The best way to Develop Your TikTok Following [Expert Insights + Data]

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Emerging lovers on TikTok can seem to be gradual process. And if you’re putting in the hard art work to create superb content material subject matter, it is going to most probably truly really feel additional frustrating.Free Ebook: The Marketer's Guide to TikTok for Business [Download Now]

To help pace problems up, now we have compiled a listing of the most productive strategies to succeed in lovers on TikTok — rapid. In truth, no longer the rest can alternate good content material subject matter, on the other hand there are a few pointers you’ll try to explode your engagement, visibility, and, most importantly, your follower depend.

Let’s dive into the most productive tips and tricks to broaden your TikTok.

1. Save you attention-grabbing to everyone.

While you try to attraction to everyone on TikTok, the opposite happens: you end up resonating with no one.

This may occasionally increasingly more sound counterintuitive. After all, to get additional lovers, mustn’t you attraction to additional folks? Actually, targeting a niche will provide you with a greater probability to be seen by way of a pool of engaged consumers.

As an example, pattern is a popular magnificence on TikTok. This kind of lot so, the hashtag #pattern has over 188 billion perspectives on the platform. If you want to publish fashion-related content material subject matter, you will get out of place in this competitive vertical. Instead, you may need to point of interest on a sub-niche like side road style or mid-sized pattern, which has a fraction of the views on the other hand a additional engaged target market.

One of the crucial very best tactics to space of passion down is by way of understanding your target market and what they want to see. Be specific. If you’re unsure, take a look at your competition. What do they do well? What films get one of the most engagement? And, in spite of everything, use your purchaser personas as a compass when brainstorming video ideas.

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2. Submit on the correct time.

Sometimes, it isn’t merely what you place up on the other hand when you place up. This is especially true on TikTok.

A up to the moment HubSpot Blogs survey of 300+ entrepreneurs identified the most productive and worst cases to place up on TikTok. Listed here are the results:

  • The most efficient time of day: 3-6 PM and 6-9 PM
  • The most efficient days of the week: Friday and Saturday
  • The worst time of day: 6-9 AM and 9-12 AM
  • The worst days of the week: Monday and Tuesday

Since TikTok is popular with the Gen Z crowd  — and they’re at school for a good part of the day — the morning and early afternoon “unnecessary zone” makes sense.

When posting content material subject matter on TikTok, stay clear of the ones gradual hours, and check out posting in opposition to the highest of the week or throughout the weekend.

3. Duet or Stitch top-performing films.

TikTok supplies a number of choices to collaborate with others — which is very important to getting additional eyeballs in your content material subject matter. Let’s discuss two choices in particular: Duet and Stitch.

The Duet feature allows you to play your video next to each different particular person’s video. This is ideally suited if you want to add statement or a funny reaction to the original video.

The Stitch feature permits you to play up to 5 seconds of someone else’s video as an intro for your private. 

How to grow on TikTok: Duet versus Stitch TikTokOne of the crucial very best tactics to leverage the ones choices is by way of attractive with top-performing films on your space of passion. You’ll do this by way of the use of the search bar and typing keywords in terms of your emblem. Then, once you have got zeroed in on a video you like, tap the Stitch or Duet button and let your creativity fly.

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Alternatively there’s additional — you’ll moreover encourage others to Duet or Stitch your films.

As an example, Tesco, a British grocery chain, asks consumers to Duet the following video for a possibility to transform the new voice of their checkout gadget:

@tesco Audition to transform the new voice of Tesco checkouts by way of duetting with me & at the side of
♬ authentic sound – Tesco

The result? Tesco’s unique video scored 22 million views and 1000’s of Duet submissions.

4. Participate in an issue (or create your personal).

Difficult scenarios are infamous on TikTok, and they’ve the ability to explode your follower depend. The trick is finding the proper one for your emblem. After all, some difficult scenarios fizzle out previous than they hit the ground, while others spread like wildfire.

When you uncover an issue you’ll art work with, it’s a must to put your personal spin on it. This is the way you’ll have the ability to in truth stand out.

You’ll moreover create your personal downside — merely make certain it’s slightly simple to do. As an example, Chipotle started the #LidFlip downside, which galvanized consumers to show the lid of their burrito bowl with style:

Throughout the first six days, the issue generated over 100,000 video responses. A lot more impressive, it created a record-breaking gross sales day for Chipotle.


5. Soar on trending sounds and songs.

88% of TikTok customers say sound is essential to the TikTok enjoy. On account of the algorithm, it’s also vital for driving additional engagement.

TikTok has an intensive library of sounds — on the other hand you’ll have to prioritize those who get a lot of love from the community. It’s because the TikTok algorithm tends to need films that leverage trending sounds. Plus, 67% of TikTok customers desire branded films that feature trendy or trending songs.

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How to Grow on TikTok: trending sounds

To get started, check out TikTok’s Inventive Middle which ranks the most popular sounds each day. You’ll moreover clear out by way of space, which comes in handy if your target market lives in a unique location from you.

6. Pass-promote your TikTok.

Odds are, your target market is vigorous on other social media besides TikTok. On account of this, it’s a must to cross-promote your films to other channels, similar to Instagram or YouTube.

Take into account that Instagram’s algorithm isn’t going to promote films with a TikTok watermark, so that you’ll have the ability to need to upload the original video. YouTube, however, does no longer have the equivalent restriction.

It is usually value noting that Reels can’t exceed 60 seconds, while TikTok films can go for 10 minutes. So, likelihood is that you’ll need to trim your films to stick with Instagram’s time constraints.

Once more to You

After all, you might be only as good for the reason that content material subject matter you create. Even if the following advice can boost your visibility throughout the fast run, it’s the top quality of your content material subject matter that influences folks to hit “follow.” As a marketer, this means placing your target market at the center of your methodology and growing content material subject matter that speaks to them.

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