WWW vs non-WWW: Which is Higher for search engine marketing?

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Your internet web site’s house and basic URL building are consistent with a few technical elements. In this article, we’re going to find the use of www vs. non-www to your internet web site’s URL and which is more healthy for SEO.

Every www and non-www have their pros and cons, alternatively in spite of everything you need to know the results of what you’re choosing. Whilst you aren’t wary, you’ll need to create copy puts of your internet web site which can hurt your internet web site’s SEO and ranking throughout the SERPs ratings. Proper right here’s the way you’ll keep the go with the flow of holiday makers coming by way of having a as it should be configured internet web site URL.

Understanding the Development of a URL

It is important to needless to say there are many it sounds as if insignificant details that move into building your internet web site’s URL. Each and every of the ones details changes the site of your internet web site and in addition how search engines like google like google and yahoo, like Google, transfer slowly and index your internet web site.


HTTP is the standard language protocol to have the same opinion browsers keep in touch between customers and servers. Most URLs get began with http://. If your internet web site has an SSL Certificate or Transport Layer Protection (TLS), the URL gets began with https:// as an alternative.


Space Establish

Domain names are a very important part of the internet, allowing shoppers to navigate between internet websites. That’s what you purchase and check in at house registers like Godaddy or Namecheap. Domain names act as human-readable (and rememberable!) addresses. If we didn’t have them, we’d be surfing the web memorizing IP numbers as an alternative of company and logo names.

In a URL, the world is a substring that follows the initial http:// or


WWW Space Prefix

The WWW prefix is used to have the same opinion determine a web take care of or location. Principally, this is a subdomain (similar to ftp.yourwebsite.com or blog.yourwebsite.com) to identify a further explicit location. This is maximum frequently used on higher internet websites. On the other hand, now not like standard subdomains, it’s now not vital at the present time to include the WWW prefix except for you’ve gotten a decided on explanation why to do so. In a URL, the www prefix precedes the world determine:


What are WWW and non-WWW?

After we speak about www vs non-www, we’re with regards to internet websites that include the www prefix throughout the house determine or not.

Right here’s a www house:


And right here’s a non-www house:


The WWW (“Word Intensive Web”) prefix has traditionally designated internet websites which could be in the market online. For a lot of the history of the internet, most internet websites used a “www” prefix followed by way of a website online determine. At the moment, it’s treated further as a subdomain, making it optional for those looking to streamline their URL with a non-www style of their house.

Diversifications Between WWW vs non-WWW: Execs and Cons

The internet is a very explicit place. No less than relating to web necessities. Adoption of recent techniques of doing problems is sluggish since there are billions of internet shoppers and breaking the internet is in nobody’s very best imaginable interest. The diversities in www and non-www domains would possibly prevent to exist someday alternatively there are some particular person revel in and technical permutations to understand at this time.

First, it is very important needless to say a internet web site URL the use of WWW is technically an altogether different location than the equivalent internet web site URL the use of non-WWW.

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For example:
https://www.yourwebsite.com will take you to some other location than https://yourwebsite.com.

On account of this it is very important be consistent with what you choose. And, use redirects and canonical URLs to bear in mind to don’t appear to be getting copy content material subject material.

WWW’s Cookie Coping with

Cookies, once a staple of the internet, perform more or less the equivalent whether or not or now not you use www or non-www to your internet web site.

That is, for one exception. Web websites the use of www have the same opinion restrict cookies from transferring right through many sub-domains.

So, if your internet web site uses a few sub-domains (app.example.com, login.example.com, or have the same opinion.example.com) and you need cookies to be distinct consistent with each sub-domain, it’s upper to use the www prefix in your internet web site.

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WWW CDN Configuration

CDNs are also easier to organize with www domains. There are some CDN providers that don’t deal with non-www smartly the least bit. Alternatively this is a shrinking prevalence.

Non-www Domains are Upper for Particular person Enjoy

The usage of non-www domains is further intuitive on the end-user side of things. Non-www internet websites are continuously typed in by way of internet shoppers by way of default (even for internet websites that use www). This means fewer redirects occur when the use of non-www URLs for web pages with quite a lot of direct guests. Other people more or less omit about “www.” prefixes when talking about or referencing URLs.

How Browsers deal with WWW

Moreover, stylish browsers are starting to conceal the www part of internet websites throughout the search bar—creating a cleaner method of looking on the net web site URL. The browser doesn’t strip the URL of www. It simply doesn’t display it except for an individual clicks into the URL bar to edit or business the URL.

Is hiding that phase a sign of things to return again? Perhaps—alternatively for now, browsers are enthusiastic about making problems as simple as possible for the standard internet particular person. They aren’t enthusiastic about appearing the www prefix since there is no technical difference between them choosing to show it or not.

One of the best ways to Check out if You Are The usage of WWW vs non-WWW in WordPress

Internet web site building platforms, like WordPress, will allow you to view and change the www or non-www style of your internet web site URL. This feature is an superior advantage of the usage of WordPress alternatively comes with the added duty of constructing an expert possible choices spherical its use.

Crucial!: Forward of checking or changing the remaining. We don’t suggest changing up to now established internet websites’ use of www non-www. Regardless of you choose while building your internet web site (and when search engines like google like google and yahoo started indexing it) is workable. Highest business this on established internet websites if you are confident with what you’re doing and know the way it affects how search engines like google like google and yahoo index your internet web site.

