How To Get the Maximum Out of Consumer Billing

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WPMU DEV’s Client Billing is best for rising and managing subscriptions, sending professional invoices, and providing your consumers with an elegant white label portal where they can pay and organize their accounts (and websites, too).

This newsletter covers all of the must haves of learn how to get necessarily essentially the most out of Client Billing.

We’ll be going over:

1. Automating Your Client Billing and Management

2. Branded Invoices & Emails

3. The White Labeled Client Portal

4. Managing Clients, Payments, and Revenue

The whole thing we’ll be protective is offered from the Client Billing tab positioned inside the HUB, where there are a variety of tactics to get entry to it.

One way is beneath the Client Billing tab, which is positioned on the menu bar.

Client Billing in The Hub
It’s in short out there once in The Hub.

You’ll moreover merely get entry to Client Billing on in my view hosted web sites from The Hub Evaluation and the upper correct corner.

Accessing client billing from the hub
The choice is yours on learn how to get entry to Client Billing.

You’ll want to have an account with us to get started with Client Billing. When you don’t have one, it’s simple to get started.

And with that, let’s get started!

1. Automating Your Client Billing and Regulate

As you’ll see, there are a variety of tactics to automate choices in Client Billing. Automation is a great hands-off option to specializing in growing and running your WordPress business instead of manually dealing with financial transactions and setting up forms.

We’ll touch on what you’ll have the ability to do and get a hold of a glimpse of how it’s completed!

Computerized Subscriptions

Atypical expenses are one of the crucial most straightforward tactics to “set it and forget it” when billing consumers for services or products. It automates sending invoices, in order that you don’t have to collect expenses manually.

Subscriptions can include internet hosting, internet web site maintenance, updates – regardless of you’d like. Essentially, the rest that could be recurring for your small business, you’ll have the ability to automate the cost.

Get started with a brand spanking new subscription thru simply heading to the Products & Services house and clicking New Product.

Where you add a new product
This may occasionally most likely get you started with a brand spanking new subscription.

Create a Product Determine, and also you’ll have the ability to moreover include an image.

We’ll set this one up to include a internet hosting provider.

Give your product or service a Plan Determine, Price, and Billing Kind (recurring or one-time).

One time payment option
For one-time expenses – that’s it! No longer extra knowledge is sought after.

With the recurring plan, you’ll have the ability to add how continuously to worth inside the Bill Each house (e.g. one month). Plus, add an appropriate billing cycle.

The recurring pricing plan option.
You’ll make a choice from days, weeks, months, and years for billing!

Reproduction a plan thru clicking the ellipsis, and likewise you’re all set!

Where you duplicate a plan.
You’ll copy a plan as again and again as you want. Delete the plan from proper right here, too.

Once your plan is added, you’ll have the ability to attach it to any consumers that you must have in your dashboard. The plan determine will also be tweaked and up to the moment at any time, too.

For additonal on together with recurring expenses and subscriptions, check out our documentation.

Billing Shoppers

As consumers get added on your Hub, you’ll have the ability to in an instant bill them on a per-site basis.

That’s the approach you in short send an invoice for a shopper; whether or not or no longer you created new choices to their WordPress internet web site, added some new security measures to their provide internet web site, or regardless of the reason for billing is – to bill a shopper is as setting pleasant as ever.

It’s all completed thru clicking on Bill Client inside the upper correct corner.

The bill client button
The Bill Client button is positioned in several areas all the way through Client Billing.

Right away bill a shopper thru pulling them from the Client dropdown. And if you want, choose a web site that they’re associated with.

Dropdown of clients
All your consumers are positioned proper right here.

Select a product or service you want to bill for. The amount and the amount could be displayed. Plus, add as many services and products as you’d like. Moreover, you’ll have the ability to include tax and specify what it’s for and the rate.

The products and services area.
For this example, it’s $25 a month for a internet hosting plan.

From proper right here, you’ll have the ability to…

Invoice in a Click on on

Once your knowledge is entered, you’ll be ready to check out your invoice and send it in one click on on thru tapping Send Invoice. Additionally, include a customized message to it must you’d like.

Where you confirm and send invoice
Put it aside as a draft, preview, otherwise you’ll have the ability to send the invoice if ready.

Want to see what the invoice looks like previous than sending it? That’s no downside. Merely click on on Preview, and likewise you’ll get a PDF that you simply’ll have the ability to view or download.

An invoice example
The whole thing taking a look up to par? You’re ready to send it on your client! Or, go back and edit the rest.

Once sent, having your consumers pay is modest as ever. Your client will download an electronic message to pay it online in an instant in their client portal (which we’ll get into shortly in this article).

