Learn how to Make QR Codes in Google Sheets

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Despite the fact that there are many ways you’ll be capable to create QR code for a URL, like via online and offline tools, alternatively, there’s a reasonably simple way to create a QR code using Google Sheets as well.

In this put up, I’ll show you two simple ways to create a QR code using Google Sheets. One method involves using a Google Sheet method and the other may also be completed via a Google Sheet add-on.

Learn how to Generate Barcodes in Google Sheets

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Learn to Generate Barcodes in Google Sheets

There used to be as soon as a time when firms sought after to buy expensive barcode software to create barcodes for their products…. Be informed further

Approach 1. The use of Google Sheets Means

Forward of starting, make a decision which cell you to insert the ideas / URL in and which cell to turn the QR code at.

In our example, we’ll insert the URL in A1, and display the QR code in A2.

Move ahead and paste the following means in A2.


What this technique does is – it takes the ideas from cell A1 and turns it proper right into a 300&occasions;300 (width x best) QR code.

Simple as that.

QR Code too small?

However, in case you’re seeing a tiny QR code in cell A2, like the one throughout the screenshot beneath, that’s maximum certainly because of you haven’t adjusted the height of your row.

qr code smallqr code small

To make the QR code better, transfer in between rows 1 and a couple of, pull it down, and in addition you’ll get a bigger image.

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enlarge cellenlarge cell

Approach 2. The use of Google Sheets Add-ons

While I don’t see a large number of a explanation why to use this whilst you’ll be capable to merely succeed in it via approach 1, this implies, alternatively, comes in handy whilst you don’t need to rely on remembering the QR code-generating means in Google Sheets.

  1. To place within the extension, transfer to Extensions > Add-ons > Get add-ons.
  2. get add-onsget add-ons
  3. Inside the Google Workspace Marketplace, sort in “QR code maker”, hit search, then click on on on the first result.
  4. qr code makerqr code maker
  5. Practice the on-screen instructions to arrange the QR Code Maker add-on.
  6. install qr code makerinstall qr code maker
  7. Now to create a QR code with this add-on, transfer to Extensions > QR Code Maker > Insert QR Code.
  8. insert qr codeinsert qr code
  9. This may occasionally most likely open up a sidebar (at the right kind) for the add-on. Type to your text or URL throughout the Text or Link field, and hit Generate.
  10. generate qr code
  11. Now click on on Insert with the intention to upload this QR code to your sheet. You’ll then re-position or control its size as you please.
  12. insert qr codeinsert qr code

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