven’t had the time to make yourself familiar with the new interface.

On the other hand, as privacy problems with Google’s Commonplace Analytics (UA) have grow to be very exact, and with Google atmosphere a date to switch off UA, now generally is a higher time than any to take the leap and get began using GA4.

What Is GA4?

GA4 (Google Analytics 4) is the next generation of Google Analytics, providing a further privacy-focused approach to tracking shoppers right through web websites and apps, relying a lot much less on first-party cookies to stick compliant with longer term characteristics in privacy legislation.

Google has finished this via upping its recreation in tool finding out, the usage of modeling to “fill throughout the gaps” when shoppers make a selection not to accept cookies, essentially allowing GA4 to continue providing insights spherical client engagement, while protective their knowledge anonymous.

While it’s however in recent times possible to position in Commonplace Analytics, GA4 is now the default style for all new GA homes.

As privateness issues with Google’s Common Analytics have grown and a date set to change off UA, it is the very best time to take the soar and get started the usage of GA4. 📈Click on to Tweet

When Was GA4 First Offered?

Google first presented the release of GA4 again in July 2019 (available in beta). This was once as soon as followed via a hard unlock in October 2020, when it grow to be the default platform for all new homes.

While GA4 has however however to be completely adopted via nearly all of marketers, corporations have grow to be further acutely aware of privacy, and questions are being raised spherical how neatly Commonplace Analytics (UA) gives with it.

Why Did Google Exchange UA to GA4?

Corporations were relying on insights from Google Analytics for more than a decade, measuring client engagement to get an understanding of their online potency and using the guidelines to make a professional possible choices.

While GA4 is able to providing equivalent insights, Google completely overhauled Commonplace Analytics and the guidelines models it’s built on, that implies it’s now not possible to migrate knowledge from UA to GA.

This resulted in an uproar throughout the digital promoting and advertising community, as many internet web page house owners were accumulating knowledge and following seasonal traits for a couple of years. The speculation of starting from 0 is a long way from best.

With the appearance of the Commonplace Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in 2018, corporations were stressed to take privacy further critically and get a better grab of how they handled client knowledge.

Google’s Commonplace Analytics is a chief example of an analytics tool that’s used to assemble knowledge on shoppers. This has resulted in the tool to succeed in a lot of publicity in recent years, with emerging problems that web pages are breaking GDPR regulations via using it.

GA4 is Google’s response to a cookieless longer term and claims to allow corporations to continue tracking client engagement with the help of AI and tool finding out to “fill throughout the gaps” for purchasers who make a selection not to provide their consent to be tracked.

Cookie message requesting users to accept or deny marketing cookies
Cookie request on kinsta.com

What Does This Indicate for GA Shoppers?

Google presented it may well be retiring Commonplace Analytics on July 1st, 2023, and it will be putting off get right to use to view historical knowledge at the end of 2023.

In the event you started using Google Analytics after October 14, 2020, it’s perhaps that you just’re already using a GA4 property. The remainder previous to that, you’re perhaps using a UA property.

Whether or not or now not you’re already in a position to make the switch to GA4, differently you’re however intently reliant on UA, you should a minimum of get started with a GA4 account in an effort to get started build up historical knowledge. Having a minimum of a twelve months’s price of knowledge will help you review critiques against the previous twelve months, which is very important for measuring seasonal traits.

GA4 Privacy

As web websites continue to adapt and shoppers grow to be further conscious about knowledge privacy, opting out of having their classes tracked, Google Analytics needed to make some huge changes in an effort to continue providing comparable insights to internet web page house owners.

GA4 has addressed a couple of of those issues, using AI to create models consistent with the shopper knowledge they do have in an effort to provide a very good understanding of how shoppers who aren’t tracked interact with web websites.

Is GA4 GDPR Compliant?

This is a question many internet web page house owners are in recent times asking. While GA4 takes privacy much more critically than its predecessor, with a lot of privateness settings that can be configured to limit tracking.

The reality remains that Google however stores client knowledge on US-based servers, which, in line with Matomo, is towards Normal Information Coverage Law (GDPR). This effectively approach that each one web websites amassing knowledge from shoppers based throughout the EU aren’t GDPR compliant.

There have already been a lot of high-profile circumstances in Europe that led to web websites being stressed to remove Google Analytics in an effort to follow GDPR guidelines. This has resulted in many internet web page house owners to believe other Google Analytics possible choices.