To check if your internet web site is the use of WWW or not, move to your Admin Dashboard in WordPress. Navigate from “Settings” to “Standard”. This will pull up a brand spanking new internet web page with the selections “WordPress Deal with” and “Internet web page Deal with”.

WordPress Settings - General - Website URL - www vs. non-www

Be certain that both probably the most ones are the equivalent (in nearly all instances) and consistent with the world you purchased for the internet web site.

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If you want to make changes and are unsure about what you’re doing, it’s very best to the touch your internet hosting corporate’s make stronger team of workers for answers.

SEO Benefits of The usage of WWW vs non-WWW

Serps don’t choose www or non-www nor take it into account as a ranking factor. So for search engine marketing, choosing one ahead of the other isn’t important. What is important is the correct configuration of ONE of the selections — on no account each and every. Misconfiguring www or non-www can result in SEO penalties.

SEO Likelihood of Replica Content material subject material

Having each and every www and non-www URL permutations of a internet web page or publish may also be considered copy content material subject material and hurt SEO.

Reproduction content material is content material subject material that is repeated on the equivalent internet web site (and in some instances other internet websites). Some content material subject material overlap is always going to happen on any internet web site. On the other hand, the use of each and every www and non-www creates two entire, exact permutations of each internet web page, publish, and archive location. This essentially creates a replica of all your internet web site—one at www.example.com and one at example.com. This is further tough if you are moreover allowing each and every HTTP and HTTPS protocols to your internet web site.

Duplicate Content Warning

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This will not seem to be a big issue alternatively it is going to neatly have drastic consequences. Put simply, having two permutations of your internet web site will confuse search engines like google like google and yahoo. Serps will index a couple of of your pages on the www house and others on the non-www house.

You don’t want a part of your house authority building on one among two permutations of your base URL. Now not most efficient will it get perplexed about which style to index and rank, alternatively it is going to neatly moreover penalize each and every permutations and tank your ratings. This will lead to decreased search guests and serve as in your internet web site.

Whilst you do have each and every or have a concern, you’ll organize 301 redirects. This will redirect the unwanted URL style to the wanted style. For non-WWW domains, many web website hosting providers will have a redirect to the WWW style of your house organize by way of default to keep away from any battle. If not, you’ll always perform the vital redirects with a plugin.

For added, check out ultimate data to replicate content material subject material and SEO.final information to copy content material and search engine marketing

The Importance of Environment a Canonical URL for SEO

A canonical URL is a self-declared need submitted to Search Engines of your hottest URL style for a internet web page or house location. Whilst you’ve were given a few permutations of a web internet web page, as we’ve came upon is possible, it is going to neatly explanation why problems with search engines like google like google and yahoo. It’s because they received’t know which style of the internet web page to index and show searchers. Indexing issues are made worse by way of the quite a lot of search engines like google seeing copy content material subject material, which can hurt your ranking in search results.

Environment a canonical URL tells search engines like google like google and yahoo which style of the internet web page you need them to index. That is serving to them transfer slowly your internet web site further effectively and prevents copy content material subject material issues.

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The canonical URL may also be arrange with Yoast search engine marketing for WordPress. Yoast SEO is a plugin this is serving to you optimize your internet web site for search engines like google like google and yahoo. On each Internet web page or Post of your internet web site, scroll proper all the way down to the Yoast SEO Segment. Underneath “Sophisticated” you’ll see a field with the intention to upload that internet web page/publish’s canonical URL. This will tell search engines like google like google and yahoo which style you prefer.

Yoast SEO Canonical URL Advanced Page Options

Yoast isn’t the only plugin that this. Check out some other WordPress search engine marketing plugins that can have the same opinion with canonical URLs.

It’s price noting that canonical tags are your ultimate defensive position for telling search engines like google like google and yahoo which style of your internet web site to index. Canonical tags are also helpful for copy content material subject material that exists for reasons somewhat then having each and every www and non-www permutations of your internet web site.

For added, check out our final information to canonical URLs.

Analysis for Fixing Mixed WWW and Non-WWW URLs

Whilst you suppose you’ve gotten a subject with a few permutations of your internet web site:

  1. Contact your web website hosting supplier provider. They should have the ability to have the same opinion determine any issues on the server side of things.
  2. Configure your WordPress internet web site to use only one selection. This may also be performed manually or with a plugin.
  3. From there, you’ll organize 301 redirects from the unwanted style to the desired style. There some great redirect plugins for WordPress to have the same opinion. This tells Google (and other search engines like google like google and yahoo) that within the match that they’ve indexed the unwanted URL that those pages have moved somewhere else. This process is similar to how it’s good to redirect your WordPress web site from HTTP to HTTPs.
  4. After all, you’ll organize canonical URLs to make it explicit which ones are to be hottest by way of search engines like google like google and yahoo.

WWW vs non-WWW – Which One Will have to I Use?

As we’ve found out, this is a stalemate relating to SEO. The usage of www or a non-www URL received’t impact your internet web site’s SEO.

The usage of a www URL may have some technical benefits in a few areas and most likely on account of this, it should be considered over non-www.

The primary issue is to be totally consistent with your use. Once you choose www or not www—keep on with that variety.


SEO is an important consideration for any internet web site owner. Choosing to use www vs. non-www in your URL isn’t an important consideration in your internet web site’s search ranking. Just remember to follow the best practices above and in addition you’ll have the ability to spend your time being concerned about other areas of SEO.

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