SANDMARC’s iPhone Tripod for Hobbyist Photographer (Evaluation)

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As a hobbyist photographer who’s all the time on the go, I’ve been the use of my iPhone SE2 and Sony a6400 with a Sigma 28-70mm f2.8 lens for fairly some time now, at the side of my octopus tripod because it’s in fact to hand to hold, but it surely comes with a clear limitation as far as tripods for footage go

That mentioned, I’ve been looking for a tough, lightweight. Compact tripod that’s easy to carry spherical, and the SANDMARC’s iPhone Tripod caught my eye because of numerous reasons. It used to be as soon as initially really useful to me, so I figured there must be something to it. 

Anyway, I determined to check out it, and now I’m sharing my concepts with you all. So, let’s dive into the analysis!

First Impressions – Unboxing

When the tripod arrived, I was pleasantly surprised by the use of the neat packaging, which built-in a box and a tripod case. I won the Carbon Model, and it appeared in fact well-built right kind from the start. Relatively tough I can have to mention because of adjusting the leg locks used to be as soon as rather of an issue to start with, as they have got been tight, and I wasn’t certain which approach to turn them, then again this one is on me. Then again, after the initial setback, I managed to set it up as it should be and used to be as soon as pleasantly surprised.

SANDMARC’s iPhone Tripod inside the box.
SANDMARC Tripod CaseSANDMARC Tripod Case
The case that carries the tripod.
SANDMARC iPhone TripodSANDMARC iPhone Tripod
SANDMARC’s iPhone Tripod

By means of one of the best ways, no longer like many boxed items you buy online, specifically in the event that they’ve rubber or metal or whatnot, this one didn’t scent dangerous or tough. I don’t know why I mentioned that, then again plenty of the “reasonably priced” stuff I bought from Amazon or anyplace else online had a certain fresh-from-the-factory kind of scent that I didn’t like, and my SANDMARC tripod didn’t have that, so it left an impact on me.

Moving on…

Design and Assemble Top quality

SANDMARC Quality ProductSANDMARC Quality Product

The tripod’s compact design is one in all its maximum tough problems. Irrespective of its small size, it may be able to prolong to a most sensible of spherical 161cm, making it a versatile higher part for each and every my iPhone and mirrorless digital camera.

Then again, as a result of its compactness and engineering, it takes a couple of minutes to set it up, specifically if you want to achieve its whole most sensible. Alternatively on every occasion you get the clutch of it, it turns right into a breeze.

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The Carbon Model’s assemble prime quality is in fact impressive. The carbon fiber topic subject material makes it each and every lightweight and sturdy, ensuring that it may be able to withstand quite a lot of taking footage environments. I couldn’t go out this week because of spring rain, so I determined to easily take footage of the tripod at space.

I did go out to check out and stay up for the drizzle to prevent, but it surely didn’t. Alternatively one thing I would possibly simply say is the trains had been packed, then again dressed in this tripod inside a cramped educate didn’t hassle any individual the least bit. It’s compact and lightweight to carry.

And in case you will ask, the material for the case is topnotch. I’m no longer a professional relating to textiles, then again I can tell that it’s of top-end.

Potency and Ease of Use

SANDMARC Full TripodSANDMARC Full Tripod

When I overcame the initial downside of setting up the tripod, I came upon it to be extremely user-friendly. The pro-level ball head we could in for quick and seamless adjustments between portrait and landscape orientations, which is a game-changer for me – and I’m saying this as a hobbyist, no longer as a professional, merely to remind you.

It moreover holds my iPhone SE2 and Sony a6400 securely without any wobbling, giving me self trust in its balance. For a while, I in fact tried to place pressure on it to appear if it’ll impulsively drop, then again thankfully it withstood my rigidity testing.

SANDMARC LandscapeSANDMARC Landscape

Purchaser Opinions and Feedback

Actually, as with every other sane person who’s purchasing groceries online, I did my digging as correctly. I checked evaluations from precise other folks forward of deciding to provide it a shot. The evaluations had been stellar, so proper right here we’re in fact.

Easy to say, I wasn’t the only one impressed by the use of the SANDMARC iPhone Tripod. Many customers praised its assemble prime quality, versatility, and ease of use. Moreover they liked the excellent buyer fortify from the SANDMARCbody of workers. I’m however to in fact check out their buyer fortify since I haven’t encountered any issues the least bit – which is a +1 point to them.