In fact, a Twitter poll from SEO guru Aleyda Solis instructed that up to a third of shoppers may believe ditching Google Analytics altogether.

The Italian Data Protection Authority, Garante, discovered that Google unlawfully transfers client knowledge to the USA, at the side of IP addresses, browser details, operating tactics, visual display unit resolutions, made up our minds on languages, and the date and time of internet web page visits. This puts web websites in violation of GDPR rules.

What’s the Difference Between GA4 and Commonplace Analytics?

Google first presented GA in 2005, and while it’s been up-to-the-minute through the years, the platform continues to be built on foundations that are simply now not organize for the web as we realize it this present day.

Google Analytics 4 is a complete overhaul of Commonplace Analytics, built with a point of interest on tracking entire client journeys right through a few devices, allowing it to look at client classes as they switch between laptops, mobiles, apps, medicine, and so forth.

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Data Models: What’s Changed?

Data models are used to instruct Google Analytics on one of the simplest ways to prepare the ideas accrued from shoppers on a given internet web page. Some of the an important biggest permutations between GA4 and UA is how the ones knowledge models art work, which is the principle the explanation why Google isn’t able to seamlessly migrate shoppers from UA to GA4.

The UA knowledge model uses classes and pageviews, which were first complex over 15 years prior to now, at a time when smartphones and medicine had now not however completely emerged.

The session-based model collects knowledge from client interactions that occur inside of a specific time frame. This system has at all times been mistaken, since a single client could cause a lot of goals inside of a single session, alternatively only one conversion is counted in UA.

The GA4 knowledge model uses events and parameters and has been built with cross-platform tracking at its core, on account of this you’ll have the ability to expect to seem further right kind reporting as your shoppers switch between devices.

Why Is My Guests Different in GA4?

Since the methods for accumulating client knowledge have changed, it’s not really your website online guests knowledge will are compatible up between the two permutations of Google Analytics, which is why there’s no easy method to migrate from UA to GA4. The identical goes for various metrics, at the side of bounce charge and conversions.

Google Analytics 4 vs Commonplace Analytics: Comparing Choices

It’s good to have noticed that GA4 has some shiny new choices, alternatively probably the most an important UA choices you recognize and love haven’t been migrated right through.

GA4 Conversion Tracking

In UA, goals can be configured using Events, Places, and Duration. For example, you could wish to create the serve as “Form Post” and associate it with an instance that is brought on when a buyer submits a kind, or add a “Checkout Of entirety” serve as, which is brought on when a buyer lands for your checkout internet web page.

UA is restricted in how it counts conversions, recording only one conversion consistent with session for each serve as. Because of this if a client submits a kind more than once throughout a single session, UA conversion monitoring would most simple show a single conversion. UA moreover limits the collection of goals that can be added throughout the unfastened style to a maximum of 20.

GA4, then again, has dropped ‘goals’ and now tracks conversions, increasing the maximum collection of conversions that can be added to 30. GA4 conversions can most simple be created using the event-based tracking, which is consistent with Pageviews, Scrolls, Outbound clicks, Internet web page search, Video engagement, and File downloads.

To prepare conversion tracking in GA4, you merely need to associate a specific instance with a conversion.

GA4 moreover counts all conversion events, irrespective of what selection of conversions occur from a single client in a single session. As a result of this, you might want to perceive some discrepancies when comparing GA4 conversion knowledge with UA.

How To Add Conversions in GA4

Get began via clicking Configure and then Events from the left menu, then choose the entire events that you want to track as conversions, marking them as conversion events.

GA4 report showing all events, with toggles to mark events as conversion events
Selecting events as conversions

Now click on on Conversions to view the document of conversions that you just added.

Very similar to UA conversions, GA4 conversions are most simple tracked from the time they’re created, in order that you gained’t see new conversions to your historical knowledge.

How To Create Custom designed Conversions in GA4

To create a custom designed conversion, you’ll have the ability to each choose Create instance to create a brand spanking new instance or Adjust instance to edit an provide instance. Be sure to add the improvement name using the correct casing. Once saved, mark your new instance as a conversion.

Check out Google’s detailed knowledge for more information on putting in place customized occasions.