Observe your invoices and see what’s paid, what’s not, and any drafts that you must have on the client’s internet web page beneath Invoices.

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The clients' bills
The latest one on top states Rate Due.

As you’ll have the ability to see, it takes only a few seconds to get an invoice ready and sent when you put it all together.

And like that…your invoice is on its manner!

You’ll be informed further about billing a shopper in keeping with internet web site in our documentation.

Observe Atypical Source of revenue

Client Regulate mechanically tracks recurring source of revenue, in order that you don’t move over a beat with regards to figuring out your source of revenue.

There are a variety of tactics to try this. For starters, to get a handy guide a rough glimpse at your Per month Atypical Source of revenue (MRR), simply check it out from the Client Billing Evaluation inside the Source of revenue house. Proper right here, it’ll give you the total amount of what you’re bringing in monthly.

The mrr in the hub
You’ll moreover see the number of lively subscriptions.

Take a look at what explicit particular person consumers’ MRR is thru going to their profile and viewing their Evaluation. Throughout the Billing Stats, you’ll have the ability to see how so much MMR that specific client is bringing in.

What the client is bringing in
This client is bringing in $90 in MRR.

See in detail what exactly is bringing inside the income. Simply click on on on Products & Services. From proper right here, you’ll have the ability to view Provide Subscriptions, One Time (expenses), and Inactive Subscriptions.

It’s going to moreover indicate if the rest is Earlier Due and what’s Full of life. Additionally, you’ll see the amount it’s bringing in, the Number of Products, the Internet web site it’s for, and the Next Renewal date.

The active subscriptions
Uh-oh. The purple means that this type of subscriptions is past due.

Anytime a brand spanking new subscription is added, it’s going to mechanically include it to Client Billing – inside the Evaluation and on explicit particular person consumers’ profiles.

2. Branded Invoices and Emails

Protective your brand look, design, and information consistent all the way through your billing is essential. It makes it clear that you just’re established {{and professional}}. Thankfully, Client Billing has a one-setup manner of going about it.

All of this is completed from the Configurations phase.

Together with Your Logo

Come along with your brand and company knowledge for invoices and emails in only a few steps. Move to Business Profile to begin out problems off.

Business profile area
Get in an instant on your Business Profile from the Client Billing Evaluation.

Get started thru together with your company brand inside the Branding house.

Branding area
In this example, we added a WPMU DEV brand.

Jazz problems up a notch thru along with a Logo Color. You’ll use the color picker or enter a color code.

Brand color picker
What color fits your company very best conceivable?

Include all of the Business Data you’d like, along with your determine, electronic message, web site, contact amount, and further.

Where you add your business info
Put in all of the remarkable knowledge sought after.

Once saved, all of this information will also be integrated on invoices and emails. You’ll go back in at any time to make edits as sought after.

Customizing Invoices

Customizing your invoices supplies credibility and professionalism to your small business – and makes you stand out. It moreover helps you get known more straightforward and paid faster since you’ll grow to be a well known brand.

And also you’ll have the ability to do this in short and easily thru going to Customize Invoices.

Customize invoice area
Customization is a click on on away!

Select the Invoice Amount Format you’d like to use. From proper right here, it’s going to development and amount your invoices going forward.

Adding an invoice prefix
Create a prefix that matches you well.

Want to add a customized message on your invoice? Or further business knowledge or an invaluable memo? Do so with the Invoice Footer Bear in mind.

Invoice footer note.
Include any message you’d like to it.

Select explicit Invoice Fields to use for your invoices.

Make a choice all that you want to include.

Preview the invoice to get a pleasing thought of what it’s going to seem to be for your consumers.

A sample invoice
Looking excellent!

And very similar to that, your invoices are ready to be performed all the way through all your workforce!

Customized Emails

Like with invoices, customized emails let your consumers know you indicate business. It’s another choice for them to grow to be familiar with your brand.

This is simple to do from the Electronic mail Notifications phase.

email notification area
That’s the position you start to make your electronic message stand out.

From proper right here, one click on on will come along with your branding into your emails! Merely flip the switch in Business Branding, and it’s going to add your brand and color.

Adding business branding
One-click is all it takes.

Include an Emails Footer Bear in mind as well. This may occasionally most likely appear at the bottom of your electronic message.

email footer note
Include any message you’d like.

For electronic message examples and a more in-depth look, be mindful to check out our documentation.

3. White Label Client Portal

Your client’s billing enjoy is completely branded together with your content material subject matter in their Client Portal. Client’s can login to their Hub to pay bills, view orders, edit their knowledge, and further!

Proper right here’s a rundown of one of the crucial must haves to get necessarily essentially the most out of your client’s enjoy.