Then again, some consumers did indicate the lack of clear instructions for setting up the tripod and adjusting the leg-locking device – when you occur to’ll recall, I moreover mentioned this above, and it took me a few minutes to resolve it out and to search out ease in adjusting the legs. Alternatively without reference to this minor downside, the overall sentiment towards the product used to be as soon as overwhelmingly positive.

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Compatibility and Apparatus

SANDMARC Arca Swiss PlateSANDMARC Arca Swiss Plate

An good thing about the iPhone Tripod is its compatibility with no longer most effective iPhones however as well as Android phones and DSLR/Mirrorless Cameras. This makes it a versatile variety for those who, like me, use a few devices for footage.

SANDMARC iPhone MountSANDMARC iPhone Mount

The tripod comes with a ball head, Arca-Swiss Plate, and iPhone mount, supplying you with the whole lot you wish to have to get started.


Pros and Cons

The tripod in itself has a in fact superb prime quality. I tried pulling and bending it proper right here and there merely to fret check out it, to appear if it’ll turn into loose or get began creaking, but it surely withstood all of that.

The basic design is sleek as correctly, absolute best imaginable for the stylish on-the-go traveler.

The weight is absolute best imaginable at 2.28 lbs (1.03 kg), most sensible can go as low as 15.35 inches (39 cm) and up to 63.4 inches (161.1 cm).

And talking about most sensible, at its maximum, it is advisable to think {{that a}} slender-looking tripod would start to shake or waver just a bit, specifically with the wind, and when dressed in a 4kg+ load, then again its balance is in fact superb as far as I would possibly simply tell.

Next point could be a certified or con, depending on how it is advisable to interpret it, then again the locks and leg locks can be stiff once in a while – which tells me a couple of problems: first is that it’s near to sturdy, it won’t impulsively drop on me while my apparatus is connected to it, and second is this can be a testament to its prime quality. Then again, this could also be interpreted as, as time goes by the use of and as I keep on the use of it, it would start to naturally loosen – then again this is merely me taking into consideration out loud. The grip is powerful as it’s new, then again how long will it final?

I will take a look at to reach out to SANDMARC about that final concern and substitute you proper right here after they’ve an answer.

The biggest and possibly most effective destructive issue I would possibly simply say about it’s, and I’ve mentioned it two occasions above already, the leg locks.

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I didn’t know the way to accomplish the leg locks to start with. There are a whole of 3 locks on every leg, so turning and twisting it spherical took me a while to resolve which directions they go. Alternatively once that’s all setup, the whole lot is superb.

And because of the nature of the leg locks, surroundings it up takes longer than usual – then again hello there, it shouldn’t topic when you occur to’re setting up a tripod as it most effective manner you will stay on one spot for a long time. 😉

In truth, aside from that, all I can recall to mind are the positives of having SANDMARC’s iPhone Tripod, Carbon Model. I can see myself the use of this for numerous future years.

Specs by the use of Model

Proper right here’s a table for a quick comparison between the three variants they supply, whilst you’d like to check out one.

Taste Material Maximum Top Minimum Top Leg Sections Weight Capacity Weight
Tripod – Compact Model Aluminum 25 inches (63.5 cm) 8.5 inches (21.6 cm) 4 Sections 6.5 lbs (3 kg) 1.65 lbs (751 g)
Tripod – Skilled Model Aluminum 63.4 inches (161.1 cm) 15.35 inches (39 cm) 4 Sections 13.23 lbs (6 kg) 2.63 lbs (1.19 kg)
Tripod – Carbon Model Carbon Fiber 63.4 inches (161.1 cm) 15.35 inches (39 cm) 4 Sections 13.23 lbs (6 kg) 2.28 lbs (1.03 kg)


In conclusion, the SANDMARC iPhone Tripod has been an out of this world addition to my footage apparatus. Its compact design, lightweight assemble, and versatility make it a perfect variety for hobbyist photographers who’re all the time on the go. Although the setup process can be a bit tough initially, it’s nicely definitely worth the effort for the stability and ease of use it provides.

For those who occur to’re to be had out there for a tripod that can maintain each and every cell and DSLR/Mirrorless cameras, I extraordinarily recommend giving the SANDMARC’s iPhone Tripod a take a look at. It’s a reliable higher part that can level up your footage game and mean you can grasp stunning images in quite a lot of environments.

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