GA4 Conversion Charge

You’ll have the ability to observe the conversion charge of any conversion instance using Client conversion charge, which is the percentage of shoppers who brought on a conversion instance, and Session conversion charge, which is the percentage of classes by which a conversion instance was once as soon as brought on.

This information help you to know how your conversion events are performing, supplying you with insights to fortify conversion fee optimization.

GA4 Ecommerce Tracking

The Monetization critiques in GA4 help you observe how so much profits was once as soon as generated from your internet web page, together with additional knowledge that will help you understand which areas of your web page performed the best in terms of profits generated.

To check the Monetization critiques, click on on Reviews from the left navigation and then click on on Monetization.

The Monetization review document provides a summary of your profits potency right through your web page and app.

The Ecommerce purchases document lets you see further granular knowledge related to the profits generated from specific products and interactions with the ones products.

Find out further about putting in ecommerce occasion monitoring for your internet sites and/or apps.

GA4 Reviews

GA4 comes with a host of pre-built critiques that can be used to track your web websites and apps.

GA4 Reporting UI

GA4 critiques can be came upon beneath each section throughout the left menu however as well as throughout the snapshot critiques provided in the principle Space dashboard. You’ll have the ability to amplify any of the snapshot critiques via clicking the links in each document card.

Very similar to UA, each of the reporting sections in GA4 comes with an overview dashboard containing some key critiques. The ones are completely customizable, so that you’ll have the ability to create critiques that focus on the metrics and dimensions that are most very important to your corporation.

Together with the ones, you’ll have the ability to moreover add comparisons, applying filters to test against the default knowledge. This gives additional series to the chart, allowing you to easily review traits for more than a few segments over time. Each and every comparison can include a lot of filters (e.g. country, tool, operating device, and so forth.)

Saving Reviews in GA4

It’s good to have noticed there is no Custom designed Reviews tab GA4. To create custom designed critiques in GA4, you wish to have to transport over to the Uncover section from the left menu and get began a brand spanking new exploration. You’ll have the ability to each create a brand spanking new document from scratch using the Blank selection, or use probably the most necessary prebuilt templates.

How To Create the Landing Pages Report in GA4

We’re all conscious about critiques that show visits to express landing pages over time, whether or not or now not you’re looking to hunt out your most visited landing pages throughout a specified time frame or using filters to drill down to express landing pages.

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While GA4 doesn’t have a landing pages document throughout the default dashboards, it’s easy to set this up.

  1. Click on on Uncover throughout the left menu, then click on on Blank to start out a brand spanking new exploration.
  2. Give your document a comparable name (e.g. Landing pages document), then set your desired time frame.
  3. Click on on Dimensions and search for Landing internet web page. Select the checkbox, then click on at the Import button.
  4. Click on on Metrics, then choose each of the metrics that you just wish to include to your document. For example, General shoppers, Leap Charge, Conversions, and General profits.
  5. Double click on on each of the dimensions and metrics that you just added to move them into your document.
  6. In the event you’re looking to clear out landing pages to seem a specific internet web page or workforce of pages, scroll down beneath Tab Settings, then click on on Filters and make a selection which dimension or metric you wish to have to clear out. For example, to seem all blog posts, you could wish to set Landing internet web page to incorporates /blog/.
    Setting a filter in GA4

You’ll be ready to make a choice the type of document you want (e.g. table, donut chart, line chart, and so forth.) via settling on probably the most necessary possible choices beneath Visualization.

GA4 screenshot showing visualization settings
GA4 document visualization

If you want to add a few visualization (e.g. table and line chart), you’ll have the ability to replica the principle form and switch the visualization for the duplicated document.

Duplicating a table in GA4
Duplicating a document in GA4

You’ll have the ability to then substitute the form names to offer them a comparable title via double-clicking the title.

GA4 screenshot showing updated title
Updating document title

Views vs Data Streams

In Commonplace Analytics, views allow internet web page house owners to create subsets of homes with their own unique configuration settings. In GA4, views were modified via knowledge streams.

What Are GA4 Data Streams?