Client Login

The client has their own house in your Hub to log in to view their profile, along with essential information about their billing (e.g. orders, bills, and so on.). It provides a very good purchaser enjoy and makes it easy for them to control their billing on their end.

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This is completed with the help of the Hub Client plugin (which we’ll get into next).

From The Hub

Invite a brand spanking new client to be added on your Hub thru coming into their knowledge beneath the Client tab and New Client.

Where you add a new client
Click on at the button and likewise you’re all set.

From proper right here, you enter their knowledge. (Please phrase that you simply’ll have the ability to moreover import consumers from Stripe. Knowledge on how to check out this can be found here.)

You choose what roles the user will have. For example, you’ll have the ability to let the View All & Get right to use Billing, Get right to use Billing Best, and further – along with together with custom designed particular person roles.

Where you add a client
What particular person place do you want your client to have?

There’s moreover a Hub dropdown, where you select what Hub you want the client to get entry to.

All set with their Particular person Serve as and what Hub they’ll be the use of? Click on at the tab to Invite Client, and tab Add – and likewise you’re all set. Your new client will get a login invitation. More information on setting this up is found in our documentation.

Your client can then open the email and organize a username and password thru clicking Test Knowledge. This electronic message contains all of the branded knowledge we coated earlier in this article, plus the Client’s determine (or business).

You’ll see beneath where your knowledge could be integrated.

Where you confirm your invitation
All your private knowledge that you want to include could be inside the electronic message invitation.

The client could be taken to a field where their electronic message take care of is prepopulated. They simply create a password, and that’s it! Moreover, within the match that they’re a gift WPMU DEV member, they’ll be sent to their already established account on the other hand with get entry to to Client Billing.

Login area for clients
Proper right here’s an example of the login house for your new client.

Let’s amp problems up relatively and try what the login is like for a shopper…

With the Hub Client Plugin

For the ultimate white-label enjoy, you’ll need the Hub Client plugin, which is designed to offer your consumers with a completely white-labeled WPMU DEV enjoy for your space.

Hub client plugin overview
The Hub Client plugin supplies an a lot more white-labeled enjoy – all for your internet web site.

You’ll completely white label The Hub, run for your internet web site, bill and organize consumers, and keep an eye on consumers’ get entry to levels.

Once activated for your internet web site, you’re ready to include custom designed emblems, colors, and further.

hub client plugin settings
There are a lot more configurations than what’s confirmed above!

Your client will log in to their portal, which contains no longer anything else on the other hand your branding. In this example beneath, we’ve added Dev Man…

Login area for clients
The login is yours to make however you want the consumers to appear it.

You’ll all the time get once more into the Hub Client dashboard and make changes at any time. Be told all about imposing and the use of the Hub Client Plugin in our documentation.

Client Expenses

Now that your client has get entry to, it’s rapid and easy for them to view and pay invoices. This makes the process streamlined, simple, and to hand for your client – and likewise you.

When a shopper logs in, they can merely view their Billing Details. This is an overview of the entire thing, along with their Per month Atypical Bill, Full of life Subscriptions, Billing Data, and further.

Billing details
It’s a whole overview of what the client is being billed for.

Your client can do a ton from proper right here. This accommodates changing or together with knowledge, similar to billing take care of, charge approach, and electronic message take care of.

Plus, it’s going to instantly indicate if a charge is due with a number grew to become round in purple next to the Invoices tab.

The amount of invoices notification
There’s one charge due in this example.

The Invoice tab is where consumers pays their invoice, plus it shows what’s been paid already (indicated in green).

Payment due notification
As you’ll have the ability to see, once charge is paid, and another one is due.

When clicking a specific invoice, the client can view, pay, or download a PDF of it.

Where clients can make a payment
In this case, $25 is due for internet web site maintenance.

When your client hits the Make Rate button, it’s going to give them a Billing Summary of what they’re paying for and then an area for them to enter their charge knowledge.

Where clients make a payment
$25 gets this subscription started.

The invoice is processed, and likewise you’ll get a notification for your end that it was once paid.

4. Arrange Shoppers, Expenses, and Source of revenue

Client Billing has all of the must haves to control consumers, expenses, and source of revenue. Plus, your consumers get the identical treatment on their end, where they can view and pay invoices, edit their account knowledge, and further.

Let’s get correct into the gist of what all you’ll have the ability to do, starting with…

Account Managment

Account Regulate is for you and the client to know what your billing looks like, organize subscriptions/purchases, and substitute knowledge. There’s such a lot that you just each and every can do.

