Recent Assets for Internet Designers and Builders (October 2021)

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We’ve been running this series for a variety of years now and turns out like we’re under no circumstances running out of great new resources for designers and developers. In this round of the series, we have now now equipment, articles and tutorials that each and every backend PHP developers and front-end developers.

We have now got an invaluable useful resource to get dummy logo, a tool to generate image mockups, a GUI instrument to scaffold your next cool application with Laravel, and a lot more.

Let’s bounce in to get the overall record.

Fresh Resources for Web Designers and Developers (September 2021)

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Contemporary Property for Web Designers and Developers (September 2021)

There could also be lot going down this month throughout the tech trade; from Docker updating their industry and plans, exceptional… Be informed additional


A web application to generate correctly prsent your code with image. You’ll customize the background color, the code editor frame, and the size. It is helping many programming language very similar to PHP, JavaScript, along with templating language like Twig. A useful gizmo to percentage code beatifully.



With PHP8, PHP got a boost of improvements along with Fiber that’s coming to PHP8.1. This addition lets in PHP arrange concurrency operation natively, and developer to build framework on best of it very similar to to build “Event Loop”. Event Loop is a mecanism that can allow PHP to perform non-blocking I/O process. Now not many reference for Event Loop on PHP, these days, on the other hand you’ll look into the equivalent idea from the Node.js reference.


Laravel Storybook

This library integrates Storybook, a popular application to keep watch over UI and design instrument, to Laravel. it lets in that you just’ll render unit of your Larvel components using the Blade templating and Storybook Server correct inside your Laravel app.

Laravel StorybookLaravel Storybook

VSCode WebView UI

A UI and design library for Visual Studio Code (VSCode) editor. It accommodates of not unusual interface for the editor similar to the button, select, textarea and input. An ideal helpful useful resource whilst you plan to build an extension for VSCode and deal with consistency of your extension with the editor.

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VSCode WebView UIVSCode WebView UI

Laravel Initializer

A web application to generate a scaffold with Laravel. The app is helping on generating the bare Laravel framework, “Breeze” that already bundled with some utitlies (e.g. shopper authentication, UI framework), and “Jetstream” which is a additional sophisticated upgraded fashion of Breeze. On best of that, you’ll moreover set the stack such for the reason that database — whether or not or now not you’d like to choose MySQL or PosgreSQL, Authentication way, Storage, Cache, and even the Price instrument.

Laravel InitializerLaravel Initializer

PHP Flasher

A framework to keep watch over a notification instrument with PHP. It allows you to show quite a lot of type of notifications at the same time as, render notification from JSON, and even send notification to the OS instrument. For those who occur to’re a developer who could also be very comfortable with PHP, you will indubitably will recognize this framework.

PHP FlasherPHP Flasher


A number of free dummy logo you’ll display to your mockup, template, or dummy internet website online and application. It has fairly a handful of collection that’s designed to fit in any UI or graphic sorts. You’ll customize the kinds, color, and procure each logo as SVG.



MJML is a markup that targets to make it more straightforward when composing structure for electronic mail template. It’s abstracting the complexity of electronic mail template with its private HTML custom designed section. You’ll get began together with the section. The file is gorgeous entire whilst you’ve merely get started. And then you’ll deliver in combination the markup with the yarn assemble to get the real output you’ll send to emails.


Learn CSS

An initiaive from Google Developer to supply an entire helpful useful resource to be informed CSS. It covers the very fundamental of CSS very similar to Box Model, Selectors, Cascade, and Inheritance and Specificity that gives a cast foundation of the way in which CSS works. Whether or not or now not you merely got started or a complicated front-end developers will for sure level-up your CSS skills.

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Learn CSSLearn CSS


ViteBook targets to supply an expansion to Storybook — a popular open-source instrument to keep watch over UI and design instrument. ViteBook key focal point is potency with it being built on best of Vite.js. ViteBook is not too long ago in early WIP. I’m looking forward to the way it’ll evolve.



Encute is a PHP library to load and arrange scripts and kinds on WordPress with Object-oriented Programming (OOP) construction. So we get a nicer syntax plus it supplies some additional choices. For instance, you’ll enqueu script with “defer” or “async” load, and load it as a “module”


Bootstrap Icons

Bootstrap used to include FontAwesome icon in its bundle. It’s now created its private decent set of icons. The set accommodates more than 1.300 icons. Each icon is to be had in two different sorts, outline and stuffed style, and springs with two construction font icon, and SVG. Like Bootstrap, the ones icons are free endlessly.

Bootstrap IconsBootstrap Icons


An initiative and collaborative effort from web developers and engineers to create standard shopper interface with an open specification that developer can adopt and implment without reference to the platform used on the internet website online. It’s not too long ago however in a work in construction. I’m looking forward how this may occasionally have an effect on the web development one day.



An algortihm to generate a “blur” representation of an image. This will give you a small surprising image that you just’ll use as a placeholder while the real image is loaded completely. Now not extra ugly empty containers.



Have you ever ever encountered CORS error to your internet website online? Are you wondering how that happens and how you can restore it as it should be? This article provides all the resolution with detailed in-depth clarification.



Mo is a at hand CLI software that lets you to search out unused Node.js modules from, your pc instrument. It’s going to moreover examine memory usage and provide you an selection if you want to remove it from your pc. It’s great method to unencumber some disk space for your pc.

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Bundlers Tooling Report

“Bundlers Tooling File” provides an extensive document of choices of a bundler. There are a selection of on the record very similar to Webpack, Browserify, Rollup, and Parcel. For those who occur to’re now not certain which one is might be have compatibility for your application, this document should can help you.

Bundlers Tooling ReportBundlers Tooling Report


A set of more than 120 components to build stylish web and application with React. Aside of components, it moreover provides a listing of custom designed React Hooks that can be at hand in a lot of state of affairs very similar to to getting access to the DOM reference, perform “debounced” function, state keep watch over, and so on.



An open-source Node.js based Headless CMS. It’s serving to developer assemble appliation or internet website online with custom designed datamodel faster. You simply wish to describe the schema, It’s going to mechanically provide you the UI along with GraphQL API to get right of entry to the information on the front-end.



A useful gizmo to generate dummy image or mockup. As an alternative of manufacturing random image, it lets in you to choose the theme of the image. Such for the reason that “movie” will generate the record image movie poster image, “album” to generate track album cover, and “game” to generate game cover image. You’ll select that would fit in the theme of your internet website online.


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