Data streams are GA4’s answer to UA Views. In line with Google, a data float is “A glide of knowledge from your internet web page or app to Analytics.” Data streams are categorized into 3 varieties:

  • Web (for web websites)
  • iOS (for iOS apps)
  • Android (for Android apps)

A now not atypical UA setup is to create an “unfiltered view” for all knowledge, and now not the use of a filters in place (e.g. IP filters to exclude inside website online guests or unsolicited mail filters to exclude patterns associated with junk mail); a “take a look at view” for checking out filters out to verify they don’t have any sudden effects; and a ‘grab view’, with all filters performed and serve as tracking in place.

In GA4, you don’t provide the likelihood to create a few views alternatively as an alternative, have the ability to create a few knowledge streams.

How To Set Up Data Streams

So that you can upload a data float, click on on Admin at the bottom of the left menu. First, choose the account and property you want to switch, then click on on Data Streams from the property column, and then Add float, settling on each iOS app, Android app, or Web.

So that you can upload a data float for your internet web page, enter your Internet web page URL (this is your house, e.g. house.com), and set a Waft name, e.g. “Kinsta web float”.

Enhanced size is selected via default, which routinely collects internet web page views and other events. You’ll have the ability to disable this via clicking the toggle (this can be completed later if necessary).

Google advises that normally, only one knowledge float is necessary for each type (web/app), as together with a few web streams can lead to inconsistencies. You’ll have the ability to to determine further about this in Google’s knowledge to structuring your GA4 account.

You’ll need to add the Analytics tag to your web page previous to any knowledge shows up to your new GA4 property. Check out this knowledge to including the GA4 tag for your WordPress web page.

Tracking Subdomains in GA4

Some of the an important main benefits of the new gtag.js snippet is that it devices cookies on the very best possible house stage, that implies GA4 can observe shoppers right through all subdomains without any additional configuration required.

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GA4 UTM Tracking

Google has added support for maximum UTM monitoring parameters, so that you’ll have the ability to continue so to upload the ones to track campaigns in GA4. The ones can then be came upon throughout the Guests acquisition document.

GA4 Search box

The hunt bar in GA4 lets you get fast critiques consistent with your search. The auto-suggest feature can lend a hand flooring related questions as you get began typing, which can save you time and can help you merely to seek out critiques.

The GA4 search box moreover is helping fast answers, so that you’ll have the ability to ask questions like “what selection of conversions did we get final week?”

Example of a search box query asking "how many conversions did we get last week?" with the answer showing as 519

The GA4 search box moreover assets Google support scientific docs, so can be very useful in helping answer questions about putting in your GA4 account.

How To Switch to GA4

In a position to take the leap and create a GA4 account? Quicker than you slim all ties with UA, don’t put out of your mind to export historical knowledge from UA.

How To Download Your Historical Data from UA

Google has already highlighted that it’s now not possible to migrate your knowledge from UA to GA4 on account of the new platform using different knowledge models (We covered this briefly above, alternatively Google goes into further component in its documentation). On the other hand, you’ll have the ability to already get began downloading your historical knowledge from UA.

To manually export knowledge, open the GA document that you want to acquire. For example Acquisition > All Guests > Channels. Make a choice the filters and segments you wish to have to look at, then click on on EXPORT from the menu icons inside of essentially the most good right kind corner. You’ll have the ability to download the document as a PDF, Google Sheet, Excel document, or CSV.

While this can be useful in protective valuable knowledge, the export feature comes with obstacles:

  • You’ll have the ability to in recent times most simple follow two dimensions at a time
  • rows are capped at 5k
  • information is also sampled (the fairway checkmark offer protection to inside of essentially the most good left turns out when the guidelines isn’t sampled)

This article from SEJ provides a large number of different strategies for downloading your information.

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Migrating To GA4

While Google has provided some apparatus that will help you migrate your goals right through to GA4, it is important to get began from scratch in terms of configuring your account.

How To Create a Google Analytics 4 property Using Your Present UA Tracking Code

In the event you’re already using Commonplace Analytics with gtag.js, you’ll have the ability to merely associate the property together with your new GA4 account using connected web page tags, saving you some time together with the tracking tag.

How To Add Connected Internet web page Tags

  1. Click on on Admin at the bottom of the left menu and choose your account and property
  2. Click on on Data Streams beneath Assets
  3. Click on at the Web tab, then click on at the web knowledge float.
  4. Click on on Prepare connected web page tags beneath the Google tag section
  5. Underneath Connected Tags, Enter the tracking ID of the UA property that you want so to upload (you’ll have the ability to to seek out this throughout the Admin section of your UA account beneath Assets > Tracking Data > Tracking Code
  6. Give it a name (e.g. [Site name] UA ID)
  7. Click on on Connect.