Your client can organize their accounts all in this portal. As we went over, they can add their knowledge and imagine and pay invoices. Shoppers can also Change Passwords, organize Two Factor Authentication, and View profiles from their icon while logged in.

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The client profile view
That’s the view the client has.

They may be able to moreover view their Products & Services. This shows lively subscriptions, the number of products, the next renewal date, and when the purchase was once created. Plus, they’re ready to view Provide Subscription, One Time, and Inactive Subscription from the tabs.

Tabs for payments
Clicking on a tab shows merely those results.

Your client will even Request to Cancel an lively subscription thru clicking on the ellipsis next to it.

Request to cancel
From the ellipsis, they can moreover view subscriptions and invoices.

That’s a glimpse at keep an eye on from the client’s side; let’s take a look at what you’re ready to doing for your end.

Viewing and Enhancing Shoppers

Pulling up your roster of consumers is rapid and easy to get entry to and organize. All of this is completed from the Shoppers tab.

From proper right here, you’ll have the ability to pull up explicit particular person consumers, view Account Statuses, add New Shoppers, get your MRR, and see your Web Billing. Plus, as you’ll see, much more.

List of clients
All the consumers are in one house.

As we discussed relatively up to now, you’ll have the ability to add a New Client with a click on on.

Where you add a new client
One-click is all it takes!

Moreover, assign or business roles for each client beneath the Roles tab.

Client roles
Set the default place proper right here, too.

Even create your own custom designed roles! Merely give it a name and click on on what you’d identical to the location to have get entry to to.

Click on on regardless of roles you’d like to include.

To get into further explicit details of each client, you’ll have the ability to click on on on them in my view and organize the client in lots of quite a lot of tactics with the client’s Evaluation.

The Evaluation choices Billing Stats (e.g. MRR, Full of life Subscriptions, Web Billing, and so on.) and information about your client.

You’ll business the Primary Hub from proper right here, Particular person place, and edit essential knowledge (e.g. Contact Amount, Determine, and so on.).

A look at billing stats
There’s a lot of information about the client – all on one internet web page.

View what subscriptions your client has and what they’ve purchased beneath Products & Services. You’ll see what’s lively, the amount of money being presented in, pending, next renewal, internet websites, and further.

Very similar to on the client-side, you’ll have the ability to see Provide Subscriptions, OneTime, and Inactive Subscriptions.

Look at invoices and purchases
It moreover shows when a product or service was once purchased.

From the Invoices tab, you’ll have the ability to see what invoices are due, what’s been paid, the amount, and the invoice amount.

Invoice tab
Want to to search out an invoice? You’ll search for one thru typing inside the amount, too.

Clicking on the explicit particular person invoice will pull it up. You’ll view the invoice in detail, add notes, get client knowledge, resend it to the client, and further.

Offline Expenses

Mark as Paid if, for instance, your client mails you a check out instead of paying online. Finally, not each and every client might want to pay during the client portal.

This is all completed from the ellipsis beneath explicit particular person invoices.

where you mark as paid
Click on directly to mark this invoice paid.

You’ll moreover do this from the ellipsis inside the detailed invoices…

PDF dropdown options
Not each and every client would perhaps pay online, so it’s an important to mark an invoice paid must you get a check out or other charge approach.

Once clicking, you’ll have the ability to choose a charge approach, charge date, add a reference amount, and even send a receipt to the client.

Mark as paid
Once marked as paid, it’s going to no longer show Earlier Due in your Hub.

And very similar to that, it’s going to mark it as paid.


Refunds happen, and also you’ll have the ability to in short issue a refund for any product or service. Once charge has been made, you’ll have the ability to give a refund, and it’s going to transfer in an instant once more to the cost approach the client used.

It’s all completed in an instant from the ellipsis dropdown.

Where you issue a refund.
You’ll issue a whole refund in a snap.

For more information about issuing refunds, please read our documentation.

WordPress Internet web page Regulate Made Simple

As you’ll have the ability to see, account keep an eye on is streamlined, easy, and further to hand than ever because of Client Billing! A lot of it’s computerized for you, and all of the equipment are proper right here to stick you and your consumers organized. Plus, with the ability to white label the entire thing and simplify the cost process, your small business is multi functional place.

To get a in point of fact really feel for seeing Client Billing in movement, check out our example. This newsletter takes you through all the journey, the use of WPMU DEV and Client Billing. And for an extensive check out the entire thing you’ll have the ability to do with Client Billing, be mindful to read our documentation.

Additionally, there’s a lot more on the manner with client billing, along with computerized space purchasing, other charge gateways, and further (that we’ll keep you posted on)!

For internet web site keep an eye on made simple, there’s no longer anything else as satisfying as our Client Billing! Give it a check out in this day and age.

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