GA4 Setup Assistant

The GA4 Setup Assistant can be used to create your new GA4 property, which can run in parallel to your provide Commonplace Analytics property. This means that you’re going to however have get right to use to the UA property (for now!).

The GA4 Setup Assistant wizard doesn’t add any historical knowledge to your new property, so the sooner you get started, the sooner you’ll have the ability to get began amassing knowledge.

Screenshot from GA4 showing the setup assistant in the left menu

Check out this information from Google for step-by-step details on one of the simplest ways to make use of the GA4 setup wizard to create a GA4 property for a web page that uses Commonplace Analytics.

GA4 Objectives Migration Tool

GA4 now comes with a tool that allows you to routinely migrate goals from UA to GA4. So that you can use this tool, your account will have to be set to an “Editor” serve as.

Open your new GA4 property, then click on on Admin. Click on on Setup Assistant Inside the Assets column, then navigate to Import provide goals from your connected Commonplace Analytics property and click on on Get started. You’ll have the ability to now choose which goals you’d like to migrate to your GA4 property.

Screenshot from GA4 showing option to import conversions from universal analytics

You’ll have the ability to moreover to seek out your new conversion events to your GA4 property, beneath Configure > Conversions throughout the Conversion Events table. It might be able to take up to 24 hours for the migration to complete.

You’ll have the ability to be told further about this in Google’s documentation.

GA4 Dimensions and Metrics

While many dimensions and metrics are populated routinely when putting in GA4, some require additional configuration previous to they’re activated.


Commonplace Analytics has two Client metrics: General Shoppers, which are shoppers who initiated a minimum of one session throughout the selected date range, and New Shoppers, which are first-time shoppers who visited throughout the selected date range.

In Google Analytics 4, there are 3 Client metrics: General Shoppers, New Shoppers, and Vigorous Shoppers.

Vigorous Shoppers is the primary client metric used in GA4 and is made up of the collection of shoppers who visited a internet web page or tool. An lively client is brought on via any client who has an engaged consultation or when Analytics collects:

  • the first_visit instance or engagement_time_msec parameter from a internet web page
  • the first_open instance or engagement_time_msec parameter from an Android app
  • the first_open or user_engagement instance from an iOS app

Most critiques in UA use Shoppers, which is consistent with General Shoppers. GA4 moreover uses Shoppers, alternatively this is consistent with Vigorous Shoppers, which is calculated differently, so can lead to confusion if comparing the two metrics.

A further identical metric in GA4 can be came upon using Explorations to view General shoppers.

Engagement Charge

Engagement charge, which is consistent with the percentage of engaged classes, is calculated in the course of the collection of classes that lasted longer than 10 seconds, had a conversion instance, or had a minimum of 2 pageviews or screenviews.

Leap Charge

In GA4, Leap charge is the percentage of classes that had no engagement, so the opposite of Engagement charge.

GA4 Leap charge is calculated another way from UA, so the results don’t seem to be more likely to take a look at up when comparing the two. In UA, shoppers might simply spend 10 minutes finding out your blog post and then go away without triggering any events, and this is in a position to have counted as a bounce.

Within the interim, in GA4, shoppers who spend more than 10 seconds on a internet web page aren’t considered to have bounced, which is much more useful.

There may be by no means been a greater time to make the transfer to GA4- and this information is right here to assist 💪Click on to Tweet

GA4 Training Program

In the event you’re looking to decide further about what’s possible with Google Analytics 4, and need to learn about one of the simplest ways to make use of the new choices available in GA4 while moreover benefiting from an industry-recognized certificate, you’ll have the ability to now join on the Google Analytics 4 coaching program.


In the event you’ve been doing away with switching to GA4, now might be the time to get started. Even if you’re now not able to take a position the time into finding out one of the simplest ways to make use of GA4, you’ll have the ability to merely run every permutations in parallel, supplying you with persisted get right to use to the UA critiques you recognize and love until UA goes away.

The reality remains that Google it will be pulling the plug in July 2023, so the sooner you’re making the switch to GA4, the sooner you’ll have the ability to get began getting to grips with the future of Google Analytics.

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